2009-05-05: Secret Songs


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Summary: Jesse and Darrell relax on the roof and talk a bit about Jesse's heritage.

Date: May 5, 2009

Log Title Secret Songs

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Hell's Kitchen - Jesse's Roof

It's a standard roof on a standard New York Building. The hatch leads out onto a concrete area. However, someone has placed a few large planters about. It does seem to be maintained as well, with different plants (both flowering and fruiting) in them. There are also a pair of lounge chairs more appropriate for a beach.

The sun is setting over Manhattan and what better way to enjoy a sunset then to sit on a roof top smoking a joint, which is exactly what Darrell is doing. Wearing a pair of jeans and Doors tshirt, he sits there slowly inhaling on his rolled joint while some Pink Floyd plays on his mp3 player hooked up to portable speakers. Somedays he really lives up to he stoner steriotype.

Coming out onto the roof, Jesse stretches softly. He sniffs the air and can't help but laugh softly. He knows that smell. Shaking his head he goes to sit on the other lounge chair with a grin. Business has actually been quite good. And… it's nice owning the building.

As Jesse goes to sit down, Darrell just passes him the joint to see if he wants a hit as he turns to smile at his best friend. "Hey dude. It's a nice night out here." He says seeming relaxed which isn't a huge surprise. "How's the store going?"

"Way too busy. And too many folks hittin on me." Jesse says, as if it shocks him. "I don't know what to think." He grins, as he takes the joint and takes a big hit before passing it back. He holds it for a few seconds before breathing out.

"That's cause you're hot Jes." Darrell says taking the joint back and looking at it before taking another drag. After holding he, he exhales to speak again, passing the joint back. "Just think that you're happy to be doing what you want. Need any help down there, not that I know shit about fashion."

"If nothing else, I could use someone to handle the register. To take care of that side of it. Sell the crap costumes that the norms buy." Jesse chuckles softly and nods. "It's getting busier than I thought it'd be. We'll be rakin' in the dough eventually."

"Well you got yourself a register monkey." Darrell says with a grin as he doesn't mind helping his friend out. Actually he has a hard time picture the two of them apart in life. "The norms, just a few months ago I thought you were a 'norm'." He says teasing Jesse.

"I thought the same of you." Jesse says with a shrug. "But now, I can… I can almost HEAR your power." Jesse says with a bit of a shrug as he listens to the lifesong on the air. "It's amazing. Ever since I went to the 'rents house and found out all that stuff, I hear everyone's song."

"Song?" Darrell asks not quite sure what he's talking about. He's tempted to make a smart ass comment about the music playing, and he does. "Pink Floyd's playing now, I like getting high to Physical Graffiti." He says with a smile. "Yeah, did you find anything else out about that stuff?"

"Not really anything. THough I found out I can make those little crystal things. I just hear… music. Music that tellsevery person apart." Jesse says with a shrug. "What about you? Anything new in your life?"

Darrell shakes his head. "Nah, just school going on. Nothing new. Getting bored though. I don't know if set design is what I want to do." And Darrell's notorius for not being able to stick with anything. "But if I change my major again my 'rents won't pay for college anymore. And those little crystals? How do you make those?"

Jesse holds a hand out as he thinks of something. He grins. He beings humming as a song comes into the air from his body. A soft, mellow song, reminiscent of something from Sublime. The music seems to move into his hand, forming and shifting into a crystal. Just a basic quartz shape. "Now, when you touch it, that song will play."

Darrell can't help it and he reaches out to touch it, blinking a few times. "Dude, reminds me of Sublime." He says as it's a band he's listened to many times. "So what you can make these crystals that when people touch play music? How'd you end up with the cool power?" He jokes.

"There's apparently a way to put memories into them to. I just haven't figured it out yet." Jesse laughs softly. "Apparently, THAT'S not my power. My solid sound is. THAT'S normal for my race." He says with a shrug as he leaves the crystal in Darrell's hands.

"Race…" Darrelly says trailing off shaking his head. He still can't really belive that Jesse's an alien, it's weird to him. "Dude, I'm still getting used to this stuff. So is there anything that isn't normal to your race? MAybe you are a 'norm' then."

