2009-05-19: Second Attack At Xaviers


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Summary: The Green Humanoid comes back to Xaiver's to steal more powers.

Date: May 19, 2009

Log Title Second Attack At Xaviers

Rating: LPG-13

Xaiver Mansion - Spuyten Dyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing..

Rocketing through the air Cannonball style is one Green Humaniod that has been making his rounds as of late. Surely most at Xavier's have heard about the being that's been stealing powers. It circles the school a few times before making it's way to land and it's obvious it's making a beeline for the lake.

Walking down by the water, Jeri is showing Wesley the basics of the campus. He's not a student and has no plans to be, but Scott's given Jeri permission to show him around and bring him here for occasional power workouts. After all, the mansion is here for the betterment of mutant kind. "Down here's one of the quite places most of us go to relax. I… I like it down here." He says with a soft nod.

Alex is already down there, sitting on the dock and looking at the water. He doesn't have much to say. Looking up, he sees the streaking being and… seeing the trail, thinks it's Sam. He offers a wave at the sky. "Guthrie!" He calls out. He hasn't seen the kid in a while, and hasn't been in touch to hear what's going on here.

Owen is also already down at the lake tonight…though he's climbing out of the water. After a swim, he just in his purple trunks. "Woo. Should see if Ah can convince him tah hike somewhere there's a nice lake," he murmurs, heading for his towel. Looking up at the sound of a voice, he waves as he scoops the towel up. "Howdy, Dr. Parker-Mayfair," he says, waving while drying his hair.

Wesley's tall slender frame follows Jericho, someone he's starting to see as a surrogate father. The electrokinetic is without his collar right now, but in true Wesley fashion, it is not far away from him, in fact, it's in his hoodie. "C-Cool." The electrokinetic gives a small wave to Owen as he approaches Jericho, a little shy. He takes in the calmness of the lake before looking at Alex, a bit surpised at the call to what he can only guess is his friend. Wesley looks to the air, squinting to see the rocket man heading towards the lake.

Vladimir is walking around looking for a quite place to have a smoke. He hates he has to sneak around like this for something he been doing for years but he does not want to people telling he wrong for doing it. He spots something green speeding thought the air and frowns some it could just be a student but vlad never seen anyone green around the campus not that he knows everyone. He decides to check it out and hurries down the path the way the thing flew.

Hearing that Jeri was down by the water with Wesley, Christopher has decided to head down there and see his husband and Wesley. He flies over so he can come up behind Jeri and wrap his arms around him. "It is peaceful down here, hey Wesley." He says with a smile.

Cammie is out for a run with a tiger next to her, running along side her. "Puck! Last one to the boat house loses!" It's hard to lse against something you can't stay more than a few feet from but she's having fun. Her main goal is to take out one of the Sunfish boats for a little sailing.

Landing with a kick up of sand around him it's obvious that the being is not Sam Guthrie. The Green Humanoid looks around and immediately the gravity in the area starts to increase, making it much harder for everyone to move.

"Hey babe." Jericho says with a chuckle to Christopher as he's approached from behind. Then… the thing lands. "Wesley… look out. Owen, move back." He's heard that there's something going on. It's been the talk of the staff since Scott lost his powers, along with some others. How will it work with his OWN power absorption abilities? He's not willing to find out. He stomps his foot, splitting into multiples of himself. Four Jerichos standing there… wary.

As the thing lands, Alex stands suddenly. "You're not Sam. Are you a new student? Or something else?" Poor Alex. Nobody thought to alert Freedom Force yet. The Avengers, yes. The X-ers know. Freedom Force? Who cares about THEM. That's at least how he sees it. As the gravity increases, he growls under his breath.

Owen starts to ask Wesley if he's Eddie only for the thing to land. He frowns, Dark Force leaking from his feet and turning him all fuzzy. "What the heck is that?" he asks. As the gravity increases, he wobbles a bit. "Should we run?" he murmur the question to the teachers.

The electrokinetic gives a wave and a warm smirk to Christopher before the thing lands, and Wesley's power starts to kick in, arcs of electricity start to jump from his forearm to his upper arm. Though his body's reaction does not mimic Wesley's reaction, he did move back slowly with the added gravity, even before Jericho advised it. Moving next to Owen as he's not sure what's going on.

Christopher moves up to stand next to Jeri and behind him forms a wall of light to try to protect Owen and Wesley since that's just his nature to protect the students even if they do have powers. "I would advise you run back to the school and alert Scott." Even if he doesn't have his powers Scott's still the headmaster.

CAmmie and Puck stop short when the thing lands and stares with a look of horror on her face. "Oh no..nonono.." She turns to run but the gravity gets her and the tiger, making it much harder for the two to run away.

The green humaniod looks around and doesn't say anything just measuring up the seven people in the area, well eleven if you cound the four Jericho's. All of a sudden a wall of sound surrounds the area so noone can escape not even Cammie and Puck, it wants to trap everyone in the area to itself the advantage.

