2011-3-15: Ruckus At The Reservoir

Players: Ahdi, Bruce, Jasmine, Jordan Mayfair, and Shifter

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Summary: Ruckus at the Reservoir

Date: March 15, 2011

Log Title: Ruckus at the Reservoir

Rating: R

Westchester - Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

It is early evening out but relatively warm, Jordan Mayfair dressed in a rather expensive jogging suit has decided to take his young ward, Shifter, out for some training. Since Zoya has been busy elsewhere, Jordan has taken an active step in training the young mutant. Near an empty field near the reservoir, Jordan has laid out two mats and is practicing martial arts kick in the air, “Alright, Axel. Copy my kicks.” One kick two kick three kick. Then he switches to punches, “Again.” He repeats the routine as he watches Shifter.

Jasmine is out walking, stretching her legs as she needed the fresh air after being stuck indoors for a long while. As she walks down the road she sees people practising kicks and she stands to watch trying to analyse the style.

Shifter is dressed in grey shorts and a black t-shirt, it's odd for Shifter to be outside without every inch of him covered up, but Mayfair wants to do some training and it's easier to move this way, his tail is wraped around his waist under his t-shirt and the majority of his mutant features are shifted away, leaving only the pointed ears and siliver eyes, watching Mayfair carefully he mimics the movements.

Sitting high in the branches of an old hardwood, a new resident of this park, and this planet, watches the two Martial Artests on their mats, a wooden flute resting across his knees. The young Atjadni is confused at what he sees, however. These two look like they should be well past their spirit invoking and full hunters, yet some of the youngest of his pupels show forms like the ones being used below him. Ahdi sighs and fingers the wooden flute before lifting it from his lap and putting it to his lips to play, this is such a strange planet. For anyone that can hear him playing, his fluting is very good.

Kick. Punch. Kick. Punch. Kick. Punch. Jordan is now making the routines a bit harder and faster combining various kicks and punches. He nods and smiles as Shifter seems to copying his skill rather well. “Zoya did well with you and I am glad to take a more active role in your training during her absence.” As the flute plays in the background Jordan cannot help but move with the beat from Ahdi’s playing. Finally stopping to see where the music is coming from. He does not spot Ahdi in the trees but he does catch sight of Jasmine watching him and Shifter train. He looks curiously at her and offers a wave.

Jasmine smiles and waves as she approaches the two and upon hearing the music looks towards the source of the playing. She then comments, "Very impressive, I like your style" as she does a moves herself, cartwheeling and kicking in one fluid movement.

Shifter grins as things get trickier, 'I've always been good at adapting, i generally only need to be show something once', while Mayfair is focused on Jasmine's arrival, Shifter has spotted who the source of the music is, 'There's someone up there'.

Ahdi is watching the three people bellow him curiously as he plays, right up intil Shifter spots him. He meets the other boy's eyes with his black ones, then removes the flute from his lips and stoops in his perch to slide it into a modified holster behind the sheath on his calf. About half a seccond later the young Native-looking hunter plants his palms on the branch below him, rolls off into mid air, and lands gracefully in the grass about 10 Meaters down. Landing noiselessly he starts to stalk toward the group. As he approaches he folds his hands over his stomach and gives a brief bow of his head.

Smiling when Jasmine approaches, Jordan stops his routine and when she does her own martial arts display he applauds. “I like your style. Even more impressive that you did that in a skirt.” He grins but when he gets the telepathic reply from Shifter, the grin disappears. When Ahdi reveals himself and bows walking towards the group, Jordan finds the number of oddly nimble people a bit too coincidental and while smiling at everyone present opens his mind to scan the new arrivals, Jasmine and Ahdi, for their surface thoughts.

Jasmine is not thinking about much save for marking essays and drawings and that it's a nice day so far. She looks to the others and says, "I've been practising for a long while so my attire isn't usually a problem. The name's Jasmine Locke by the way"

As Ahdi approaches theres some movement under Shifter's shirt as his tail slowly starts unwrapping itself from round his waist, something about the man is making him uneasy, 'Should i go?'

