2009-03-27: Secrets


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Summary: Daisuke comes clean about his crush. Leo comes clean about his own…

Date: March 27, 2009


Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

//There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall. //

As morning arrives, many things have been changing in the lives of some of the students. Leo, for one, seems to have a bright happy glow about him. Well, he always has that, but this time, it's different. It's a calm, subdued glow. A content happiness, as if something's opened up to him that he's never expected. He has his breakfast… two plates of food, eggs… sausage… bacon… english muffins and jam. Lots of food. He's sitting in the corner by himself, though, just smiling happily at his memories.

Daisuke has just woken up and made his way down to the cafeteria for some breakfast, his hair is a bit disheveled, he's still wearing his pajama pants and a comfortable, beatup looking t-shirt. It seems Daisuke doesn't care for fashion in the morning. He grabs himself some breakfast, nothing that large just some bacon and toast and some coke, hey when you have a super powered metabolism you don't have to watch what you eat. He walks over to Leo and waves. "Morning Leo, mind some company?"

There's a sudden frightened squeak as Leo's internal reverie is interrupted. Bashfully… wait. Bashfully? Yes. That's definitely a bashful look on Leo's face as he looks up at Dai. It even turns to a mild blush. "Uhm, sure, Dai. Come on over." He says, sipping at his milk before pulling up a piece of bacon to crunch on. Yep. He's a little embarrassed.

Daisuke sits down a bit awkwardly as he looks at Leo confused. "Are..you okay?" He asks noticing that Leo isn't he usual self, or it's just a side of Leo he hasn't seen before. He wants to ask Leo something too but he figures he'll wait it's really not that important.

"I'm… yeah. I really am okay. I actually in a VERY good mood." Leo nods, softly. "He didn't leave me out there. He stayed with me the whole time I slept." Well, they didn't do anything wrong, so there's nothing to be ashamed of. No school rules were broken, either. "Uhm, nevermind." He shakes his head. "What's up, Dai?"

Daisuke smiles and nods. "That's good to hear. You're just usually so lively I'm not used to seeing you kind of…mellow." He says as he munches on a piece of bacon. "Not much is up, just kind of still waking up. I slept okay last night but then I'm not always the best sleeper." He says with a smile. "Whose he?"

"Uhm… nonono." Leo shakes his head. "We're not talking about that right now." He bites his lip bashfully again. "Don't want to jinx anything. It's bad enough that I have confessions to make to him." There's that blush on Leo's cheek again. Of course, Dai already knows Leo's history with Jared, and his flirtatiousness with others like Vlad. This… is a new side.

Daisuke is used to seeing Leo be flirtly not bashful about something but then he reminds himself that he barely knows the guy. "I just have no clue to handle things." Daisuke admits as that's a part of what kept him up last night, how to handle his feelings towards Jared. "I don't know, he's my best friend's brother and my roomate…"

"You have to tell him. Point blank." Leo nods. "If you don't say something, he'll ignore it. Not intentionally, but it's how he is. Unless it's there in his face, he can't see it." He's assuming Jared now. "I mean.. you know that he and I have… right?" He asks, biting his lip.

Daisuke looks up at the last part and nods. "Yeah, he told me last night, I mean, if I do tell you, you and him aren't?" Daisuke says since Jared said something different but he dosen't want to intrude on what they have. "I'm just bad at it ya know, I've never been in a relationship and I just don't know what to do. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so afraid of things."

"Oh, nonono. I love him. I do. But Jared and I… we just had fun. That's all. He's my closest friend, but I'm… no. He and I aren't long term material. We're a 'Hey, let's do it, k?' type. And we did." Leo blushes again. "Don't be afraid. What's the worst that can happen? Jared says no. Will it kill you if he says he's not interested? No. You'll live and wait to find someone better. Sometimes feelings can sneak up on you from the most unlikely of sources. Believe me."

