2011-06-09: Running


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Summary: Went for a Run

Date: June 9, 2011

Log Title: Running

Rating: PG

NYC - Queens

Queens is located on Long Island just north of Brooklyn. Brick apartment buildings are found more on the Northern part of Queens where as you get further south towards the Atlantic, more homes with yards can be found. Queens is home to Shea Stadium, home of the Mets, John F Kennedy Airport, and was the home to the World Fair in 1939 and 1964. The Unisphere, a 12-story high, stainless steel globe still sits on display from the Worlds Fair in Queens.

It's mid afternnon in Queens, the sky is cloudy threatening rain, having just finished classes from the day Kai is just leaving the school gates, the teen is walking quickly looking nervous, he's dressed in dark jeans, red converse, a dark blue t-shirt with a picture of the TARDIS on it with two weeping angels either side with 'the angels have the phonebox' written underneith, a black jacket and his schoolbag over his shoulder.

The cloudy nature of the sky has given the city and its dwellers momentary respite from the near 100 degree heat that has kept most New Yorkers in. Using this opportunity for a chance to go for a run without having to sweat profusely. Vance Astrovik flies overhead from Manhattan into Queens and has chosen to jog in the park across from the school that Kai is exiting. Landing mostly unnoticed, he begins his jog at the entrance when he notices Kai and lets off a wave at the teen he recently met.

Spotting Vance Kai breathes a sigh of relief and walks quickly towards the man, "Hey Vance, what brings you to Queens?", he gives a quick look over his shoulder and smiles, he should be fine now, he thought he might have to run home there for a minute.

Noticing how Kai keeps looking over his shoulder, Vance quirks a brow, "I keep for a run. Got tired of sweating in the heat or running at the mansion, so I thought the cloud cover would make it ok to run outside." Looking over Kai's shoulder as well and then looking back and forth "Are you ok, Kai? Is someone after you?"

Kai shakes his head, "I don't think so, it's nothing", Vance seems to take the whole hero thing seriously and if he says something it will probably make things worse, if they can get worse that is, "Yeah the last few days have been some serious heat, felt like i was melting half the time".

Shaking his head since Kai is dismissing whatever is happening, Vance sighs, "Yeah, crazy heat. Hotter here than the California desert." Vance ponders, "Hey how about a run? Running and jogging can help with cardio and helps develop the mind and body and sometimes working out helps with control of other abilities too."

Kai nods, "Yeah sure i could go for a run, no gym today so i have some spare energy", he doesn't let on that he's pretty sure he could outrun Vance without much problem, that would just be showing off, "Let me just put my jacket in my bag", and thats what he does.

"Well, sounds good, then." Vance replies as Kai puts his jacket in his bag and then does a few stretches before they start to run, "So how was school today? With summer coming up, I gotta think that people are getting restless for summer vacation."

Starting to run alongside Vance Kai shrugs, "It was ok i guess, not a lot really going on, even the teachers seem to have given up for the summer", as they start getting further away from the school theres a shout from behind them, "Oi Oaken!", still running he mutters, "Leave me alone".

"Well, that's sad, but most people are looking for the summer. Any plans for vacation?" Vance asks. As they jog along, Vance hears the shout and looks behind, "Friends of yours?" He asks again as he quickens his pace so he and Kai may possibly outrun anyone should any issues arrive.

"No real plans, i might see my folks but other than that i'll just be at home", Kai shakes his head whn asked if the boys are his friends, "No they're not", he speeds up so his moving slightly faster than Vance, perhaps not realizing he's running WITH Vance the other boys begin to follow.

Surprised that Kai appears to be outrunning him, Vance quickens his pace, "Wow, you are faster than I thought." Vance runs along with Kai and keeping up, "Are they bullies? Have you thought perhaps it's better to not run, but to talk to them and maybe avoid any kind of fight?"

"Fight or flight hormones kicking in tends to give the body a boost of speed, it's nothing beyond that", Kai nods, "Yeah they are, and i've tried that all that achieved is that i was no longer a MOVING target".

"Have you tried talking to teachers?" Managing to keep up pace, but starting to pant a bit, Vance wipes his brow, "Wow. I wonder if this burst in speed is related to your other abilities?" As they jog, Vance reaches into a small pouch for some water. "Want some?"

"Teachers will want to get my parents involved, i'd rather they weren't", ignoring the thought Vance has about his speed he changes direction, "This way", speeding up he jumps and climbs over a wall, "need a hand?" he holds a hand out.

Surprised at the manner and speed with which Kai moves, Vance takes the proffered hand, "Sure. But watch it, you are making the Avenger look bad." Vance laughs as he takes Kai's up and moves up with wall.

When Vance grabs his hand Kai helps pull him up before dropping to the other side, "I don't think i can start showing you up until i can move things with my mind", he leans against the wall grinning, those guys are way to lazy to follow him over the wall, they'll just be waiting for him before school tomorrow.

"Well, you may want to learn how to use your powers creatively without repercussion and then you should be ok and able to handle those bullies without going overboard powers-wise anyway." Having stopped, Vance pants a bit and wipes his brow again, "That was quite the run and I indeed end up sweating."

Kai shakes his head, "I'm just gonna stick it out until i finish school, i doupt seeing i have powers would make people like me any better", he finds it a little funny that Vance is sweating, that speed is pretty easy for him, yay for being different.

"Well, have you had much experience using them?" Vance ponders a thought as he looks about to see how secluded the area may be, "You've not had any training at all, have you?" Seeing as the area is secluded and no cameras behind the wall, he hovers a few feet up.

Kai shakes his head, "Nope, you're the first person i've activly shown them too, i figured i could trust you as you're an Avenger", has he ver had any training, "Nope no training, i mean who is there to teach me anyway".

"Well, I'm not X-Man or anything but. We are secluded enough. Let's see what you can do." Vance hovers in place now surrounded by a telekinetic nimbus. "This might prove interesting. You should be ok here."

"What would being an X-man have to do with it?", Kai does a double take, "Y..you want me to show you what i can do?, i've never done much with my powers, what am i supposed to do?", ok he's gonna have to play this very carefully.

"Well the X-Men are mutant heroes who use their powers for good." Vance half smiles, "If all of a sudden, I went nuts and just randomly attacked you. How would you defend yourself?" Vance lowers a bit more and lands next to Kai. "Learning to control it will show you how to use your powers without killing."

"Well you are a mutant hero who uses his powers for good, so why would it make a difference?", Kai gulps and looks worried, "I dunno what i'd do, freeze you maybe but i might kill you, i..i dunno".

"True, but they have more experience with training. I haven't had their training." With that, a beeper rings off and Vance sighs, "Well, it looks like we will have to do this another time." He rises up again in a telekinetic nimbus. "Stay safe Kai." With that he flies up and is soon out of sight.

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