2010-12-17: School Planning


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Summary: Jessica and Emma get together for a nice lunch and to discuss a dance between Barnes and Xavier's.

Date: December 17, 2010

Log Title: School Planning

Rating: December 17, 2010

NYC - Tanzore Restaurant and Lounge

A favorite of NYC's upper class, Tanzore is famous for its Indian Modern dishes, a 'contemporary movement of Indian cuisine toward more modern taste and culinary sensibilities', as it says on their menu. The decor is dramatic and color, leaning toward the warm color spectrum. There are private rooms available, as well as seating for business meetings, romantic dining or any special occasion. Outside dining is also available for those who prefer to people watch over Central Park as they dine.

There's been the idea of a Winter Dance between Xavier's and Barnes Acadamey over the last few weeks and Barnes thought who better to talk to Emma then Jessica. After all she is a female Avenger, not that it means anything to Spider-Woman but they voted her the best candidate. So now she waits for Emma to arrive, sitting at a table for two dressed in a dark red blouse over a black pencil skrit and pumps. She's not sure if Emma has been given any heads up as two why they're meeting but with the taste and class that she knows the Headmistress has she figures she'd know more about school dances then herself.

Stepping into the restaurant, Emma looks like she's almost walking out onto a runway at some kind of perverse russian winrer fashion show. All white as usual, she removes the white fur-ruffed coat and the hat to hand to someone standing by, and is in her usual business attire underneath. Not even a word is said as the maitre'd guides her over to where you are, and a pair of white shades are removed and placed in a pocket before winter-clad lips give a soft smile, "Jessica Drew… a pleasure as always. So… how IS the boys club doing these days? Still butting horns with Anthony and Nicholas?"

Jessica stands up and offers a hand to Emma with a friendly enough smile. "Hello there Emma, and no, Nick and I don't butt heads often." She says as the two have a very odd relationship. "As for Tony, well, I'll just say I'm glad to see that he's gotten bored with his recent red-head." But then isn't that the way of Tony Stark, to move from women to women? "How are things on your end? You and Scott managing just fine?"

Emma offers a bit of a neutral look, "I miss the man I fell in love with… since it's a rare thing for me…" But as she speaks she picks up the menu and begins to peruse it, "We have a good working relationship however… I handle the business half of the school and act as disciplinarian, and he is the head teacher and works with the staff… this way, none of the ones who despise me deal with me constantly." And with that a rich smile curves up on her lips, "Ah… you mean Tony's little pet telepath? Well, I think she fell a little out of favor after her hissy fit at that little summer thing Tony threw. Pity… I suppose we'll be back to calender girls and buxom female athletes."

"I think I've learned that men are nothing but trouble." Jessica has always found men to be too intimidated by her so she doesn't get out and date much any more. Her luck with men has her batting a hundred. "I think I'd prefer the calender girls, no brains and not trying to step on what the Avengers are doing." At least that was Jessica's view of the girl. "I don't know how you do it, Nick wants me to be more involved with Barnes but I am not good with dealing with teenagers."

The reply begins with a rich chuckle as Emma sets the menu down and motions for the waiter to come over, ordering some fried vegetable hor douvres and some sparkling water with lime, "Well… I have been doing this for a while. First my Hellions, then the Massachusetts Academy… and even some time on Genosha. I have always enjoyed trying to shape young minds… but my problem is the opposite… I'm capable, but my… ahh… sordid reputation gets in the way. It's either I was part of the Hellfire Club this, or mutant terrorist that… and suddenly I can't seem to gain any ground. Hence why I'm staying more to the administrative side of things."

Jessica orders herself some vegetable samosas along with Emma's order and a glass of a nice Shiraz. "Honestly, I'm not one to be to concerned with past, we all have skeletons in our closets." And with Emma with the X-Men now and trying to do good, she doesn't think it's a bad thing. "So I don't know if you were told why a meeting was arragned but Barnes would like to invite Xavier's to do a joint school Winter Dance."

Settling her hands together in a steeple, Emma ponders for a moment as her eyes consider the flatware somewhat, still looking at Jessica without looking, "Interesting idea… and not unwarranted. You do have three alumni of ours at Barnes now… though Miss Franklin seems to see fit to visit and help out constantly. Mark my words… she'll be one to watch in the coming years." Then the thought is waved off as the white-clad woman straightens, "We'll want a neutral ground then… a concert hall or someplace where of course SHIELD will provide security… with some of our own telepaths on overwatch, of course."

