2012-07-26: Rumble In The Kitchen


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Summary: Theo picks a fight he can win for a change.

Date: Thursday, July 26, 2012. 4:31pm.

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NYC - Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.

Being raised mostly in the UWS, Hell's Kitchen was traditionally a place where Fiona did not really feel all that comfortable - however, nowadays she strolls about as if she owns the place; confidence is the key to success, and the goth girl does seem confident! She steps out of a run down apartment building with various gang members and drug addicts loitering around on the front step and they don't give her a second glance. No, they've probably learned that's not a good idea. Temperature wise, it's fairly nice out, but it is somewhat cloudy, though the rain that's been hanging around all day has stopped for the moment.

The shouts of fights in this part of town aren't all that uncommon, but this time the shouting comes from near Fiona's position. Theo didn't used to be considered a very formidable opponent, but while he and Connor have had their falling out, Theo hasn't forgotten what the Shield member has taught him. A black shirt reads "Mutant and Proud" on the front of it, and from the alley he can be seen nosing down three men, two of whom are larger than him, and one who is about the same size. "Come on, scared?" the eighteen year old technopath challenges. "You think you can take me? I'm just one mutant, right? I won't even use my powers, I promise." He grins, waiting for them to come after him. One of them takes the cue, and takes a swing at him, which leaves Theo moving to the side and landing an open palmed strike at the man's face in the same motion. The other two charge him together, and Theo rolls to the side, away from them, but he doesn't run. His back is to Fiona now, and the exit of the alley. From the edge of the alley, next to Fiona, a small, four-footed robot emerges from behind a garbage can, and starts sprinting toward the dark headed teen.

Fiona blinks more at the little robot than at the confrontation - such confrontations are common in Hell's Kitchen, but the little robot is not something that she's seen before. "Oh, hey, that's…" she trails off as she watches the 'cute' little robot… "Oh…" she murmurs, rolling her eyes slightly. "Are you SURE that's a good idea?" she calls at the mutant.

The call from Fiona distracts Theo just at the wrong moment, and he turns his head to spot Fiona. "What?" One of the other men tackles him to the ground, and begins landing fist after fist on the teenager. Proto leaps into the air, a blade snapping out and stabbing into the shoulder of Theo's attacker. The man yelps in pain, and little hands pull him off of the technopath. The third man comes up with a punt to Proto's smaller mass, which doesn't send him flying as far as might be intended, sending the little bot about five feet, and the third man collapses to the ground, holding his foot.

Fiona just kind of, well, giggles at the whole thing. "Need some help?" she asks after closing the distance towards the fight. "Or not, maybe," the purple eyed girl muses, crossing her arms beneath her breasts as she watches. "You do seem to have them in hand…"

Theo scrambles back to his feet. "Up to you," he answers, a little winded. He runs up to the recently fallen man grabbing his foot, and delivers a rather unfair kick to the head, knocking him clear out. The first man has returned to the fight, however, and rushes Theo, a knife in hand. Proto returns to Theo, and leaps onto his back, wrapping around him as a suit of armor. The knife clinks against the metal, and the armored Theo cocks his head to one side, and then swings a metal clad fist at his enemy. The man takes the punch across the jaw, sprawling unconscious across the ground. Theo turns around, surveying to make sure that all of his enemies are out of the fight, and then Proto disengages, transforming back into his normal form. Theo's lip is a bit bloody, a black eye is forming, but he seems to be all right for the most part. He gives Fiona a grin. "You look familiar," he comments.

"Nah, I'd rather not get all dirty," she shakes her head, grinning just a little. "Do I? I guess you also look kinda familiar… Maybe…" she ponders, tilting her head to and fro a little in thought. "Oh well. I do get around!" nods Fiona. "You should be careful about picking fights in Hell's Kitchen though. Plenty of mooks around to beat up but you never know who you might run into…"

Having decided to spend the day chilling in the city Lock is cutting though Hell's Kitchen to check out Mutant Town. Dressed in jeans and a white and blue stripped t-shirt Lock is skateboarding down the street, spotting the guys being robo-fisted in the face by someone he knows he skates over to see if Theo's ok, "Whoa, does Iron Man know you're out here singing his song?"

Theo shrugs to Fiona. "I dunno," he says, "These three were kind of a joke," he answers. Of course, he doesn't look like he came off without a scratch, that is for sure. He glances up as Warlock speaks. "No, don't tell him, I don't wanna get chewed out. Besides, they were Friends of Humanity. They deserved to be pounded." The technopath reaches up with the back of his hand, and wipes the blood from his lip. "Felt great."
"Yeah," replies Fiona, "I don't like them much. Actually, this area has a lot of scummy people…" she trails off, dropping her arms to her side for the moment. She eyes the fallen Friends of Humanity members, poking them with a toe. "Kinda silly for them to be causin' trouble like that around here. Wonder if there are any more of 'em."

The technopath grins slightly. "I hope there are. There's something rather enjoyable about hurting them. I'm gonna take off, good to see you again," Theo tells her. He glances over at Warlock, "Don't you dare tell anyone," he adds with a point of a finger. With that, he heads off down the street, possibly to look for more trouble.

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