Rules & Etiquette


Our main concerns on Marvel Revolution is the story and having fun. While we do acknowledge this is a game there are a few rules of etiquette that we ask that you follow:

1. Don't Powergame. Do not be a twink. (Twink in moderation, twink for a good story, but don't twink to make your character All-powerful). Don’t Powerpose. Taking your hits in a fight can be fun and losing a fight can be just as fun to rp as winning. Not every fight can be won. As for powergaming, this includes when you pose how another character will react or do something to them without giving them an option to get out of it. It assumes a lot and just isn't good form. It's always best to ask before posing something like this, or, even better, simply pose an attempt. In regards to powerposing, when someone is running a scene/GMing a scene the scene is just as much about you as it is the other players. Let the GM on the scene run the scene, ask the GM in a page before your pose if you with to have your character kill the badguy before doing so, or just pose that you’re going to attempt do it and the GM will pose if it is successful or not in the following scene set. Also remember to give room to your fellow players to have their shining moments as well. If you feel a player is twinking, powergaming or power posing feel free to give them a warning. If you say something OOCly to them, and they continue, please bring it to our attention.

2. We ask that you stick to pose order as much as possible. If you're ever confused please type @po to look up the pose order. Give the other characters a chance to react to what's going on in the scene. And you other characters, if someone poses out of order on accident, don't bite their heads off. Accidents happen. There may be other arrangements for larger, GMed scenes, which your storyteller should work out with you. Following a pose order just allows for a better flow to a scene. If you are unsure of a pose order, please ask.

3. Page those within a scene before entering the room to ask for permission to join. There are some situations when players cannot handle more than a couple characters in a scene or there is something sensitive going on. It's just common courtesy to ask, and it is annoying to just have people simply joining a scene.

4. Try not to use sensitive language, rated R material, and the like without the permission of the other players within the scene. We don't want other players to be uncomfortable, although we realize there are many adult themes within the Marvel Universe. Also, it's wise to put a note on logs that include sensitive subject matter.

5. ICA = ICC. In character actions equal in character consequences. If you do something dangerous or stupid ICly, expect there to be consequences, which can often lead to fun and/or evil plots designed by the staff. It can also, if you push those boundaries hard enough, lead to character death. While the Wizards are not fans of character death, as we appreciate the hard work that was put into each character, please know that it is a possibility. Please notify someone if they are reaching the edge that could lead to PC death or ask a staff to come in to GM the rest of the scene, as that could lead to things going smoother overall, adding a third party view.

6. Player Upgrades must be applied for. If you want your character to have 'learned this new power' or 'have had this power increased' please apply for it. This also includes any weapons that your character might acquire (we ask that you use your best judgment on this, err on the side of caution or ask a wiz if it needs to be apped for first) or any new skills such as first aid, a martial arts or learning to fly the Blackbird. The Wizards want to keep track of what's going on in the game and who can do what.

7. Here at Marvel Revolution, we like players to have an open communication, OOCly, about their plans that involve the other players' characters. Please keep in mind that, while an idea might seem both appropriate and fun to you, the other player might not agree. When your idea crosses into the other characters actions or thoughts, be sure to discuss with that character's player. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

8. There is no TS on Marvel Revolution. If you give us reason to think otherwise, we have a problem. Okay, honestly we are mature people. We know there's a possibility it's going to happen. Now if anyone besides the consenting parties see it staff is going to be very mad. There are private rooms. They are there for a reason. Please do not make your TS scenes public. And be sure to make sure your TS partner is over eighteen. Also, don't make it a further problem for us by harassing others or making it your RP priority. We're sure there are games for that. This isn't one.

9. We ask that you please pose in the third person, especially when role playing if a player asks or if you are logging a scene. Especially since saying ‘you’ can be confusing when there are three other ‘yous’ in a group. It’s the same reason why it’s polite to put your name at least once in a pose. Also when you write in the third person it makes it easier for the people you are role playing with and for the people who would like to read the logs of the scene that you post on the wikidot site. Remember that your scene should read like a story, and part of the game is Improvisational Story Writing.

10. Where all public chat channels on Marvel Revolution are pretty open in regards to freedom of speech, we do have a few rules on the channels to respect the player base. To respect the difference of opinions and beliefs of the players on the game and to try to avoid discomfort and drama, we strongly discourage and prohibit the discussion of Politics and Religion on public channels. Please keep sex talk off of public channel as well as it might become offensive to other players and as TS is not allowed on Marvel Revolution the game does not need to know you your TS partners are. Lastly, there is no harassment or arguments on public chat. Please use your best judgment on what you say in public chat, if you have to think twice about saying it, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution.


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