2011-01-15: Rum Tum Tugger


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Summary: Quetzal and Index talk about music and Mutant Town.

Date: January 15, 2011

Log Title: Rum Tum Tugger

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Auditorium

Dark blue curtains hang from the walls of the small auditorium with sconces placed at even intervals along the walls to create a dim lighting. Rows of blue and white seats angle down until enough space is given for the stage. There are closets back stage for props and costumes with a few podiums with SHIELD logos on them stored away. In the back of the auditorium there is a glass window and a door that leads into the sound and lighting booth. The blue carpet has the SHIELD logo strategically placed in the back and front of the auditorium. The wooden stage is kept in pristine condition and can be used for speeches, orientations, plays, music classes and more.

Music plays in the empty auditorium, and Index is currently on the stage. It's one of his preparation times, which he sometimes uses for just a little bit of fun… but mostly for practice. He's on the stage now, practicing the role. He has none of the costuming (and is in fact just wearing a suit and the fedora he sometimes keeps in his inventory), nor any backup dancers or singers, but he is performing the song Rum Tum Tugger from Cats with the music blaring. Nobody is watching after all.

Even though Quetzal does have his own piano in his room there's just something about playing in large room. The acoustics are so much better than his box. So dressed in his SHIELD uniform he steps into the auditorium with Verde on his shoulder as a bright green bird, his name sake. His cane doesn't make the usual noise as he walks down the carpeted aisle at his usual slow gait. He stops as he sees someone already performing and slips into a chair to watch the 'show'.

Index hops down off of the stage when the song is done, landing lightly and then leaning back. Downplaying that he was just on stage doing a solo that really should not be a solo, he says, "I didn't see you come in here. You looking to use the piano, I'm guessing? It's a nice one they've got here," He touches his hat and returning it into the inventory.

Quetzal claps as Index jumps down and there's a whistle from Verde. "Yes, I was thinking about it. I have a nice one in my room but the sound isn't the same. It gets muffled there." He says standing up slowly then walking over to Index. "That was quite entertaining. What was that song you were singing?" He's in familiar with Cats the musical.

"Oh, that? The Rum Tum Tugger, from Cats. It really should be done with a group but… getting a group together to perform that kind of piece takes some time," says Index, sighing slightly at that. "Yeah, the auditorium has pretty good acoustics, so I can understand the need to hear your own performance the way it's meant to be heard."

"I haven't seen Cats, nor have I seen a show on Broadway. Never had the time." Quetzal admits as when he does get free time from SHIELD he tends to go home. "I imagine, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of drama students here, though I could be wrong." He says as he doesn't know all the students, just a handful of them. "But I have a beautiful grand piano in my room where the acoustics aren't pleasant. I wish I could give it a better place sometimes.

"It's probably a bit too heavy for me to move with any ease…" says Index, frowning slightly in thought. His inventory system doesn't really do 'heavy'. "And it's like I say, I can take you to a show sometime. I love that stuff." He hops back up slightly to sit on the stage, "And no, we really don't have many drama students. Breaks my little heart a little, it does!"

"Oh it's heavy for me and Verde too. It was fun just getting it into the room." Quetzal says with a laugh. "And going to a show sounds like it could be a fun time. Just as long as I can get Verde in with me." Which isn't hard when he's shifted into a mouse. "Any ideas on a drama production? I know Barnes is like border line boot camp for kids but they should have some stuff that isn't military related."

"Well, soon we're going to do Ibsen's A Doll's House. We've already been practicing quite a bit for that, so I'm looking forward to seeing how well it turns out," says Index, shrugging, "After that, we're likely going to do something a little more energetic. Nothing too elaborate, though, of course, given our small numbers and since I want it to be the students' show. Speaking of things we're leaving to students, any thoughts on this interschool dance?"

