2011-09-09: See Ya Pardner

Players: Drew Daniels and Vinny

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Summary: Vinny meets up with Tex to say goodbye and give him information.

Date: September 9, 2011

Log Title: See Ya, Pardner

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Afternoon in mutant town has Vinny entering the park earlier than usual but still heading to his usual practice spot. Having just made a call to meet with a friend for likely the last time in a while. Finding his way to his usual bench he takes a seat and waits.

Surprised by the call, but also happy to hear from a friend, Drew Daniels fortunately has no Friday classes to teach and had the afternoon to himself. So it rather quickly that the Texas Twister leaves the Barnes Academy, taking to the air and riding on current to meet with Vinny. Dressedin jeans and a blue denim shirt the cowboy spots the platypus by their usual spot and he literally drops from the sky and lands on the bench next to his friend. “Vinny!” Tex is unusually merry today. “Funny ya called. I had meant to call you. Your name came up in a conversation. Funniest thing, actually.” There is a smile on his face that can be heard in his tone and volume.

Vinny chuckles "Dependin' on the conversation that can be a good or bad thing with a SHIELD agent. But it's good ta see ya Tex, just wish it was fer a bit of better news. I wanted ta let ya know I'm headed back ta Australia fer awhile, not sure how long. Gonna see my folks fer a bit then go on walkabout."

Smirking, Tex continues, “Oh it ain’t nothin’ to worry about. I was talking with an alien raccoon that teaches at Barnes. He had met ya. Just kinda bizarre talking to a raccoon about a platypus.” The smirk soon diminishes though when Vinny makes his announcement. “Yer leavin’?” Drew’s facial expression is a mix of shock and hurt. He looks down at his boots and kicks up a little wind almost sulking, “Are yer parents ok? Did something happen?”

Vinny nods "Yeah they're both fine, my residency Visa is almost up and with all that's happened I'm not feelin' tha mood ta have it renewed right now. Need ta get my head straight an figure out what I wanna do with my life without every jackass and his brother tryin' ta decide it for me. Figure I'll hit tha Bush fer a bit, see tha aboriginal tribes that helped me when I first changed and get back ta my roots fer a bit."

Kicking the wind a bit stronger that it whips a few pieces of trash about, Tex turns to his friend and listens, though it still struck by the announcement, “If it’s Visa problems, I can try to use my contacts to clear it up. If it’s Dingo or any other jerk messing with you in Mutant Town. I can take care of the problem for you.” Drew sighs, “I mean…I thought you had decided to look after Mutant Town and sorta look out for the people here?”

Vinny shakes his head "Naw it's nothin' like that. The Visa would just need ta be renewed I just don't want to renew it right now, as for Dingo or somone here if he was a problem I'd deal with him. Stronger now than I ever been. Though half tha damn town still see him as some kinda Robin hood.. which I'll never understand. Mutant town is peacefull, there are a bunch of new and rather strong mutants livin' here now that are much more combat inclined than I am if things get ugly. I came here ta see what tha hotbed fer mutant rights was all about and frankly I've seen all I think I want to fer tha time bein. Need some time where I'm not always lookin over my shoulder fer a change." He reach into one pocket "I do need ya ta take care of one thing after I leave though."

Realizing that Vinny’s mind is made up, Drew accepts that and nods, “Well, if it is what you need, then you should go. Be with your family. Meet up with aborigines. Do your walkabout and most important, find some peace, Vinny.” Tex exhales and stops the little wind he has created when he sees it nearly knock over a trash bin. Adjusting the brim of his cowboy, he responds to Vinny’s request, “Sure. Anything ya need me to do. I’ll do. What is it?”

Vinny pulls a map from his pocket with a key taped to it. "When Chemicalo was taken down I went after tha rest of tha NMO ta make sure there was no kick left. Since I have no idea on how to safely destroy that crap I stashed it where no one but me could find it or even get at it. I need SHIELD to go get it and deal with it. I didn't trust tha embassy enough ta hand it over ta them and I don't want somone locatin' it in my absense." The map shows a spot in the middle of the bay off the waterfront. "Yer gonna need SCUBA gear and some bolt cutters.."

Looking over the map and studying it and the key for a moment as Vinny speaks, Drew simply nods and then making eye contact with Vinny, “You got it.” Not a fan of water himself, he glances at the map again studying it a bit more, “So you’re sure no one else knows about this, then? And how big is that stash?”

Vinny nods "Oh a few folks know I have the stash, but only I knew where it was till now. It's a sealed metal briefcase, has mabye two dozen inhalers in it of various fill levels. Watertight to keep from anythin' comtaminatin' tha water. Tha case is at the bottom of the Hull of a tugboat wreck, chained to a pair of boat anchors and concealed under an overturned supply chest. Since it's shipping lanes no recreational divers would be in that area and even if one did find tha wreck they wouldn't have tha tools or tha time to find and remove tha stash."

Tex hmmmmns as Vinny details the description on how where the stash of Kick is and how he has hidden it. “Wow. You really made sure no one would be able to get to it. But why didn’t ya tell me sooner about this?” Drew shakes his head and waves his hand, “Ya know, that doesn’t even matter. I’ll get on that today. I’ll take care of it and make sure it is destroyed properly. You worked hard to make sure this doesn’t get into anyone’s hands and I promise you it won’t.”

Vinny nods and smiles "Figured I could count on you. Sorry ta cut this little get-together short but I need ta go take care of a few things before I head out. Miss Frost let me keep tha smartphone she gave me and said it has a global range so ya still have my number and we can stay in touch. Sorry ta drop this on ya all at once it's been somthin' I been mullin' over since tha whole kick crisis."

“Alright then.” Drew extends his hand to shake Vinny’s, “I’ll miss my friend. And you can bet, I’ll keep in touch. Australia’s not too far.” Tex laughs a bit and then becomes serious, “You know if you are in ANY trouble. You are to call me, right? For anything!”

Vinny nods and shakes the offered hand "An if SHIELD sends ya down under fer somthin' gimme a hollar. I'll be back sooner or later, just not sure when just yet. I got a couple weeks till I'm packed up and ready ta go mabye we'll go grab a few drinks or somthin' before then."

“Definitely.” Standing up Drew looks about, “Well, I guess. I have free time after all. I wonder if I should head into Mutant Town now and see how things are fer myself. It’s been too long. Too busy between Barnes, the recent weather issues, and Mindbender and Upgrade.” Drew smiles and exhales as he looks over his friend, “Well, Vinny.” He tips his hat and winks, “See ya rond, pardner.” He remains a second and then starts to walk toward Mutant Town hand in his pocket and looking mighty down.

Vinny nods "Safe Travels mate, seeya later." He heads out when Tex does, heading a different direction to go take care of some business.

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