2011-04-03: Searching For Connor


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Summary: Fiona is met with some resistance when searching for Connor.

Date: April 3, 2012

Log Title: Searching For Connor

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

It's a fairly nice day out - not exactly /warm/ yet but not exactly freezing, either, with a few clouds here and there. Fiona can be found walking down the streets of Mutant Town. She's not exactly sure WHY she's here, other than that her search for Connor still seems to be continuing, despite having been told by Quenton that he was at Xavier's. Somehow, she's not ENTIRELY sure she trusts that information and well, if he wasn't there, then where else would he be? Mutant Town, perhaps. Still though, she isn't having a lot of luck, exactly - if the locals know anything about him they're not talking! She pauses in her walk, kicking a stone idly with the toe of one of her boots, watching it skitter down the sidewalk.

Coming out of one of the brick apartments is the emo-looking Robyn. Dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans with a Nightmare Before Christmas Hoodie on, he carries a backpack and a large cardboard box in both hands. It's obvious he's having a bit of trouble with the bulk of the box since it's about three feet wide and three feet deep. As the kicked stone skitters down the sidewalk, it moves right by Robyn's feet. "Oh crap!" He says trying to move backwards so he doesn't step on the stone and trip.

Fiona follows the stone with her eyes until it stops near Robyn, eyes catching on his feet and tracing up the rest of his body. For a moment, she stands there staring at him with a rather blank expression on her face. "Are you uh… okay?" she asks him flatly - though a small grin tugging at the corner of her mouth would seem to indicate that she's amused by this.

It's strange to see just one of Annabeth wandering around, for those people who know her. She's storming up the street with a rather annoyed expression about her. It looks like she's aiming for the same apartment complex that Robyn is coming out of, and when she sees her neighbor nearly fall, her expression changes to one of worry. "Robyn! Are you all right? Need a hand with that?"

First Fiona asks him if he needs help and then Annabeth and the scowl on his face is apparent. "I'm fine, I don't need help. It's not even heavy, it's just large." He doesn't need two women rushing to his assistance like he's some damsel in distress. "No offence but I don't trust anyone but me carrying my art."

"Whoa, hey, I didn't mean anything by it!" Fiona holds up her hands apologetically, before her gaze turns to Annabeth. She looks familiar for some reason, but the teenager can't quite remember WHY that is… However, she's significantly less intoxicated than the last time that the two met. Weren't there… two of her, though? She's confused.

Annabeth shrugs as if it's no skin off her back. "No offense taken. I understand completely." She glances at Fiona and almost does a doubletake. "You are… Fiona, right?" She asks. "I take it your friend got you home all right."

Robyn gives Annabeth a nod. "Just cause I'm skinny doesn't mean I can't carry stuff." He says with a grin. "Some people just get to bring home a few books for homework, I have to bring a huge box back and fourth to school. Luckily Parsons isn't too far from here."

Fiona blinks at Annabeth, "I… uh… wha?" she stammers when this familiar looking woman addresses her by name. "Yes… I guess?" she answers, finally throwing out an, "I'm supposed to know you, aren't I? You look really familiar…" she trails off, cheeks tinging red. She hates it when she doesn't remember a person's name. Or where she met them.

Annabeth gives Robyn a wry chuckle. "It's lucky I've got two bodies. You wouldn't believe how much crap I have to cart back and forth between here and work." She gives Fiona a critical stare, as if she can't believe what she's hearing before sighing. "No, with how drunk you are I'd be surprised if you remembered me."

"Where is your other half?" Robyn asks Annabeth, adjusting a knee so that he can get a better grip on the box. "One of the disadvantages of living off campus is carting home stuff to work on. This here is a big part of my grade, it wasn't easy and I am still working on painting it." He then gives Fiona a curious looking grin. "Are we really supposed to know anyone, or does it just happen?"

"Ohhh…" Fiona facepalms, shaking her head. "Was it THAT night? I was sick for like the whole next day after Tabitha took me home to her place. Did I do something really dumb? I bet I did something really dumb." Her face is much MORE red now! She glances to Robyn, an eyebrow twitching. "That's not exactly what I meant!" Still, she can't help but giggle slightly at him.

"Oh, I'm teaching English," explains Annabeth. "I just left some graded papers in my apartment, so I've come back to get them before the next class shows up." She shrugs at Fiona. "You made quite the mess in the bathroom, but your friend, Tabitha, helped me clean it up. Anything else you may or may not have done I'm sure I wouldn't remember it."

"I've got about a half hour before my first class of today but I have to hit my sculpting class to drop this off first then go to the next building for one of my Art History classes." Robyn's the typical art student, taking classes that would have no use in the real world.

"Oh. Well, that's good to know, I guess. Just so long as I wasn't like…" Fiona leaves the statement unfinished, shaking her head. "Nevermind! Apparently you helped! So thanks, at least," the sorceress smiles. "I think others might've taken advantage of a sitaution like that. Then again, I guess you did say you were a teacher…"

Annabeth isn't one to comment on taking classes that have no use in the real world, considering some of the classes she had taken. She rolls her eyes at Fiona. "If I recall correctly, you really don't have much to take advantage of. Anyway, it's good to see that being falling down drunk isn't a normal state of being for a teenager."

