Sage Windsong Chipmunk "Locks" Holbrook IV
Sage Windsong Chipmunk Holbrook IV
Portrayed By Samuel Larsen
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 12, 1995
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Locks
Place of Birth Rosewood Farms, England
Current Location Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Moonbaby Holbrook, The First (Father); Starshine Holbrook, the Second (Mother); Clover Snowdust Riverotter Holbrook, The Third (Older Brother); Violet Summerbreeze Dormouse Holbrook, The Fifth (Younger Sister); Saffron Rainstorm Polecat Holbrook, The Sixth (Younger Sister); Coriander Riverbreeze Hedgehog Holbrook, The Seventh (Younger Brother)
Significant Other n/a
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Prehensile Hair
First Appearance ???

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Back Story

During World War II in England evacuation of the larger cities was becoming more common. Six families, all mothers with small children or pregnant, where sent to live on a large farm in Northern England. All six families were quite wealthy families from Manchester and were lucky in that they didn’t experience any complications on the first waves of evacuation. All six mothers were wives who had husbands who were fighting overseas. Needless to say the women and children bonded with each other and their hosts who were a middle aged couple who didn’t have children of their own.

During their time there the women and children helped with the chores and learned the farming trade. They also taught the uglier side of farming as well, which included killing animals for food and how to butcher them properly to eat. Even though there was a war going on the effects were barely felt on the large farm. After several months it became a new way of life for the six families.

When the war ended all six women were lucky enough that their husbands returned but they returned different men, haunted. Their host allowed them to stay at the farm as long as they wanted and as time went by they all decided one thing, they didn’t want their children to live in a war torn England. Their hosts suggested that the six families stay, buy land in the area and move to a more peaceful area of England.

Selling off their homes in Manchester, they used the money to several large plots of land where they had homes build and farms started. They stayed within reasonable distance of their once host and their new community became happily secluded from the rest of the world. The men who returned from war became less and less bothered by what they did as time went on in their new life. Wanting it to be a happy, peaceful place they decided to name it Rosewood Farms after the roses they decided to plant all over the place.

They learned to live off the land eating only what animals they raised and eating what food they grew. They made their money off of farming, selling vegetables and fruits and other produce as a farmer’s mart in the warmer months and then selling blankets, sweaters, dresses and other sewn or knitted products in the colder months. The first several years went by easily as the families used their savings to fund them, pay for electricity and so fourth. They weren’t lacking. Over time the farmer’s mart grew more popular and was able to sustain them.

The community grew as more children came and they sheltered them against the violence of the world as much as possible. They decided to tell the kids white lies, how fairies existed and many other made up magical creatures. Every year Santa Claus and other fictional characters children believe in visited regularly. The lies snowballed through out the generations, the fictions becoming real as mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers told children stories that they believed themselves.

When the sixties came with the hippies a new opportunity arose for the farm. By this time more land had been purchased, more crops grown and more additions to houses and marijuana was becoming a popular and valuable crop. It started out as some of the younger ones growing marijuana and selling it but after seeing the income generated, Rosewood Farm not only became known as a place to get fresh produce but also a place to get good weed, in the right circles that is. It wasn’t advertised what they sold on the side but word of mouth causes things to spread.

The more hippies that came to buy their goods the more the lifestyle rubbed off on the community in some ways. The music, clothing style and television were brought into the community. Some music and television shows were deemed appropriate and others were not, mainly as long as they didn’t have too much violence. The belief in mother earth, Gaia, was introduced into the community as well and embraced.

What started as a community of about thirty people, was now a community of almost one hundred and fifty. Some houses had two or three families living in them as everything was pretty much shared. Stuck in the late sixties/early seventies, Rosewood Farms is every bit the peaceful, loving, happy community it was back when it was started in 1946 which now brings us to 1995 when Sage Windsong Chipmunk Holbrook IV was born among the fourth generation to live at Rosewood Farm


Sage was the second child born to Moonbaby Holbrook (the first) and Starshine Holbrook (the second), the first was Clover Snowdust Jackrabbit Holbrook (the third). Since Sage Windsong Chipmunk Holbrook was the fourth addition to the family he was named The Fourth. To say he had a happy childhood would be an understatement. Sage grew up among his brothers, sisters (with which he had two of each), cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents and other members of Rosewood Farms.