"I'm not familiar with Ibsen's A Doll House but if you need a pianist for anything, I'll be happy to help." Quetzal offers even though he's more used to being a concert type pianist then accompaniment. "The interschool dance I think is a wonderful idea. I'm going to be helping out with security outside of wherever they plan to hold it. I never had a school dance where I went to Seconday School."

"Hmmm, I'll see if I'll need a pianist for anything… And yeah, I think I'm going to be helping out in different ways. Though I'm kind've surprised that the students would want their old-guy professor to do any kind've performance, but hey, seems like it'll be a good time. 1920s theme is what I heard," says Index, tilting his head slightly.

"Just get me the music and I'll start practicing." Quetzal says happy to something to do piano wise. It's been a long time. "That's great that the kids asked you. Any idea what you'll be performing?" This is definitely one of those culture differences for Quetzal where he doesn't have much knowledge of American in the 1920's.

"I've got no clue, but I'll be putting together something before the date. I'm pretty good at that kind of stuff, kinda jazzy music. That's what I'm better at playing, too," says Index, moving his fingers to indicate the piano. "Those students'll have quite a show if they want me, though."

Quetzal nods. "I think I have to study a bit about America and the 1920's to understand the theme of the dance. And the music." He knows enough modern American culture to get by but American History was never his strong suit. "I do know Jazz though, and isn't that kind of what Jazz is, putting on a show?"

"Yep, something like that, and that's why I'm the man for the job," says Index, grinning at that. He shrugs, though, and notes, "I've probably got clothes in my closet that would be appropriate for it, actually. Not sure if that should be embarrassing or not. Not like I wear stuff like that every day."

Quetzal shakes his head. "It's not embarrassing if you like it. My closet is filled with work clothes and civvies that are quite unfashionable. I have no fashion sense according to my sister." Quetzal says laughing as Verde nods. "It's true, she bought him a new wardrobe when he went to Japan to recover." Quetzal gives the bird 'a look' before sighing. "Guilty at that but I blame that on going to private school with a mandatory uniform, to the Self Defence Force with a mandatory uniform to SHIELD with a mandatory uniform."

"Some people would say I have /too much/ fashion sense," says Index, chuckling softly at that. "'course if you don't enjoy being fashionable, no sense in it at all. I just like to look sharp at all opportunities." He grins at Verde and says, "Did he not bring any of the nicer clothes back over here? Maybe it's time for a /new/ new wardrobe!" Yes, that is a threat.

"That is the new new wardrobe." The bird says before Quetzal can say anything. The pilot sighs and closes his eyes. "I'm just not that into fashion. And I can't stand trying on twenty pairs of jeans, I like the military. You tell them your size and they give you pants." It's simple. "I don't need another new wardrobe, I think I'm fine with what I have." Jeans and button down shirts of different styles.

Index grins and nods, "I was just joking. As much of a blast as I'm sure it is to make a guy get a new wardrobe, it's just not my style to do that for the reluctant. You look fine as it is." He crosses his arms and says, "With as much undercover work as I was doing, I didn't really get the benefit of uniforms all the time. Back in the military days, though, yeah. I know what you mean."

"I didn't do as much undercover as recon. So we were still required to go out there in uniform. Four guys sleeping in a small camp in the middle of nowhere while arranging to break into a facility to see what we could find, fashion didn't matter. Nor did hygiene sometimes." Queztal says with a chuckle as it wasn't as bad as he made it sound. "Well more, staying in the same clothes for a few days was common back then. And it's not my fault that we don't all get the same fashion tastes as you Index."

"Nah, there were lots of times when fashion didn't matter in my life, so I know what it's like," says Index, nodding at that and scratching his chin lightly, "But you're right, I guess it takes a pretty special somebody to match up with my style." The hat makes a reappearance out of his inventory as he places it on his head, only actually appearing partway through the putting on motion.

"And that's the style you're talking about." Quetzal comments in regards to the hat trick. "I like to think that I make the cane thing look good and not like I'm some old Japanese man that people think just looks young when they are probably sixty." He jokes. "You're the drama teacher and we're talking about going to see a show sometime right? Do you think we should do a school trip one weekend in regards to a show?"

