2010-12-22: Schools Of Mutant Thought

Players: Tex and Vinny

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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: December 22, 2010

Log Title: Schools of Mutant Thought

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town Condo Association

Even though Mutant Town Condominium Association is one of the bigger and wider buildings in Mutant Town extending ten stories. The building is a square with a whole in the middle that is home to a pool, tennis court and nice grassy area for the residents. Each Apartment. This isn't a place where you go to rent a place but purchase. It's one of the nicer places in Mutant Town, as you have to be a resident to enter it's locked building. In side the lobby are a few elevators that lead up to each floor.

Early morning on the Association grounds, the cleanup from the attack still ongoing but for the moment most residents are still in bed. One however is up and about as the rather unusual form of Vinny can be spotted sitting on a lawn chair near the poolside. A long hollow tube in his hands with one end pressed under his bill to his lips. A low droning melody drifting through the air as he plays.

Making his way through the association to assist with the clean-up, Drew Daniels, aka Agent Texas Twister of SHIELD. He enters the pool area and looks about to see if there is anything that needs to be done, but the Texan can not help but stare at the water, “Sure, could use a dip.” He says loudly in his Texan drawl, “Haven’t swum in a long time.” Looking about and spotting the mutant platypus, he blinks a moment and tips his hat, “Howdy.”

Vinny looks up as he hears the approach the someone else. He stops playing and sets the instrument aside with a smile "G'day, didn't wake ya up I hope?" He stands from the chair and stretches a moment.

“Not at all. I don’t live here. I came early to help with the clean-up. Do my part to help out as part of SHIELD.” Drew looks over at the instrument, “Don’t stop playin’ on my account. What is that there nifty thing called?”

Vinny nods "Well the folks still be restin' up from last night I guess. Things're starin' to wind down, Magneto showed up a couple nights back and put most of the place to rights again." He smiles and takes up the long tube. "This mate is a didgeridoo, aboriginal instrument from Australia. Bit tricky to play but a lovely sound, been putting the spirits at ease for the last few mornins'"

Staring at the didgeridoo, Drew cocks his hat forward and nods impressively at the instrument. “Nice.” Drew extends his hand out, “Drew Daniels, nice to make your acquaintance. Aussie, huh. Love the accent.”

Vinny shakes the offered hand and nods "Right you are, actually just got into New York a few days back. Looks like I missed one banger of a party. Nice to meet ya Drew, name's Vincent Wilks. Most folks just call me Vinny for short."

“Well, Vinny. Welcome to New York and welcome to America. I wasn’t here for the party either, but I heard it was one I probably wouldn’t have wanted to attend.” Drew looks about at some leftover debris by the side of the pool and summons a wind to sweep it into a corner. “So’s it jus a coiwinky dink that you’re a platypus and are from Australia?”

Vinny laughs softly "Yeah seems I got a theme goin' here don't I? Just need a few Boomerangs and I'd be a complete bloody stereotype. Ah well I guess it would have been weird had I come from Australia and been a Polar bear or something eh?"

Laughing loudly, Drew drawls out, “I suppose so. I guess that woulda been weird. Though I know a mutant polar bear from the cold from Siberia, so I guess people change into the areas they are from.” He thinks about it for a second shrugs, “Had I been a mutant, I guess I woulda been an armadillo.” He laughs and then realize, “Oh wait, there]s already is an armadillo from Texas.”

Vinny nods "Yup guess that kinda thing is a little region-specific. Though ya don't see as many Hybrids as ya do other mutants. Few of us out there but not many." He looks over to where the wind was summoned "Nice one, mutant yerself I suppose eh?"

Tex shakes his head, “Actually nah.” The wind sweeps over the pool to cause small ripples and waves. “I got caught between a twister and a nuclear storm. One of those freak accidents. Not as easy as getting bit by a spider or getting struck by cosmic rays.” He smirks.

Vinny nods and chuckles "Lucky you, I was born like this. Well the tail and bill came in later.. but was born with most of this. Course ya seems to have a bit better grasp on your powers as well."

“Yeah, I guess. I actually teach powers control at a school nearby.” Drew causes the wind to cease, “I guess I lucked out. Powers-wise. So do you have the proportionate strength of a platypus or something. Gotta admit, don’t know much about them.”

Vinny laughs "Well I don't think strength enters into it. I can swim pretty fast, sense objects by the electrical impulses they give off. Rather handy when you don't have a flashlight around, and I can do this.." He turns to look at the pool, focusing for a second a geyser of water shoots into the air for a moment and then settles back down.

Drew hmmmmns, “Hydrokinesis. I don’t think I have ever met a hydrokinetic before.” Drew ponders a thought, “Seems like you would be good power to have. Can get creative with it. Can you affect ice and water vapor too?”

