2009-03-23: Scritchimus Maximus


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Summary: Leo visits Pallaton and gets into a scritchy mood. Eddie joins in.

Date: PG

Scritchimus Maximus

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Pallaton and Pryce's Room

// Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student. //

Pallaton opens the door in response to the knocks. The sighs of a giant wolf-man answering the door might frighten some people, but this is Xavier's. Anything goes. He just looks down at Leo, waiting for him to state his business, but he looks friendly enough.

As Pallaton opens the door after he knocks, Leo offers a bright smmile. "Hey, is Pryce around? I wanted to get his opinion on some clothes I was gonna order." He says, smiling up at Pallaton. He's met the guy before and really never had a problem with him even though his hyper-making tends to unnerve Pallaton. Right now, his power levels are low, so shouldn't bug him.

Pallaton shakes his head. "Sorry, he's not here. I was just stopping off here, myself. Have you tried the rec room?"

"Awww. Well, maybe you can give me an opinion." And Leo IS carrying a couple of magazines under his arm. Clothing stuff. Expensive places. "I just know Pryce has his European sensibilities. But… they are sometimes alittle overbearing and I don't wanna stand out, just look good." He snickers. "So, I want someone more down to earth as well."

Pallaton nods, inviting Leo in. "I'm not sure if I can help out, there, but I'll try." He pauses, thinking a bit and raising an eyebrow. "Wait, was that a pun?"

Leo blinks. "A pun? If it was, it was unintentional." Of course, he doesn't know about Pallaton's basic earth magic at all. He pulls out one of the magazines as he crosses over to a desk, showing a warm-weather collection. Light, billowy shirts on pictures of decently built and tanned men. Along with that, a few pairs of matching shorts. "I was thinkin' some of these, but I dunno. As small asI am, they might swallow me."

Pallaton just looks lost as he looks through it all with Leo. "I… Sorry, I don't know what would be best. I just wear these." He pats the pants he's always wearing. "Though nothing else really fits me, I guess…"

"Yeah, but you can get away with it. You're a big teddy bear. And… I mean that in a good way. Not a bad way." Leo says, blinking as that sounds all wrong. "I mean, I suppose. I don't know what you have to wear." He snickers, blushing. "Thanks anyway, though." He closes the magazine with a sigh. There are a few more there, though.

Pallaton chuckles. "No problem. It just goes all over my head, really… I don't get all that modern fashion stuff, I have other things to focus on, like training here." He scratches his neck absent-mindedly before looking back to Leo.

"I'm trying to do that, myself. Ever since my gymnastics thing fizzled on account of the light show." Leo chuckles. Tilting his head, he can't help but snicker at something in his mind. "Sorry, mental picture. So, are things going betteR? I'm getting better at not making people feel like they'r ehaving a caffeine high."

Pallaton nods. "I've just been training and training. I've gotten a little stronger, but I think I really need to train with my Terramancy a bit… I'm still only good with pebbles."

"Terramancy? Earth magic? OH! That's why… I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to make a pun. I didn't know." Leo says blushing brightly. "But… I don't know how much they know about magic here. Considering they have a bad history with it, from what I've been able to read."

Pallaton tilts his head. He hasn't read any of that. "Oh? I've not heard anything like that before. What happened?"

"Eddie would probably be able to tell you more. But I know there's been one student here who practiced magic. Illyana. And Mr. Wagner's on again off again girlfriend Amanda." Leo says with a quick nod. "All I know is Apparently, Illyana went crazy with it or something." He looks up and chuckles again, getting a quick blush at his own thoughts. "Sorry, I can't help it. I'm not meaning to be insulting, but… I just have this odd desire to scratch behind your ears." He wrinkles his nose. "Really. I am sorry."

Pallaton chuckles, waving his hand. "Don't worry about it. It wouldn't be the first time, and it's really not so bad."

"The first time someone's had that desire, or the first time that it's happened?" Leo snickers softly, sitting down on the desk. Of course, he weighs barely enough to even make it realize he's on it.

"The first time it's happened." he says, scratching his neck. "It felt kind of good when it happened."

"Oh?" Leo says, before standing up and reaching out to give said scratchings with a giggle, if Pallaton doesn't move away. He can't help it. He's got that thing about him when he's in a good mood, he, like Eddie, has those cute moments.

