2010-09-29: Savage Session


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Summary: Rebecca has her first Danger Room session with Hosea and Prodigy

Date: September 29, 2010

Log Title: Savage Sesison

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

A message goes out on the school's intercom for Rebecca Dalton, the newest student at Xavier's to report to the Danger Room. A similar message is sent to Hosea Ikbuku to report as well. The message is sent from Prodigy, newest staff member and former student of Xavier's. He stands looking at the doors waiting for the two students. He is dressed in an altered New Mutants uniform, white and yellow with a white trenchcoat and yellow cybershades. The cubershades flash various words as he reads the file on Xavier's newest mutant, Savage.

Hosea arrives, sporting his Hellion uniform. The tight fitting shirt has inverted colors from the default, the X across the chest is a dark charcoal color, and the rest of the uniform is the deep red of the Hellion Squad. His gloves are charcoal and his boots are red, the pants adjusted to be shorts instead. This brings an accent to his already impressive muscular structure. Standing 6'7" and weighing in at 230 lbs, his bright smile overrides any intimidating demeanor one might gain from his size, though his arms bear the marks of combat, knife scars and bullet wounds show that his past may have not always been as cheery as his attitude seems to be.
His pace is brisk, yet relaxed as he reaches the outside of the Danger Room. "Hello, Mista David," he says as he reaches the instructor. "I heard dat you would want to see me?"

The Danger Room is really a pretty terrifically intimidating name. That's all Rebecca can manage to think about as she hurries out of her dorm room and in the direction of the summons. She hurries along, her pace thwarted by the fact that the halls are still almost completely unfamiliar to her. She's clad in her workout uniform, newly minted in the purple and black theme of the Paragons squad. Her blonde dreadlocks dangle around her shoulders, creating little clicking sounds as the beads in them hit off of each other as she walks. She nibbles nervously at one of the flat inner ends of one of the studs through her bottom lip as she approaches her destination. "Danger Room…" she mumbles to herself as she approaches from behind Hosea.

Smiling in a welcoming manner as the students enter, David approaches Rebecca, "Welcome to the Institute. I'm David Alleyne, or Prodigy as my codename is." The slightly older mutant extends his hand in a greeting to the newest addition to the mansion, "This is Hosea Ikbuku, or Prophet as his codename is. He is in the Hellions Squad. He's been a student here for a bit and I wanted to pair you with a worthy student for your first Danger Room Session." He steps back to let the two mutants greet each other. As he steps back and looks around the impressively intimidating room. He grins, "Ah…I think this might be fun…for me at least." His shades flicker and a holographic keyboard appears from nowhere and he begins to type away, "The Danger Room can create any situation that we like. There are safety protocols in place, so while it may seem scary, it is always aware of what is going on and takes into account, your abilities and skill levels."

"Worthy?" Hosea says with a broad smile. "I do not know about dat." His deep Nigerian accent is powerful and carries. "Rebecca, it is good to meet you. You have a good name! It is vedy nice." He holds out a hand to shake. "Dis room, it is like magic. Dey press numbers on dah computer, and it makes great scenes appear! I like is vedy much, though I do not think it is wise use of money." He taps his head, to indicate better thinking might have been in order.

Rebecca looks up toward Hosea. And then up a little more. And then she leans up onto the balls of her feet and looks up even higher. "Wow," she says, after all of that awkward gawking. She's only just barely five and a half feet tall. He positively towers over her. It takes just a moment for her to overcome her awe of his height and actually shake his hand. Her smile is quite warm and pleasant, in spite of the abundance of metal surrounding it that tend to make her look less approachable. Her accent speaks only of the Pacific Northwest. It isn't nearly as dramatic as Hosea's. She looks back and forth between he and David, "So, great scenes. Danger Room, yeah. I read about it and they talked about it and stuff." Her smile falters a little, "Is this going to really suck?"

As the two students introduce themselves, David has been typing in a simulation for the two and, "Rebecca, This room has a way of scaring many of the students. Don't be surprised if you leave here anxious or frustrated. It happens to everyone and happened to me my first time here." He thinks to himself that was not the case, but it helps to tell the students that. He smirks, "And no, it won't suck." He looks to between the two, "Are you ready?" The lights dim and then go black.%r%T"I will be here the entire time…" David's voice trails off. Once the lights come on, the three mutants find themselves aboard a stellar starship that can only be described as something out of the Enterprise. Growling can be heard in the distance of the space craft. Very feral, scary, deadly growling!