"Yeah, you rock the cane. You look pimpin'. As the kids would say. I can only imagine how embarrassed they'd be to hear me say that, though. Anyways, given that you look way younger than you are already, you just look like a young guy with a cane," says Index, smiling. "And yeah, bringing some of my students on down would be neat. Maybe open the offer to more of them."

"Pimping?" Quetzal says raising an eyebrow before letting out a full laugh. "We are showing our age, aren't we Index. Pimping. And to you American's I look young but back home, I look in my fourties." He says as Asians seem to age well. "Make it a reward for good behaviour or something. Your class can go as an educational trip and anyone else has to earn it some how." It's how things work in the military. Earn your prviligages. Quetzal shakes his head with an amused smile and sighs. "Pimping."

"Eh, I'm not showing my age too badly. I'm still young at heart, wouldn't you agree? And that's what matters. Well, until the dementia sets in. And then getting more and more young at heart becomes really kind of bad," says Index, shaking his head when he contemplates that. "Yeah, a reward seems like it would be a good system. Maybe volunteer work requirements?"

"I think you look good for your age and young at heart is what matters." Quetzal says as he runs his hand back through his hair, pushing some loose strands out of his face. "So on a completely other note, I've been trying to investigate what's been going on down in Mutant Town with the shootings. I know some things but I can't find the right link I need. I know the higher ups want me to stay on the desk but, I'm not a desk agent Index. And I know I have the leg issues and I'm trying but, I can't keep away."

Index nods at that and says, "Yeah, I know how you feel. I'm supposed to be retired from field work, but… I want to figure this thing out. Crack it open. 'cause even if I can't go undercover with big time criminals anymore… these guys behind the shootings probably wouldn't know the difference. What've you thought of so far with regards to it?"

"I know that this guy MacBeth was behind it. And after talking with Agent Corrin, we found out that he's an arms dealer." Quetzal begins. "He was dealing some old AIM weapons so I can't tell if AIM is involved or not or if this is a front or what. I know I've run into some weird off shoots of AIM and HYDRA over the years that almost had nothing to do with the big stuff. Like places to just store smuggled goods and such, anyway, I'm off track. This MacBeth fellow is the perfect front for hating mutants. His son was a mutant and when his powers manifested his entire family was killed except for MacBeth. I think this guy is too perfect a front, do you get what I'm saying?"

Index furrows his eyebrows slightly and nods, "Yeah, I think I do, anyways." He pulls off his hat and twirls it between his fingers idly on its way down. "You've always gotta question perfect stories like that. So do you think the story's a fake? Or maybe even manufactured?"

Quetzal shakes his head. "No, I don't think it's fake. Actually I'm pretty sure it's quite real but I think it's more someone found their perfect front. Perfect man to manipulate. Knows what he hates and pulls the strings to act accordingly. I just don't know who this puppetmaster is. Is he AIM related, and also if MacBeth is an arms dealer, AIM weapons are pretty high tech to be selling through a regular gun shop."

"So like how some big time guys with an agenda tend to go to the Friends of Humanity first to manipulate," says Index, nodding. "Yeah, that actually makes quite a bit of sense." He leans back and thinks about that for a moment. "If he's using AIM technology, I would agree the suspicions that AIM is involved is valid. They must have an agenda here if they're getting involved at all."

"It's been a while since I've investigated AIM and if I knew where the base was, I'd see about calling in Ripper or Shon and see they'd be up for something. Though they're both still in the field and Ripper's getting married." Quetzal says in regards to his old team. "I just don't know the next step on where to get what I need. It's like the information is there, but the next link isn't. I was never one to really peace together this stuff, the NightWolves were intel gatherers."

Index nods at that, "I was also about gathering most of the time, but I still know how to do some footwork. I may be able to find the link." He narrows his eyes slightly, "I'll look into it. I think I have an idea…"

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