Jessica give Emma a knowing smile. "She's already being watched." But she doesn't mention if it's SHIELD, Barnes, She-Hulk or Magneto and the Genoshian Embassy. "That's what I was thinking, a place here in the city to rent out. Get it catered and of course we can ask SHIELD to provide security. We have a few agents who are teachers now." Index and Quetzal should love being asked to be security for a school dance. "One thing we were thinking is if you could help come up with some themes. Barnes was wanting both schools to be involved in this and thought it would be fun for the students."

Emma replies, "We can split the bill on catering… I happen to know all the best companies in New York and along the east coast… I'll make sure the bids are clean, and we get the kinds of foods the children will like for our money." Pausing as the food is delivered, she takes a delicate bite of one of her appetizers, and then adds, "Two students from each school… and I suggest as the tie-breaker and nominal leader for it, we assign it all to Miss Franklin. Everyone knows her well, she has the leadership skills, and will not buckle under the pressure."

"Oh so a student committee, I like that idea." Jessica says with a smile as it will start the interactions. "So Rashmi and then four others, I'll talk to the head of the school and see who would be interested. I know on our end we'll be having High School and College aged kids but we should stress the no alcohol." Did she even need to bring it up? "And I knew you'd be the perfect person to ask about this, since you have a more…elegant background." She means it in a flattering way.

There's another amused sound from Emma as her sparkling water is delivered and she takes a sip, "That goes without saying, but the fact of the matter is… my tastes and yours are irrelevent. This is to be for the students, and therefore should be prepared and done BY the students. When dealing with education, the first thing one must always consider is how much you should do for them… and how much you should let them do themselves. Otherwise, what will they really learn besides words from pages, or from the mouths of teachers who do not, in fact, teach?"

"I just teach combat so my classes are a lot of hands on training but, I never said I was a good teacher." Jessica says taking a sip from her glass of red wine after swriling it in the glass for a bit. "I guess for Barnes we can take volunteers and decide which of the two work best and then set up a meeting time once the committee is decided." It's a kind of amusing idea, a dance committee. "I can be a supervisor if needed." She says reluctantly but tries to smile through it to hide the fact that she is.

The comment is waved off as Emma slowly finishes and orders up a prawn biryani from the menu, keeping it light for the time being and then tilts her head, "Actually, we will have to be there… it's decorum. And for that matter, keeping something like this a secret will be impossible. We should plan for someone attacking it. And far be it from me to say this but… would SHIELD be too terribly put out if I invited Magnus to help oversee the children as well?"

"Well seeing that he is a part of the embassy I don't have a problem with that but I have to make sure that Sam Wilson doesn't have a problem with it." Since he's the headmaster over at Barnes. "That is why there will be SHIELD presense there and lets hope that it doesn't happen." She orders herself chicken korma for lunch with a side of some naan bread with yogurt sauce. "Though I don't see a problem with your staff comming and going, it might be nice for the kids to see someone like She-Hulk make an apperance."

Emma watches you for a moment, and then makes a richly amused face that turns into one of faint, and familiar irritation, "I'll make the call the Anthony… because I am definately assured with this kind of event, he will want to find some way to be involved. Best to cut him off at the proverbial pass… you know how he can be. If nothing else, he'll wish to attend because he's an Avenger."

"Well the Avengers are loosely affliated with Barnes. A lot of us are asked to come help out with what we can and Nick told me I owed him a favour." Jessica says with a laugh as who knows if she really did or not, but she probably did. "Tony likes to be in the spotlight and I know several students would be thrilled. With everything that has happened at Xavier's lately, I think this would be a nice treat for your students and a good way for our schools to bond."

Emma takes a moment to sample some of her biryani, before finally holding up her glass Jessica's way, "Then we're in agreement then… I would say first to approach Miss Franklin about leading the project… then we get two students from each school to volunteer to create a theme, approach us with decorations and budgeting. We'll prepare for such things as event clothes tailoring discounts with some places we both know, catering needs… and of course we could even step up the project and let the children coordinate with the security team. What do you say?"

"I'm in agreement with everything accept the children coordinating the security team. I would feel more comfortable handling that." Jessica says since she wants to ensure the children's saftey. "But everything else sounds perfect." She says holding up her glass of shiraz in return. "I'm glad to see our schools coming together." Jessica says as she starts to pour some of the chicken korma over rice.

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