2011-09-09: Sarcastic New Kid


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Summary: Sage and Evelyn meet the new kid Quenton who has bit of a bite to him.

Date: September 9, 2011

Log Title: Sarcastic New Kid

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

Quenton is sitting on a chair, staring at a bowl of corn flakes. Staring at it, long and hard, his red eyes flicking over the bowl, before glancing towards his spoon. This will be difficult. He picks up the spoon delicately, then wets his lips needlessly. Man versus spoon. Round one. And then the spoon dips into the milk. No broken bowl. He begins to eat in slow motion. It's a good life.

To some people a lunch of just roasted eggplant over rice with cucumber and tomato salad on the side might seem strange but for Sage it's a good lunch. He makes his way to the cafeteria from the kitchen and is now looking for a place to sit. Spotting a seat near Quenton he wanders over. "Hallo, do you mind if I sit with you, there doesn't seem to be many other seats available." He asks in his British accent.

There are many things in life which are rarely if ever considered. One of these is how exactly does a Margay carry a school bag? The answer seems to be with /extreme/ difficulty. Slowly but surely the small jungle cat drags the messenger bag along with an expression of pure feline indignity. "Mrow."

Quenton lifts his gaze to Sage, pausing mid-spoon-coming-towards-mouth. He works his tongue in his cheek, eyeing the other teenager from head to toe. The typical alpha male size up, before one shoulder lifts in a shrug. "You know what the cool thing about America is? We're a free country. He nods to one of the half a dozen vacant seats at his table, then eyes the Margay that drags the school bag along. "… That your pet?"

"Thank you." Sage says, putting down his lunch before he looks behind him at the mention of a pet. "No, that's Evelyn. She turns in to a cat." He says walking over and going to take the bag from her. "Let me get that for you." Sage picks up the messanger bag and plans to follow her to where ever she plans on going in the room. "My pet is actually back home, I couldn't bring her to school here with me."

Evelyn steps daintily out from the bag strap when Sage moves to help. "Maow?" she remarks, hopping up onto an empty chair. Her head tilts at Quenton and she sniffs the air a few times before setting her mind to the task of shifting back. A process which, for a change, only takes a moment and suddenly instead of the jungle cat the chair is filled with a betailed teenage girl. "Hi. And thanks for helping with the bag Sage, I got distracted walking down the corridoor and the next thing I know BAM I'm a cat."

Quenton stares at the cat dumbly, before glancing back up at Sage. "So… if she's… having trouble carrying that thing around.. uh, why not turn back?" He shakes his head, moving his spoon down to his bowl. And then he accidentally knocks the bowl across the table as he stares at Evelyn. And then down at the ground where his spilled bowl of cornflakes now is. "Figures."

"Here let me help with that." Sage says getting the few napkins he has and putting them over the spill. "If you'd like some of my lunch I don't mind sharing. I made plenty of it." He says standing up and going to gather some napkins before returning to further assist with cleaning. "Evelyn, what do you think of the classes here so far? They're kind of overwhelming for me at the moment."

Evelyn shrugs. "It's not really any harder than the stuff I've done in the other boarding schools I've been to," she answers, sparing time to give Quenton a quick wave. "Sorry for startling you. I did try turn back, but it's much harder than it looks. I'd have probably left the bag and gone in search of a warm spot to nap if I hadn't taken the precaution of lightly scenting it with catnip."

Quenton glances towards Sage. "I wasn't going to clean it," he says, shrugging his shoulders while he watches the long haired hippy clean his mess. He glances back at Evelyn, lip twitching briefly. "You didn't startle me," he mutters defensively, before glancing at the milk puddle once more. "I was just weirded out. You have a freaky power." Says the red eyed guy who probably has muscles on his big toe.

Sage looks up at Quenton, a look of total confusion on his face. "If you make the mess, you should clean it. It's only proper." He says as he stops for a bit. "Well if Evelyn's abilities weird you out then I would recommend getting used to it. A lot of people here have interesting and unique abilities." Sage says, his voice filled with politeness. He looks at Evelyn and smiles. "So what kind of effects does catnip have on you, is it the same as a regular cat? I remember the barn cats back home would love that stuff."