"Yeah, my solid sound. They couldn't do that. I tried the crystal again to see if it said anything at all about it. It's not anywhere in there." Jesse says with a shrug as he scoots his chair closer.

"Well I'd say too bad your folks didn't leave a manual but I guess that crystal was it." Darrell says sitting up a bit straighter. "I wonder why they didn't tell you this earlier?"

"Probably to give us a better chance at hiding? Or maybe they meant to and just never found the right moment. Either way, I know now. And I know there are more people like me around here." Jesse says with a shrug as he leans back in the chair and stretches his legs out.

Darrell shakes his head as it all is a bit strange to him but Jesse's Jessie and nothing will change that. "So you plan on finding more people like you or just kind of going your own way, and man I really wish I brought more weed up here with me, anyway, whatever. There's a party this weekend on campus, you interested?"

"Could be fun. Depends on how many costumes I got left." Jesse says with a shrug. "If I find one, great. If not, oh well. I'll go on with my life, ya know?" He tilts his head slightly. "Cause they said we can interbreed."

"Speaking of costumes, you should design me something. Just in case you know?" Darrell's not saying he wants to run out and be a super hero but who knows when something might happen and he'll actually feel ambitious. Though it would be nice if he felt ambitious about cleaning. "Well I didn't mean for settling down and getting married purposses, besides what would I do if you ran off and got married on me."

"Please, if I get married, we're living here, and she or he has to let you have room here, too. You're my bud." Jesse laughs, shrugging. "Oh, I've been working on some things." He says impishly. "Depending on whether I want you to show off or not."

Darrell laughs and nods. "Sounds like a plan." He says and as Jessie gets impish, Darrell just grins like a chessire cat. "Oh come on Jes, when have you known me not to want to show off, but I guess the way you worded it I'm at your mercy."

"EXactly." Jesse laughs. "You get to take what I make and LIKE it, Mister." He grins, reaching a hand out to ruffle Darrell's hair. "That's why I said if -I- want you to show off or not."

Darrell scrunches up his face so that his mouth is shifted to the side slightly, but it's all in good humour. "Fine, I'll like it." He says stubbornly like a child before laughing. "You know I trust you man but I might actually start having to work out if you give me somethign to show off. Ugh..work."

Jesse pats his own firm stomach. "I told ya, I'd help ya work out." After all, he's about as buff as he can get without going to disgusting lengths. No thank you. "And yeah, you should."

Darrell sighs as it's actuall effort but maybe he should start, he knows he's kind of skinny. "I guess I can't stay this thin all the time." He says as he pats his stomach that's just there, not fat but not toned. "Okay, okay, I'll try."

"The first step will be to get rid of stoner body." Jesse laughs. "At least you don't have the concave chest that some do." He snickers, shaking his head as he relaxes.

"Stoner body? So what I like smoking weed." Darrell says and that's about the extent of it. He wouldn't do coke or herion or pop pills. Weed and maybe mushrooms but that's about it. "My body's not that bad Jes."

"I know. That's why I said it could be worse. You just gotta bulk it up and tone it a little. You know I don't mind your body. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't… nevermind." Jesse shakes his head.

Darrell laughs and now it's his turn to ruffle Jesse's hair. "Don't worry I know. I love ya man." He says and he does mean, he really does care a lot for Jesse. He's his best friend and more sometimes. "Okay Okay so you have my permission to kick my ass to get me in shape dispite all my whining."

"Aight. Just remember that when I wake you up at 8am for a run while you have a hangover." Jesse says with a devilish grin. He's got PLANS!

"You suck Jesse." Darrell says as he knows that wouldn't keep him from drinking. In return he'll just have to listen to Darrell bitch the entire time. "Oh man, finals and shit, at least this school year is over."

"I know. And then… no more. Then, I'm done. I've GOT my dream, and I'mNOT gonna lose it." Jesse says with a firm nod as he spreads his legs out in the evening air.

Darrell shits to lay back as well and smiles. "Well I still gotta get my dream but I'm happy over all." Darrell says as he just doesn't know what he wants to do in life besides have fun.

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