2011-04-02: Search And Rescue


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Summary: Emma and Vinny raid an MGH Lab with results

Date: April 2, 2011

Log Title: Search and Rescue

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Brooklyn - Chinatown

After getting a lead as to a warehouse where the MGH dealers are conducting some of their business, Emma and Vinny find themselves in a Chinese community in Brooklyn. It's late at night and the only people out in the streets are people who are closing up shops, moving their wares from the sidewalk to vans or indoors. The address brings them to a unassuming steel door with some graffiti on it. There's no door handle and seems to be one of those doors that can only be opened from the inside.

Instead of her Aston Martin, Emma has opted for something far less flashy and much more in line with the place that the business is located… that being said, a white Crown Victoria is still a slight standout no matter what can be done. The classic vehicle is parked a couple blocks down and away from the target, and once more Emma Frost takes out the sabre and pistol, situating them for any possible violence. As the trunk remains open, her mind quests out for the presence of Vinny, looking for the australian's mind and general state.

Vinny has been watching the place for a few hours from a safe distance. Having come here as soon as learned of the location and calling Emma. He's been busy feeling out the area, his hydrokenesis allowing him to sense where pipes with water are flowing around the building and taking note of Hydrants or manholes. As Emma's mind touchs his his state is clear, he's aggitated, reliving the battle in the park in his mind as he plots out a dozen ways to wreck the place with the water he has available.

Over the last few hours Vinny would have spotted a few people coming and going from the location and they always seem to look around before entering and after exiting. There usually seems to be a phone call made once someone gets to the door and shortly after someone opens it for them. Only once did Vinny see someone escorting a young man in who seemed out of it, maybe looking like they were drunk to the average person.

Telepathically, Vinnie hears, «Meet me down by the car I brought. I've been dipping into your mind, I apologize, and I believe I have a means of getting us in… tell me… did you see any cameras around this place?». Then Emma proceeds to craft a layered perception filter around herself, turning herself into a latin woman with some rather generous features. To be safe, she takes her armored UM coat and pulls it over her weapon to keep everything concealed from the cameras if they are present, and turns to wait… taking a moment to check her manicure and hair in the side-view mirror.

Vinny shakes his head, and immediatly feels dumb since she can't see him. He turns and heards towards where Emma parked. «One above the door, could be trouble. Electrolocation can't go through a solid object so I can't get a read on anything behind the door.»

Emma rubs at her temple for the moment, and then nods, «Well, this means that using mental illusion to enter might backfire on us… the last thing we need is to get caught trying to walk in the door. Very well. I suppose we're going to have to use a combination of finesse and brute force.» And with that being said, she begins to make her way around to the other side of the car, leaning on it while she looks up and around, waiting for the platypus man to show up.

Vinny makes it to where the car is parked, giving a nod to Emma. «Figured as much, I don't think I can gather enough water ta bash tha door down without drawing attention ta myself first. I'm open ta suggestions.»

The replies comes after an almost momentary pause, «We make them open the door for us.» and Emma's own smile can almost be felt. Looking towards where the warehouse is, she begins to focus in on the mind of the man outside watching the place and providing the first layer of security, looking at his surface thoughts, and trying to get a sense of how everything works within the organization… or at least for the part he is responsible for.

Vinny nods and stands guard, looking around slowly as his location sense sweeps for anything getting near the car.

Using her powers, Emma senses there's a man on the other side of the door who functions as a guard. The person who wants to get in calls him with a code phrase, this week the phrase is 'the tuna at the fish mart is quite fresh today'. Once the person is inside they are searched before letting on an elevator that heads to the main operation below. She can also tell from the guards thoughts that the camera outside the door is monitored on a small television right inside the door.

Smiling to herself, Emma sends to Vincent, «Move to the far side of the alley, between buildings. Once I give you the signal, I want you to use your water abilities to choke both men unconscious… we can make our way inside from there.» And with that, Emma Frost focuses not on the man outside, but the mind of the man inside, and begins to construct an illusion. It takes the better part of two to three minutes of her preparation, but when it happens, she creates the illusion that there's someone at the door, the phone is rung, and the code phrase is given. With that in place she starts walking towards the door, smiling to herself, heels clicking on the concrete.

Vinny blinks at the request, having never used his powers in that fashion before. He takes up his positon and from a nearby drain calls up a pair of 2ft diameter water orbs, waiting for the door to open. Taking a pair of sunglasses from his vest he slides them on to mask the blue glow to keep from blowing his location.

