2010-07-28: Scrapyard Search


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Summary: Kisha needs various pieces for a project so Rogue offers to take her to a local scrapyard. While they are at the scrapyard they happen to run into Hunter who is there looking for parts himself.

Date: July 28, 2010

Log Title: Scrapyard Search

Rating: PG

Random Scrapyard in NYC

Sampson and Sons scrap yard was far off the beaten path but had a good rep for what wares they could peddle to the public. Anything from car parts to dishwasher bits, and the odd pieces of scrap could be found stacked up about the yard. A motorbike pulls to a stop in the gravel parking lot beside the large iron gates. The rider is dressed in dark jeans, industrial boots, a Sabbath t-shirt, and leather jacket. Hunter was out looking for various parts to fix a friends old Camaro, and hoped that today might be his lucky day.

Rogue is pulling escort duty, hair back in a ponytail but for the white around her face. Snug dark jeans, sensibly heeled boots, a black tank top with a red rhinestone heart across the front, with elbow length gloves. A pair of sunglasses on, a hint of cherry red lipgloss. "Jus' don't try to get so much stuff we can't fit it in the car. Deal?" She offers to Kisha, while they're wandering into the junkyard.

"I don't need an especially large amount. Aside from a car battery, the internal motor from a good quality dishwasher and /hopefully/ some old computer circuits," The teenage technophile promises. Her own outfit is especially bland for a girl of her age, black pants and a simple black t-shirt. Neither of which have been on fire, soaked in oil or splashed with acid which marks them out as Kisha's fancy set of clothes… "You should be more worried that whatever I'm getting will leak various fluids which may damage the vehicle, but I can assure you my plans require relatively clean items. Today at least…"

Hunter has entered the scrapyard, casting a glance about at the various piles of scrap. A worker comes out to explain about the yard itself, and where the car parts are located. With a empty pack hanging off one shoulder Hunter wanders around for several minutes. Eventually he hears the sound of voices from not too far off letting him know that there were others rummaging about the piles. As he's found an area that looks promising he begins digging through the various bits and pieces pulling out something here and there to set aside for future inspection.

"But that is where you underestimate me, padawan. Ah have old mats in the trunk, just for that sort of issue." Rogue teases, a gloved hand out to ruffle the younger female's hair. "Now let's get what ya gotta get. We can totally get somethin' to eat on the way home. Deal?"

Kisha adopts the closest she can manage to an innocent look. "Are they fire proof too?" she wonders, strolling along with a hand out to brush against especially promising bits of scrap. "Any preferences on food? I must admit to being rather fond of Russian cuisine, but that's because I grew up on it. Otherwise pizza works well, I can get a couple and keep some for later."

Hunter is wrestling with a part that seems to be wedged under a small mountain of junk. The piece in question just doesn't want to wiggle itself free no matter how he twists and turns it. He grows frustrated, utters several indelicate words, and suddenly the part pops free causing a handful of parts to slide down the small mountain toward him. "Crikey!" Hunter doesn't even want to watch what is going to happen but he does. The parts slide down, reverse direction and go sailing over the top of the mountain making a considerable amount of noise.

Rogue hears the exclamation, heading that way with the clatter of the part as a direction marker. She skids to a halt, white catching on the frame of her sunglasses. "Are ya all right…Hunter?"

Kisha mutters something in Russian which is obscene enough to put Hunters comments to shame. "Amateurs, /honestly/ he's probably just ruined whatever he was trying to get. Some people just don't know what they're doing when it comes to scrap metal," she laments, shaking her head with dismay. "Hopefully nothing exciting got smashed in the scrapslide."
Hunter looks rather embarrassed by what has happened. When the arrival of people registers, and one calls him by name directly he turns about surprised to see Rogue there. "Oh!" Now he really is embarrassed. "Sorry bout the ruckus just then. I didn't mean t'cause a landslide, Rogue. I'm all right though, thanks fer askin." Hunter tips his head to the side quizzically and regards Kisha. "G'Day, the names Hunter."

Rogue pushes her sunglasses to the top of her head, eyes on the man. A sharp glare at Kisha for her comment, before she's regarding the Aussie. Hands sliding into her back pockets, rocking back on her heels a bit. "Didn't expect to see ya."

Kisha glances between Rogue and Hunter, then shrugs. "I gathered as much," she agrees, beginning to pick her way up the scrap heap. "I'm Kisha and thankfully this stuff is all junk. In fact you might even have cleared the way to something worth investigating!" And with that she begins rooting through near identical smashed up car parts which had previously been concealed by a damaged canoe. The trick is to either take the weight off the top or get side on and slide the parts out."

