2010-02-09: Sand? Yummy.


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Summary: Chloe and Chezlie chat. There is snow!

Date: February 9th 2010.

Sand? Yummy.

Rating: Log Rating. [ PG ]

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

It's getting fairly late, and as usual for this time, the surrounding areas of the institute are rather desolate. There is a warm, almost welcoming glow bathing the area often dubbed the Japanese Gardens. The light source is two pronged - little lamps that dot along the path through the garden, bringing most of the illumination for ankles and below and the large, uncovered windows of the school. All of it was more than enough to attract Chezlie on this cold, snow filled night, her footsteps winding down from the front doors, through the pathways and stopping at the edge of the little wooden bridge, hanging over a now frozen stream. She's dressed in a graypea-coat that obviously has a black hooded sweat jacket underneath from the sight of the hood jutting out from the collar, jeans and black boots. Occasionally, a little puff of frozen breath dissipates up and over her head.

The privacy of the Xavier school grounds represent the first suitable place Chloe has ever been to test the full extent of her speed. It's a pity it's covered in snow. But then Chloe isn't one to be put off by a minor issue like snow all over… Hurtling along the path at a truely breakneck pace. Suddenly there is a very very short yelp and a figure ploughing head first into a snow drift.

Amidst all the silence, it would be more than expected for the little dark haired teen standing on the bridge to have her attention fully removed from the frozen stream and to the direction of the sudden yelp. At a jogging pace Chezlie takes off, carefully treading across the snow and trying to keep her steps light and precisely placed in hopes of maintaining her balance. She practically stops with a slide, peering down at the mash-up of snow and person. "Uh, hey! You ok?" She says, hunched slightly forward.

Chloe lays still for a moment, then slowly her legs wriggle and she claws herself free. "Pfff," she splutters, spitting something into the snow. "Whyisthere/sand/underthesnow?" She doesn't appear injured, although her tights are probably ripped beyond all hope of repair. "Stupidplaceto… Oh! Sorry I… have trouble slowing my speech down. I'm Chloe, nice to meet you."

Chezlie merely offers the girl a shrug, her face alight with a warm smile. She can pick out several of the words spoken before the pace is slowed, but isn't sure enough to respond at first. Bending over, she holds a hand out, dually purposed in helping the other teen back up to her feet as well as a hand shake. "Nice to meet'cha too. I'm Chezlie."

"I think I remember hearing your name," Chloe muses, accepting the helping hand. "Something about holes in a suit. On your back… But anyway that was /days/ ago. And I'm talking sun and moon style, not subjective days."

Chezlie laughs, taking a step back once the other teen has re-grounded onto her two feet. "Holes in a suit?" She echos back, her tone completely washed over with confusion, arms crossed over chest and her teeth gently prodding down into the soft flesh of her bottom lip. Then like lightening, it hits her. Maybe. "Oh! Was someone talking about my uniform?"

Chloe nods, her head flicking up and down at cringe inducing speeds. "I presumed you would have wings," she admits, obviously taking care over each word. "But apparantly not. Unless they're invisible wings…?"

"Wings?" Chezlie replies, seeming more confused than earlier when there was quick bursts of fast talk. "Oh, I guess I could see how that would… um, yeah, no invisible wings…" She wrinkles her nose, shaking her head back and forth in an extremely slow manner. Slow incomparison of course. "It's because of my skin. Can pull stuff drawn on it free in a sort of way."

Chloe snaps her fingers. "Ahhhhh that makes more sense. Including stuff you could draw on in pen?" she asks curiously. "My power is kind of mundane compared with that. I'm six times faster than normal and that's about it. Boring huh?"

Chezlie continues with the head shake, her lips pulling back into a smile. "Not at all! It's incredibly useful too, right? I mean, mines a bit more abstract and not very practical… But yeah, you can draw on me with a pen and I could pull it free. Sort of ends up all transparent,wispy and strange. Kind of weak too." She rubs at the back of her neck. "I think the more something is one me, the more tangible and powerful it can be, if that makes any sense."

"Like when you put a chili pepper in oil," Chloe suggests, beginning to brush the snow off herself. "I wouldn't say your power is impractical. Think about all the times people on TV are locked in a room and need a key, you draw a key and bingo. Instant escape route… Say is there a limit to how big you can make things?"

"I wonder if that would actually work?" Chezlie responds, the thought having obviously never crossed her mind. "The whole key thing. Might have to give it a try sometime." The simple thought brings an unexpected cheer to the little teen. "Yep, the limits my skin. As long as something can be draw, I think I could make it materialize…" she pauses, recrossing her arms. "…of course my largest space is already covered, so it kind of ruins a lot of potential ideas."

