2011-04-07: Searching For Information


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Summary: Following up on a phone message Tony arrives at the scene of what used to be an MGH facility with Quicksilver and learns some information from Mr. Wilks.

Date: April 4, 2007

Log Title: Searching for Information

Rating: PG


Burnt out and water logged warehouse where an MGH lab used to be located.

Early evening in Chinatown and Vinny leans against a wall outside of the warehouse he raided earlier in the week. He cleans under his nails carefully with the 12in bush knife he carrys. His attire still festooned with a bandolier of water bottles and several canteens on his belt. The building is dark, the door locked, he doubts there's much left after the raid but they might get lucky.

Arriving on foot from around a corner are two Avengers. It's hard to mistake them given that Tony is walking down the street between buildings in full armor. "Mr. Wilks," the solemn tone comes from the armored man who then cuts a quick glance over at Quicksilver before turning his attention back to the ever helpful platypus. "I apologize for the delay in responding to your message. I am however here now, with friend, if you would be so kind as to tell me what's happened here."

Quicksilver on the other hand doesn't say anything. Then again he doesn't because he'd just be snarking. Mocking this area, and most especially the person in it.. which wouldn't get Tony information. Wearing his costume of two tone blue, the man folds his arms over his chest and looks disapproving. That they walked there? Now that amused him. A casual stroll for two Avengers? Yeah, that was subtle.

Vinny pushes off the wall and smiles to the pair "G'day." He motions to the warehouse "Buildin' there was hidin' an MGH lab. Buildin' has two sub-basements, lab on the first, processing and money on the second. Myself and another mutant raided tha place two days ago, rescued sixteen mutants and put tha lab to tha torch before takin' off. Figure by now they've torn up and hit tha bricks but still might be worth lookin' around."

"How did you come across this place? I'm not going to believe a little birdy told you." Though stranger things have happened in the past! Iron Man scans the area around the warehouse then opens the door nearby emitting light from the very powerful flashlight mounted at his chest in case there is no power to be had in the warehouse. "Have any of the rescued mutants turned up to be those on the missing persons reports?" There were a great many questions that needed to be asked but at least those were a starting place. Pietro of course was more than welcome to go ahead to see what he could turn up or to stick close just in case there might be any surprises left by those who have cleared out of here.

That door opens and Pietro is gone. He does pull on a filtration mask that's been worked up for him before entering, but there's only a blur to even tell that he's moved. Tony opened the door and that was the only invitation he needed. Moving fast enough where even inside these enclosed quarters he's a slip of wind and a passing blur that might be missed in the blink of an eye. Exploring every nook and cranny that he can find, and all in mere seconds. If there's a door in his way he merely passes right through it. Loves that trick he learned after getting his powers back. Vibrate molecules enough and he can pass right through solids.

Vinny chuckles "Nope.. Post cognitive mutant touched one of tha MGH goons that attacked tha NMO rally. Once he sorted through tha memories he got the address for this place and passed it on ta me. Not sure who all we found, were kinda in a bit of a hurry ta leave. Took um all to tha Genoshan embassy for medical care." He sheaths the blade back in it's scabbard inside of his vest. "Course I got a new name for ya. Doctor Kelly Simmons, she runs the whole shebang. Course she wasn't here when we came callin'"

The interior is dark, the building having no power. A single elevator leading to the sublevels. The lab level in heavily burned, a few file cabinets filled with destroyed documents, some scorched equipment and examination tables with thier leather restraints cut. The second level has less damage but is completely empty, except for a small plastic inhaler discarded in the corner, the same kind used for Kick.

"I doubt she would be." Given a name Tony walks through the darkened warehouse towards the single elevator that leads to the sublevels. While searching through various databases such as the NYPD, SHIELD, Avengers and FBI for information on Kelly Simmons the elevator doors are pried apart and Tony hovers down enough to pry open the doors to touch down on the lab level scanning everything left in the room with various sensors to see if he could pick up on anything that the naked eye was incapable of. If there is nothing to be found as he searches this room he will head to the other level.

As Tony begins his search, Quicksilver is finishing his. In moments he's found Tony again and slows down. "There's nothing down here for the visual eye." Knowing that he lacks the scanners that armor does. The man's accent flavors his words a little more heavily due to his displeasure. "There is an inhaler down on the lowest level, but I didn't touch it." Mostly because he doesn't want to risk getting affected. The last thing anyone needs is a crazed speedster with his levels of super speed. He should know. He's been crazy before. "As well as some cabinets that are badly burned. Someone set fire to the place and did an excellent job." Electric eyes shift to Vinny if that one follows Tony. Otherwise, the other mutant earns little of Pietro's attention.