Hunter doesn't quite know what to make of Rogues friend but finds her interesting. "I'll try t'remember that. I don't do alotta this sorta thing. Is nice t'meet ya though, Kisha." With his hard fought for part in his hand he looks over to where Rogue is standing, and offers up a bemused smile, "Didn't think I'd run inta ya either but seems like a good thing if ya ask me."

Rogue blushes just a little bit, a glance at Kisha. "She tends to go a little overboard if someone isn't there to keep her in check. Bit of a mad genius." A flash of a smile, toe scuffing in the dirt a little bit. "It's nice to see you."

"I prefer the term eccentric," Kisha offers distractedly, her scarred arms already hard at work moving bits out of the way. "What's the part for? Trying to fix up your car on the cheap? Or are you in the trade?"

Hunter perks up at the question and turns to see where Kisha is working. "I'm an alright mechanic but not really traited as such. Figured I'd work on a buddies old Camaro for 'im. Nearly got it up an runnin but it needs a lil more 'elp." Talk of what brought him to the yard reminds him that he's got a small stack of bits on the ground nearby. "Scuse me a sec?" Hunter asks Rogue before pulling his backpack over his head to open up then kneels down to start putting the parts into the bag. "You guys lookin for anythin big? I could mebbe lend a 'and carryin stuff 'round."

Rogue arches an eyebrow at Hunter, tipping her head. "Ah'm not exactly a weaklin' sugar. Trust me." There's a grin for him that's just a little mischievous, before she's glancing over at Kisha. "You all right, Kisha? Don't need a hand or nothin'?"

Kisha shakes her head. "I've been coming to places like this since I was old enough to walk and nothing I want is heavy enough to trouble me, but if you have seen any car batteries which are in good condition it would save me some time!" The petite teenager stares at a few bits, then throws them away. "Worthless. Nope… Ooooo that one might work. Say how old is the Camaro? My brother was fond of s.. driving them, but then he and his friends /loved/ muscle cars."

Hunter stands back up shouldering his pack. "69 Z28, looked to have seen better days when I first saw it but fairing a lot better now." Hunter thinks of it like a personal project of his even though its not his car, and really it's his friends project that he just happens to be helping out with from time to time. "I'm not a big car fan, bein that I'm more into motorbikes. Used to 'ave a few back in Oz but I sold 'em all."

Rogue just sort of remains standing there, eyes falling back to the Aussie. "Hey, ya think ya might be bothered to take me for a ride, sometime? Or maybe teach me some of the basics so Ah can look towards gettin' my own license?"

"Not a bad choice," Kisha murmurs, practically disappearing under the piles of machinery. "Personally I prefer fighter jets, tanks and power armour suits. But for some reason my shop teacher won't let me try and make /any/. Go figure!" Her tone doesn't quite make it clear if that's a joke or not, although she does poke her head up long enough to grin. "Driving with a license takes all the fun out of it!"

Hunter laughs as Kisha disappears and reappears from the mountain of parts. "Not somethin I'd ever consider doin but I'm sure others enjoy tacklin things bigger than cars. I think ya may 'ave got me outclassed if you can work on stuff like that, Kisha." Noticing that Rogue is watching him he turns towards her offering up a half smile, "You may take yer life into yer 'ands if you want t'do that. Never tried it b'fore but it might be possible."

"Just thinkin' if Ah'm gonna get one of my own, Ah should know how to drive one." A look cast towards Kisha. "Ah don't wanna end up in jail, kiddo."

"I'm not sure it's illegal providing you only ride it on privately owned land?" Kisha muses, brushing her hair back and then returning back to whatever she's uncovered. "This is how you remove something from the very bottom. With delicacy and gentle technique, plus when all else fails I have a /really/ good hammer."

Hunter would shrink into a hole of embarrassment if he could. The sad fact is that he could have been barely touching it and caused the same problem, which he's sure Rogue is aware of. "Ya found what yer lookin for I take it?" At least if Kisha managed to upset the pile again he'd be able to keep her from getting crushed to death; it was something at least.

Rogue gives Hunter a wink, yes, she knows. "Don't let her get to you. She's a mouthy little thing." Not that Rogue finds that endearing, or anything.