Chloe tilts her head. "What if you draw a rope, then keep drawing more rope while you're pulling it loose? But that probably doesn't work because the drawing isn't finished… Right? Sorry if I'm being a bit forward suggesting stuff, I tend to blurt stuff a lot. Plus all this mutant stuff is quite new to me and well… some is pretty neato. "

Chezlie shrugs, "Yeah, I don't think it would quite work out that way. I guess if you could draw it all around my body, you could get it pretty large, but that would mean I'd have to… well, you know. Besides, if a rope was just drawn and then pulled free, I'm not sure it would actually be strong enough to hold someone. These two men I was, well, sort of living under figured that out… one of them could sense other mutations, and that's what he said about me at least." She continues to smile, shifting her feetoccasionally as little shivers begin at her toes and crawl up her body. "Oh, no need to apologize at all. Always good to get other ideas thrown out there, right?"

"I could claim I'm filled with ideas, but really I just have a lot more time to think about things," Chloe admits with a shrug. "Perhaps we should talk while we walk? Warmer that way. Is the you know stripping off? Because at least here it seems the number of people who'd care is lower than normal. Still probably not appealing though huh? I don't suppose you're any good with computers or know someone who is good with them?"

Chezlie nods with enthusiasm. "Yes, walking is a great idea!" The first couple steps are taken hesitantly and cautiously. She then nods. "Yeah, stripping off. I guess in a time of emergency, it wouldn't be such a horrible thought, but still a little horrifying, right? It's been strange enough trying to get use to my backless uniform as it is, but it makes sense. The two men I mentioned earlier, well, they decided my powers would work the best if I was tattooed, so they hired a guy who would do it and… well, now my whole back is covered." Her mind definitely doesn't work quite as fast and seamless from topic to topic as a several second gap of silence is struck. "Computers? Not at all. Used one for the first time about a year ago." Asking her is probably not the best of ideas.

Chloe sighs. "Ahh well. Me and Heather have a scheme we're undertaking, but it requires web design. Did they at least get a good artist? I'm not a big tattoo fan but I think I wouldn't mind as much if the person who did it had talent."

"Oh, I think I've met Heather. She sort of lives through time in a much faster pace, right?" Chezlie says, looking over at Chloe. "Luckily, yes. I'm pretty sure the guy was spendy, as they flew him in from Japan. They had it in their head that the better the art, the better it would work with my skin. I'll have to show you in warmer weather." She continues with a curious smile. "If you don't mind me asking, what's the scheme?"

"A dating site for people in the fast world. Super speedsters that is," Chloe explains with an impish grin. "Only I thought that maybe it could be expanded. Self study aids, music converters and that sort of thing. Most people don't realise just how disconnected being quick leaves you."

Chezlie shrugs, "Yeah, I guess I really have no idea. I mean, I know what it's like to be pretty disconnected, I grew up in southern Utah, but not for super speed." She laughs, though it seems more at herself than anything else. "That is a really cool idea though. I'm sure there is someone around here that could help with the website. I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya."

Chloe practically starts skipping. "Thanks! Everyone here has been really nice so far," she replies. "Or strange. But not unpleasantly so… I can't really explain. Not without risking sounding nasty or like a rumormonger."

"No problem!" Chezlie says, adding a little emphasis to her statement with a stern-like nod. "Oh, I know what you mean. I haven't been here for too long myself. I think a couple weeks now, and I've found so many people to be strange! But I think people think that about me, too. Especially when it comes to mainstream culture stuff. I grew up in asecluded, Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints community and feel constantly out of the loop. I think I ruined someones day when I didn't know what… pac… uh, man, I think, was."

Chloe blinks a few times in quick(er) succession. "That is… not what I thought you might say," she admits sheepishly. "I got here last Friday. But to me that's already been twenty four days worth of time, including sleeping hours that is. So I've had a lot of time to get myself ready for odd. Then again to be honest I'm not sure I even know what you said actually is…"

Chezlie laughs, her smile growing even brighter. "Yeah, not too many people seem to know what that is out here in the East. FLDS as they like to refer to themselves are outcasts of the Mormon church. My dad is a polygamist with 8 wives." If it's at all possible to bring up one man having eight wives and then completely changing subjects like it's nothing out of the norm, then the little teen from Utah does it. "So, what feels like one minute to me, is like six minutes to you? Everything is sort of, slowed down?"

Chloe stops skipping and scratches her head. "I considered dating multiple people as a way around the speed difference," she offers tentatively. "So who am I to find that weird? But anyway yeah pretty much. I've sort of got the knack of translating sounds between the two, but it's hard. Like speaking and listening two languages only applied to every sound you hear or make."

Chezlie nods, still having an incredible time at trying to just imagine what that would be like. "I hope you can get that site up then, and find a person with similar issues. As for me? I doubt even a dating site could help out." She says with a hint of jest. Then there's a yawn, followed by stretched arms. "Wow, what time is it?" Looking around as if there might actually be a clock somewhere near them. "Think it might be getting to about that time."

"You'll have to make do with looks and charm then," Chloe suggests with a giggle. "And yeah I probably need to head in for some more food before I faint in the snow. It's been nice meeting you! No doubt we'll see each other around the school."

"Definitely!" Chezlie nods, her smile making a brief return before she begins back towards the school.

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