Samuel "Sam/Cannonball" Guthrie
Sam Guthrie
Portrayed By Steve Sandvoss
Gender Male
Date of Birth 10/17/1983
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Cannonball
Place of Birth Cumberland County, Kentucky
Current Location New York
Occupation X-Man
Known Relatives Thomas Zebulon (father, deceased), Lucinda (mother), Lucas Bartholemew (uncle), Paige (Husk, sister), Joshua “Jay/Icarus", (Brother),Joelle (sister), Elizabeth (sister), Melody (Aero, sister), Jebediah (brother), Lewis (brother), two other unnamed siblings, Ray Jr. (adopted brother)
Significant Other n/a
Identity Cannonball
Known Abilities Rocket Blast
First Appearance ???

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Samuel Zachary Guthrie was born in Cumberland County, Kentucky to Thomas and Lucinda Guthrie. He would be the first of ten children in his family. Growing up in a busy household he learned how to take responsibility at a young age, helping his Ma and Pa take care of the little ones. Life busy but good for Sam, it was your typical big southern family. Fighting with his younger brothers and sisters at time, hanging around with friends and just being a normal kid and teenager. He got good grades in school and was destined for college. His father even bragged to his fellow coal miners about his son being able to go to college.

Life took a drastic change for Sam when he was sixteen, his father passed away leaving his mother with ten children and now Sam, as the oldest, was head of the house hold. His fathers death came as a hard blow to Sam but he knew he had to press on and be the support his family needed. Quitting school and giving up his and his late fathers dreams of him going to college, Sam followed in his father's footsteps to become a coal miner. He didn't like it but he knew it was necessary to help his mother provide and support his siblings.

Live took another extreme change for Sam when the one thing most coal miners fear happened, he was trapped in the coal mine along with a fellow coal worker when a mine shaft collapsed leaving the exit blocked. Sam was scared and panicked like any teenager would be and this fear trigged his latent mutant ability. All of a sudden a roar like a rocket started sounding and with a blast he was shot forward through the coal blocking the way out and out of the coal mine, like a Cannonball. He ran out of steam and tumbled to the ground where his co-workers were. They weren't scared or afraid the Guthrie kid was a mutant, more grateful that the two were alive.

Because of this incident a gentlemen named Douglas Pierce discovered Sam Guthrie and his power and convinced him to join him. Leaving his family in Kentucky, Sam went to work with Douglas Pierce where he was unknowingly used to help kidnap Professor Xavier. When the New Mutants came and rescued Professor Xavier, they fought Sam and easily defeated him. Once all was over, Sam was left confused, alone and dishearten since it isn't his nature to be the 'badguy'. Seeing this, Professor X invited Sam to join the new mutants, to which he happily agreed.

Through out the next few years, Sam would train and become one of the co-leaders of the New Mutants along with Dani Moonstar, who he developed a sort of rivalry with. It would be at Xavier's he would form some of his closest friends, Rhane and his best friend, Roberto DaCost aka Sunspot and a crush on his fellow teammate, Amara Aquilla, aka Magma. Nothing every happened between the two and like with most teenage crushes, the feelings died. With the New Mutants, Cannonball learned how to control his powers, turning was one of his biggest obstacles, and go on various adventures with them, learning the importance of teamwork.

On one mission, Cannonball saved the life of International and Intergalactic superstar, Lila Cheney, where the two developed feelings for each other. When he took Lila home to meet his mother and family, the two had a small spat resulting in Lila getting kidnapped. Teaming up with his younger brother, Jay (pre powers) and Dazzler, they were able to save Lila. This was also a turning point in the relationship between the two brothers, bringing them closer together. Through out all his adventuring, Sam kept in contact with his family as much as he could and even supported them when he could.

Over the next year or so, Sam would team up with Spider-Man against the Incandescent Man, fight the Demon Bear that Dani Moonstar manifested, and even get mistakenly kidnapped along with the rest of the New Mutants and Storm by The Enchantress in an attempt to kidnap the X-Men. While in Asgard, Sam helped a group of dwarves and saved the life of Kindra, Eitri's (the ruler of the dwarves) daughter. While helping the dwarves, Sam was injured and while being nursed back to health. He developed feelings for Kindra. He was to save the dwarves a second time, but this time against his teammate, a changed Magma. After defeating her the dwarves were able to heal her mind. Finally the X-Men help the New Mutants back to earth.

This next chapter in Sam's life is one that is probably better off forgotten, as all the X-Men were regressed in age, mind and body by Mojo. Sam and the New Mutants had to step up and Sam ended up battling with Longshot, and lost, badly. Luckily though this mishap was able to be fixed and the X-Babies were no longer. Shortly after the New Mutants found themselves to be under the guidance of an unexpected and new teacher, the once enemy of the X-Men, Magneto.

