2010-03-04: Same Subject New Things



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Summary: Sinister gets to know Brian….again.

Date: March 4, 2010

Log Title Same Subject, New Things

Rating: R

Sinister's Lab

Who knows that time it is as the days have blended together for the five stuck in the shared cell. Skyler and Jono both left and came back, and now it's Brian's turn as he's finding waking up, strapped to Sinister's table in nothing but a hospital gown. There's an odd machine next to him, seeing to react with the energy that Brian doesn't have access too. Mr. Sinister himself isn't anywhere to be seen at the moment.

Drowsy eyes start to blink as Brian wakes up. He reaches up to rub his eyes and realizes that he cannot. "What the hell?" He says, before he realizes that he is strapped on the table. He struggles against his bindings before he looks around, notices the machine and tries to decipher it's intended use. Nevermind the fact that he was clothed before he fell asleep last night.

"Third time's a charm, isn't it Brian?" Says the voice of Mr. Sinister before he goes over to the machine and checks a few readings on it. "Interesting……I'm surprised I didn't try this earlier but then….I was trying something different." He says pushing a few buttons on the machine. "I wonder Brian, just how far I can push your potential. This energy of yours is so…interesting. You know one of the reasons I like you?"

"You mean it isn't my sparkling personality and high intellect?" Brian says, doing as much as he can to stick it to Sinister. The young mutant cannot really move much on the table currently. "Or is it the fact that I have an energy core jammed in my torso? I'm sure you've felt it, it's a perfect sphere, I've seen it before."

There's a jolt to Brian's mind as Sinister gives him a light attack, it's enough to hurt but not linger. "What is it with you kids and your sarcasm. Does no one have manners anymore? And your intellect is nothing compared to mine." Sinister says as he starts recording a few read-outs. "It's that you're similar to your headmaster and his brother in powers, but different." It's like he can mess with a Summer's without him actually being one and having the ability to harm him like their powers can. "We'll be getting to that later on but now…I'm just checking the basics."

The energy user winces a little, he's had worse, and he cannot help but smile just a touch before he changes to a even emotional face. "Oh, that. Yeah, well. We can't really choose our powers. At least I'll give you one thing. I don't have to wear that suit all the time anymore." He did see the good that came out of their first encounter. "Basics? More than just blood pressure, heartbeat?" Brian's doing a verbal dance here, he's not really resisting against the straps anymore, since there's no use.

Mr. Sinister doesn't answer Brian, not at first, as he just takes a few blood samples from him. He's quiet until he starts to fill the third vile. "How was it being Death Brian, is he completely gone from your mind or do you still feel him in the background, itching to do what needs to be done? Do the nightmares of what do you did still haunt you at night? Shall we find out?"

"Being Death?…" Brian stays quiet for a time before the expression in his face surely tells a tale. "It was one of the most frightening things I've ever been made to do." Though he knows if Sinister wants to see for himself, he'll dive wether Brian gives permission or not. The young mutant has had plenty of memory sharing in his life in the last two years.

Diving into Brian's mind, Mr. Sinister half listens to what he has to say. After all, he really doesn't care about Brian's opinions. "A telepath…how interesting." He says obviously digging up some of Brian's more personal memories and thoughts. "Too bad he can't protect you now, let's see, we've gone over family but..your younger brother is such a pest." He says as he starts to dig until he gets to memories of when Brian was death, making him see what he did, trying to weaken his mind as he digs.

What strong mind Brian has does start to lessen when Sinister shows him his past actions. The things that Death did were horrific. And Brian had been a little broken ever since. He tries to do what he can to push out those thoughts, but Sinister is just too strong. And soon, Brian gives way to the images.

Since Brian doesn't have any mental protections, this is easy for Sinister and he starts doing his work. Implanting small thing here, little suggestions there, just the base of his work. He doesn't want to rush things after all, he wants to take his time. When he's done, Brian would feel kind of groggy, a bit confused, like things make sense but yet they don't seem to match up. A weird state of mind. "Shall we tap into that 'Energy Core' now?"

Brian starts to close his eyes, disliking that groggy, like you're sick feeling. He's definitely out of it. "It's not like I can make you not." He says, when Sinister asks about his core.

Sinister walks over to grab something before returning, to place it on Brian's abdomin, he's recording information and just getting what he needs. "This is gonna work a bit different this time Brian, I'm going to go a bit more carefully, make sure I get it right this time. You are going to need to watch out for him and follow his orders as well." He says smiling as Brian would feel a sharp yet tinggly pain where his 'energy core' is, like it's being messed with.

Brian's dazed look transfers over to the device being placed on his torso. "Him?" He asks, then moaning when he realizes who Sinister is talking about. And now he's scared, not wanting to be Death again. The device starts working and the pain reaches Brian, it feels ooky definitely. And Brian is showing signs of his discomfort.

"Death was a failed experiment." Sinister says as he doesn't have plans to go that route again. "But you will be one of mine." Sinister has ideas and once he's done doing whatever he was, Brian would feel a restlessness in the energy core, like it's trying to do something other than it should. "Yes…I think that's enough for today." He says as he starts to put Brian into a deep sleep.

The core activities definitely throw off Brian's body, if he were in control of his power, he would be unstable at the moment. Though of course he isn't. Though Brian's now starting to fall asleep as if he were under sedation.

"Well…chat later." Sinister says finishing up his work for now. He's got a few things he needs to check out, work on the others a bit more and just get things rolling. Now that he has the basics that he needs on Brian, the rest will be easy.

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