Ahdi is thinking, 'this planet is strange, it is impolite not to introduce ones self, and the female is a bit old for interacting with such young hunters.' as he moves into casual speaking distence. His feet makeno sound that could be heard by normal ears as he walks, apolitely reserved expression on his face. "Good day." he says in a slightly lilting accent, very hard to place, "I am Ahdi Anuati, a teacher of my people. I see you train with the air, is much sloppy work, you shame your teacher." he says this matter of factly. In his own culture this is a common rebuke, and encouragement all rolled up into one. Despite the strangely garbed boy saying he is a teacher, he doesn't look a day over seventeen.

Getting that Jasmine is a teacher, Jordan smiles, “Jordan Mayfair. Nice to meet you, Ms. Locke.” If allowed, Jordan takes her hand and kisses it, “Your accent sounds British, so I thought I would greet you as such.” After the forward display, he senses Ahdi’s thoughts and not recognizing them as any human language and given Ahdi’s odd attire. Jordan is quick to move himself between Shifter and Ahdi. The last time they encountered aliens, it led to a nasty fight and beheaded aliens. Jordan telepathically commands Shifter, <Stay and keep your tail wrapped. If anything happens, I got this.> When Ahdi speaks, Jordan senses no danger and blinks at the odd statement, “Sloppy? I have been trained by the best martial artists on the planet that money can buy. Mr. Anuati.” The ‘Mr. Anuati’ is drawn out and said questionably, hinting that Jordan knows this person is not human.

Shifter's tail rewraps itself round his waist as instructed, 'The guy's rude, whats his problem?', still Jordan's right reveling himself as a mutant isn't the best idea.

Ahdi hides his puzzlement at this, clearly this is misunderstanding, "You are teach by best? You buy teacher?" The Hunter is having a hard time understanding the concept, "You not much good, also, teaching should no be buy, should be give., is way works." Ahdi says this as if he's reasoning through it to himself, not taking his eyes off of the two boys, the woman having left.

Disappointed that Jasmine has suddenly left, Jordan directs his full attention to the ‘person’ in front of him. “You have no idea of what you speak. You are not even from this planet, Mr. Anuati. So commenting on my fighting style is ill advised.” He looks Ahdi over and shakes his head.

There is a bit of a shuffling noise as a man wanders down one of the paths. He is wearing a bomber jacket and a brimmed hat with jeans and brown boots. He wanders along at a relaxed pace, smoking a cigarette and glancing around at the park as he goes. Apparently no one has informed Bruce that it is illegal to smoke in New York public parks. He seems not to care. The man narrows his eyes as he passes near a small group standing around. He slows his walk and stops. Hmmm. One or two of them look mildly familiar.

Ahdi once again has to hide his confusion and annoyance, simply standing before Shifter and Jordan with his hands clasped over his stomach. Persing his lips for a moment in thought, he decides he has been issued a challenge and responds, "I say what I know. You no good, if want me show, can show. You just have try hit me, will teach you of what I know." he shifts a bit, though it makes no noise, and doesn't look away from the two people before him. That is a high sign of disrespect in his culture. His ears, however, track Bruce.

Not having noticed Bruce, Jordan looks at the alien before him and simply smiles. An isse has been challenged, but Jordan prefers to let others deal with the riffraff. He gets a little grin as he decides to end this quickly. A little mental scare will hopefully dispel the alien. Into Ahdi’s mind, Jordan screams in a loud and booming and piercing voice, “Leave this planet, alien! You are not welcome here!”

Shifter tenses up when the challenge is issued, damn this is gonna turn into a fight, still he does nothing to show he's anything more than human, just waiting for something to happen.

Bruce quirks a brow as he looks between the two boys who are apparently facing off. One of them looks like those cardboard cutouts the Americans decorate with on that holiday where they celebrate eating. The other he thinks was one of his patrons at Nowhere. Oh and there's another one. He decides to wander over toward Shifter and leans against a nearby tree. "Hey you. What's all this about?"