Sam and the rest of the New Mutants, didn't agree with his heavy handed leadership and style of teaming. This was good for Sam for one reason, he started becoming more independent and rebellious against Magneto and along with co-leader Dani, the two decided to break away from his leadership. After breaking away from Magneto the New Mutants ran into a much powerful foe, the Beyonder, who, out of curiosity, decides to kill the team and resurrect them. After this unnerving traumatizing event, the New Mutants go with Emma Frost to join the Hellions in Massachusetts. They eventually regain their confidence when they fought along side the Avengers to rescue their teammate Warlock and former teacher, Magneto, who became their teacher again..

Again Sam and Lila would meet under awkward circumstances as a jealous fan tries to kill Sam by drugging him, that girl was always trouble for Sam, if not fun trouble. The fight between Sam and Lila's 'fan' released a future team-mate, Bird-Brain. Eventually though they decided to bring Bird-Brain back to his home island, but the adventure ended horribly as one of his friends and teammates, Douglas Ramsey, was shot and killed. Doug's death was a burned on Sam for a while since he was one of the leaders of the team and as a leader he felt he was partially responsible.

Again Sam had to rescue his girlfriend Lila Cheney when the New Mutants snuck out to go to one of her concerts. Unfortunately to make matters right, Sam believes that Lila was killed. Even though he's upset by the death of his girlfriend, he has the New Mutants and his best friend, 'Berto and sister-figure Rhane, to help him through. Once they return to Earth, the Adventure doesn't seem to end as they run into Inferno and team up with the X-Terminators to defeat him. After the victory the New Mutants and Inferno merged into one team.
One thing led to another and The New Mutants were lead to Asgard again with the help of Dr. Strange. Sam's feelings for Kindra get the team into trouble as when he tries to be her 'knight in shining armour' it back fires and they are captured by Hela's army. The group is split up but Sam manages to redeem himself by leading them through the dangers of Asgard safely to reunite with their teammates and safe Odin.

Once back on Earth, Sam meets the man who will become a major influence for him, Cable aka Nathan Summers, and assist him and the Mutant Liberation Front. Shortly after his good friend Rhane, along with three of his fellow teammates are kidnapped by Genoshan forces, Sam joins the X-Men to rescue them where they are able to succeed in rescuing their friends. Rhane decided to stay behind and help out the Genoshan victims, and while Sam supported her decision he would miss his surrogate little sister.

Once back in Westchester, Sam and the remaining New Mutants decided to form X-Force under the leadership of Cable. Sam was named the second-in-command and field leader of the team. It was with X-Force that Sam discovered his second mutant ability. During a fight with Sauron, Cannonball was impaled and the team thought he was dead. A few minutes later though, Sam awakened, fully healed. It was then that they suspected Sam of being an External, a rare type of mutant who is virtually immortal.

An interesting surprise was in store for Sam, as his younger sister, Paige, was revealed to be a mutant as well. He was happy for her but he couldn't see here that often as he was traveling around the world with X-Force and she was learning up at the Massachusetts Academy. Through out his adventuring with X-Force Sam and Cable developed a sort of Father-Son relationship, helping to fill the void in Sam's life from his father's death. Over time he even developed a relationship with his teammate, Tabitha aka Boom Boom.

Sam Guthrie experienced a different type of team and adventuring with X-Force as they were a bit more extreme than the X-Men, doing things a bit outside of the line to the X-Men's disapproval. S.H.E.I.L.D. even considered them criminals and Nick Fury and Warmachine went after X-Force resulting in a fight between the two groups. Though when the Phalanx showed up, Sam was a big influence in helping Forge and Wolfsbane defeat them.

After this the X-Men were able to reestablish their relationship with X-Force which resulted in Sam being asked to join the X-Men. Having spent most of his training in the X-Mansion and looking up to the X-Men he couldn't be happier to say yes. He felt bad for leaving Cable and his former teammates but he had to follow what he thought was best. It was a very bittersweet time for Sam but it was what he wanted.

At first Sam was ecstatic to join the X-Men but over time he just felt more and more like an underdog. He's not one of the 'main' X-Men and starts doubting himself and his powers. This is especially after he teams with Wolverine and feels like he failed in being a teammate after Wolverine went feral for a bit and ran off. Through this though he forms another close friendship with fellow teammate, Iceman, who he confides in how he's feeling. Bobby isn't the most supportive but he does offer some words of advice to Sam.

