2009-06-09: Salted Caramel Signature Hot Cocoa


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Summary: Kenta goes into Starbucks to escape the rain and chats with Ben for a bit.

Date: June 9, 2009

Log Title Salted Caramel Signature Hot Cocoa

Rating: PG

NYC - Starbucks

Everywhere you go there's the green and white logo of Starbucks. Coffee, tea, iced drinks, and many specialty coffee drinks and pastries can be enjoyed here. Supporting WiFi and outlets to hook up your laptop, Starbucks is a great spot to relax or study.

Kenta was out in a nearby park playing the guitar for anybody caring to listen when it started to rain. Packing up his guitar he made his way to the nearest place to not get any wetter, Starbucks. A bit of water drips off Kenta's hair as he steps in side and looks around before going to the counter. He's wearing a pair of sunglasses though his eyes seem to be shining brightly through the lenses from Wesley's electricity allowing him to see. "Um…what's good that's warm?" He asks whoever is behind the counter.

The barista on duty turns his head to the new entrant. Sure, it's a Starbucks, which is usually synonymous with busy, but during the current weather, people somehow flocked away. There are only a few customers. "Depends on what you like." Ben says with a grin. "Do you like coffee, hot chocolate, or tea?" He asks, moving to lean against the counter.

"Honestly, I'll drink most things, all three are good but I think something more on the hot chocolate side might be nice. " Kenta says looking at the menu, he's usually not much of a Starbucks kinda guy. "I was just stuck out there in the rain so I want something warm to counter my cold wet feet." He says with a smile.

"Do you like caramel, too?" Ben asks, giving a light grin as he nods at the rain. "Glad I live right upstairs. I don't have to go far in the rain. Works well for me." He says, as he goes to grab the milk from the fridge underneath, so he can pour it into the steaming pitcher.

"I'll probably just stay with my folks tonight after all my son is with them and it beats having to go all the way to Salem Center to go home." Kenta says though the trek back to the subway's gonna be fun. "Caramel works, I'm really not picky and I trust your judgement. You work here and know the drinks, I don't." He says with a chuckle. "I'm Kenta by the way." He says always introducing himself to people. Though Ben does a bit familar to him he doesn't say much since he's met so many people over the years.

"Ben." The man says, tapping his namebadge with a chuckle. He nods to himself as he starts setting up a salted caramel hot chocolate. Good stuff. REALLY good stuff. "Salem Center? Never been there. I try to just stay in my little area and not go too far. Safer that way." He says with a laugh. Those that actually pay attention may notice the oddity of his hands. Three fingers and a thumb on each one, rather than four.

Kenta watches Ben for a bit and does notice the hands but he doesn't say anything. Then again, he has glowing eyes that are visible under his shades. "It's not bad area, it's quiet. If I didn't go to school there or work there I wouldn't have ever gone there." Kenta says taking out his wallet. "And dude, you're in a city full of superheroes, I don't know how much 'safter that way' there is. So, how much do I owe ya?"

Ben rattles off the price with a grin as he keys it into the register with one hand while he tops the chocolate with chocolate whipped cream with the other, adding a caramel swirl over the top without even looking. He places a lid atop it as he grins. "Yeah, but it's one of those things… I don't know them. They don't know me. I'll stay out of their way."

"Sometimes though, staying out of the way doesn't work." Kenta says shaking his head. "Enough of that anyway, okay." He says paying Ben as he takes the cup and taking a sip. "Hey, this is pretty good, what it's called so I can order it again?" He asks pushing his sunglasses up. He noticed Ben's hands, he dosen't care if he sees his electric eyes.]

"Salted Caramel Signature Hot Cocoa. It's a starbucks thing. Of course." Ben says with a laugh. "Oh, I can avoid a lot more than I should be able to, and I'm perfectly fine with staying out of the way and not having to worry about it. But that's me." He doesn't say anything either. Why bother?

When two people are obvious mutants or at least obviously have something unique about them why point it out? "Well then, who knew salt mixed with all that stuff." Kenta says with a smile glad that his hair has stoped driping. "Sometimes staying out of the way is one of the best things, I could do without half the trouble I get into."

"It's fairly common. Chocolate Chip cookies taste like crap without some salt in them." Ben says with a chuckle, nodding. "Well, I don't have very much, but I like it that way. Peace, quiet, and a nice TV with all the cable channels on it."

"I don't cook much, not that I'm bad at it it's just I prefer to be doing something else, like playing my guitar." Kenta can cook and he's okay it's just gets busy with other things. "So you're a bit of a couch potato are you?" He says with a chuckle.

Well, Ben's body will say otherwise. He's exceptionally built. "I love TV. And radio. And dancing. Anything really. It's like there's always something new there." He chuckles, glancing around and fixing himself the same thing he just made Kenta. Hey, he gets thirsty too.

"I like some TV, but with a son whose five I tend to watch a lot of kid shows. I know a lot of Spongebob episodes." Kenta says with a chuckle. "I'm not much of a dancer but music, that's my thing. I love music."

Ben starts snickering. "Heheee. Gary." He makes a meowing sound. Seems Ben is a fan, or at least knows about it. "Oh, I can dance. I can't make music, though. I wouldn't even try."

"I love that snail." Kenta admits with a laugh. "He knows how to tie his own shoes." And he can't help but laugh even harder. "I love it, two adults, in a starbucks, taking about a meowing snail. But anyway, I don't know if I dance, I just sometimes move with my music. I sing and play guitar and piano though. I miss playing on stage."

"People always say I look like I'm doing a kata when I'm dancing. Whatever the hell that is." Ben says with a chuckle. "Well, when you watch TV, you see things. And I don't forget what I see."He says with a grin.

"I'm not really sure what that is eitehr, I just know there's a gunkata thing in this movie Equilibrium that's pretty badass." Kenta says with a chuckle. He smiles at Ben with a nod thinking that photographic memory might be part of his 'mutant power'. "Well it looks like it's stoped raining for now, I should get home before it gets worse. Nice meeting you Ben, I'll be stopping by for another salty hotchocolate carmel drink."

"Alright. I'll probably be here. I don't have much of a life outside of work." Ben laughs, grinning as he stretches up.

Kenta gives a final wave and chuckle. "Take care Ben." He says before heading out of the Starbucks and heading home.

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