Pallaton sounds like he's holding back laughter, almost as if someone tickled him, and his ear flicks at the scratching. He really is just like a puppy, all of a sudden. Even his leg twitches a bit.

Leo snickers as he sees the reactions, quite happy with the result. He just continues the scritching up behind the wolf's ears and neck. "You DO seem to like this." He laughs, really getting into it. He has a little more strength than the standard boy his size, but he's trying to keep that from actually being too hard. He doesn't know what Pallaton can handle.

There's a slight squeak outside the door before a quick nod it heard. "Hello?" someone calls. It's Eddie by the sound of the voice. "Is anyone in there?"

Pallaton keeps holding back the laughter, but the knock on the door snaps him out of it. He clears his throat and heads over to the door and opens it, inviting Eddie on. "Hey, Eddie. How're you?"

"Hey, come back here." Leo laughs, pouncing across the room. Yup, he can jump like that. "Hey, Eddie! Gimme a hand with this!" He says attempting to scritch whatever's in range of him. He's giggly and hyper, but not quite forcing his hyperness onto others, though the healing effect is still there. "Scritchy!"

Eddie blinks when the door opens and Pallaton appears. "Hey, Pallaton. Is Pryce around? Or Vincent?" he asks. A squeak happens when he sees LEo pounce over. "Hand with what? Scritchy? Huh?"

Pallaton shakes his head, but as Leo pounces on the wolfman (an amusing inversion in itself), he thrashes a bit as Leo scratches behind his ears, bursting into laughter as he falls onto his bed in fits, only just managing to speak between laughs. "Stop! No more! Please!"

Leo eeps out loud as he falls onto the bed with Pallaton. "Awwwwwww. But it was fun." He pouty faces before grinning up at Eddie. "You know, scritchies." He demonstrates and then pulls away. "Sorry, Pallaton, I'll stop." He sticks his lower lip out again, but there's an impish smile hiding underneath.

Eddie blinks as he steps into the room. "Oh man…any time when he'll be back?" he asks. He blushes faintly at all the laughing and pouncing and scritching. Eventually he laughs a little himself. "Having fun?"

Pallaton finally manages to calm down somewhat and catch his breath. and clears his throat again, brushing that section of fur that was mercilously attacked back down. "Sorry, no idea. I hardly see him in here, to be honest, but I spend most of my time in the rec room."

Leo snickers. "I was looking for him, too, to get his opinion on some clothes. But then I tried to show Pallaton, and he just didn't care for'em." He admits before leaning against Pallaton. "But then I got to scritching and enjoying myself."

Eddie makes a face. "That robot they're working on went nuts and attacked me. I had to trap it in the closet. I was hoping they'd be able to stop it," he says, looking for a place to sit down. He blinks. "Tickle attacks resulted cause Pallaton didn't like clothes?"

Pallaton scratches his neck. "I just don't understand modern fashion, to be honest. I've got this, I've got my own clothes and I have my squad uniform. That about does it, for me."

"Nonono. Because he looked so… scritchable. I just mentioned that I wanted to do that, and he said it wouldn't be the first time, so I leaped." Leo grins. "Sometimes, I forget how high I can leap. And he's… well, he's cuddly." Leo snickers, shrugging.

Eddie nods, looking down at his jeans and X-Force (current line-up fresh off the iron-on!) t-shirt. "I don't get fashion either," he agrees. "You've jumps on Pallaton and scritched him before?" he asks Leo. He then smiles at the wolfman. "You are all cuddly-looking."

Pallaton shakes his head. "No, not him, other people. Before I came here." He leaves it at that, but it's obvious he'd be blushing if his skin was visible. He scratches his neck awkwardly as he replies. "Y-you really think so? I'm flattered…"

"I do! You're fuzzy and fun. I mean, now that you're not all scared of the feelings I sometimes put in people." Leo chuckles. "Nice and warm and fuzzy." He wrinkles his nose, cutely. "So… anyway, yeah."

Eddie laughs a few times. "It's true, Pallaton. You can be all grrr but you're a big, cute puppy too!" he agrees, moving to hug the larger mutant.

Pallaton just seems lost for words, but at least gives Eddie a pat on the head with a chuckle. "That a technical term, being all 'grrr'?"