Inside the young Atjadni's head, there is a sudden change, as if gears had been shifted. At the shout in his mind the conciousness suddenly morphs, becoming farrel and angry, slamming back at the mentalist's mind with astounding force. At the same time, Ahdi acts physicly. Sprinting two steps forward to cover the 3 or so meaters between them, he launches himself at Shifter with a snarl, teeth bared. The move is somewhat like a flying knee to the chest, but he aims the shin of his left leg at Jordan chest, braces it with his right, and attempts to grab the man's neck as he hits. The move is blurringly fast, normally he can sprint 75 MPH, and that number increases when he goes berserk like this. If the jump hits, it should have enough force to send Ahdi and Jordan back a good 4 Meaters.

The surprise mental backlash catches Jordan off-guard as he stumbles back and Ahdi is off moving superhumanly fast. Jordan is seemingly helpless. First the knee connects to his chest and then he is thrown back with Ahdi on him and with his hands around his throat. Jordan curses through a sore voice “You fuckin asshole! This is why we need a real set of Men in Black.” as he spits out some blood and mentally prepares himself for Ahdi’s next action.

Cursing himself for not reacting quickly enough to stop the attack, Shifter runs as fast as possible while shifting his right arm (turning it black and showing a clear increase in muscle mass), his aim being to grab hold of Ahdi and fling him away from Mayfair.

Bruce seems a little confused by the sudden action by Ahdi. "Well that was unexpected….Also that." When Shifter decides to go on the attack as well. He shakes his head and takes another drag from his cigarette, walking calmly toward the pile of fighting boys. "So…Any particular reason you kids decided it'd be fun to ruin my fun day away from the city?" He stops a few feet behind Adhi, waiting to see if Shifter will be able to subdue him before taking action. "Hey Mr. Indian, maybe you could try not strangling the people who come to my bar, eh? Hate to have to do somethin' about that."

Ahdi is taken completely off guard by the attack by Shifter. In his culture, to attack two fighters is the hight of shameful behavior. However, as he is grabbed and tossed, he simply turns himself around in the air, like a cat, and lands in a crouch after rebounding off a tree feet first, Shifter having amazing strength. Upon landing the hunter stares at the three men with black eyes, still baring his teeth, though mentally he starts to shift back to a more human mind set, "must learn show respect, I am teacher of hunters, silver wolf of tribe. You act like young ones." he rebukes Shifter and Jordan, to Bruce he says nothing, but simply adds him to the list of people he stares at.

Wincing as he gets to his feet, Jordan spits out some last remnants of blood as he looks between Shifter, Ahdi, and then Bruce. He himself is enraged at this point, but Ahdi’s physical prowess causes him not to fight as he lifts his arm to keep Shifter back and then looks to Bruce, “This alien needs to learn some respect.” He looks to Ahdi, “The last aliens that I encountered ended up beheaded. Again, leave here. You are not wanted here.”

Shifter looks down at his shifted arm, 'Whoa, thats new', he ment just to shift his muscles for some boosted strength, he's never done this before, though being told to stay back by Mayfair, Ahdi is really pissing him off, "Dude, just fuck off".

Bruce quirks a brow at Jordan. "Alien?" He glances from Jordan to Adhi and back again. "He doesn't LOOK like an alien. Are you sure he isn't just a mutant who's pretending? I mean…Maybe he just wants to feel special. He is dressed like someone from a children's play." The man steps between Jordan & Shifter and Adhi. He looks at the boy he doesn't know. "So…Yeah. Just randomly attack people in the park? That's not a very nice thing to do. Also I mean, doesn't seem like something a teacher would do." He blows smoke at the alien. "Wolf? Wolves are from Earth. So…Unless there's a race of magical space wolves out there then you're probably from Wisconsin or something. But nonetheless…Hello Silver Wolf. I'm the Dingo." He turns his head back to the two behind him and tsks Shifter. "Children, try to get along." Even though Jordan is about his age.

Ahdi stares at the three men, and if Jordan has a lock on his thoughts, he is more annoyed than intimidated. Judging by what he has saw of both Jordan and Shifter so far, he believes he could beat them in a fight, though Bruce remains a mystery to him. "Is no random." he hisses, and remains crouched, "Disrespectful man use mind speak on me. I can no go home, have no way. This place new home, if do not wish be taught lesson in respect, leave now." that same enraged expression doesn't leave his face, "Have shamed yourself, and ansistors by using mind speak on an Atjadni, by enterfeering in fight, are disgraces." Jordan might also notice from ahdi's thoughts that he wasn't even attempting to hurt him when he attacked, just knock him down.