Sage grew up in a house that was shared with another family. His mother’s brother married his father’s sister so they lived in the same house with both sets of grandparents and his siblings and cousins, making it a total of seventeen people in one house. Most of the houses in his community were full like this. Sage shared a room with his two brothers, Clover and Corriander and his cousin Freedom. The room was crowded but comfortable and the four shared almost everything and privacy was something that wasn’t common.

Love was something that wasn’t lacking on Rosewood Farms. His parents were very affectionate towards him and his siblings. One thing that was very obvious about Sage’s parents were that they were very much in love and that love and tenderness spread out to their children. Instead of fighting and arguing anytime there was a problem it was talked out in a calm manner. Most fights were stopped before they could escalate beyond a raised voice and by the time the kids were older almost all fighting had stopped.

Since Sage and Clover were only a year apart and their cousin Freedom was the same age as him, the three were very close. With Coriander being a bit younger it wasn’t until he was about six that he started following the three around wanting to be one of the ‘big boys’. Needless to say Coriander was the blunt of a lot of pranks when the boys were younger. As they got older they started to include him more though once in a while they couldn’t resist teasing their younger brother/cousin.

Cooking dinner was a family affair; the seven of them not caring if there were too many cooks in the kitchen as they made the nights meal. They always ate every meal together; they would sing together and read stories together. It wasn’t just their family but his cousin’s family that lived with him. Seventeen people in one house may seem like a lot but to Sage he loved having people around. Things were never boring.

Sage, along with the other children around his age (which included all his siblings), was home schooled in reading and mathematics together along with some vague touches on history. War was seldom brought up and when it was, it was always followed with teaching the children how horrible it was. Science was a subject that was never brought up. The Queen was a person who was to be respected along with English Patriotism. They might now have agreed with the War and violence but England was their country and they wouldn’t let their kids forget that

When he wasn’t being home schooled Sage was taught the ropes of farming. Growing, harvesting, tending the crops along with how to take care of animals. Milking cows, collecting eggs, fishing and churning butter and the like were all daily chores for Sage around the farm. He learned how to cook and the communal way of life at Rosewood Farms. They tried to grow what they could to survive on and what they couldn’t grow they would occasionally go into a nearby small town to shop for things.

Sage always enjoyed trips into what he would think of as, the city, when in fact it was a small town about a half hour drive away. They had an old station wagon and about five would go into town at a time to pick up food they needed for cooking, such as sugar and flour, medical supplies, clothing, hygienic needs, new video tapes for movie night and so fourth. Sage always found it neat but by the end of the day he found he just loved being home at Rosewood Farm the best.

One person Sage bonded with was his Grandfather. His grandfather taught him how to tell various herbs apart and the uses of different herbs. He also taught Sage how to play the ukulele. He would stay up late at night watching the stars while his grandfather and father while smoked pot and told him stories about the fairies, Gaia, the Snarzzles, Jacks Frost, the wee toddies and other amazing fantasies. Sage always hung onto these stores, believing everyone to be true. After all, his grandfather and most people in the community believed them to be true as well.

When Sage was seven he was helping some men of the community help a sow give birth to piglets. Him, his older brother and two other boys were there to have their first lesson in childbirth and what to do when one of the livestock goes into labor. While cleaning off the piglets and helping he fell in love with the animal, having a fondness for pigs ever since. So for his eight birthday his Grandfather handed him a miniature pig that he bought for Sage to raise and be a pet. From then on he had his companion, Cinnamon. Over the years he slept with Cinnamon and the pig followed Sage around everywhere.

Sage’s eighth birthday also brought about another surprise, his parents dreaded his hair to match theirs. The year before, on his brother’s eight birthday they dreaded his hair and now it was Sage’s turn. It was a bonding experience and almost a coming of age rite in his family. With his trusty companion, Cinnamon and his hair now like his brother’s and parents, Sage was feeling that his eighth birthday was the best birthday ever.

At the age of twelve Sage started to learn the harder aspects of being a farmer, that eventually you had to kill the animals. The chickens, pigs, sheep and rabbits were all food for them. The first time he had to kill a chicken, Sage cried and refused to eat. His Grandfather took him aside and told him that the worst thing he could do to honour the chicken was to let what was sacrificed go to waste. That the chicken died so that they could be fed and if Sage didn’t eat, the chicken’s death would be meaningless. After that Sage was better, he never liked having to kill the animals or help butcher them for food but he understood it was necessary and the way of life.