"Actually, it's not only being all Grr, but being all Rowr." Leo nods. "And what? I'm sorry. I'm touchy feely. I can't help myself. It's just natural to me."

Eddie blinks a few times then grins. "Yes. Yes it is," he replies to Pallaton when he pulls back. Another round of blinking comes from Leo's statements and Eddie blushes furiously. He clears his throat after a moment and reaches over to give Leo a quick side-hug too.

Pallaton looks over to Leo a bit … surprised. Isn't that used to describe attraction? He blinks a few times, coughing as well before changing the subject. "So, umm, what squads are you guys in? I never did ask you, Eddie."

"Oh, we're both New Mutants under Cannonball." Leo grins, bouncing in place. He doesn't realize how it sounded, honestly, being beyond things he's learned. "Blue and White costumes. Us, Max, Nathaniel, and then that Nevaeh chick that's already left." He says with a shrug. He heard about that.

Eddie chuckles a little, blushing as Leo says what he does. "There's a posting on the bulliten board in the lobby, Pallaton," he points out. "I like the blue and white. Matches my powers," he says. There's a pause. "Nevaeh left?"

Pallaton chuckles, scratching his neck. "I've never noticed. I just know my squad. Hellions, with your dad and Daisuke." He gives Eddie a slight nudge. "We spoke about having a team-meeting soon to introduce everyone, but I don't know what's happening with that. You know anthing, Eddie?"

"Hellions and New Mutants traditionally have a rivalry, but I don't know if that'll happen. I mean, we get along with you just fine." Leo says brightly, grinning up at Pallaton and then bouncing in place again.

Eddie squeaks and wobbles from the nudge. "Nope. You'll have to ask my Dad," he says with a grin. A nod is offered to Leo and Eddie looks back up. "Yeah. Like I said to Nathan before…we should get along. All the squads. Make it easier to work together if we have to."

Pallaton nods his head. "I don't see why the rivalry exists, to be honest. We're all after the same goal in the end, we're just split into squads to make training more efficient. At least, that's how I see it."

"Exactly." Leo nods quickly. He moves around to lean on Pallaton just for the fun of it. "I think we'll all be able to work things through. At least, those of us that are willing."

Eddie nods quickly. He pauses and looks down, frowning deeply as he remembers what Nathaniel said earlier. Sighing, Eddie looks back up after a moment and smiles again. "What color costumes did you guys get, Pallaton? Red and black?"

Pallaton looks over to Eddie. "Red and white, though it has black bits on it." He chuckles with a smile. "Eddie? Getting something wrong? That's rare."

"Nah, probably because he just hasn't seen them yet." Leo snickers, scratching the scruff of Pallaton before he snickers at Eddie. "Though, I think we'll do fine, especially with your new powerskill."

Eddie makes a face and crosses his arms. "I'm not precognative. I don't know stuff before it happens or know things before I learn them," he says with a pout. The teen then blushes. "I hope so. Dai keeps saying I should lead the team as Mr. Guthrie's second in command or something…"

Pallaton tilts his head again, intrigued. "New power? What's this?"

"Show him Eddie. You can use mine if you want." Leo offers, grinning. "Or… I don't know what would happen if you borrowed his."

Eddie looks up thoughtfully. "I've been wondering about that actually, Leo," he remarks. "Okay…here goes!" he says, standing up and moving away from the bed a moment. Closing his eyes, Eddie takes a deep breath and activates his powers. The scars light up bright blue and Pallton will feel himself boosted to three times his normal levels of power. "Here goes," Eddie says with a smirk. And with a slight flash of light…Eddie's very different. He's wearing a bright blue version of what Pallaton is wearing now…and seems to have turned into a six foot tall, white-furred wolf-form Eddie. The teen opens his eyes and lets out a squeak. "Woah…I'm fuzzy!"

Pallaton blinks, too, more in surprise than anything and… "You're fuzzy!" He reaches over and pokes Eddie a few times, as if making sure it's real. "Whoa, that's… wow! You're… you're like me! D-Does that mean… I can be human again?" The prespect seems to excite him as it passes through his mind, as if trying to figure out how, if at all, it's possible.

"He just copies powers, now. Mimicing them. I don't know, Pallaton." Leo says, biting his lip as he looks up at the wolfman. "But… why would you want to be? You're just fine the way you are." He scratches his nose.