Robyn looks between the two girls and definately feels out of place. "Well, I should get a move on, gotta get to to class. Nice running into you Annabeth." He says adjusting the box one last time. "Uh…good luck with the drinking thing." He says to Fiona before he's on his way.

Fiona frowns, "I didn't… mean it like that…" her eyes travel to the ground, one of her arms rubbing the other nervously. "Whatever," she grumbles dismissively. "Anyway, I'm lookin for this guy… name's Connor… you wouldn't happen to eh, know him, would you?"

Annabeth pauses, and glances at Robyn as Fiona asks her question, deferring to him to answer.

Robyn starts to walk off when he hears the name Connor. He doesn't turn around right away, debating if she means his friend or if it's just a coinsciendence, but then there aren't many of those in mutant town. Turning around he looks wearily at Fiona before putting the box down. "Why?"

"My teacher did some work for him and he erm… overpaid, I guess," Fiona rubs the back of her neck, then pulls her braid down around in front of her, tugging on it nervously. "It's difficult to explain. But that means we owe him… so…"

Annabeth folds her arms and gives Fiona a very teacher-ly scowl. "Fiona, you are as bad a liar as you are a drunk." This is said without any malice behind it. On the contrary her tone sounds somewhat amused.

Robyn just looks at Fiona for a bit before taking out his cellphone, fiddling with it a bit before he holds it up to try to get a picture of Fiona quickly. "I don't care how difficult it is, explain." Robyn says as that aloof friendly kid seems to have vanished for now. With one of his best friends and roommates missing, he's not taking someone looking for Connor lightly.

Fiona blinks over at Annabeth, "What? I'm telling the truth!" she glances between the two of them. "My teacher told me to keep an eye on him so that we can repay him if the opportunity arises." She folds her arms across her chest, narrowing her eyes at the cell phone camera. The glow purple for a moment. WHY on earth does this have to be so difficult? Good grief…

Robyn doesn't answer until he's done texting Connor the picture along with the words 'she's looking for you, do you know her?'. "You're in Mutant Town. Most the time when someone comes looking for someone around here, it's not good. He doesn't need to have someone keep an eye on him, but if you keep wandering around here looking for him, you will need someone to keep an eye on you."

Fiona shrugs, "I can take care of myself." The girl grits her teeth, anger flaring up within her. It's impotent though - probably a GOOD thing that Donna took away her weapons otherwise this would be one of those times she'd probably end up using them. Unnecessarily, of course.

Annabeth folds her arms. "You are 17, have run away from home. You live with this 'teacher' and you have your friend Tabitha keep an eye on you." Again, that disapproving look, "I think the facts speak otherwise."

There's the sound that indicates that Robyn has gotten a text message back and he reads it outloud. "Tell her This. Your Teacher has her secrets, and I, Uh Connor, have mine. Apologize to the person who reads you this message, or he will kick your ass." It takes him a second to realize that he just read that he'll kick Fiona's ass, which wasn't exactly in his plans. He then looks to Annabeth and chews on his lip. "Is Tabitha the same Tabitha that looks like a rat?"

"Fine, I don't need YOU to look after me. And I'm NOT apologizing to you," Fiona replies flatly, kicking another small stone in Robyn's general direction. "You do whatever you gotta do. 'n you shut up about my best friend, too! Jerks."

Annabeth nods at Robyn. "The very same." At Fiona's accusation she holds up her hands defensively. "Hey, I didn't say anything about her."

"I didn't ask you to, I was just reading what…" Robyn shakes his head as he's not about to defend himself to Fiona anymore. "I didn't either, actually I only kinda know Tabitha after we were both manipulated by the same person, okay? But should I yell at you and tell you to shut up about my best friend for looking for him?" He says to Fiona with the irritation thick in his voice.

Fiona shrugs, "Don't care," she growls, eyes flaring brightly and unevenly, "SHUT UP NORG, SHUT UP ABOUT HER," she shouts, closing her eyes tightly and taking a deep breath. Suddenly, she's much calmer - withdrawn. Those who are sensitive to that sorta thing would notice the great amount of chaos in her head subside.

Annabeth takes a weary step back from Fiona, giving Robyn a helpless look. When it comes to confronting violent and possibly psychotic powered individuals, her mutant power really isn't all that useful. "I… okay. Maybe we should call the police."

Robyn adjusts so he's standing defensivly before he looks over at Annabeth. "Are you nuts, what the police going to do?" He then looks back at Fiona. "I don't want to see you wandering around this neighborhood, if I see or hear about you asking anyone about Connor there will be trouble." He offers her as his final warning.

"If you say so," Fiona shrugs. When she opens her eyes they're no longer glowing. "If you make trouble for me, there'll be trouble for you." She turns, biting down on her tongue hard. She does start to head off though, in the direction of… not mutant town.

Bending down to pick up the box, Robyn shakes his head at Fiona. "If there's trouble for you here, you'll only be making it yourself. I warned you on how to avoid making it." Annabeth gets a nod from Robyn. "See you around Annabeth." And with that he rushes off to class to avoid being late.

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