"If you insist," Evelyn says casually, giving Sage a knowing grin. "Something along those lines. I only use the smallest amount because otherwise I totally forget what I'm doing." Or her name, where she is and any of those other important bits of information. "So I can't help but notice that we've not met before, right? I'm Evelyn Greer, it's a pleasure to meet you. Been away for the summer or just joined the school?"

Quenton shrugs his shoulders as he glances towards Sage. "I have this weird disorder where I don't give a flying -" He's cut off by a student slipping in the puddle, then groaning as they stumble to their feet, shooting poor Sage a dirty look before they head off. He glances after the person, before shrugging his shoulders, then glancing back at Sage. "Don't care what you'd reccomend." He's such a prick. And then Evelyn introduces herself. "I'm Quenton. Jake calls me…" He trails off, then clears his throat. "My friends call me Q. I've just enrolled."

"Sorry mate." Sage says to the poor student who slipped in Quenton's mess but before he could offer to help him up, the kid hurried off. "Pleasure to meet you Quenton. I'm Sage, Sage Ch…Sage Holbrook is fine." He stops himself from saying his full name realizing that people find it strange and Quenton, with his disposition, might just tease him about it. "I believe you're my new roommate." He says before grinning at Evelyn. "Does the catnip affect you in just cat form or also as you are now?"

"Just when I'm a Margay. The rest of the time I'm pretty much a normal person aside from the tail," Evelyn explains in her near unplaceable accent, standing briefly to show off her tail. "This is my first proper term here. So we're practically in the same boat, except I've had a bit of summer to get used to the school layout. You can really tell the building was originally a house and not a school, it's pretty distinct from a dedicated boarding school."

"Sage? Your name is Sage?" There's a pause, a long moment where most would probably feel that Quenton is about to barrage them with petty insults or what have you to stroke his own ego, but he instead labels the name with: "Cool." Then he finds out Sage is his room mate. "Oh. And let me guess. Right around the time you started growing hair in weird places you have a thing for flowers, interior decorating, and judging by those luxurious locks of yours, hair care products." He intakes a breath, then exhales, staring at Evelyn's tail a brief moment. "It's going to be a great year," he tacks on.

There's a very confused look from Sage as he doesn't understand why Quenton is guess what is he. "Um, no, I don't grow hair from anywhere that isn't normal, even though my powers are my hair. I do enjoy flowers but I enjoy all plant life from herbs and vegetables to fruits and flowers. Just like you and I and all the animals, plants are another of Gaia's living creations. I am not quite sure what interior decorating is, I gather decorating something inside but what I'm not quite sure and as for hair care products, I just use what's necessary to keep my dreadlocks in place and use what tips my parents gave me to dry them properly so they don't get all moldy and smelly." Even though with his powers he doesn't even need to do all that stuf. "I've never been in a school other than this before so it's all pretty new to me. I was home schooled back on the farm."

"Home schooling is one of the few things I haven't done," Evelyn says, scratching her head. "I can't imagine how it must work to be honest. But then on some levels I still find the idea of not living out of suitcases a little strange. My parents move around a lot because of work you see." She shrugs, then idly begins fidgetting with her tail. "You are going to be quite the odd pairing. So what're you 'in' for Quenton? Aside from the eyes that is… Or are they really hardcore contact lenses?"

"Weird places meaning armpits and - you know what, never mind," Quenton murmurs, lifting his hand and waving it dismissively. "I can tell you're gonna be the best guy ever to talk to," he observes, yawning for a moment and glancing lazily at the clock. Then back towards his two companions. Evelyn's question causes his lips to press, and he shrugs. "I can uh… fly. And do other things. I'm tougher than normal and can punch. The eye thing is new. Happened uh… when other stuff happened." He then double takes on Sage. "Your power is your hair? Man, I'd become a supervillain if I were you."

"Well all our work is on the farm, that's how we all make a living back home. My parents and relatives and the others on the farm taught more about farming than this American History and find 'X' stuff." Sage says as a lot of the classes are a bit much for him at the moment. "That's pretty facinating, being able to fly must be wonderful. And why would I become a supervillain, that's a horrible thing to suggest." The idea sickens him. "I don't think I'd like moving around that much Evelyn, but I gather you enjoyed it?"

Evelyn grins. "Oh some are much better than others," she assures, rolling her shoulders. "And at least we both share a subject we'll suck at. My American history is probably only a little better than yours. I can do history for a dozen other places but none of them are really going to help me here. Flying is pretty cool. I guess being tough also helps with the 'learning to fly' part of being able to fly!"