Vinny shakes his head "Not that I'm aware of no, for the moment just water and even that's a bit tricky. Havn't been doing that for very long, only found out about it a year or so back."

Tex shakes his head, “Might want to consider schooling.” Drew suggests as he stretches and yawns and uses his wind to fling a lawn chair over by him. Before it crashes into him he has another wind act as a breaker and it simply drops down by him and he plops down, “Could use some rest.” He grins and props his cowboy hat forward.

Vinny nods and sits back down "Been considerin' it, just had to get the basics set up first. Don't really know where to go for that sorta thing ya know? Not like they got trade schools for Mutant 101."

Tex hmmmns, “Well, you said Magneto was around. He knows of a school up in Westchester. And as part of SHIELD, there might be a way to help you there. A school to help those who need help with their powers.” A wind carries the lawn chair up raising Drew up in the air and keeping him there on the air currents.

Vinny smirks as he watches Tex drift in the lawn chair. "Showoff.. So you're one a them SHIELD boys eh? What kinda things they got ya doin'? As for Magneto, not sure what it is but that guy just rubs me the wrong way ya know? I been readin' up on that attack here last week and listenin' to the folks here talk about it. Somthin' about it don't sit right by me.."

“Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.” The winds lower Tex in his chair and he is safely laid down on the ground. “Yeah, been hearing some things myself about how things went down. Not sure what exactly, but we’ll follow up. I’m sure.” He sits up and then offers, “As for what we were doing at SHIELD. Well, we feel it’s one of our responsibilities as powered agents to help those with powers, but with no teachers. Yours and my powers are similar. Same mental stuff happens, just presented different ways. Air for me; water for you. But the same principles apply to all kinetics. Your swimming fast and your sonar/radar type sense thing with the electric impulses makes you that much more powerful.”

Vinny nods "Well I've also got these.." He holds up one hand and makes a fist, flexing a few muscles. A long spur of bone shoots from just behind his wrist to extend about six inches beyond his knuckles. "Don't really like using these though.."

Tex hmmmns, “So kinda like Wolverine, huh.” Drew chuckles, “Well, with schooling, you can learn either to use your other powers so well, that you would never have to use those or learn how to fight without them. Mutants can also learn how to not just rely on their powers.”

Vinny nods "I've seen pictures of him, course I don't think his are poisoned.." He retracts the spur. "Some schoolin' is definitely in order, can't do much with this stuff if I don't know how to use it. The natural stuff I got down cold, been learning that for years. It's the water stuff I need some help with. So it's safe to say you're a bit bias towards the trainin' you got at SHIELD, but where do you suggest I go lookin'? Which school you think is best suited?"

Tex smirks, “True. I can only directly speak about SHIELD training as I’m one of the trainers and the others are just as good and diversified.” He ponders, “The other place that might be good for ya would be Xavier’s Institute in Westchester. Good place to go. However, the student body is only mutants. SHIELD our students are not just mutants. But Xavier’s has a great staff and good facility. I’ve not been there, but I’ve met some of the teachers and students. Both are good. Only difference is mutants and non-mutants at SHIELD.”

Vinny nods and sits back taking it all in. "Well it's certainly somthin' to think about that's for sure. Though if that Magneto fella involved with the Westchester place? Not sure I wanna get involved with somthin's he's into."

Tex hmmmns, “Well old Magneto used to be a teacher there. As far as I know, he’s not a teacher there anymore. Ask around. I’m sure people here in Mutant Town know a thing or three about Xavier’s. And you gotta admire the man and his dream of co existence.”

Vinny looks even a bit skeptical "Co existence? Hope you're talkin' bout that Xavier fella cause that don't sound like what I been readin' on Magneto. More I like at the reports from that fight the more it looks like he planned the whole mess. I been in the bush long enough ta know a trap when I see one."

Tex hmmmns, “Well, I believe we will look into it. If Magneto is responsible, we’ll know sooner or later.” He exhales and sighs, “Anyhow, I was talking about Xavier. Only met him once when a bunch of supers were kidnapped and forced to fight each other between Death and this alien immortal Elder of the Universe, Grandmaster.”

Tex hmmmns and thinks over what he just said, “Yeah, it was this thing called the Contest of Champions. Another reason to use your powers. You never know when you may get involved in things not of this world, either off planet or other dimensions.” Tex rises up and reaches into his pocket and draws out a card and has a wind blow it over to Vinny. “Well, let me know if SHIELD can be of use too, Vinny.” Drew tips his hat, “Was nice to meetcha.”

Vinny catches the card and looks it over, he smiles and nods "Well if somthin' comes up I give ya a holla. Was nice meetin' ya and if ya need me for somthin' I ain't hard ta find. Have yerself a good day mate."

Tex nods and waves out, tipping his hat and makes his way out of the pool area.

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