"Trust me, Dingo. He's an alien. His thought patterns aren't human." Jordan exhales and goes to Shifter and mentally sends him a message, <I won't forget this. The Indian member of the Village People will die for this!> He pats the kid on the back for his impressive display and just stares at Ahdi.
Shifter himself is pretty sure if it comes down to it, he can beat Ahdi, he is still rather shocked by his most resent shift, the arm shifts back to it's normal level of muscle mass but the fingers shift into blade-like claws, just in case.

Bruce seems a little perplexed by this. "An Alien? Really? Are you sure he isn't just crazy? I mean, he looks crazy." The Australian glances back at Shifter again. "He looks crazy to you too, right?" Then back forward to Ahdi. "Yeah. Probably just crazy. The city's full of 'em." He takes a final drag of his cigarette and drops it on the ground. "Although if he really IS an alien it'd be interesting to see what he can do, yeah? Other than be fast and punchy and…Thinking that he's a wolf." The man takes off his coat and hat and holds them out to Shifter. "You ok buddy? Look a little frazzled." If Shifter doesn't take his clothing Bruce will just sit them back down on the ground and approach Ahdi. "Whadda ya say? Wolf versus Dingo? Who would win there?"

“Well he’s alien. Or really thinks he is. I know enough to know how we think. He is not like us.” With that he shoots Ahdi another evil glare and exits, “Fuck this shit! I’m outta here.” He grumbles about his expensive jogging suit being dirty and other things like that as he walks off.

Ahdi holds his ground, and blinks once as he stares at the three men, "I do no know you, Dingo, I have no fight. You disrespect is, pitiful compare to what man do with mind speak. No fight be need, but if wish prove yourself, will teach respect." the hunter says all of this simply and calmly, his enraged expression fading. He believes every word of it, too.

Shifter ignores Bruce as he is not there to hold the man's coat, rather than leaving when Mayfair does, he stays as he wants to see whats going to happen."

Bruce looks a little disappointed that Jordan ran off. "Geeze, leave me to fight your battles for ya why don't you?" He shakes his head and kind of shrugs at Shifter before turning back to Ahdi. "Actually I'm just interested to see what you can do. If you really are an alien and that sprinting attack was the extent of your abilities then you really don't stand a chance against me anyway." He smirks at Adhi, "And I mean, I'm pretty strong but there are plenty out there who are tougher than me. Might want to be careful who you randomly attack. Especially if they have "Mind Speak" as you say.""

Ahdi nods his head once, but doesn't relax, "is now ise disrespect people. I mean no disrespect, I am from Atjad, customs much different than human. Is much disrespectful mindspeak Atjadni. If are same as person just hit, am sad excuse for hunter. Was not try to hurt man who leave, was try teach him respect, move I do to him only enough knock Atjadni, my people, to ground, humans much weaker." Though he is still ready for a fight, he has folded his hands over his stomach and has a soft, pleasant tone with a somewhat lilting accent, and seems at ease to just talk."

Bruce scratches the stubble on his cheek. "I see. Well that man isn't a human. He is a mutant. There is a distinct difference. Humans are weak. You just caught him off guard. And saying that a mutant who speaks in your mind is disrespecting you? Yeah that could be a problem for us in the future. See when someone attacks one of my people just for being who they are? That tends not to sit too well with me. And him speaking in your mind? That's just him being the way nature made him. So the next time someone "speaks in your mind" or somehow causes you some offense? I'd suggest tucking your tail and running home. I hear you're fighting with the mutants around here and it won't be pleasant for you, got it?"