Eddie blinks, sniffing the air a few times. Enhanced senses are a new one for him. "Wow…" he starts to say something but squeaks when poked. "Hey, don't do that," he chuckles. He then blinks at Pallaton and nods vigorously to what Leo says. "Yeah! You're perfectly fine."

Pallaton nods, but he doesn't seem upset by it. "It was more a passing theory. I mean, you guys know I'm fine, but the outside world likely fears me." Then Pallaton has an idea and reaches behind Eddie's ear and scritches there, seeing if it would affect Eddie as much as it affected him. He chuckles regardless, though. "I still can't believe this… I'm looking at another one like me, sort of… I mean, I could play with you like that and not have to hold back, since I know what I can and can't take. Maybe we could even wrestle, or something." He does seem really happy about having Eddie like that, even if it is just temporary.

"I dunno. Pallaton? How strong ARE You?" Leo asks, tilting his head. "Cause I'm kinda strong myself." Probably stronger than Eddie is in this form, since Eddie's only a partial mimic. "And I'm probably the most agile person here, aside from Mr. Wagner." He snickers.

Eddie starts to say something but the scritching affects him in much the same manner it had been affecting Pallaton when Eddie walked in. Good thing Leo answers for him.

Pallaton pauses to think, letting Eddie calm down now that his theory's been proven, but he still absent-mindedly pets the white, fuzzy Eddie. "I think I can lift about a ton if I put my all into it… not one-hundred percent sure, but fairly certain on that. It used to be only half a ton when I arrived, but I've been putting a lot of work in when training." He then looks back to the fuzzy Eddie and just grabs him in a hug. Eddie can probably understand the gratitude in it, given he knows how Pallaton feels about his form.

"Oh, cool. That's about what I hit when I'm supercharged. Most of the time, I'm somewhere between five and eight hundred. My levels fluctuate." Leo admits. He watches the two, tilting his head. "Aww, I'm the only non-fuzzy one."

Eddie lets out a few breaths when he calms down, embarassed. He makes a happy little noise at the petting but chimes in. "Actually, since I'm boosting you right now, Pallaton…you're even stronger," he says. "I can't mimic someone unless I boost them too," he says. Sniffing at Leo, Eddie chuckles. "Man…now I wanna mimic Mr. Wagner or Dr. McCoy to see what it's like to have their powers…"

Pallaton nods. "True. So right now, it's… about… three to five tons, I think. I'm not certain." He then chuckles at Eddie's sniffing of everyone. "You see why I remember people by scent? Everyone's different, and it has helped out. I wouldn't have noticed that fake Daisuke if I didn't."

"I hope I don't smell bad." Leo blinks, suddenly sniffing himself and double checking, not that his senses are that good or anything. Just his physical abilities. He yawns though, sighing. "I'm about to have to get my nap of the night."

Eddie chuckles. "You smell good. Both of you," he comments. "This is really weird…having such good senses…" he trails off, ears flicking a bit. After a second, he stretches. "Okay…" he trails off. Standing up, there's another flash of blue light as Eddie stops boosting and mimicking, returning to his normal self and falling to the floor. "Oof…" he lets out. "I should keep looking for Pryce and Vincent so they can stop their crazy robo-vac."

Pallaton helps Eddie up with a smile, nodding. "I think I might turn in for the night. That's about as much excitement as I can handle today. If you ever want a hand getting used to those powers, Eddie, I'm more than willing to help you out. Just name a time and place."

"And if we can get a teacher to lead us all in the Danger Room, we could do something fun that is designed more for all of us." Leo says with a grin, moving to give hugs to both of them. Yes, Pallaton too. He gave him scritchies, surely he can share a hug, too!

Eddie returns the hug Leo gives him then gives one of his own to Pallaton. "Sounds like fun sometime…" he trails off. Stretching, the scarred teen nods. "I'll see you guys later provided I prevail in my battle," he says with a laugh.

Pallaton does indeed return the hugs. Hugs all round! Then he nods as the two leave. "Thanks very much for visiting, even if it was for Pryce. I appreciate it. I'll see you guys around."

"Well, I'll come back and see you again, next time." Leo says with a bright grin at Pallaton as he heads out the door, leaving the clothing magazines behind.

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