2012-11-30: Secret Powers


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Summary: Amunet confesses what her powers are to Christopher.

Date: November 30, 2012

Log Title: Secret Powers

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Atrium

The Atrium is large room with four corridors leading off in diagonal directions to the classrooms and dorms. A large window looks over the front courtyard. The Atrium has also been turned into a social area for students and teachers, with chairs, tables and a television set. Since its a main area of passing, it is encouraged that people keep things to a respectful volume.

The sound of the elevator opening and closing has been going off and on sporadically for about the last twenty minutes or so. Followed by the pacing sound of soft foot steps that start and then stop and then start up again. Amunet's thumb nail once again between her teeth as she looks to the book she holds in her hands and then to the watch on her arm before glancing out a window worriedly.

Coming from the opposite direction of the elevator, Christopher enters the Atrium area from the Professors Wing. "Hello their Amunet, I hope I didn't keep you waiting. I was just doing some planning in my room." He motions for her to sit down before sitting down himself. "So how are you settling in? Did you find your room okay?"

Looking around again, Amunet glances out the window and says, "oh yes, it's perfect thank you… Bamf didn't stick around long though… he took the cloth rag ball I made and went back home I think." Seeming a bit distracted before finally holding out her gloved hands with the book, "I think something's coming… and if I'm right… it's sometime in the next 24 hours." Her ice blue eyes now locking on to him with a look of worry. "Remember when I told you that… that after telling Mr. Conner and Robyn something they said I was safest here? … … " She bites on her bottom lip and seems to be wavering before finally saying, " It's cause if someone got ahold of me or knew what I could do they could use me to find out what's going to happen."

Christopher nods. "I'm sure the cat is fine, they have amazing senses and survival skills." He listens to Amunet but he can't make too much sense of what she's saying. "Okay Amunet, calm down. You've lost me. First off I am not sure what your ability is, after all you said you couldn't talk about it last night. So if you wish to tell me what it is, that might help me understand why you seem so worried. Second, what is it that makes you believe that something is coming in the next twenty four hours?"

Amunet hands over the book to Christopher, "About a year or so ago i started having these things happen. They're not really… visions. All /I/ see is like this grey mist area… but then I start talking and when I talk it's like all these women's voices join mine and I end up giving these riddles. In that journal is every riddle I've ever had… most of them I've been able to figure out what it was they were talking about because I… I touched someone before they happened. There's a few though that haven't happened yet. I wasn't touching anyone when they happened. Like the other night with Miss Rashmi. I wasn't touching anyone… it's what makes me go cold like I was. I end up with headaches and nosebleeds afterwards to. The last one in there is the one I had the other night…"

Christopher takes the book but doesn't open it, it almost seems awkward to read them. "So you are like an Oracle. It's not an unknown power, but it isn't common either. It is a hard one to deal with and I can see why you believe that it would be bad if someone got a hold of you. Sadly most students here could say that in regards to their powers. Everyone here, if someone was able to control them could cause horrible things. It's just different for everyone. I don't know as much about mental powers and their effects, I'm sure Ms. Frost will be able to assist you in better controlling these visions. Do you mind if I read the most recent, I won't read anything else."

Seeming to watch him for a long moment, she's got that wariness on her face again as she licks her lip before nodding, "Alright… And yeah thats what Miss Rashmi called it too. I just… I… well you see." She sighs and starts pacing again. "She mentioned you. Both her and Mr. Conner did they said yuo'd be a good one to talk to. I just… I don't know who to trust. You see I had one of these in front of my dad and he's the one that took me to mutant town. He… he works with… with the Purifiers I think. I can't remember that one.. it's the only one I can't remember, i think maybe I had something to do with it. I don't know I just… if … if the one I had the other night happens… people could get hurt and it usually takes up to three days … well… usually on normal ones where someone touches me. It could be a little longer but… it's still something you should know."

Christopher gets a sad expression on his face and nods. "Too many students here have parental problems, I'm sorry that your father did that to you Amunet." His voice sounds sincere enough. "I taught Connor and Rashmi, Rashmi got to see the worst of me and she still trusts me so I'll say that's something. I made a horrible choice out of fear of not being able to protect my family and it ended up being a deal with a demon. But that's a story for another day." The main reason he's sharing it is to be open with Amunet to gain her trust. He opens the book and reads the most recent entry. "I hate to say this Amunet, but it's probably true. We've been waiting for them to unleash an attack on the school, so if it's true and it's this weekend at least we have a heads up. You don't know how many lives you may have just saved Amunet."