While out one night, Sam was attacked by the Shi'ar Imperal Guard, Gladiator. At first Cannonball was seemingly underpowered, unstoppable force hitting a brick wall describes this almost perfectly. Through some quick thinking, Sam is able to defeat Gladiator by using his kinetic field to absorb the force making Gladiator think that Sam can't be hurt by him and also causing Gladiator to doubt himself, giving Sam the edge. Once at a Standstill, Gladiator states his reasons for being on Earth and takes the rest of the X-Men into space leaving Sam behind, causing him doubt on his powers and place as an X-Man.

With the feelings of self doubt and him and Tabitha being on separate teams, their relationship strained. Strained to the point where Tabitha found solice in Sam's best friend, Roberto aka Sunspot. This didn't sit well with Sam and seemingly ended both his relationship with Tabitha and friendship with Roberto. Luckly he had a new job to take his mind off of things, working as a bodyguard for Graydon Creed along with Bobby "Iceman" Drake. During this his new name alias was Samson Guthry. His job was to infiltrate the presidential campaign of his since he was anti-mutant. Luckly, even with the crappy alias, he was able to remain undetected. On the night before the election, Creed was assassinated and Sam's undercover roll was no longer necessary.

After this was when the Onslaught attack happened, and before attacking, Onslaught teared Sam apart psychologically. After recovering from this Sam decided to take a break and go home back to Kentucky to visit his family. Here he learned of his mother's illness with Guillian-Barre Syndrome. He was planning on staying with her to help her with his siblings but she insisted she'd be and that she had other family to take care of her. Sam very much wanted to stay by her side but at the same time adventuring is in his blood so he left to rejoin X-Force.

Upon rejoining X-Force under the leadership of Siryn since they were now working independently of both the X-Men and Cable. X-Force had become the team that did the shady thing to attain their goal to reach the greater good. He was able to amend the rift between him, Tabitha and Roberto. Shortly after joining again, Siryn was injured to the point where she couldn't use her sonics and Sam was now team leader. That was until Pete Wisdom stepped in and took control in the team. At first Sam and Wisdom were at odds until Sam eventually found he could learn a few things from Wisdom, and become a better leader. During this, Sam and Tabitha got together for a short period of time. Eventually though it seemed that Wisdom was killed and Sam lead the team again, carrying on where Wisdom left off. Though this lead for them getting into quite a bit of trouble where they had to fake their deaths and disband X-Force.

After this, Sam and Tabitha broke up for a final time and Sam went his own way joining X-Corporation, Professor X's international mutant taks force. He didn't like his time with X-Corporation missing the camaraderie and friends he had in his past teams. Him and Darkstar were at odds and she was constantly poking fun at him. Sam felt more out of place here than he did with the X-Men a while back. Unfortunately a mission lead to the death of Darkstar and at the funeral Xavier told Sam where he could fin Lila Cheny.

Realizing his feelings for her never died, he met up with Lila and rekindled his relationship with her for a while. But like the last time her rockstar lifestyle and with Storm asking Sam to rejoin under her X-Treme X-Men, they two broke up on mutual terms and Sam joined the team. He even got to team up with his old friend Wolverine where they two went after William Stryker. After a few adventures, X-Treme X-Men rejoined forces with Xavier's X-Men and Sam joined along with them after the death of Jean Grey. A few missions later Sam was injured in a fight and while taking the time to recover.

During this time he bought his own piece of land and did a bit of farming down in Kentucky using his X-Corporation paychecks, enjoying the peace. But like stated earlier, the X-Men lifestyle and adventuring is in his blood so he's come back to retake his place alongside the X-Men since he knows it's where he belongs.

Theme Song

Keith Urban - Days Go By


Rocket Blast – Cannonball possesses the ability to bodily generate thermo-chemical energy and release it through his skin. Accompanied by smoke, flame, and condensation, the equal and opposite reaction to this energy release propels his body through the air like a human rocket. Originally, Cannonball was unable to stop the propulsion until his immediate store of energy was depleted or until he hit an object of sufficient mass to stop him. He can rocket himself with upto 75 tons of force behind his blast. With practice, however, Cannonball can now cut off his propulsive power at will. As a side effect of forming the thermo-chemical energies over the surface of his body, Cannonball is rendered virtually invulnerable while in flight (he basically is shielded upto 75 tons). Accompanying the release of energy is a half-inch thick energy field that channels the explosion and protects his skin from the direct effects of the blast. It also negates momentum and related effects, thereby cushioning his body from any impact up to a half-minute from the depletion of his energy. Cannonball's "blast field" extends to any person or object with which he is in physical contact, and he can extend it further by concentrating to form a protective shield, even while standing still. Cannonball is also able to absorb kinetic energy through the field he generates and use it to either strengthen his field or redirect it as concussive force.


February 19, 2010 Lucas proves he's not as charming as he believes he is. The Definition of Romance


  • "I said it!"


  • Sam is a natural at poker.
  • Sam has his own farm down in Kentucky.


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