Ahdi doesn't answer Bruce, simply staring at him with an exasperated expression creeping over his face, "No human knows respect." he says, softly, and continues to stare at Bruce, "I am tired of hear you talk down on me. Will count three, and you leave or I make you submit. You understand me?" he asks Bruce, dead serious, "One."…

Shifter unwraps his tail from around his waist and gets ready to step in when Ahdi attacks, this guy is a threat and he needs to be stopped, he counts down in his head 'Two…one'."
Bruce simply laughs at the boy. "I agree with you there. No humans do know respect. Lucky for me I'm not a human eaither. I'm a mutant. And like I said, you can't defeat me with what I've seen. You can't even hurt me." He holds out a hand when he hears movement behind him. "Don't worry about me. I'm Dingo. The Dingo. This kid can't touch me." Bruce just stands there and smirks at Ahdi. "Make me submit? Good luck with that.""

Ahdi says, "Two, one." and hurtles forward from his crouch. He is about 30 feet from Dingo, so has enough time to get to a full sprint. A full sprint to Ahdi, means moving at 75 MPH. He doesn't revert to his animal mind, however, and keeps his human mind set. NIther of these two know it, but in the planet where Ahdi comes from, he is a grand master at hand to hand combat. Streaking toward Bruce he doesn't go for the same move, but instead moves to the other side of Bruce than shifter. As he gets close he doesn't break stride, but swings one hand low while passing Bruce full speed, attempting to grab him around the calf and yank him off his feet, dragging him along behind him if he can hold on. He knows that he'll have to separate Shifter and Bruce, neither know how to fight fare."

Bruce continues to stand where he is, not moving too much except for his head as he follows the movements of the Alien. While Ahdi would have been able to grab a normal person with great ease, it seems not to work so well with Bruce. Ahdi will only grasp a seemingly empty pant-leg which will tear off as the man tries to drag Bruce away. Bruce's leg appears to be made out of sand, the two sections he disassembled come back together as he frowns at his pants. "Guess I'm going to the mall later." He smiles at the man. "So…That's it?""

Ahdi plants one foot and spins on the spot, about 15 feet away now. The pant scrap in his left hand, a knife blurring into his right from the holster at his back. The spin ends in a throw of the knife, hurtling toward Bruce's back even as he speaks, and Ahdi races it back toward his pray, just a fraction of an instant slower than the projectile…"

Bruce turns to face Ahdi as the boy throws the knife. It strikes the man in the middle of the chest, sticking through to the back. He glances down at it for a second as Ahdi rams into the man. But Bruce is suddenly not quite as solid as he used to be. The mutant dissasembles his body into sand and moves as a small sandstorm to where Ahdi was standing when he threw the knife. The Alien is left with a pile of clothes and his knife. Dingo is left standing in a pair of black boxers, his intricate tattoos now visible. "Yeah. I mean it sucks that you put a hole in my shirt, but I'm not compelled to submit yet. Let me know when you're done."

Ahdi spins once again, the knife in his hand and streaking toward Dingo's chest almost faster than they eye can follow. He doesn't follow it this time, instead falling into a defensive crouch. The odd thing, to those fast enough to notice, Ahdi throws the knife without aiming. The release happens as Dingo forms where Ahdi was standing, and if it hits the impact would be between the pause of 'Yeah and It' when Dingo starts to speak. He ither aims with his mind, or has some other way than sight. Although Ahdi can't hurt Dingo, it's clear that this man is very deadly at what he can do, and deffenately more than a man. It is also clear that if he's mutent, he hasn't been trained by anyone at Xavior's school.

Bruce continues to speak as he sees the knife coming toward him. Now that he is topless Ahdi will see that the man's chest physically changes into sand. Before it was under his clothing and could not be seen. The knife strikes Bruce in the chest and the man continues speaking as though nothing has happened. He pauses for a moment and glances down. "You know, I don't know if I like the idea of someone who claims not to be a mutant arbitrarily hurling knives at mutants who make him unhappy. I think I'll hold on to this until you can learn to play nice." This is coming from the man who just last month openly attacked a squad of police cars. The blade seems to sink deeper into Bruce, but turns as it enters him. It appears that he is going to keep that blade inside of his body. The sand on his chest spreads so that his entire body is made of sand now. Only his head remains normal looking.

Ahdi simply stands and stares, silent and calm. Despite the fact he was jsut moving at 75 MPH, he hasn't lost his breath yet. He watches and listens to everything around him while taking steady, measured breaths.