Vinny waits at the top level as a lookout. The equipment in the lab level are mostly the examination tables and a few large tubes with smaller hoses and tubing inside them, from residue it looks like they were used to hold mutants in some form of suspended animation.

Tony turns towards Pietro when he enters the lab level reporting what was found on the administration level. "So, there was a mutant amongst them who utilized kick at some point during the conflict and we're now wandering around the remnants of what surely was a horrific scene. We're not going to find much here other than the name of that scientist…and I use that term loosely." Burnt out files and a bunch of debris were not going to further the investigation. Scanning each of the tubes then heading towards what could be machines that were destroyed Tony pauses there pressing a hand to one machine and sending a slight wave of power into it to see if he could bring anything up.

"I concur." That there's little to be found here. That there were suspension tanks isn't a surprise either. Not if you want to keep your source of drug flowing. Capture a few good mutants and have at. Since there are no bodies to be found, he doesn't bother mentioning it. Hands to hips he watches Iron Man go about feeding machines power. Since this is a pause he plays watch dog. Let Tony do his thing and Pietro will ensure that there's some warning before attack.

Vinny waits topside, staying near the door. As power is given to the tube it makes a gurgling sound and a small screen that would show the vitals of the occupant light's up and gives the standard flatline tone since it's empty. What used to be a computer is attached by wires to the tubes that were left behind, it looks like somone put a sword through it, and it's hard drive has been removed.

There doesn't seem to be much of anything left in the technical sense. The tubes are empty and therefore no data to be had from them and what was left of the computer systems when powered prove to have had their hard drives removed on top of the damage that was done. "We should head over to the embassy and see if we can't get an audience with your father." The light at the center of Iron Man's chest goes from being a broad band flashlight to the simple glow that it normally shows as. "I've got a whole lot of nothing here and as the rescued are there…" No further explanation be needed. Metal feet cross the still water covered floor towards the elevator. He pauses to see if Pietro will race upward or if the mutant would like a lift up the elevator shaft to where Vinny waits.

"That may not be as easy as wandering over, and you shouldn't be doing it in your armor." The speedster warns. And of course he rushes ahead. Duh. Quicksilver is up top in an eyeblink, leaving Tony to endure the non existent musac in the elevator shaft. Not like vertical surfaces mean much to him anymore. So for Vinny the lean man in blue appears not too far away with barely a brush of breeze. "This is hardly worth having taken the time to see. What are you trying to gain here?"

Vinny turns with a bit of a jerk, reaching for his blade for a second before noting it's Pietro. "Figured there might be somthin' here he could find out, we left in a bit of'a rush last time with a truckload of drugged up mutants. Didn't get much time to search the place, no harm in checkin'"

"Possibly. There is something to be said for appearing in an official capacity." This he says to Pietro before the man zips up the shaft and can be heard speaking with Vinny. Blue tinged eyes eventually peer over the edge of the elevator opening then slowly the suit of armor appears bit by bit until Iron Man strides out of the elevator shaft without pause. "Not much there save broken tech devoid of data, and the remnants of the broken tubes, tables what have you. Though someone was on kick. Was this your friend? Out of curiosity." No sense in lingering around the darkened hallway so he leads the way back out of the building.

Go for that knife and the speedster looks amused. "Quaint." Noted for Vinny. Yeah, because a knife would be so effective against Pietro. Arrogant? Yes, thank you! "Then you should have checked the place before wasting our time." For he feels this was. As Iron Man arrives he folds arms over his chest. "And what's going to happen when we have a city filled with mutants going through withdrawal?" Sour that, and he doesn't expect anyone to answer it right now. A snort and he walks with Tony outside.

Vinny blinks a moment and shakes his head "Nope, don't use kick and don't work with those that do. If ya found it down there it's new ta me, we found plenty of MGH pills but no kick. Maybe someone they snatched from the rally had it on them." He muses a moment "MGH mixed with Kick.. bloody hell now that's scary. I got one last bit'a info that might help, check tha local hospital records for folks brought in with muscular paralysis caused by an exotic Organic Neurotoxin.. those would be the lab techs we dropped during the rescue." He gives Peitro a look and shakes his head "Sound just like yer dad.. actually scratch that, he was respectful."