The door is opened just enough for Emma to slip through to the dimly light room beyond the steel door. The guard immediately looks at Emma and goes to pull a gun out of his holster. "Who the hell are you?!" He asks as once he has his gun trained on her his other hand starts to go for his walky talky.

The mental illusion shifts so that she now looks like the man outside, and pulling the door open wide, Emma paths, «NOW.» And the the woman's hand comes down in a proper straight-hand chop on his wrist, to drop not the gun, but radio before a signal can be sent. From there, regardless if she manages to land the blow or not, she shifts her mental perception once more, keeping her 'self' standing there as she takes a couple steps to the left, and leaving the woman out of the way!

Vinny seeing only one target he fires the water orb past where Emma stood to engulf the guard's head. Clenching his fist the water compacts itself increasing it's density and he jerks his hand back to cause the orb to lurch back towards the door hopefully pulling the guard along with it. Or at least throwing him flat on his face as his air supply is cut off.

The guard never gets to alert anyone what's going on before his hand is knocked out of the way and the water starts to suffocate him. The gun is fired only once in panic at the mental illusion but with his panic he misses even that. It's not long though before he can't fight any longer and is on the ground.

All the various illusions melt away as Emma looks at the pair, and says aloud, "Wait… wait… now…" Monitoring both so that instead of being murderers, the pair only leave the two unconscious and to come to eventually with bad headaches. But she does them remove their belts and ties up their hands with them, and after yanks the battery from their cellphones and walkie, tossing them out into the alleyway. Done, she motions for Vinny to lead, "Elevator is at the end of the hall… and from there we'll be looking like those two. Which will of course make them angry… but buy us a few seconds. Let me know when you're ready."

Vinny enters the building, letting the water orb collapse so the guy doesn't die. At Emma's instruction he takes the lead, trusting in her powers to keep this from getting bad quickly. "Sure thing, though not much in here ta work with.. gonna have ta do this dry for tha most part."

Emma chuckles a bit, and then reaches into her pocket and takes out a small bottle of water, handing it over to Vinny as she shifts the perceptions so that Vinny looks like the guard, and she's invisible, but for the moment he can see her fine. Once the elevator is reached, she actually draws the pearl-handled revolver, and checks the rounds in it, "I know it seems crude, but to be honest, I have had too many experiences to not be prepared. If they have a telepath of their own, I will have to devote time to keeping them from attacking us.

Vinny nods and heads for the elevator "I still got a few tricks, I can still get water here but it would mean blowin' the main at street level and risk floodin' the whole place before we got done."

The room isn't that advanced, there's the monitor for the one camera outside the door and then once of the hallway itself. There's a single desk and a list of names of people who might have checked in or out. There's a two-way communications system that allows whoever is on guard duty to communicate with someone. The elevator only goes down to two floors, B1 and B2.

Pausing in the hallway before the elevator, Emma closes her eyes, and focuses for a moment, sending her consciousness down through the elevator and into the second and third floors of the building. Attempting to sense out fresh minds to pull out information from, she replies, "The problem is not this place… this is primarily distribution. We need someone here who knows where they are producing this new strain of MGH. Without that… we'll just be putting out brushfires."

Vinny nods "Well this hole has ta have an alpha rat.. so we find him, then we sink this place." He waits for Emma to give the go-ahead to continue.

Between the first level basement and the second level basement Emma would sense a lot of minds, more on the second level then the first. There's almost a panic, a pain, discomfort in a lot of minds on the second level along with people focusing on working, getting samples and testing out their findings. On the first level basement she senses a lot of business orientated minds, trying to sort through information, figures in regards to money and how much of each super power they have and which dealers get what.

Emma's eyes open once more as she turns to look at Vinny, "Allright… first floor down is the laboratory… I have several minds that are in discomfort, possibly those being used for material. The second basement level is where they are doing the business administration. But I've yet to find myself any individual mind in charge." Keying the elevator, she then adds with a sigh, "Shall we raid the laboratory?"

Vinny nods and frowns "Rescue tha hostages first.. then we put tha hurts ta tha rest'a these wankers. I hate ta sound a bit on the Magneto side'a things, but let's teachum what happens when ya come after mutant town." He hits the button to call the elevator.

It takes a while but the elevator does come up to the ground floor with a ding. The doors slide open to reveal a large elevator with doors that can open on either side. In the far right corner of the elevator is a camera moving back and fourth.

