Rule Number 11



Summary: Hooligan works on his plan to supply mutant town.

Date: November 1, 2012

Log Title: Rule Number 11

Rating: PG

Karlow Salvage and Towing - Back Lot

A walled-off section of the Karlow salvage yard the five acre plot is surrounded by a twelve foot tall cinder-block wall capped in barbed wire with signs reading "Keep out" and "Hazardous Material Storage" on the outside. Inside the walls are reinforced by a barrier of crushed cars and several steel and cinder-block buildings are at the rear of the compound, the buildings filled with Fifty-Five gallon drums marked "Toxic" and other warnings. Large piles of scrap and other junk dot the edges of the area around the inside of the wall.

Midnight and a few floodlights illuminate a section of the yard accented by the flickering of a welding torch. A CD player belts out Billy Joel's greatest hits as Max steps back and lifts the welders mask to review his work. The church hasn't called upon his alter-ego Frank Harrigan lately since the mutant town lockdown went into affect which has given him time to turn his attention to other plans. Namely how to get supplies to Rashmi and the other refugees. He has mulled over this for days before getting some inspiration from listening to a few guys in a bar frequented by Army Veterans talk about the "Rules of the Military".

Rule #11 Everything is Air-droppable at least once.

That's when everything just clicked.

He'd scored a half dozen or so garbage trucks from New york city when they retired some of their old trucks for new ones. He'd never known what to do with them until now. Cannibalizing the other trucks for parts he'd gotten one of them up and running. After a few modifications like some addition armor and suspension, a new coat of paint, and some false registration tags from his friend Tony and the truck will being indistinguishable from the others running through the city. No one is going to notice one more garbage truck running around at 2am, at least that's the idea. After the weld cools he pulls out a garage door remote and presses the button, with a quiet hiss the hydraulic pistons active and the roof of the truck splits in half and opens upwards, revealing the cleaned-out interior and the second part of his plan.. a catapult.

Built from hydraulics and heavy truck springs this scrap-build monster has enough power to launch a nearly one hundred pound projectile over one hundred yards. Which is exactly what it needs to do. Padded as much as he can manage to muffle the racket this marvel of blue collar engineering will fire his supply buckets over the fence surrounding mutant town. It's not pretty, but it works. The projectiles were a bit more simple to manufacture. Five gallon paint buckets wrapped in tire innertubes, anything breakable inside will also be wrapped in a generous supply of bubble wrap.

Grabbing a beer and taking a few swallows he closes the roof again and backs the truck into a garage disguised as a junk pile to keep it hidden from prying eyes. He needs to do more recon of the security around mutant town to finish this little plan, but it's only a matter of time.

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