Every other weekend Rosewood Farms hosted the farmers market. People would drive from the small towns in the area to purchase fresh produce, meats, quilts and other goods that they would sell. They never sold more than what they needed as what they sold was the excess from their crops. Also this was when they sold what they grew on the side as well and where most of the money to support the farm was earned. Marijuana sales were good money to help pay for seeds, electricity, and things they couldn’t provide on their farm.

As the days and years past, Sage grew into a teenager. He was close with his siblings, loved his parents and was an integral aspect of the community. He knew about the marijuana sales and that most the adults in the community indulged in it but they wouldn’t allow the kids to smoke until they were older. His life was home school lessons and hard work. Music and entertainment were evening activities where people would play instruments and sing. Sometimes they’d all gather in someone’s house and watch old television shows or movies on the television. Disney films and other cartoons and kid friendly movies were usually a Saturday night treat. Any television watched were old Smurfs, Peanuts, Looney Tunes and other cartoons. Television wasn’t lost on them, just modern shows with violence and more realistic views were. Music was another thing that was an integral part of life but like with television what they listened to wasn’t modern. Still stuck in the sixties and seventies vinyl records of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard and the like. Anything from jazz to rock from the sixties and seventies was listened to, danced to and sung to. Life was happy, it was peaceful and it was good.

When Sage was fourteen his grandfather was diagnosed with Cancer but he refused to move away from Rosewood Farms. It was hard watching his grandfather waste away but Sage tried to spend time with him when he could. His grandfather assured him that he was returning to Gaia and everything was okay. Days before his death he told Sage something that confused him – “Sage, you’re going to be going away very soon, don’t forget what you’ve learned here and don’t let the world frighten you.”

Sage was confused by the words as he didn’t want to go away to anywhere but Rosewood Farms. He didn’t get much time to contemplate the words as two days later his grandfather passed away, a few days before his sixteenth birthday. There was a small funeral for him and he was buried in a small graveyard at the farm. He would be returned to Gaia and become one with the earth. For a while Sage had trouble sleeping and since he was almost sixteen his parents introduced him to marijuana. After all the coughing and hacking he found that it helped him sleep at night.

A few months later, when his Grandfather’s death was less of a weight on Sage, strange things started happening. He found that his hair would just move, on it’s on. He kept thinking he was going crazy but he would swear to himself that his hair was moving. He was quite about it cause he didn’t know how to explain it. It wasn’t until he was picking tomatoes that he found his hair was picking tomatoes along with him. Shocked he ran and found the first member of his family that he could find which was his sister Violet. He told her everything and even tried to show her but he couldn’t. Violet believed him but she didn’t understand it either.

The two went together to tell their parents about this strange phenomenon and that’s when it happened again. His hair just started moving, not in small twitches but all his dreads started fanning out and stretching out the house. His parents just smiled with happiness while his sister was shocked to see it. Sage though was panicked he couldn’t stop it. His hair punctured holes in the walls as it stretched out and it took his father talking calmly to him to get him to calm down and his hair to settle. Sage just clung to his dad, frightened.

It was explained to Sage that there was nothing to be frightened of that he had been blessed. There are lucky people in the world that are blessed by the donlalaps and they were given special powers because of it. Captain Brittan was one who was blessed by the donlalaps and now Sage was as well. Of course this wasn’t true but they didn’t know what mutants were or how superpowers in select people were manifested so the story of the donlalaps was one that was accepted, and believed.

It was hard for Sage as he didn’t have any control over his hair. He would hit people accidentally with it, mess up his chores and accidentally break things. It was as if going through puberty wasn’t awkward enough already, this made it even more so. He was lucky where people were understanding and accepting of what was going on, especially since he was always quick to try to fix what he broke.

Sage started meditating with his father and sister to try to relax and get things under control and it helped. He still had accidents but with the meditation things settled down considerably. Things seemed like they were going to be okay until an American came to Rosewood Farms. He said he was a representative form Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and that Sage was a mutant. (No one believed that he was a mutant as Sage was obviously blessed by the donlalaps.) They offered him a place to go to school and learn how to control his gifts there.

At first his family was opposed, even Sage was but then he remembered his grandfather’s words and knew he had to go. With some tearful goodbyes and promises to write he packed his clothes and belongs, said good-bye to Cinnamon and left his pig in the care of his sister Violet. He boarded the blackbird, the first plane he’s ever seen, and flew across the pond to America where he’d be starting his Freshmen year at Xavier’s.