Shifter has been watching the fight in confusion, though he now understands how Bruce was remaining unharmed, it's still pretty weird watching the guy fight in his underwear, nothing about this looks normal.
Living nearby, it was only a few minutes for Jordan to get home change into a nice suit and have his limo with drive him back. As the limo pulls up far away, Jordan sits in the back. The window lowered and watches. He blinks a moment when he sees Bruce in his underwear. "Cute, but I don't think the alien swings that way." He shrugs as he reaches for a sniper rifle from the limo and just watches, but sends a mental message to Shifter to alert him that he is here.

Bruce folds his arms and smirks at Ahdi again. "I told you that you couldn't hurt me. Not with those powers. And there are certain mutants out there that if you throw a knife at them? They'll throw a train back." Bruce glances past Adhi toward Shifter, trying to read his expression. "What didn't you know I could do this? You've been to Nowhere. I thought it was common knowledge."

Ahdi remains stalk still, going over battle plans and keeping his ears and nose opens. Until Dingo moves, or inspiration comes to him, he has to watch for a weakness. He is thinking about punching a hole through Dingo's sandy chest and yanking his knife back out, but that can wait.

Shifter notes Mayfair's return, 'The guy is fighting in his underwear, how can he do that?, i'm too embarassed to even let anyone see me in my underwear', he's been so confused by the fight he hasn't even realised his arm is still shifted.

With the rifle aimed towards Ahdi but not cocked or fired, Jordan merely watches as he thinks Bruce may finish this guy off for him. He must remember to give the Nowhere Bar a nice donation. Responding mentally to Shifter, <It’s his thing. He likes to fight in his underwear. Show off his body. Arrogant, but he can back it up with his power.> Jordan still silently watches to see the outcome.
Bruce just continues to stand there. There is a slight noise coming from beneath the ground, but only those with sensitive hearing would notice it. Bruce feigns checking his fingernails, his didgets suddenly becoming sharp claws. He smirks at Ahdi as the sound beneath the ground becomes slightly more intense, though still nothing a normal person could hear. It would appear that something is moving beneath the ground toward the alien. Bruce aims his attack well, wanting to scare his opponent rather than harm him. There is a slight rumble and a spire of sand erupts from the ground a few feet behind Adhi. Had it come up beneath him there is a good chance the boy would be skewered.

Ahdi is moving forward before the spire even erupts, his hearing being extremely well. As per usual he moves forward in a dead sprent, but has a different strategy this time. as he hurtles forward he unslings his rifle. In undder a seccond he has closed the gap betwene himself and Dingo, and throws himself into a spin. Swinging the rifle at a diagonal angle he spins twice with all his strength, able to lifet about 1700 pounds, and attempts to bring the extremely hard rifle down on the middle of Bruce's head. He isn't stupid, and his logic is to strike hard and fast enough he compresses Bruce's sand together and causes the blow to hurt regardless, or, if he goes desolid, to sweep down through dingo and knock the knife from his body. With all his strength, velocity, and the two spins, this hit will be a huge on if it comes into contact with Bruce. If not, Ahdi will have to correct his balance with a couple of forward rolls.

'Still weird', Shifter finaly spots his arm and shifts it back to it's normal appearance before leaning against a tree to watch how the rest of the fight turns out.

Mentally scanning Ahdi and Bruce, Jordan realizes that Bruce is not actually trying to kill the alien. He sighs as he says to himself, “All body, no brains.” He shakes his head, “I guess I’ll do this myself. Save me from having to pay Zoya.” As Ahdi goes to attack Bruce, Jordan decides to make his move. He sends a message to Shifter, “Come to the limo, Axel.” And then using his precognitive abilities, he aims the rifle for where Ahdi will be and fires.

Bruce sees the man coming and his head also becomes sand. The rifle strike does pass through him half way, knocking the knife down and out of him. But before Ahdi is able to pull the rifle back the sand condenses into the density of cement, holding the rifle in place. The sand spire Bruce sent up dissipates and moves toward the two of them. It seems to dissappear, but as one moves within about 20 feet of Bruce they will notice that there are bits of sand suspended in the air. Bruce seems to hesitate for a moment before pulling back a hand and striking at the Alien. If the punch connects it will be like being punched with a cinderblock. He does not react to the gunshot, apparently not hearing it.