"Awesome, your life story, I mean, it really is," Quenton comments, nodding, moving to clasp Sage on the shoulder. His hand stops, though, and he decides against it, pulling it back before scratching at his ear. "Anyway, I'd be pretty pissed off if whatever higher being out there that picks us for evolution makes it so my hair can grow, or is indestructible, or whatever it is you can do," he murmurs. He glances towards Evelyn, then his hardened features actually soften a moment. "Yeah, when I first discovered my powers, I used to just jump around the junkyard, crashing into things." And then he's back to normal. "Anyway, it's a breeze, now."

"I'm quite fond of my life, thank you." Sage says smiling. He really doesn't understand sarcasim, or if he does he chooses to ignore it. " The Dunlalaps. They're the ones that grant us our abilities. I'm actually able to use my hair as an extra apendage. I'll show you." He says as some of the dreadlocks extend and he wraps them around a chair to lift up. He keeps it in the air for a few second before putting it down, again using his hair to push it back in. "I'm quite happy with it. And the only history I really know is English History, what my family taught of it anyway. The Farm came before classes."

"The trouble with English history is no-one else in the world cares about all the fun bits," Evelyn laments, pouting. "How long have you known you were a mutant then Q? Sounds like you figured things out a fair while ago. I had this totally awkward misadventure where I thought I was having a trippy dream about exploring the city as a cat. But actually I'd just got stuck and wandered off. They found me up a tree in a park."

"You have a creepy power," Quenton mutters to Sage. "And no Dunlollipop thing gave me my powers," he grumbles, shaking his head. "Hell no." He eyes the chair that was lifted, and moves to edge away from it. Then glances up at Evelyn, and shifts on his chair, which creaks under his thighs as he presses down into it. "Found out about them my last year in middle school." He shrugs his shoulders. "Ripped my bike's handlebars off. Good times. From that day on, I became a pedestrian."

"We had books and books on it. I never got a chance to read them all but I don't think anyone in my family did. Maybe my great-grandparents." Sage suggests. "Really? Do you remember things in your cat form or is it like Nigel where it's kind of two different people when he changes form?" He looks back at Quenton and is completely confused by him. "I don't quite think I follow you. What is so creepy about my ability? And why is the possibility of your powers being granted to you hard to believe? How else do you explain why some people are born with abilities and others aren't. Also why we all have different abilities. I believe that there is a magic creature called a dunlalap that grants them to us and choose the power they believe is best suited for us to be able to handle."

"Except for the flying part. Most of us pedestrians can't do that," Evelyn points out cheerfully, digging around in her bag for a bottle of water. "I'm the same person. I just… have instincts which are more suited to my form. I know how to walk through the treetops without falling and I understand what all the smells and sounds mean." She nods at Sage. "You've got to admit his theory is no more outlandish than someone saying god did it. Besides the why part isn't really all that important. We have powers and that's that as far as I'm concerned."

"…Yeah? So your little doodie lally creature thing, it gives us the powers they believe is suited for us to handle? So… why do some mutants get powers that make them look ugly and are casted away from society?" Quenton snorts, shaking his head. "If your little magic dumdum-on-my-lap is the thing that gives us powers, I wanna find it and punch it as hard as I can. Which is usually pretty hard, but your magical doonydunes probably are made of jello and happiness." He glances towards Evelyn, sniffling briefly.

"Violence is never an answer to your problems. If you can find one you're welcome to talk to it but I've never seen one myself. They're quite like the faefolk, very hard to spot by humans. I don't know what they are made of but the only creature I know of that relies on happiness is the unicorn." Sage is a little taken back by Quenton but he's trying not to let it bother him. "That's quite interesting Evelyn. May I ask you something, why are you so angry Quenton?" He asks and it's quite innocent in the way he asks him.

Evelyn winks. "It's entirely interesting up until the point where I get too into the feline mindset and forget all the important people things I had planned," she jokes. "Not especially fond of being a mutant huh? I guess if you're strong enough to rip up a bike by mistake it must mean you need to concentrate all the time to not flatten everything you touch."

