2010-1-27: Seeking Shelter


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Summary: Having asked his brother Jericho for a place to stay during the Inferno, Jet is greeted by Van.

Date: January 27, 2010.

Log Title Seeking Shelter

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

It is mid-evening and Jet makes his way up the drive to the front gates. He called Jericho earlier and asked for a place to stay when the demons ripped open his apartment building and his brother suggested the school, since it would be safer. Making his way out of the city was tough under the conditions, but here he is, duffel bag over his shoulder, guitar case in one hand and a satchel full of his school work and compositions in the other. He sits down the music and the guitar case, presses the 'attention' button and waits, giving the whole place a kind of dubious 'really?' expression.

It's only seconds before Vance appears on the other side of the gates. He wasn't answering the buzz so much as jogging by judging by his tee shirt and sweat pants. Yes, it's chilly but he was obviously working up a sweat. "Hello." he says as he detours over to the gate and stops. "Help you with something?" Pressing the intercom on this side, he tells whoever is in the house he's got the gate.
Jet gives Vance a once over look and one eyebrow quirks up fractionally. He nods and says, "Um, Jet. Mayfair. Jericho's brother." As though that explains everything in the world. Apparently, he's laconic by nature.

"Jericho's brother." Van repeats. "Jericho Mayfair?" The name's obviously not immediately familiar but after a moment he nods. "Oh, yes. The school shrink right? Well, let me make sure you're cleared." And isn't a demon. Though how one can tell that… He buzzes the house again for someone who actually knows who everyone is and it's only a matter of time before there's a buzz and the gate unlocks. "Well, guess that means you're allowed in."

Jet nods and grins in relief. "Nope. Not a demon." He picks up his gear and looks around, saying, "First time here. Swanky." He looks Vance up and down again and his eyebrows arch again as he tilts his head a little. The question is pretty plain, "Who are you?" And/or "So are you an X-Man?" He walks inside the gates, relaxing fractionally. If any place has good security, it would be here.

Van makes sure the gate closes securely behind Jet and he turns to escort him to the house. "Van. I'm an instructor here though I just arrived so haven't met your brother yet." He looks over the other man, focusing on the case. "Guitar? Acoustic or electric?"

Jet smiles at the question. "Jet. And acoustic. The power was out at my place. Seemed like a safer bet. I play both, though. And a lot more." Well, music seems to be a topic that gets him rolling. "You play?"
"Not guitar." Van answers. "You planning on staying out here for a while? Safer than a city full of demons." Not that they've escaped the demon problem but at least they aren't wandering the streets or anything. "They took out the power lines?"

Jet arches his eyebrows as though asking, "Ok, what?" to that comment about not playing the guitar. He nods at that second part emphatically and then says, "Yea." to the last question. Perhaps sensing that isn't enough information, he adds, "They tear stuff up at random, pretty much. Power lines, buildings, people, whatever. No pattern I could see."

"Demons." Van says with a shrug. As in 'what else can you expect from personified forces of evil and destruction'. He did note the look so also answers "Piano. It was my parents' idea and I didn't get much say about it. Not that I mind now."

Jet grins. "Any good?" He doesn't mention that he also plays. Well, plays just about everything. His one talent in the family, other than his mutant power. "Might be fun to jam sometime." That's tossed out pretty casually. And then, "What do you teach?"

"Not as good as my family but no one's ever walked out on me." Van answers with a small chuckle and glances over at Jet. "If you'd like. I haven't really played for a while though so I'm going to be rusty." Though it's slight, he does walk with a faint limp. "Combat training. Tactics. Swimming, phys ed, that kind of thing. And what do you do? Or are you a professional musician?"

Jet grins in return, catching Van's glance. "Cool." And then his expression gets a little wide-eyed at that recitation. "Wow." He nods and says, "Kinda. Work for bar bills, help with the rent and stuff. Studying music at Julliard." He shrugs, as though indicating that's no big deal.

"Oh? You must be good." Van states. "My brother and sister both studied there so I know they don't take just anybody. Your family support you in your choice or did they want another professional doctor?"

Jet reaches out and taps Van's dog tags where he can see the outline through the shirt. "Something like this. Or something else 'tough'. Anything but music." He shrugs at that. "Went my own way. Paid for it. Not as much as Jericho, but still."

Van smiles a bit. "Funny, my parents wanted me to go into music. Or anything but the military. But I also went my own way. They paid me for it though so I got the better deal than you did."

Jet shrugs and smile faintly again in answer to Van's own. "We're both here." And that about sums it up, doesn't it?

Van nods his agreement. "They mean well but you have to live your own life." Looking at what Jet's carrying, he asks "Need a hand with some of that?"

Jet smiles a bit wider and nods. He stops, puts down the guitar the music, slides the duffel bag off and hands it Van with a grunt. It's heavy given the relative difference in their heights and builds, so probably a little rough for him. He holds it out Van. "Thanks." A pause, "Where am I sleeping?"

Van takes the duffel and easily swings it over a shoulder. Doesn't even compare to a full pack. At the question he pauses a half step and flashes a quick grin. "Now that's a loaded question. But I'd assume wherever it is you arranged with your brother. His room? Unless he got you a spare bedroom if there is one."

Jet shrugs and shakes his head, "Dunno. Cell service sucks right now, too." He grins and says, "Jeri's floor I guess. like pretending to camp out again." His expression seems to ask, "Where did /you/ have in mind?" But, of course he doesn't ask. "Not the first time. Just the first time as a grown up."

"So he wasn't expecting you? This'll be a surprise then." And if Van reads the unasked question, the answer - if there is one - also remains unsaid. "Yes, I'd guess his floor then at least until he can arrange something else. I have a sleeping bag you can borrow if you need one. More comfortable than blankets."

Jet nods and says, "Second visit in three years. I'm overstaying my welcome." His tone is a bit dry and droll on that. "And he knew I was coming. He wanted me to stay here, not his place." He gives Van another one of those sidelong looks. "Security, I guess." And then, "Thanks. I'll take you up on that." He yawns, hugely. It's been a long, long day. "Soon."

"Then it's likely he's already cleared you staying before he even invited you. That should make things simple. And yeah, security here is pretty good." Van agrees. Both the keeping people out part and the repercussions for those who manage to get in. "We can swing by my room then and you can pick it up."

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