Almost immediately, Emma pulls back, watching the camera by means of the back of her smartphone, the chrome catching the reflection. Once the camera has passed to where it's not viewing the elevator, she moves in under it, and then motions for Vincent to follow once the time is right. The movements however do echo in the entryway because of the high-fashion flats she has on currently.

Vinny backs away as the doors open and ducks to the side as well, following emma's lead and moving hopefully out of the camera's line of sight when she motions him inside. "I think we're gonna hafta toss stealth out tha window soon."

There is no elevator music as it goes down two floors at a slow pace. When the elevator stops the doors on the opposite side open up right into a large lab room. Mutants float in large cylindrical tubes with all sorts of wires and tubes hanging off them around the sides of the room. In the middle are tables where some mutants are strapped down and there seem to be lab technicians milling around and doing work. One of the technicians spots Vinny and Emma and pauses for a second before running over to the wall to hit an alarm button.

Emma immediately sends out a mental lance to paralyze the man before he can get to the alarm, saying in a very prim voice, "Now now… we have no wish to spoil the party until the time is right, do we? Vincent, be a dear and short the alarm button will you?" Striding into the chamber, she begins looking around, keeping her senses on alert for trouble from any others.

Vinny pops open the bottle of water emma gave him and his eyes begin to glow as the liquid flows out into a small orb. Walking over to the alarm button he pops one of his bone spurs and uses it to pry up a bit of the plate around the button before willing the water into the space to short out the mechanism. Letting the more powerfull Emma deal with the lab techs for the moment.

The alarm never trips and is shorted out, sparking for a bit from the water. The lab techs aren't trained for combat as they're mainly scientists but you don't work around MGH all day without having access to it. Out of the six lab techs two pull out guns and the other four scramble for some MGH pills to take to allow them to combat the intruders. The one tech still stands there frozen for the time being.

"Right…", and working reflexively, she goes for the ones who have weapons first, leaving the others for Vinny. Her hand sweeps out and Emma attempt to overwhelm the pair with mental blasts, at the same time attempting to freeze the weapons before they can go off. The combination of psychic and kinetic attacks however are enough that the formerly paralyzed man is released from her grip, "Why can't it ever just be easy…"

Vinny is already moving, popping the other spur from his other arm, he jabs the tech that was reaching for the button once, then rushes towards the others. Unfortunatly he's not fast on his feet. When he gets close he'll try to lunge and jab them with the spurs as well to deliver his venom. The first tech probably already feeling his muscles seize up as every pain receptor in his body fires full strength at the same time.

The two techs with the handguns fall over before they even have time to get a shot off. The other four wait for the effects of the MGH to take effect but the first two never get the chance as their muscles start to seize up and they join their colleague and fall to the floor from Vinny's venom. The two that are left turn on Vinny and Emma, one for each. The first one sends a blast of electricity at Emma while the second one flies up and charges Vinny to tackle him.

Emma attempts to dive away from the blast, but it catches her around the ankle and ends up sending her into a sprawl, mussing her hair and making her land on her cheek on the floor. Shuddering a few times as it crackles through her, she replies by forcing her own pain away for the moment, and tries to counter by shutting down that part of the brain the blaster is using to fire those bolts. But the burn mark on her ankle looks a bit vicious after receiving the strike.

Vinny hits the deck as the flier dives at him. However he's learned that when dealing with a human fighter there's always somthing they forget.. the tail. As he falls forward his broad flat tail whips upwards like a 5ft long 100lb flyswatter. Hopefully catching the tech in mid-dive. "Damned fakers…"

It's different for Emma to turn off the powers then it is with a mutant, it takes a bit of effort but she's able to do it. As for Vinny, his tail slams into the flier who goes face first into the wall and slides down to the floor. That leaves just one up who is powerless. He decides it's best now to get down on his knees and surrender. "Please, don't kill me!"

Limping her way to standing, Emma straightens her hair some and then begins to walk with a stilted gait towards the blaster and from under the coat comes the saber, levelled at him, "Fancy powers do not, in fact, save you from perforation… now… only one of you needs to tell us who you're working for. That means something bad happens to the other." Her head turns slightly, and she then gives a rather lopsided and wicked grin to Vinny, "Should we let them decide?"

Vinny grunts and gets back to his feet. He walks over to the flier and gives another jab with a bone spur to make sure he's not getting up. He then removes his bush knife from inside of his vest and removing the tech's labcoat he cuts strips of cloth from it to bind his wrists and ankles, as an outdoorsman vinny is good with knots. Gagging the man as well. He casts a glance over to Emma "You ok?" He gives a dry chuckle and moves to bind the other three currently suffering the affects of his venom. "I'll let you handle the social stuff.. though first things first I'm made him get the mutants out of those tanks and off the tables."