"Hah!" Hosea says, clapping his hands together. "It looks like we are in a movie, yes?" He does seem to take quite a good deal of childlike enjoyment from the Danger Room. "Do you hear dat?" he asks. "I believe it is probably a monster to defeat. What are your powers?" he asks Rebecca. He supposes that it'll be rather important information.

( Hosea is better at this than Rebecca already. Her blue eyes go as wide as saucers. First, because of the special effects. She looks around quickly, trying to take in everything in their simulated surroundings. With her mouth hanging just slightly agape, she ends up looking even more shocked at hearing that growling off in the distance. "I don't believe in uh… using violence to solve my problems?" she offers. It isn't so much at Hosea, even if it comes in awkward reply to his question. It's not a very helpful answer, either. )

As the two students adjust to the stellar starship setting, two alien beings fly out and directly towards them. One a feral looking creature, like a human-sized cat called Fang with its claws extended flies towards Rebecca. The other a cartoonish looking alien with antenna and everything stops short and stand before Hosea. It grins, smiles, and waves and then suddenly morphs into an exact replica of Hosea and in his accent, "De name's Hobgoblin. I be a shifter."
The ship the two mutants stand on quakes a bit and all the aliens stop for a moment. Another alien flies in, having appeared from nowhere, looking like a purple superman with a mohawk, Gladiator speaks to the two students, "I am Praetor of the Imperial Guard. You have invaded our system and must suffer at our hands." Appearing from behind the students, David appears almost as if out of nowhere and offers warm words, "Remember this isn't real, and the safety protocols are set." With that, he disappears again.

Hosea smiles at the incoming creatures. "Hello, my name is Hosea Ikbuku, it is good to meet you," he counter-introduces himself. "Dat is vedy-" He stops as he sees the incoming flying cat, and takes a broad step to put himself between Rebecca and her attacker. His hand comes up in a motion to connect with the cat at the chest if it doesn't stop, so that he can redirect it off to one side. "We are most sorry, Mista Praetor," he says. "I believe we are lost. We would love to share your wisdom to tell us how we can return back home." Apparently Hosea isn't one to start with violence either.

The two aliens held off their attacks when Gladiator appeared. He has a bemused look on his face when Rebecca scolds him. "How dare you, terran?" He remains floating in midair and lets the two aliens do his speaking for him, "Attack!" He orders
Fang flies back to avoid Hosea's fist and then charges back down toward the two students, while the Hosea look-a-like taps Hosea's should and gets ready to punch him in the face.
David appears behind Gladiator and begins speaking the same alien language that he does. The two stand and chat while their teammates battle it out.

Hosea turns, and takes the punch straight to the face. It seems to have little effect on him, though, and he ignores his look-alike. He's more focused on the fact that Gladiator is distracted talking to David. He phases to avoid Fang, turning intangible. He dives forward towards his target, taking the opportunity while Gladiator has his back to him. He returns to the tangible world just as he reaches Gladiator, and with a strong arm he swings to catch Gladiator around the neck and attempt to pull him down face first to the ground, maintaining the headlock. He seems to be the leader, so he's the one to hold hostage.

Rebecca meanwhile, flexes her combat muscle. When Fang leaps toward she and Hosea, and Hosea moves to try to go after Gladiator, she attacks. It isn't elegant or especially skilled, but there is one sort of an attack that transcends things like skill and training. She lives up to her incongruent codename by trying to kick Fang right between the legs.

David watches in amusement at Hosea's strategy, and while going for the leader is almost always a sound tactic, that would not work against Gladiator. As the alien Praetor is brought down to Hosea's level and to the ground the alien pushes off from the ground with resounding strength and into Hosea's direction.
Fang, while he may be an alien cat, is still male and the feral alien falls down and lets out a loud meow-like yelp as he grabs his groin area and just falls over. Rebecca's momentary victory is just that, as the Hosea-look-a-like turns to here and lets out another punch aimed at her face.

Rebecca doesn't dodge very well. She had been busy looking extremely proud of herself after felling Fang with a well placed crotch kick. Wannabe-Hosea's fist whumps right up against her face. However, with her pierced nose all smushed under his knuckles, she simply bats her eyelashes up at him. "Don't hit me. It isn't very /nice!/" Along with the extra emphasis on that last word comes a rush of unseen force right back at Hobgoblin's face. The blast is every bit as strong as the punch that was aimed at Rebecca, the force of the attack having been redirected thanks to her power and sent right back toward him.