"Yeah but I do like him and I just don't want to make things awkward if he does say no cause I'd still like to be his friend but..I just don't know." And yes, Daisuke is afraid of being rejected. "No it won't kill me but rejection doesn't feel too great. I think it's just I don't even know how to approch things but Jared, there's something about him that I just can't help but feel attracted to." Maybe it's that he just seems naturally understanding.

"It won't make things weird. Jared and I are still the same as we've always been." Leo says, nodding. "Trust me. Just talk to him. Tell him that you're feeling an attraction. That you think there might be something there and you'd like to find out if he feels the same. Then, you can go slowly. It's not so bad. You both have spare time and share a room. At least you're not on the same team as the person that's making you hap…nothing." He pops a hand over his mouth.

Daisuke takes a deep breath and nods. "I'll talk to him. I need to develop a backbone any way and find courage." Daisuke says and the battle field isn't always the only place people need to find courage. "Same team as….I'm not going to pry, it's your personal business but if you want to talk about things, I can listen. Advice isn't my strong point though."

"You… Gah. There's something about Nathaniel." Leo bursts out, looking about quickly, quite glad that there's nobody else really in here right now. "When his barriers are down and he doesn't have anything to prove and has no need to be an ass and oh my god he's so sweet and just downright adorable and I've got to tell him so many things and argh." Yes, one big long runon sentence. Leo had a lot to get out.

Leo adds at the end. "Don't tell anyone. I wanna… please. I wanna keep this quiet right now."

Daisuke smiles. "You're my friend Leo, I won't tell anyone. And I don't really know Nathaniel we met once and didn't seem to get along but I really don't know him." Daisuke says and if Leo says that he's not that bad of a guy, he probably isn't. He does smile at Leo and chuckles. "So this is more than someone to just flirt with." He says smiling.

"Dude… he… he's more than what he fronts. There's so much pain he deals with, that it backlashes. At least, around me, he doesn't have to have that pain. And last night… I fell asleep with him out at the cove. Nah, nothin' like that." Leo waves a hand. "Just snuggling up and falling asleep. And… you know? He stayed there until I woke up. And I felt what he feels… there's so much going through my head now that I can't put it all in a rational stream."

Daisuke blinks as he explains a few things about Nathaniel and he starts to feel bad for jumping down his throat. "I had a nightmare a few nights ago, Jared came over and woke me up and talked with me a bit to get over it, I dunno, he's just understanding in a way and not to mention really cute." Daisuke says with an embarassed chuckle. "It was nice of him." He says before giving Leo a questioning look. "What is Nathaniel's power?"

"All you can do is tell him. Even if he refuses, I'm sure there's SOMEONE that'll be right for you." Leo says with a quick nod. "Empathy. He doesn't have a lot of emotion control. He feels what is felt, or he portrays what he's feeling. He… showed me what he felt. He's really something else. So much more than Eddie or I realized. And… he's a good kisser." He says sheepishly.

Daisuke's eyes go wide as her hears that he's an empath. "He can feel what other people are feeling? Oh god." He feels bad especially knowing someone like him who has a lot of emotional turmoil. "Maybe there is someone right for me or with my luck, I might be destined to just kind of be alone. I'd like to give Nathaniel another chance but I dunno I dont' want him feeling what I feel if he can't control it."

"He can't help it." Leo says with a shrug. "That's why he takes headache stuff. But… he doesn't have to around me." There's that little blush again. As if there's something just there that's making Leo happy. He can do something right, there. "There's someone for you, Dai. And if it's not Jared, we just haven't found him or her yet."

"He probably does around me, I'm a mess." Taking headache medicine Daisuke means. "I wish I wasn't so shy, and timid and afraid and I wish I could be like you and be happy all the time it's just not easy." Daisuke says and shakes his head. "Forget it, but if he makes you happy Leo, I hope it works out for you two. And like I said earlier, your secrets safe with me, I won't tell anyone, even Eddie."

"If I'm there, he won't hurt." Leo nods, softly. "Please, Dai. Jared's just as shy. He doesn't even realize it and a lot of us see that you look at him like you're in love with him." He chuckles softly. At least, Vlad and he saw it. He's sure others do. "I know, it's too early for that, but it's still the first stages of a crush."

