Rojani "Roy" Lowari
Rojani "Roy" Lowari
Portrayed By Jamie Pryde
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 20, 1982
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Roy
Place of Birth Straussberg, Germany
Current Location NYC
Occupation Street Busker
Known Relatives None living
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Intuition, Vocal Direction, Memory, Languages
First Appearance ???

We must rid ourselves of this curse. We were innocent and forced.


Circus families are an interesting lot. If you're born into one, you stay in one… unless the circus just falls apart. Danio and Verna Lowari of the Lowari Rom were chosen to join in with Wondervall Wonders as the Ringmaster and the Fortune Teller. They both had an innate gift for their trades. Joining up, they chose to not withhold their desire to form a family and gave birth to one son… Rojani or Roy.

There were only a few children of his age group, and they all became quite close. Roy, Katrina (the daughter of the strong man and the contortionist), and Siegfried (son of acrobats). While their education wasn't perfect, they got the necessities of life while on the road, as well as learning circus skills. While the others were acrobats, Roy simply didn't have the necessary skill to become one. His own talents lie in drawing attention, much like his father.

When he was young, eight on the border of nine, they were travelling through Germany. A bad storm cancelled a show, and they all had to be sure that all of their things were safe. After all, a circus without animals or equipment is hardly a circus at all. They built a fire in the center of their camp and the adults went to ccheck things. A sudden crack of lightning blinded the troupe. When they could see properly again, there was a man with a cane in the front of the fire.

The man offered them fame and fortune. Something every troupe wants and desires. However, it came with owning them. The troupe didn't realize exactly the extent of the 'owning' of them and what it meant. It was a classic 'deal with the devil'. Each troupe member signed, even the children, as the man required it. Of course, the children understood even less than the adults. The quill handed to each person pricked them and drew their blood into the ink, combining not only their signature, but their life into the contract. As he prepared to leave, the man chuckled. "I'll come for you when I need you." The storm returned to what it was after he left.

Once they awoke the next morning, each member of the troupe had a strange marking on their bodies. Roy's turned out to be on his chest, over his breastbone. Not only did each member have a strange mark, but their natural abilities were magnified greatly. Roy found that his voice could turn any pair of eyes in the direction he wanted it. He could understand and communicate with anyone he met, regardless of language, and that he instinctively knew the best courses to take in a situation. His friends also had phenomenal abilities.

The man's promise of fortune was accurate. The troupe did amazingly well, becoming quite a popular name in Germany and areas around. His parents weren't young, and over time, Roy began working alongside or even in place of either one for short periods of time. One thing noticed by the troupe is that nobody would ever join them. Nor would any of them have children. It was… strange.

The troupe was popular for years. They weren't large, but their stunts and talents made people want MORE. They were just that good… but then, people started dying. Quickly, the older generation began to die, one at a time. Early on, Roy's parents were gone, as were Katrina's and Siegfried's. The remaining members… the six youngest… chose to sell everything off and go their own ways in hopes of ending the curse. With tearful farewells, Rojani left the troupe to find his own people. With a group that wanted to travel, Rojani went to America.

His first stop was San Francisco, learning much more about American culture than he ever thought he would. He already knew English, having been exposed to it for long periods of time. He travelled around as a street busker, having some decent talent with instruments and a voice that just drew people in. After trying for a while, he got a license to busk in New York City and chose to go there permanently.

Many buskers don't make enough to live off of, but Roy does rather well. His busking earns him enough to keep a roof over his head and food on his plate and clothes on his back. In his spare time, Roy has been doing research. He has learned that what they did sounds like a classic deal with the devil, and he's looking around NYC for someone who may be able to remove the curse on the remaining members of the troupe. Of course, he doesn't even know if any of them are even still alive.

He knows his time is limited, but he doesn't know how much so. If he hasn't found a way around the curse, his soul will be claimed and he'll be dead at the same time his friend Siegfried dies. For some reason, they have the same time and moment of death. December 12, 2009.



December 29, 2009 Rojani breaks out of his fairy tale curse Happily Ever After


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!


Roy's voice is an attention grabber. By speaking, singing, or shouting, he can draw the attentions of anyone who can hear him to a point he desires, be it himself, another person, or simply an odd direction. While mental shields can counteract his powers, it works on the majority of unskilled personages. His vocal directing is also affective through vocal enhancers (speakers, microphones, megaphones), but only while he's actively using it. Recordings will not work.


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