As Hosea is basically climbing all over Gladiator and using his weight to try to bring down the alien leader of the Imperial Guard. It has no effect as Gladiator simply flies up while Hosea continues mounting him. Gladiator yells, "Enough, you terran insect!" He attempts to literally pull Hosea off of him with all his strength should he be able to grab the mutant.
The blow meant for Rebecca, which was absorbed and redirected, now his "Hosea" and sends him flying back. Landing with a thud against the wall, his form returns to that of Hobgoblin and he remains unconscious on the floor.
Watching Hosea against Gladiator, David makes no move to assist as he knows while Hosea cannot defeat Gladiator, his powers make him pretty hard to hurt, so he moves to Rebecca and offers a smile and a handshake, "Great job." He whispers into her some information regarding Gladiator, "His power is based on his confidence. If he saw someone like you take one of his blows, his confidence would be shot and then he would be easier to defeat."

Hosea finds himself unable to hold onto the enemy. The Gladiator's strength is just too great. As Gladiator starts to grab him, he teleports. The Nigerian is too much smaller than Gladiator to take him along for the teleport, which is all the better for Hosea. He reappears with full momentum from Gladiator's speed, just on the other side of the beast, and is suddenly slamming against his legs. Maybe not a very damaging move, but perhaps one that will change the Gladiator's trajectory to throw him off balance. At the speed he's moving, maybe he can knock him into a wall of the ship.

Rebecca stands there, with Fang on the ground and holding his crotch on one side, and the knocked-out Hobgoblin on the other. The degree to which the dreadlocked blonde is looking smug is amazing. She tilts her chin up and grin when David comes over in her direction. "Yeah, I'm pretty awesome," she says, with her hands going to her hips in some heroic pose. However, that bravado wilts when David whispers his insight about Gladiator to her. She looks toward the struggle beneath the purple Praetorian and the towering Nigerian mutant. "Um…" she decides, with a whine creeping into her tone, "I don't think I want that guy to hit me…" She very clearly dealt with the small-fries, and while she was content to bask in her victory, she's not so eager to throw herself between the two very big guys. "He can do it!" she suddenly enthuses.

David laughs and understands Rebecca's unwillingness to be hit by Gladiator, "Even with the safety protocols, he is pretty scary." He watches as Hosea's teleportation trick seems to work. Kallark aka Gladiator is knocked back and into the ship's wall leaving a massive dent. He lets out a loud yell and is about to scream when a hologram appears between the Praetor and the mutants. The hologram is that of Lilandra, empress of the Shi'ar Empire, "Praetor Gladiator, gather the Imperial Guard and return home immediately, your services are needed now!" Kallark stands there and sighs looking over the mutants, "Another time, terran!" He grabs Fang with one hand and the unconscious Hobgoblin with another and flies out of the ship, leaving a gaping hole…before the mutants are sucked into space, the room goes black.
The lights come back up and the three mutants find themselves standing in the empty metallic Danger Room. "Not bad, either of you!" David congratulates them.

Hosea's move may have been somewhat effective, but he also was still flying across the room. He sprawls across the ground, and then scrambles back to his feet in a ready position. "I was aiming for his head," he says through a pant as the lights come up. Apparently, though he was effective, the move wasn't what he was trying to do. He'll have to work on his aim. "I have never fought anyone as strong as dat. Da Danger Room has many powerful monsters, yes?"

There's another one of those awesome shrieks when Rebecca thinks she is about to go flying off into the vacuum of space. Once the Danger Room returns to it's inert metal self, and she finds herself looking back and forth between Hosea and David. "I don't know about strong monsters, but I'm pretty much the best fighter ever." She crosses her arms over her chest and grins, the expression enhanced by the glint of the metal studs that frame her mouth. She is so, so proud of herself.

David smirks to Rebecca's comment, "Confidence is fine. Arrogance is not, but I must say for a first time Danger Room session you did very well. Both of you." He responds to Hosea's question, "The Danger Room can create anything and input the proper protocols. Those clearly weren't as strong as the real Imperial Guard who protect an entire Galactic Empire. They have even defeated the X-Men. They are tough, but Hosea, I'd more than willing to create some special simulations to run for you." He grins as he already starts to go through the files for something to entertain Hosea. His sybershades flicker and words begin to flash across the lenses. While this happens, "Ok you two, scamper off, while the next bunch of students come for their turns. David heads to the Control Booth to program some more simulations.

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