Quenton snorts. "Violence answered all my problems since I got my powers." Quenton shrugs his shoulders, while working his tongue in his cheek and glancing briefly at Evelyn. "Right. Unicorn. For now on, I'm going to call you Starchild. Hoi there, Starchild! The Earth says hello!" He is silent for a moment, before adding, "The Earth didn't really say that. The Earth can't talk." Evelyn's words make the boy shift slightly on his chair, before glancing towards Sage. "Why am I so angry? Trust me, I'm not angry." He's silent for a moment, before putting on a smirk and gesturing to his face. "This is my happy face." And then he shrugs. "I like being a mutant just fine. I just feel sorry for some of our kind. They get pissed on by the dandelions that gave homeboy here the power to write his name with his hair."

"Actually the song is Starshine. Goodmorning, Starshine, the Earth says hello. It's quite a wonderful song." Sage says and the way he says it isn't even being rude. "I'm actually quite find with what I can do. I'm sorry you don't like it and you wouldn't want it but you don't have to live with it so why are you being so mean?" He's so confused right now. "Uh Evelyn, um…anyway, do you retain any feliness when you're in human form, beside the tail?"

Evelyn blinks. "You mean features?" she wonders. "If I do and you can't see them in this outfit…." She grins impishly and then adds "Nah the tail is about it. I can't eat a lot of things now, because when I change they make me sick. But aside from that what you see is what you get."

"Starshine, then," Quenton corrects himself noncomittally. "And I'm not talking about you, in particular, Rapunzel, I'm talking about the mutants who live in Mutant Town. Or the ones who were given their powers and never wanted them." He leans back, letting his eyes wander Evelyn's outfit a moment. "Anyway, this isn't mean me. Mean me would be shoving you in a trash can. Or your hair shoving me in a trash can because I tried to shove you in a trash can." He then wonders to the girl: "What can't you eat"

Sage shakes his head. "Sorry but I wouldn't be shoving you into a trash can or anything. I'm a passifist." He takes a deep breath waiting for Quenton to say more but then it's who he is. "I don't know, I haven't ever been to Mutant Town. Xavier's here is my first exposure to others like myself. And please just call me Sage. My Mum's name is Starshie and that would be quite awkward to be called my Mum's name." He looks to Evelyn. "I was actually wondering more about personality or other traits, not just phsycial, but the eating thing makes sense. I can't eat a lot of the foods here in America, they get me quite ill."

Evelyn frowns. "Pretty much all the good stuff," she laments. "No chocolate, cakes or cookies. Anything that a South American jungle cat might not find appealing really. I get by on a lot of meat, vegetables and dairy. Although no cheese which sucks because I used to love sneaking off with all the fancy stuff from the diplomatic functions my mom used to drag me along to."

"Yeah, we'll go with Rapunzel," Quenton decides, nodding to Sage, before glancing towards Evelyn. "Sucks to be you," he comments, leaning back and putting his feet on the table, syntethic leather sneakers with velcro straps. Yes. Velcro straps. And he's comfortable with it. "And no cheese? That sucks, too. South American jungle cat sounds like you'd eat a taco, can you eat ta- oh, wait. No cheese. Never mind. That blows." He glances towards Sage a moment. "Anyway, Rapunzel, I can tell we're gonna get along just fine, but uh… keep your flowers on your side of the room, and when Prince Charming comes to ask you to let down your hair, sneak quietly out the window, yeah? I need my sleep." It's going to be a great year.

"That's awful Evelyn. At least you can still eat meat and vegetabls but no cheese, my grandmother makes the best homemade cheese." Sage says as he stands up. "I should be going too, I have to get to my biology class." He look at Quenton and frowns, opening his mouth for a second before closing it. He decides it's best not to say anything. "You know, I'm going to miss having Tyler as my roommate." He says before giving Evelyn a kind smile. "I shall see you later Evelyn, have a wonderful day." He says before heading off to class.

Evelyn waves. "Cya later Sage," she calls out. "And don't worry about my diet. Being kept off the cakes has done wonders for my figure. Although that's probably for the best given I have to wear special fabric that changes when I change. All worked out for the best really." She smiles. "So what part of the states are you from Quenton? Near to the school or did you travel a long way to attend?"

"I was born in Harlem, but spent most my life in Midtown," Quenton says, easily, shoulders shrugging. However, his male support was leaving. And now the awkwardness kicks in. He can't handle being alone with a girl for too long. So he shifts on his chair, watching after his room mate now, lip twitching. "Uh, somewhat near the school."

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