It's not that hard for the one lab tech who is still consciously to decide to answer. "Please, I'll help you out, whatever Lady just don't kill me." After all mutants are all psycho killers aren't they? Around the room there are a total of sixteen mutants here, five on the tables and eleven in the tubes. There are file cabinets, computers and cabinets of MGH pills in the room as well.

Sliding the sword back into it's sheathe, Emma then exhales deeply before replying, "Kill you? Kill you… why in the world would I want to kill you… do you know how much paperwork is involved in murder? Between the police, the federal investigators… and the people we work for? Honestly, you must understand… it's always better to wound." And with that she starts pulling the information needed to get the people free from the tubes, "Vincent… release the ones on the tables. I should be able to work from here. And if our new best friend here becomes recalcitrant? Please apply percussive persuasion."

Vinny looks to the man and grins, fingering the blade a moment. "Ah don't worry.. if he gets a bit uppity I'll just take off a bit or two. It's amazin' what ya can live through eh?" He walks over to the tables and looks at the retraints, looking to see how they're released.

The victims are just strapped to the table via leather straps, nothing overly fancy, and all of them are unconscious via sedatives from an IV in their arm. The lab tech gulps at Vinny's words and shakes his head. "What do you need from me? Please, I'll answer anything just don't hurt me." He's panicked and scared, not much bravery from a lab tech.

"Yes… don't hurt you. Nevermind that you have sixteen people here who have either never done anything to harm you, or you live under the misconception that they actively want to harm you… and so you decide to take from them the very thing that sets them apart and use it for yourself. How would you like to BE a mutant… forever? I can arrange it. It's not that hard… just a push here… a tweak there… and suddenly you're purple and can fart razor blades." All spoken from the woman as she continues to release the people from the tanks.

Vinny removes the IVs and slives through the leather straps with the boot knife. "First off we need a truck.. this dump has ta have some sort of transports for goods and.. materials." He winces at the comment made by Emma "Fartin' Razor Blades.. now THAT would suck as a power. I'll stick with my rugged good looks."

"It's a job!" The man says but like most people mutants do fear him. "They bring them in through upstairs, I don't ask where they come from they just bring them to us. We were all hired to do a job and we get paid to do it." He winces as Emma threatens him. "What is it you want?!" He asks willing to give her any information she needs.

"World peace, every handsome man on the planet at my beck and call, a class of students who actually listen to me for a change… oh… and if you don't mind, add in a complete destruction of prejudice in the human condition." Leaning in, she taps the lab tech on the nose, "But since you're not capable of any of that by ANY stretch of the imagination, I want to know who you really work for."

Vinny winces at the man's yelling "First off keep it ta a dull roar alright? No need for hysterics." He lets the mutants on the tables recover from the sedatives before turning his attention to the tubes. "Learn how ta get these guys loose yet?"

"I work for a woman named Dr. Kelly Simmons." The lab tech says. "She's the head of development here, she heads up the Mutant Growth Hormone operation." And the man is telling the truth. "She hired us and is the one that keeps tabs on our progress. And to get the guys out of the harvesting tubes there are controls in the computer over there."

Emma plumbs the tech's mind to get the image of Dr. Simmons, and anything else that is not being said as at the same time she sends a quick pulse to his mind to send him to sleep. Once that's done, she moves to the computer, and begins to tap in the commands, "The way up should be clear still… if you retrieve my car, or find a van… I will handle waking them and keeping them stable. And… thank you, Vincent. Without you, I would not have been able to do this. Even for all my vaunted power I am still only human."

Vinny nods "Well drivin' ain't my strong suit.. but I think I can call in a friend. Though I hate havin' ta bring a Non-mutant inta this. Keep in Mental contact, things get ugly and I'll break the water main above this place and flood the whole damn works.."

From the Lab Tech's mind Emma gets everything he knows about Dr. Simmons, what time she comes into the lab, what she looks like, her personality as the tech knows it and that she's extremely dedicated to finding this improved strand of MGH, which is showing a lot of success.

Emma hmphs softly to herself as she looks around the room, "Damn…" And then as the tubes drain she begins taking pictures of everything, the equipment, the computers, all of it recorded onto her smartphone and downloaded to the school database. After that it's back to helping the others as she re-establishes the mental link with Vinny, «Hurry… the person in charge won't be stopped so easily by wrecking their equipment. I will do what I can from here however.» And saber is drawn as all the tubes complete their sequences, and she stabs into the case, aiming for the hard-drives, where the information is kept.

