2010-09-29: Seeking Tranquility


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Summary: While wandering a Japanese Garden Tony comes across Jono who is in Tokyo visiting family. The two have a brief conversation and part each others company knowing that they will probably cross paths again soon.

Date: September 29, 2010

Log Title: Seeking Tranquility

Rating: PG-13(L) Some language used.

Tokyo Japan

Having returned to Japan after the brief visit in New York Tony did not automatically return to the base of operations where his friends were camped out at. Instead he could be found walking around Skinjuku Gyoen National Garden in a simple black business suit, black dress shirt and sapphire tie, carrying a briefcase. Reaching into the breast pocket of his jacket he pulls out his specialized shades that allow him to keep tabs of what is going on around him as well as provide a visual to files he might want to access, streaming the data in columns that only he could see reflected on the lenses.

"I didn't expect to see you here." Comes an amused, British voice from where Jonothon sits now too far away. Slouching in a bit of shadow, the Brit doesn't show up immediately on scans due to his lack of life force. Not that he's invisible. Tony's tech is too good for that. Jono is using his comm to talk, however, knowing that Tony's mind shields prevent the Avenger from hearing him. Rather like Tony, he's also wearing nice attire. A bit too dressed up for this place, but here to escape from of the nonsense that goes on with family gatherings. "How have you been?" Hasn't seen Tony since the attack at the Avenger's mansion, and the meeting that happened after.

Tony registers Jono's presence and shrugs more with the way he moves his briefcase than any change in posture. "I've been better. It's nice to see you even if unexpectedly." Turning towards Jono he crosses the briefcase in front of himself to hold the handle with both hands. Jono would no doubt pick up on the fact that this wasn't a normal briefcase, and Tony doesn't seem to want to point it out. "What brings you to Tokyo? Can't be the Cherry Blossoms."

Jonothon makes no comment of the brief case. Isn't his place, and to be honest he doesn't much care. Sitting forward, resting arms on knees, he threads fingers together and looks up at Tony. "Family." That's what brought him to Tokyo. There's a wry tone to that. "My sister got it in her head that it was mend bridges time and dragged me along." The details are fairly boring, so he doesn't go into those. "What about yourself, mate? You alright?" This doesn't seem like you. Jono is known for sulking in corners, but Tony Stark?

Family could be a touchy subject with Tony. Though nothing changes outwardly he finds himself mentally sighing to himself. "If you want my personal opinion you should try and mend fences or at least get to a point where you think you've made a peace. There is no telling if you will have a chance to see them again thereby leaving things unfinished." Known to avoid answering questions that make him uncomfortable then change the subject to make sure the conversation goes off in another direction he does so now. "I am here to handle a situation that has gotten grossly out of control. I would appreciate it if you did not mention that you've seen me about."

The Brit is silent for this advice, but in reality that's why he's here at all. Jonothon decides to mend those bridges. He just didn't want to deal with people sitting around and drinking tonight. He merely watches Tony, head tilted for the angle. "No trouble with that, mate." About not mentioning having seen the Avenger. "Anything I can do to help? We'll be here for a few weeks, and I can't keep spending my hours watching other people eat." A smirk for that.
Rising to his feet, a slender figure that still has to look up to meet Tony's eyes, he Brit motions with a hand, "Whether it be helping with your mess or whatever it is that's really bothering you. And no, I'm not expecting your life story, just offering to help." A smile there, for he isn't asking for all Tony's secrets.

Tony knows that Jono means well, and he generally likes the young man but there were just a few things that Tony kept close to his chest born out of a need for self preservation. "I appreciate your offer of help, and for what it's worth I am glad that you're interested in the mess around Tokyo these days." Stepping off the footpath to stand underneath a tree covered with bright red falling leaves, he sets the briefcase down just beside his foot and tucks his hands into his trouser pockets. "I would prefer not involving others, especially since you are here for more important matters than this, however if things get interesting I would not be opposed to bringing you into the fold."

Jonothon takes no insult in being turned down. When it comes to personal matters he'd have turned down that offer too. So there's only a nod and no signs of ire. "I'll be around a couple weeks at least, so let me know." There's a little pause as he smirks and touches the comm he's wearing even now, "You have my number." And Tony could do worse than having an X-men at hand when the shit hits. "And don't worry about the family. They've always been distant. Doubt they even know I'm gone right now." A shrug as he's honestly not concerned with it.

Stark nods as if it answers everything that Jono brought up without saying a word. Staring out across the small pond littered by colorful petals and fallen leaves he sighs softly then casts a glance over at Jono across his shoulder. "You know how to contact me as well. Don't be too surprised if I don't answer but I eventually get around to checking messages left on that line."

The Avenger's demeanor really has Jonothon watching him. This is very different than the man he met in New York. Something very bad has gone on. Yet the Brit just doesn't ask. It isn't his place, and if it's that painful/troublesome Tony isn't going to talk about it anyway. After a moment he simply has to note, "You're fucked up, mate. Might want to get your head on straight before you wade into the bollocks."

A soft laugh erupts, "When have I been anything other than fucked up I ask you?" Poking fun at himself is an ingrained reflex brought about by decades of not taking himself seriously. "Don't worry about where my head's at, Jono. It's always screwed on at least. I can't even tell you how many times I've had to deal with a situation at a very inopportune time for me personally." A light breeze sweeps across the two gentleman and carries loose blossoms along the stone path in front of them. "I should be heading to a meeting so I'll leave you to this peaceful garden. I'll see you again sooner or later, Jono. Don't hesitate to call me if you feel the need to."

Jonothon doesn't find the laughter all that reassuring. He doesn't know Tony that well, leaving him silent in the wake of rhetorical questions. "Cheers." Sure he could try and make Tony stay, but the Brit doesn't. Tony clearly doesn't want to stay. So there's just a farewell and a watching of the Avenger. Huh. Small world, isn't it?

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