Amunet is silent for a long moment before saying, "My other other power kind of warns me of danger well.. direct dangers anyways. It may help but.. it's usually not a far off warning. And the … well it didn't say who's blood.. just… that thwere was blood. So I don't know if I'm following the line of it or not.." She's silent a long time before saying, "I was looking in the library… I like it." Seeming to change the subject before continying on. "It has a bit of the greek oracle of delphi in there… … by those rules I'm not supposed to tell anyone. But… … how can I not? Am I supposed to even pick sides?" Chewing on her thumb nail again even though it's already down almost to the nub.

Christopher smiles at Amunet and put a hand on her arm gently. "Amunet, the oracle of Delphi was a myth, what you can do is very real. Those rules don't apply to you. There is always blood when there is an attack on the school, many people tend to get injured on both sides. It doesn't say there will be death, just blood, so that could indicate injures. Where getting injured is no picnic, we at least have the best Doctors and technology that assists in speeding up the healing processes. It's always darkest before the dawn and we will endure through this."

Amunet nods slowly and says, "The bells gonna break." It's a small really, before then holding out her hands for her book again, "It's why I … I dont touch people. I never know when touching someone is going to set it off. And if it happens without touching someone…" She sighs and opens to a page where there's no newspaper clipping. But one one side is a riddle with 'crooked carved smile' and 'branded heart' are underlined in blue ink. Next to it is written Nicholas and Quenton. "Well… it's usually something big… I just… I know I have to trust one of the teachers I just… well.. Miss Rashmi's been good to me so far… so.. I.. I wanted you to know. I don't want anyone to get hurt if they don't have to."

Christopher passes the book gently back to Amunet. "I don't either honey, I don't either." He frowns and seems to be quite disheartened by the fact that he's pretty sure people will get hurt. "I do not wish to see anyone get hurt but sometimes the harsh reality is that it happens. Because you told us this we can get the emergency sleeping quarters in the basement up and running, set up the danger room so students can stay there comfortably while they ride out the attack. Also having various X-Men and teachers take shifts guarding the school is also something we will do." He does see two other students names in the book and frowns, but doesn't want to pry, instead just voices his concern. "I hope what ever you have in there in regards to Nicholas and Quenton it's something that's passed. Those two boys have had enough misfortune."

Amunet just bites on her bottom lip and looks to the book. "I don't think it is." She says in a mumbled whisper. Her gaze going out the windowe again and she seems to start looking around at the night time shadows. "It'll be in the next 24 hours I think… " … "Maybe sooner." The frown deepening as she says, "I don't know how to fight.. I.. I should probably learn but… all I have is… is this… feeling when there's danger around." Glancing over to him she asks, "Will that sense of feeling like the school is in danger ever ease up do you think? I've felt it since I got here…. even more when Iw as walking round the maze."

"I can't say Amunet. The best thing to say to that is wait and see. If something does happen in the next twenty four hours, and when it passes you can see if you still have that feeling of impending doom." Christopher says. "I don't have all the answers but I have Theories and that's what I can give you. As for fighting, that is up to you if you wish to learn. Personally, I think being more concerned with learning to control your powers so they don't control you should be in the forefront. But there are several combat classes this school has to offer and I can't lie, I do know how to use my powers effectively in a fight." He's a lot stronger than he lets on.

Amunet nods slowly and asks, "This … Miss.. Frost you said her name was? She might know how to help me? Miss Rashmi was afraid of what might have to happen to get me to be able to control them. I.. I'm kinda scared to to be honest. But if… if she has time… " She lets it trail off andf says, "Anyways…. here… I printed it on to another piece of paper for you." Handing him another piece of paper from her pocket and holding it at the corner.

"You will have to discuss it with her but she's a telepath so I believe she might be able to assist you. Unfortunately she's a bit preoccupied at the moment with some legal matters in regards to the school that the Purifiers are behind." It's no secret since it's been in the news so Christopher doesn't mind telling her that at all. He takes the piece of paper, rereads it again and nods. "I will be starting preparations to ensure the safety of all at this school. I cannot thank you enough for this Amunet."

Stepping back towards the elevator she says, "You're welcome.. you… you won't tell anyone will you?"

"I won't tell anyone what Amunet?" Christopher isn't quite sure what she's asking him to keep quiet. "If you mean what your powers are, no I won't unless it's another staff member. The staff here won't tell any of the students what you powers are, trust me. It's not my place to let them know. If you have any questions for me you can ask me."

She seems to think for a long momenty and then nods slowly. "Alright.. thank you Mr. Parker. Stepping back toards the elevator again, "I'm sorry for bugging you so late… thanks again."

Christopher waves a hand. "You're never bugging me to late." He says with a warm smile. "Sleep well Amunet and I promise to keep you safe." He watches her leave and then instantly starts to contact everyone he can on staff and on the X-Men to let them know what's going on.

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