2012-05-20: Searching The Docks



Summary: Rocket & Kai search the docks for signs of Envy or the kidnapped children.

Log Title: Searching the Docks

Rating: G

NYC - Docks

Off from the bustle and crowds of South Street Seaport, a small dock stretches over the east river, which was once convenient for fishes, now lays almost forgotten. The wood here isn't as polished as the rest of the docks as splinters can be seen here and there. At night there is an eerie shadow cast over the place from the tall ships docked several feet away.

The docks are a bit desolate today, it being a Sunday. There are a few people running around preparing for small vessel docking during Fleet Week next weekend. Moving back from the dock toward the mainland is a small furry person. Upon closer inspection one will discover that this person is actually a Raccoon. He waves and offers a "Hello" to some of the dock workers, who wave back in a confused manner. Rocket is checking for anything that might look suspicious in the area. He knows from Envy's broadcast that she is indoors near the water. It is also known that her last hideout was an old warehouse on the river, but so far nothing looks out of place.

Kai may have severed his ties with HYDRA but that doesn't mean he's lost all the connections he's made since he came to the city and while he may of had to beat the information out of some of his informents, he's been given enough to go on to bring him here. Dressed in dark grey jeans and a black jacket Kai steps out onto the docks.

Rocket is typing something into a small computer built into an arm bracer. He walks forward as he does so and nearly rams right into Kai, stopping just in time and smiling up at the other man. "Ah, excuse me, civilian." He steps away and keeps walking for a second before there is an electronic dinging noise followed by a female voice saying "Facial match recognition. Kai Oaken, formerly of HYDRA." That stops Rocket right away. The Raccoon pivots quickly and a paw flies to his holster as he reads the screen display on his targeting lens. "Hmm…With us now, are ye?" Rocket looks slightly suspicious still. "What brings you to the docks?"

Kai steps to one side as the bipedal raccoon walks past him, he frowns as he remembers Vance telling him about a raccoon who taught at Barnes, the electronic voice has him turning his head to look at the small figure. "Putting my skillset to good use", that could be taken in a few ways, he could use his skillset to take out Donna as demanded but it appears he's referring to finding Envy.

Rocket assumes the other man is looking for the mutant terrorist. "So you're after Envy. To help take her down I assume…" Though from what he knows about HYDRA Rocket wouldn't put it past him to join forces with the woman. "What level of information are you privy to?" Rocket types a few things into his arm computer again. "What leads you to believe that she is in this area?"

"A nearby warehouse is known to be a previous hideout of hers, that coupled with her broadcast and information given to me by contacts I've made in the city lead me to conclude that she's indoors near a source of water", Kai takes his eyes of Rocket for the moment, scanning the surrounding area, "I've also met the woman in question, and it wasn't too far from here".

Rocket nods and makes an approving noise. "Yes I suspect she is in the area for the same reasons. Though…I haven't been able to find anything significant around here." He pauses for a moment. "When you say you 'met Envy before'…I assume it was before you were on our side. I haven't read anything to indicate the woman is affiliated with HYDRA."

"She's not as far as i know, though even my knowledge of HYDRA's practices is rather limited", Kai shuffles a little, he'd rather be wearing something more like his uniform for this but it would draw more attention to him, well more than talking to a raccoon, "And yes, I was still under HYDRA's control at the time".

Rocket ponders for a moment. "I see. Since I didn't think she was a member of that organization, I never thought to look for clues within HYDRA. I wonder how much data they would have on a mutant like Envy. Even if they did not recruit her, I suspect they would have considered it for some amount of time." The Raccoon starts walking toward a row of warehouses. "Her old hideout used to be over in that group over there…Though I suspect you knew that already." Some more typing. "I'll need to find a way to hack into the HYDRA servers…Probably wouldn't be a bad idea anyway."

Kai follows Rocket keeping an eye on the shadows and the water, "I'd offer to help but my access to HYDRA files was revoked roughly around the time they started trying to fry my brain", speaking of which, he needs to talk to that doctor at Barnes again about having that chip removed, "I don't think Envy is likely to surface soon, i believe she'll stay hidden until either the children are dead or the woman who’s death she's ordered is".

Rocket continues walking, not looking back as he speaks. "Well you'd think she wouldn't surface, but there are rumors of a sighting of her in a book store in Brooklyn. I would think it was a case of mistaken identity, except the woman in question specifically threatened some of the employees there. Looking for magic books it seems. Rather odd."

Kai frowns and crosses his arms as he walks, "Magic? Not really familiar territory for me though i have been doing some research into the occult lately", and genetics, aliens, mutation outside of the known mutants, "Nothing I've found out about the woman suggests a link to magic".