One of the Jeri's begins to run, being somehow, a very scared Jeri. As he hits the wall, he begins pounding on it. The other three watch for a second, shaking their heads before they try to form a protective circle around the remaining students. "If any of you can get away, you need to." He says, clearly as he waits. He's not letting it get the kids first. They have to get through him.

Alex sees the response of the others, and knows there must be something wrong. He'll have to ask Scott what's going on later. Instead, he holds an arm out, aimed at the green thing. Actually, two arms. They begin to glow a bright white. "Leave. Now. I'm giving you three seconds. Three. Two."

Owen nods to the teachers. "Right. Ah'll get a move on," he says, looking around. Spotting Cammie and Punk, the southern mutnt frowns. He's not going to leave a girl behind. Teleporting over to them, he offers a hand. "Howdy. Grab on and Ah'll get ya outta here," he says, holding out his arms with his back to the green thing.

The electrokinetic looks at Owen, making sure he doesn't touch the other mutant, wet skin plus electricity, is a BAD no-no. Well, only to people you don't want to hurt. Wesley stands tall now, not wanting to look like someone weak, he knows he's got some power in him. And with everyone else beign real brave, he's acting with the group.

With the mix of gravity making it harder to move and the barrier of solid sound around them Christopher decides to attack and a light blast is shot right at the torso of the Green Humaniod.

Cammie doesn't hesitate in grabbing onto Owen. "Thanks, we can't leave Puck though!" She says as the tiger leaps up and lands on her shoulder as a chipmunk.

As Owen starts to grab onto Cammie, the Green Creature looks at him and uses the combined telekinsis of Addison and Kas to drag Owen towards him. "One." He states. Poor Owen would find that he can't teleport away as all of a sudden his powers are blocked via Addison's power. As soon as Owen is in range, the Green Humaniod reaches out to touch him so that his powers are drained from the Dark Force user.

The scared Jeri is reabsorbed and recreated. "I don't know how this'll work, but we'll try it to see." He says, sending three of himselves out to attempt a triple hit while keeping what he thinks of as his prime body back away from it all. As Owen is drained, Jeri does something he never does. He curses. It's not nice, either.

As the actual attacking begins, Alex releases the blast. "UNHAND the student." He's got his fists pointed at the green thing. Hopefully it's not immune to his powers.

Electricity continues to arc ablut his arms. Wesley is ready to strike as soon as that nice swimmer guy was going to help that girl. Wesley's face turns to a grimace before he holds out grasping hands, blue lightning arcing from finger to finger. he's ready to shoot that thing for some electroshock therapy.

Owen starts to stay something to Puck that sounds a lot like 'hop onto mah head' but it turns into a strangled yelp as he tumbles back. He leaves a trail of Dark Force as he calls it up to teleport only for his powers to stop work and the inky blackness to fade away by itself. Once grabbed, the sometimes fuzzy teen is rather abruptly un-fuzzed. He gasps, tingling all over from the speedy-defuzzy. "That's…that was new…"

Electricity continues to arc ablut his arms. Wesley is ready to strike as soon as that nice swimmer guy was going to help that girl. Wesley's face turns to a grimace before he holds out grasping hands, blue lightning arcing from finger to finger. He's ready to shoot that thing for some electroshock therapy. (RE for proper placement)

Christopher is next to Jeri and looking around. "I can see if I can blast through this wall." He says as he aims a light blast to try to knock through the barrier so the kids can at least get free.

"Owen!" Cammie and Puck shout together as Owen gets snagged away. That was her escape route and now it's gone. "Puck…are you thinking what I'm thinking?" She asks as the chipmunk hops down and shape shifts into a Beagle to start digging a hole under the barrier.

Vladimir it landed farther away then he thought and he only now is reaching the area. Well vlad not knowing what happens runs right into the creatures trap. He now struggling in the gravity. He curses not a uncommon thing for him. He gasp as Own gets drain, "You bastered!" He struggles more against the gravity, "I will not let you do this!" big world for someone who can't stand at the moment.

Once Owen is drained the green humaniod disregards him and focuses his attention on Jeri, at least one of the duplicates. He uses Owen's teleportation to teleport right next to the seven foot man and sends an optic blast right at his head, which might be a little two much power for the man. After he does that he stretches out an arm to touch Cammie to absorb the animal communicators powers.

At the blast, one of the Jeris goes down. Permanently. The other three suddenly clutch their heads tightly. "Christopher, get them out of here. You're stronger. Break the barrier. Give it everything you've got." He says, unable to do much more because of the pain.

As the blasts do nothing, Alex glares. He pours on even more power. Alex may be smart, but… there are times when he's not.

Owen stumbles and falls to his knees as he's just disrecarded. Apparently that was a bit of a shock to him. He can't do much else right now.

The electrokinetic is angered enough now, both hands extend towards the green humanoid and a crackling sonic boom rings through the barrier, twin bolts of lightning fly and reach out towards the enemy. Wesley is angered, senseless violence and junk.

Christopher nods to Jeri and grabs Owen first and then Cammie, since they're the two with out powers, and sends a second bast to the wall hoping that when a hole opens up he can head out with the two.