"People often tell me I'm an insufferable bitch," Kisha agrees as she slowly but surely levers a car battery loose. "And that's the people who like me. I've found the second of three bits I want. The few simple computer parts were a quick win, this battery makes number two and that just leaves the washing machine motor."

Hunter doesn't think that Kisha is as bad as she's said she is but he's only known her a handful of minutes so he can't really judge. "That's an odd sorta list," Hunter comments in confusion. Was there a buncha stuff broken that needed fixing? He shrugs, and shoves his hands into the back pockets of his jeans. "I think the owner said somethin about stuff like that bein closer t'the main building."

Rogue turns her eyes towards Kisha, that a glance around for the main building. Hands shift to hook thumbs in her front pockets, checking out the younger girl. "Need me to carry that battery for ya?"

Kisha worms her way out through a tunnel in the scrap heap, dragging her prize. "If you don't mind that would be awesome," she says earnestly. "They're all for one project. I'm doing some work on a computer, hence the chips and the motor and battery are to build an emergency cooling unit for it the machine overheats. It needs a self contained power supply and the washing machine motor with some fan blades should be able to provide a very decent airflow."

"That would probably be a pretty big computer. I don't 'ave one myself." As Kisha approaches he's tempted to walk over and pick up the battery for her but he feels as if he might be overstepping his bounds if he does so. Though from the look he's giving both of them it might be clear that he's offering to heft it for them.

Gloved hands are in motion, picking up that battery as if it's a bag of potato chips. "Ah ever decide Ah need a monster computer, Ah'm totally gonna ask her to build it for me."

Kisha blushes slightly. "Flatterer. It isn't especially large, at least not compared to my desktop machine, but it's meant to run constantly at a very high level of activity. So it's likely to always be quite warm and without the inbuilt cooling it needs a potent fan to keep it from going up in smoke." She glances between Hunter and Rogue. "Perhaps I should go on ahead and dig around for what I need and let you two catch up?"

"Uh, sure." Hunter sounds uncertain as he doesn't really want to run Kisha off. "If I ever get around t'buyin a computer maybe I can ask for your advice sometime." The backpack on his back gets shifted about as it weighs a fair amount of weight with the one bulky piece in there. "I could walk with you to the gate if ya want. I got nowhere t'be other than buried in an engine but I can do that anytime," Hunter suggests to Rogue.

Rogue will decide if she should strangle or thank Kisha later. "Sure. That works." The belle is blushing faintly, carrying that battery as they walk. "So how were your books?"

"I'm trying to save you from twenty minutes of me staring at near identical washing machines while I try and calculate the spin speeds they can maintain," Kisha assures, darting off ahead with brisk strides. "And sure I'm willing to do computer consultation, plus IT lessons or tech support for a small fee. Anyway it was nice meeting you." And with a wave the strange young technophile is off amidst the scrap.

"I got 'roudn t'one of them," Hunter admits as they begin walking toward the gate. "I spose it was alright. I thought I might pick up drink makin as somethin t'do." He's curious as to whether she's had any time to talk to the people she knows that could help him but he's not going to bring it up. "What 'ave ya been up to? If ya don't mind me buggin you about."

"yeah? Gonna make up some tasty cocktails? Remember to invite a girl over for that." Rogue teases. "Ah sent the guy Ah wanted ya to meet an email. But he's…well, he's pretty busy. Ah um…well, Ah know where ya work, but if ya gave me an email or a phone number, Ah might be able to hook ya up easier. Unless the number ya gave me is yours, in which case Ah'm an idiot."

"Uhh, I thought I wrote my number down on the back o'the card. I might not 'ave though. I can give it to ya up at the office of this place." Hunter spots one of the junkyard dogs and it reminds him of one of the beasties that he used to see wandering around the apartments he used to live in when he first moved to NY. "Yer not an idiot. I got the claim on that t'day but I could invite ya o'er sometime t'see if I can make a drink at all. Might burn ya taste buds off but no big loss."

Rogue is just a little pink in the cheeks. "That might be nice. An' Ah've had some awful drinks, Ah'm pretty sure my tongue is safe." She glances at him, before looking down. "Of course, if ya had a night off, we could go for drinks someone else has made."

"Now, that sounds like a better plan, just not at my club. They've got like one guy that can make a mean drink the rest are terrible." Hunter smiles as they reach the office of the scrapyard. He plops his backpack down for them to inspect and asks for a pen. He digs through the front of his pack and pulls out an old ticket. Flipping it over he scrawls his phone number down, and offers the ticket to Rogue. "No email t'speak of but there's the number. Maybe hit one of the sports pubs an' get some food ya think? Might be betta than a club."