Rocket nods, "Exactly. I find it rather strange myself. It doesn't seem Envy's style. Also she was looking in a Barne's & Noble of all places. I assume there are better places to find books on the occult on this planet aside from mainstream vendors?" They reach a warehouse and Rocket peers in through the window before plugging something into the electronic keypad and opening the door. He walks inside. "And I assumed that this 'Stormwaltzer' she's after is another mutant. Although it looks like the woman is holding a book of some sort in her photograph."

Kai smiles, "The only thing i think we know about this 'Stormwaltzer' is that she is beyond Envy, from what I've learned and from meeting her it's seems that she likes to do the job herself, to make this kind of threat to get others to kill 'Stormwaltzer' is pretty desperate, i think she knows she can't take her".

Rocket nods and clicks a button on his suit, causing a panel in his shoulder to flip out into a bright flashlight. The Raccoon moves through the warehouse slowly, his eyepiece emitting a slight red hue. "Yes. Priority one is saving those children. Two is capturing Envy. Three is figuring out why she wants this "Stormwaltzer" killed. The woman may have a power which is specifically strong against Envy. I have seen video of Envy seeking out to attack Tony Stark, so she is not afraid of people stronger than her. This woman must have something else that makes her a much more powerful threat to Envy."

As Kai follows Rocket inside the warehouse he forms an ice-scimitar in his left hand, "Have SHIELD made any attempt to contact 'Stormwaltzer?, i asked a few questions while looking for Envy but knowledge was harder to come by and I decided my efforts were better focused on Envy".

The Raccoon shakes his head. "I haven't been able to find much on the woman. She appears to be able to control electricity. But as far as I can tell we don't have anything solid on the woman. It is possible that she has had run ins with Envy before. There's an old report of Envy fighting with someone with electric abilities on the old warship docked north of here. But that was mid winter. It could have been someone else, or else I would imagine Envy would have carried out this plan months ago."

"I'd like to ask you not to share the fact that I’m looking for Envy with those at Barnes just yet, they don't think it's safe for me to operate in a combat zone as of yet, the claim is due to lack of training, but truthfully it's more the chance of me going homicidal", Kai flexes his wrist flipping the scimitar into the air and catching it, "Unless of course Envy hasn't been in the city of late until recently?"

Rocket's ears flick suddenly and he types a few more things into his computer, reading whatever shows up on his eye piece. "I will share with them what they ask of me…I won't lie if directly asked." A pause. "And what are your chances of going Homicidal, would you say? On a scale of one to ten?"

Kai hmms, "Three?, four maybe?, no direct plans but if I’m really pushed? who knows, i can't bury the last seventeen years of my life straight out", he can't honestly say that the option of just taking out Stormwaltzer didn't cross his mind, "I am willing to do what needs to be done, but i respect SHIELD's rules and will abide by them".

The Raccoon continues on, glancing around here and there. "I see. Yeah they generally frown upon the idea of killing people. They'd much rather you capture the enemy." He glances back for a second. "Ice?" He shakes his head. "Not much to worry about then. I doubt you could kill Envy with that. In fact, since ice is just crystallized water I wouldn't be surprised if she could turn that power against you."

"Cyrokinesis is my primary ability but it isn't my only one, also I’ve been trained to carry out hits without the use of my powers, Envy may be a mutant but she is still human", Kai frowns at the warehouse around them, they don't seem to be on the right track, "Envy may also not know she can control ice".

Rocket chuckles softly. "Envy is a trained assassin who works for multiple crime syndicates. Don't underestimate her. Though…We don't have information on her using ice ever, that is correct." He shuts off his light and turns around. "This warehouse appears to be vacant. No signs of anything out of the ordinary."

"And I'm a trained assassin and spy who was previously under the control of HYDRA, and while it's not as bad as when I was going though puberty, I'm dealing with being a teenager for the first time so I've got some quality rage going, anger tends to give me an adrenaline boost", Kai seems to be slipping into a more casual vibe as the warehouse seems empty and they probably won't find Envy tonight.

Rocket nods. "While anger can give you a boost, it tends to cloud judgment. Granted I suppose the same could go for that woman. Just don't underestimate her. She's pretty nasty." He moves toward the door. "I checked the other warehouses in the area. Looks like she's not around here…Or she is and is hiding beyond my equipment's ability to find her." The Raccoon steps out and glances back at Kai, “I’m going to head back to the facility. You stay out of trouble.” He clicks his heals together and there’s a sudden rushing noise as his rocket boots power up. Rocket offers a quick wave and takes off toward the tower.

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