Ahdi is slammed in the back by the sniper bullet and staggers forward, right into Bruce's fist, which doesn't seem to do much more than caus him to stagger back the way he came. The sniper bullet, which flattened against the leathers he wears, falls to the ground as, with a quick Woosh of breath, Ahdi slides onto one knee, his foot kicking the knife out from under Dingo, and his shoulders straining to jerk the rifle like a catapolt, ither whipping Dingo over his head and into the ground on the other side (bam bam style), or jerk the weapon back up through Dingo's body and free. He keeps an iron grip on his weapon, it's the only gun he has ever had.

As instructed Shifter leaves the fight and walks back to the limo before climbing in, once inside he begins trying to shift the way he did before having lost interest ing the fight.

Once the bullet hits Ahdi, Jordan laughs a bit and feels better. "Goodness Zoya was right. That was
thrilling." He then telepathically speaks to Bruce, <Hey sexy. Not that you need it, but I feel like giving a hand so here ya go.> Jordan then attempts to scan Ahdi's mind to find out his moves before he makes them and feed to Bruce the moves that Ahdi will make before he does makes them.

Bruce is slightly distracted by that voice in his head. Adhi manages to pick up Bruce and slam him into the ground once, where the man lands in a heap of sand. There is a slight rumbling noise and the pile seems to grow a bit larger as sand wells up from a deposite underground. The pile transforms itself into a dingo about the size of a car and turns on Ahdi, barreling toward the man at a decent pace.

Ahdi jumps from his kneeling position to escape the dingo, scooping up his knife as he passes. Hitting the ground wrong he has to do a forward roll, sheathing his knife smoothly as he flashes to his feet and starts to run from the wolf, though not at top speed, he moves just fast enough to stay about 10 M in front of the dingo, if he chaces and isn't faster than Ahdi. His rifle isn't forgotten and he cocks it as he runs, running the one shell it had in ready fully up into the chamber.

As Shifter enters the limo, Jordan smiles, “You did well out there and I was impressed with the morphing trick with your arm. You seemed surprised by it. So we will continue working on your abilities, but I am proud.” He looks out the window as Bruce and Ahdi continue their battle, “I must say it is refreshing to see that alien asshole can his butt handed to him. I think Zoya will like hunting him.”

The Dingo gives a half-hearted chase before Ahdi makes it out of his sand field. The construct slows and stops, moving toward the pile of clothes he left behind. A bit of sand comes out of the construct which causes it to shrink. What comes out enters the clothing and reforms into Bruce in human form. He walks over nonchalantly to collect up his hat and coat, the dingo construct still standing next to him as he watched Ahdi from afar. "Hey! Keep in mind I wasn't actually fighting back much. If I see you causing trouble I'll find you."

Ahdi makes one 20 foot leap straight up before planting his foot on a tree, and makes it up another 10 feet, landing on a high branch that bends under his weight. Moving one of his feet to another so that his weight is evenly distributed he calls back, putting his rifle back over his shoulder still loaded, "Are slow, hard kill, but no good fighter, only hit once, are pitiful oponent." his dark eyes turn away from the
Dingo below him to the car he sees, and he realizes that is where the bullet that came from hit him. He shakes his head slightly as he looks at the car and says softly to himself in Atjadni, "Do not try and hunt the hunter. If you wish to shoot people in the back, that is your game, but make another attempt like that, weak hunter, and I will play by the rules you set." Calmly he folds his arms over his chest, watching and listening.

With the fight seemingly over so is Jordan’s interest. The entertainment is over. He orders his driver to take him home and so the limo peels and drives back to Salem Center.

Bruce smiles at the man in the tree and calls back. "Yeah. I'm such a terrible fighter. Especially when I'm not fighting back." Suddenly the man is gone again and a cloud of sand rushes the tree at incredible speed. There is a terrible sound as the base of the tree is sanded down to nothing, causing it to begin to topple. The cloud returns to the clothing again and he reforms. The entire act took less than a minute and the tree is falling. He laughs one more time and turns away from his opponent. "Love to stick around and play, but I've gotto get back to the city again. Be good."

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