Cammie and Puck let out a scream as her powers are drained and looks paniced. She's realized to know that her connection with Puck is still there though, thank you magics! She is grateful for Mr. Parker Mayfair for trying to get her out of there.

Vladimir frowns watching people go down around him. He far from the strongest person around here but he not going allow this to happen. He starts to crawl at the green creature, "Hey buddy! Why don't you face me like a man!"

The taunts from Vladimir go unnoticed by the Green Humaniod as he's hit by Wesley's lighting. He jolts a bit as he's electrocuted by he seems to shake it off easily though and Wesley is his next target. He sends a dark force blast at Vladimir and Jericho to knock them back as he approches Wesley to grab him and drain him of his powers. Christopher on the other hand manages to break open the wall and instead of being able to run out, he finds he can't move as the gravity around him is increased to the point where he's immobile.

Jeri doesn't know why he hasn't done it yet, but he hits the panic button he keeps in his pocket. The one to alert the staff that something's going on. That is, he hits it, but gets stopped as the darkforce flows over three of him, slamming them to the ground.

"What the hell ARE YOU?" Alex shouts, releasing blast after blast at the creature before stopping. "I'm having no effect. What gives here?" He asks, moving towards it to try something physical.

Owen holds onto Christopher as he's grabbed, slowly recovering. When the barrier breaks, Owen winces and tries to get to his feet and pull on Chris and Cammie even if it's not going to be budging them.

Going down on his back as he's approached, Wesley does not stop the amount of electricity headed to hit the villain until he is touched, a jolt of electricity is sent coarsing through his body before Wesley's power is being taken from him. The now former electrokinetic tries to release electricity, but it's no use, there's nothing to send out. He's drained.

Christopher can't move, he's frozen and he can't do anything which is something Chrisotpher does not like at all. He can't call out for help or even help anyone, he just stands there with the gravity weighing down on him.

Now that the hole is opened up, Cammie and Puck take off running, preferablly with Owen. "We have to get back to the school and tell them about this!" She says.

Vladimir eyes widen as the blast comes at him and he goes flying back. The wind knocked out of him and he gasp for air. He looks at the green creature with hate in his eyes. He just lays there not trying to move again.

As Vlad stays still it makes for easy picking for the Green Humaniod as he walks over to him and a reaches a hand down to brush against him and Vlad is the next victem for the Green Meanie. As for Alex the blasts keep having no effect on him and it walks right up infront of him, letting his eyes glow red before wraping two strectching arms around him to drain his powers.

The only ones with powers are the married couple. And they can't quite get away. Jeri's down and unconscious from the dark force.

Alex's powers fade away and he glares. "What the hell do you want?" He says, struggling to get away from the creature.

Owen stumbles as he just gets Cammie running. "You run ahead. Ah'm gonna try somethin'," he says, waving at Cammie and then glancing at Chris. The southern teen lets out a sigh before putting himself between Chris and the green thing. "Ah'm nuts, ain' Ah?" he asks himself.

Wesley's powers are gone, but like Owen is showing, there is more he can do to help the others. He figures he can help out and he stands in front of Christopher with Owen. He looks to Owen and gives a nod. Accepting whatever happens from his actions.

Vladimir watches as another follow school mate is drained and frowns, "damn you!" Vlad might want to try to get away now and starts to claw his way to the gap that Christopher made. He has no idea how to stop this creature but knows if it gets his power it could by pass the defence of the school with out a fight.

Since Christopher can't' move and Cammie's run off, the two teens in front of Christopher don't do anything to stop the green humaniod. The sound barrier is lowered and a gust of wind swings by to sweep the two teens out from infront of Christopher. The Green Humaniod then uses his telekinesis to pull both the unconscious Jeri and the immobile Christopher to himself, latching on to each of them to drain their powers. Once he's done, he looks to Alex and just says, "Mission Accomplished." Before Rocket Blasting away, leaving the group depowered.

Glaring at the leaving monster Alex shouts a profane suggestion at it as he goes to start picking up the… single Jericho? Only one? Must have happened while he wasn't looking. "Anyone got Scott on speed dial?" He asks. Obviously, he doesn't.

Owen holds onto Wesley as they go, grabbing onto him out of reflex. Ending up sprawled on the ground, he groans. "Jus' got beat up in mah swim-shorts…" he groans again.

Wesley is pulled down from his standing position easily. The former electrokinetic gets up after the deed is done, and the villain is gone. The mutant shrugs at Alex's question, not having his desired number. Wesley looks to Owen and smiles as a thank you. He offers a hand to assist the other teenager to get up. Afterwards he'll help out Christopher.

Christopher is helped up by Wesley and walks over to Jericho. He doesn't have his powers and even though Jeri isn't as big as he usually is, Christopher still can't lift him on his own. "Wesley, can you help me get Jericho up? We all have to get back inside, now." He says, he may not have his powers but he's still a teacher.

Cammie is already half way to the school, depowered except for the magical aspect to her powers. Her goal is to get help.

Vladimir sits up now and frowns, "damn it. That was pathic. What is that thing?" He sighs and stands wiping off his clothes, "Well if it keeps it up anti mutant groups going get there way."

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