Outside in the light of day again there are many unanswered questions fluttering rapidly through Tony's mind. "As MGH gives humans powers that they would never have I doubt that it could be mixed with Kick to any degree that would make much of a difference." Not that Stark is a scientist just a rather brilliant engineer and physicist. Wait…"That particular piece of information might just come in handy. I will look for these technicians and see if I can't persuade them to give up their boss." The other comment made? Yeah…Tony will just side step a bit and let Pietro field that one.

"He always did have better manners." Noted in rich amusement at being told he sounds like his father. No, he really doesn't care. "Then again, I doubt you wasted his time as you have ours. But at least Iron Man has gained something useful." Don't take it personally. Pietro is an ass when it comes to dealing with people. "You want me to call again?" Asked of Tony. "I doubt my father will answer if he hasn't by now." Magneto doesn't like to be pressed, and his son knows it. Then again Pietro likes pressing. Today he's trying to curb that.

Vinny hmphs "Ya know stuff now that ya didn't before. Don't sound like a total waste ta me, though I apologise fer not bein' as professional as you avenger types. I'm a bit busy on the streets'a mutant town tryin' to deal with the NMO, the MGH, and keepin' the peace since Dingo's off his flippin' nut and tryin' ta get us all killed by startin' a damn war with the rest of tha city." He exits the building and starts to head off the way he came, taking somthing from behind a nearby dumpster. It's a surf board. "Next time I'll just leave a voice mail with yer secretary."

Quite a bit is going on in Mutant Town and sadly it seems that the NYPD has no control of the area especially with Dingo on a rampage. It's never good when people have to take justice into their own hands. Watching Vinny move down the alley to acquire a surfboard Tony tips his head to the side at the comment. Hey, he's not the one being an ass! "I appreciate that you've taken the time to offer assistance as you have. Hopefully this situation will resolve itself soon before any more lives are disrupted and lost." As an aside to Pietro, "Honestly…you need to work on your people skills a bit more. A little less snark and you might make it an entire conversation before pissing someone off."

Oh yes, mention Dingo. "Like how you aided him the other day during his pretend attack on Stark Towers?" And the Avengers chose not to do anything about it. Pierto opts to go along with Tony though, and he really shouldn't smile that much. "I hold entire conversations with you, don't I?" So it /is/ possible. "We should have arrested him for working with that fool." Not that he makes any effort towards that at all. With that he changes the subject, "You might wish to see the embassy. As irate as I am with Magneto, he constructed a beautiful building." Has no idea the man built it nearly over night with the help of another mutant.

Vinny drops the board on the pavement and stands on it. "I helped him out when tha cops were blackmailin' him, just like I'd help out any other mutant with a problem if I can. We gotta look out for each other after all, don't agree with how he does things but I wasn't about ta see him get railroaded by a few bigots with badges. In that instance we were on tha same side.. this time we ain't. It's likely gonna be me that has ta take him down when the time comes." His eyes begin to glow, there's a gurgling sound from the nearby storm drains.

Tony watches Vinny mount the surfboard and is waiting to see how the man sails off into the sunset on the sewer water of all things. "I know what happened and I agreed to play along with that. Totally different situation." Turning towards Pietro the body posture alone could read as zip it then he calls out loud enough to be heard, "Try to stay out of trouble even if that is asking a lot. If and when the time comes to take Dingo down a few pegs there will be quite a few that will be present as it is."

Pietro smiles at Tony, but says nothing more. Sorry, he enjoys doing that far too much. Hands clasped behind back he strolls down the street. You know, as if he does every day in his costume. No, isn't concerned that Vinny seems about to use powers. The speedster is waiting for something to happen. Not to attack, but merely to avoid it. Nope, just walking with Tony! See, he can be good.

Vinny focuses and a few seconds later water begins to spew from the stormdrains, drawn by his Hydrokineses until there's at least a few hundred gallons if not more. It forms a 5ft diameter pool around Vinny lifting the board neary 3ft off the ground. He gives a wave to the pair and a simple "Safe Travels out there mates." Before the pool ripples and turns into a wave, the platypus litterally surfing down the street back towards mutant town. Vinny stops at the traffic light, signals for a left turn, and is gone.

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