Vinny calls the elevator, again slipping in under the camera when it's facing away and heading back to the top floor where he searchs the bound guards for car keys.. these guys had to get to work somehow. «Ok tha help ain't comin' gonna hafta wing this. Gonna try and find some wheels.»

There's a bit of a whimper from the lab tech as Emma stabs the computer. "Years of research….." He mutters as he can't help but see all that information destroyed.

"Yes… I am SO disappointed in myself… that I stopped you from using mutants as your personal playthings… I can castigate myself at another time however…" She then stabs into the computer once more, twisting just to be sure, and somehow draws out the hard-drive itself, "Forensic programmers could still recover from this. And we simply cannot have that…" Pocketing the drive, she then looks around and asks, "I do not suppose you have an inconveniently placed self-destruct mechanism? I understand they're all the rage."

Vinny grins as he finds a set of keys on one of the guards. Searching the area around the warehouse for a moment he comes across what they fit into, a pickup truck with a bed cap. "Well.. beggers can't be choosers." Getting in he fiddles with the seat, his short legs making driving rather difficult be have manages to get things situated to where he can reach the pedals. Starting it up he drives it slowly back around and manages to back it up to the elevator doors. :«Ok Miss Frost, got a pickup here. Best I can manage.. start bringing them up if ya can.»

"N-no!" The Lab Tech says as if the idea of a self destruct mechanism is ludicrous. "There's a whole building on top of us! You have your information, just take it and leave." Though the lab tech is hoping that the crazy mutant lady just takes off, and soon. He wants to report to his superior what happened and he wants to make sure she doesn't get any of the files that are in the cabinets so they don't lose all their research.

"Thank you." Emma says rather primly as she looks over towards the files. Her eyebrows narrow as for a moment Vinny's connection feels faint and almost static to him, as if something was intrefering. The bulk of her mental might is now focused on the target of the filing cabinets, raising the temperature inside them all towards a flash-point, to begin burning the paper. One cheek flutters from her efforts as a single bead of sweat runs down her jawline, and then suddenly all the heat rushes towards the insides of the cabinets, "It's a pity such brilliance is wasted on a shallow-minded bigot."

Emma then starts to help the first to come to up, and begins giving them commands on how to get out, and where to meet Vinny upstairs.

Vinny waits on the top floor for an answer, keeping an eye out to make sure there are no unwelcome visitor's.

The cabinet goes up in flames, burning all the paperwork inside. The lab tech starts to whimper as he sees all that work get destroyed. Smoke starts to come out from the cabinet and soon the alarms will be blaring along with sprinklers coming on.

Emma goes for the judo chop to knock the lab tech out, panting a bit from the exertion as the telepathy becomes a bit easier to handle, and she begins guiding all sixteen victims towards the entrance and the cargo elevator. Leaving the lab techs here to their fate of being able to get out before anything major burns down, she makes for the elevator, «Vincent, we are on our way up… the fire alarms may go off shortly.»

Vinny readys himself, opening the back of the truck. «Not gonna have enough room for everyone. We're gonna need ta use yer car as well. All clear up here for tha time being.»

Emma rides up with the second group as she replies, «Not a problem Vincent… take them all to the Genoshan Embassy… I will meet you there. Once again, you have proven a most capable individual.» And the second group goes with her, moving in the semi-nude to where she has the last five of them into the vehicle and given instructions where to go implanted in their minds. A bit of a cheat, but as Emma retrieves her case from the back, she looks to the building and the fire alarm about to go off and bring the fire fighters to find the operation, before smiling to herself and beginning to walk away, her off-steps stilted from the continued discomfort of her scorched ankle.

Once Vinny, Emma and the victims are out the fire alarms start to blare waking up those who live on the floors above the shops and those working in the underground office under the lab. The fire fighters battle the blaze, which doesn't take to long as the fire didn't spread beyond the second level basement, but the lab itself was destroyed along with a lot of evidence as to what went on down there.

Vinny manages to get the truck started again «Sure thing Miss Frost, when we get done with this I'll head to westchester. Got some new news for ya, we've slowed the MGH boys now it's time ta hit the NMO.» He carefully drives off with a full load of mutants. Moving away at a slow but deliberate pace since he's driven mabye twice in his life and has no license. He parks the truck outside of the embassy and quickly goes in to get some assistance in helping those that can't move under thier own power,.

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