"Well then we might 'ave a date then," Hunter says as he pulls his wallet out to pay for the parts he'd collected. "Friend type of date!" He adds as an afterthought. With the transaction taken care of he zips up his pack, and places it back on before facing Rogue. "If you got a helmet to speak of I could pick ya up then."

Rogue blinks at him when he adds on that afterthought. She almost looks disappointed. "Ah do, actually. But uh… Ah live with a lot of people. Maybe Ah should meet you in Westchester. Save ya the third degree or somethin'."

"Sure, just lemme know where t'get ya." Hunter isn't familar with very much of anything in Westchester save for the mall. "I'll try not t'look like I stumbled out of bed wearin the same thing I wore tha day b'fore too." He seems uncertain for a moment, and looks down at her wrists to see if she's wearing her bracelets. He remembered!

No bracelets, there's gloves there. Which might look a little odd with the tank top, but there you have it. She shifts when he looks down, arms moving behind her back. "Ah'll walk with ya to your bike?"

There's a nod from him but he's wondering why she put her hands behind her back, and puts it down to his sorta staring at them. "If ya want," Hunter says as he fishes his keys out of a jeans pocket. "I'm just around the front of the place," he says as he starts walking in that direction.

Rogue curls her fingers into her back pockets again as she starts walking with him. "Well, Kisha might be a while, is all." Her head ducks, watching their feet. "Ya remembers about the bracelets, huh?"

"I didn't mean to look that hard. I just remembered that you said not to try and hug ya if they aren't on," Hunter shrugs as they come about a corner of the building.

Rogue laughs, though it's lacking a touch of regular humor. "Why, were ya gonna hug me?" A wink as she teases him. "That's why the gloves."

"Hey, at least I'm a cautious sorta guy." As they come up to the side of the bike he inserts the key then faces her. "Well, tell Kisha goodbye fer me. I'll make sure t'pick up my phone so we can work out when t'go out." He extends his hand toward her with the palm facing up.

"Funny thing is, Ah'm not sure…with ya know, the energy ya put out, that it would work the same. Because Ah'm not really touchin' you." Rogue's voice is low, almost murmuring. But a gloved hand finds his for the moment, a brief squeeze.

"You kinda are, just not how most would think about it," Hunter offers up before turning to mount his bike. "I'm not gonna pry about why ya worry about it but I'm workin on my thing. Tryin t'at any rate. Would rather not have you feel like yer touchin one o'those metal balls at the science center all the time." He picks up his helmet and punches it down over his head leaving the face plate up, his eyes smiling at her. "I like the gloves by the way," he tells her as he fires the bike up.

"Because Ah could hurt you, without my gloves or bracelets. Ah..bare skin. Your energy might…keep me from actually touchin' you an' lettin' my mutation get to work. It's..not somethin'…it's hard to be comfortable with. " A half smile. "Thanks."

Hunter tips his head to the side as she tells him some of why she has the bracelets and the gloves. He had just thought that the gloves were nice, and seemed to suit her as much as his beat up leather jacket suited him. "I understand, seein as I got touchin problems myself, if totally different. You ever want t'see what 'appens if you do try an' touch me, I'm all right with that. Maybe the second date," he winks.

"Why do ya think your power didn't phase me none?" Rogue asks back over the sound of the bike's engine. "Maybe. If you're lucky come the second date."

Hunter blinks, twists at the waist and looks rather confused. "You feel it right? You're just not feeling like its gonna push ya back?" He's a bit slow, but it's not every day that anyone really gets into his personal space. Maybe he had better control than he thought. All of the what if's were kinda staggering him.

"Not really pushin' me back, right. It's…it tingles. It feels kinda like then ya touch your tongue to a nine volt." Rogue shrugs.

Well, at least he wouldn't have to worry about some things. "That's a good description, it 'elps me t'understand. You don't mind gettin zapped all that much do ya?"

"Didn't bother me before, now did it?" A brow arching at him. "Trust me, Ah have felt way worse things, touchin' people."

"I'm glad I'm not somethin bad then. I wouldn't want that," Hunter admits. The kickstand is pushed back, "I'm buyin the first drink. Cya 'round, Rogue." His accent got rather thick there before he slid the visor down. The bike purrs happily as its driver rolls slowly out of the parking lot. At the edge of the lot Hunter turns his head around one last time to look at Rogue then drives off all the while pondering over everything she's told him.

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