Prehensile Hair – Sage’s hair is like another limb on his body. It can move like an appendage. He can move his hair as one unit or as individual strands, but since his hair is in dread locks is more like individual dreads. Normally his hair is a few inches past from his shoulders but when using his powers there is elasticity to it allowing his hair to ‘stretch’ to fifteen feet in length. When not using his hair it stays at its normal length. This power is telekinetic in nature rather than muscular but even though it requires some mental power to control it, he’s not strong of mind.

He can use his hair to handle objects, such as picking up a cup, or use it to punch down a door like a fist. Right now with his control it’s clumsy at best. He can pick up objects with his hair but he might not put enough pressure to hold it for long or he might put too much and break something.

Unlike his fists he can pack more of a ‘punch’ with his hair than he can his hands. He can use his hair like a blunt object, each dread hitting with the force of 200 lbs behind it or he can use all his hair for a force of 1000lbs behind it. The material strength of his hair is about that of steel so it doesn’t break easily. Normal scissors cannot cut his hair. If he wraps his hair around something to hold it, it would be equivalent of being held with steel bands.

His hair has some defenses to it, but it doesn’t expand beyond the hair on his head. His hair has the toughness of steel and can resist blows with up to one ton of weight intensity behind it. His hair can resist temperatures of up to 2500F (melting point of steel). (This is so that he doesn’t loose his hair and it’s harder to loose ‘said limb’.) Though his hair can be frozen by ice and he can only use 200lbs per dread or 1000lbs for all his hair to try to break free from it. Potentially he can even use his hair as a shield but he hasn’t figured out how to do this yet.

Since his hair is a part of him, one weakness is anything done to his hair, he feels. It’s almost as if each hair has a nerve ending. It’s much more sensitive to feeling sensations. If his hair is cut it’d feel like cutting off a finger, or a limb and might send him into shock for a bit from the pain. The more hair cut the more pain Sage would be in. Shaving his head would cause unbearable pain. His hair can grow back at a rapid pace (It can go from nothing to it’s normal length in a week) Also his hair is always styled how he wants it to be. (Which right now is dreadlocks but he could easily undo the dread and put it right back).

Right now all Sage can do is move his hair around, wrap it around things, and hit things. There are many other uses that he can learn with his hair but he doesn’t have the control or knowledge yet.

Skills and Talents

Ukulele – Growing up in a community where television was mainly watched at night after chores as a special family treat, other forms of entertainment were common. Having learned from his grandfather how to play the Ukulele, Sage still plays. He’s skilled at playing it but he still has a lot to learn.

Sage Dictionary

(Here is a list of the many creatures and beings that Sage believes in that have been brought up in RP)

Donlalaps - Superheroes, Mutants, anyone with superpowers.
Ferannies - Small creatures that cause bad dreams/nightmares.
Gerrips - They put moss on the trees, rocks and ground to give them soft places to sleep instead of hard bark and rough rocks.
Gillypuffs - A type of water creatures, they help keep rivers and streams clear of too much muck. You'll never find a Gillypuff in a swamp, the stillness of the water kills them since they need to keep moving. Thus why they like rivers and streams, there is a constant flow.
Knardrums - They live inside the walls of your house and are responsible for leaving dust everywhere. It's their idea of mischief and it works as dull as it sounds for a prank.
Korrats - They're little rodent like creatures who live in the brush. They're like Fairies but work for Pan and focus on bushes and shrubbery.
Navisey - Forest Creatures that cause trees roots to comes to the surface. Also tricky buggers as they like to see people trip on the roots.
Opets - They help keep the grass green, they're scared off by Lawn Gnomes.
Snarzzles - The creatures that put eyecrusties in your eyes at night.
Varyndalies - Creatures that like to rot the vegetables, They can be dangerous as they get defensive of their food.
Wee Toddies - The little folk that help flowers grow, a type of flower fairy.


  • "I said it!"


  • Sage's favourite bands are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac
  • Everyone in Sage's immediate family has dread locks.
  • Family is very important to Sage.
  • Sage loves old Disney Cartoon movies.
  • Sage grew up in a hippy/farmer type community in England.
  • Sage's favourite animal is the pig and he has a pet Miniature Potbelly Pig named Cinnamon back home.
  • Sage is a pacifist and violence upsets him greatly.


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