Daisuke takes a deep breath and nods. "Okay I'll talk to him." Though he does get a bit of a shocked face when Leo says in love, but it fades when he says the last part. "If I knew how to flirt it'd be so much easier it's just anything sexual has a different conotation with me but I'm trying to get over my past and I have in some ways."

Leo nods softly. "The best thing to do is simply… be honest. Be completely honest with him. Jared, of all people, will appreciate that. Look at his Dr. Dad and I knew his mom. Honesty is huge. Just go up to him and tell him that you're unsure how to go about things. That you have an attraction and would like to take it slowly and see what happens. He'll respond just as honestly. If he wants to, he will. If he doesn't, he'll thank you but say so."

Daisuke nods and smiles. "I know his Dad, I've had my fair share of sessions with him. And it's hard for me to lie." He runs a hand through his hair with a sheepish smile. "Even when I'm hiding something I guess it's written on my face. "I really do have to suck it up, and deal with the posibillty of my feelings getting hurt."

"That's the thing I don't understand. Why would it hurt your feelings? He would only be doing what's right to him. Not hurting your feelings. Just accept it at face value. He is your friend and cares about you. So, if he doesn't want to make out with you, fuck it. You've still got a friend." Leo grins impishly.

"No but being rejected never feels wonderful." Daisuke says. "But I'd be happy with the two of us being friends and I just fear it might be awkward. But like I said, I will talk to him, I promise." And Daisuke does mean it. He smiles at Leo. "Thanks a lot Leo, oh and on a side note, you like clothes shopping right? Jared and Eddie don't seem to be into clothes and since I lost a lot of mine…" Their styles are different but it's just fun to go shopping with someone who enjoys it.

"Good. You do that." Leo says with a nod, scratching his head softly. "Yeah, but I do most of my shopping from magazines." He says, pulling afew out from under him, and offering them to Dai. Very nice clothes. Of course, there's one in the middle that's underwear of the sexy type. And considering the magazine, they don't airbrush out the manhoods where they're visible.

"I like going to St. Marks Place in the city and just hitting all the thrift stores and other weird stores. You can find some really cool stuff there." Daisuke looks at one of the magazines and chuckles. "This is a bit fancy for me, I do spend a lot on clothes but it's funny that you spend a lot on something that looks beat up." As Dai very much has a set style to his look.

"That's fine, too. My styles change. Depends on how I'm feeling. I even have my retro grunge outfits." Leo chuckles. Grunge wasn't even twenty years ago, yet he's calling it retro. Go figure. "Though, I gotta find out what Nathaniel's normal style is, too, so I can find something that suits us both. If… if he…" He blushes.

Daisuke raises his eyebrows. "What, if he wants to come with us? I don't mind, like I said, I just met him once and I think we got a bad impression of eachother. After what you said I know I did." Daisuke admits as he takes a drink from his bottle of coke. "Well once this war is over which, and if I'm allowed I want to help on Tuesday."

"I don't know if he'll want to be around so many people." Leo says softly as he bites his lip. "Sorry, I think I'm obsessing." He laughs. It is one of his downfalls. He tends to do things like that.

Daisuke shakes his head. "It's not obessing it's thinking about other people. You really are a good person Leo. I should probably go take my shower soon and then later on find Jared. The sooner the better or else I'll be worrying about it all day." Daisuke says with a nervous smile.

"Yeah, I just. I'm wondering if I'm setting myself up for a fall, though. Feeling too much too soon, ya know?" Leo asks, running a hand through his hair again. "Or, rather than talk, you can just spring a big old kiss on him." He chuckles, picking up his plates and taking them to be cleaned.

Daisuke turns a bit red and bites his lip. "I dunno, but ya know, you are I are both in the same boat there. Setting ourselves up for a possible fall." He chuckles. "Okay, shower then I have a session with Dr. Parker-Mayfair. I'll see you later Leo and either Jared or I will probably let you know how it goes." He says with a chuckle as he picks up his stuff to throw away and then head out of the cafeteria.

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