Selene Gallio
Selene Gallio
Portrayed By Salma Hayek
Gender Female
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 17,000+
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases The Black Queen
Place of Birth Europe
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation PitA
Known Relatives Amara Aquilla
Significant Other None living
Identity Selene
Known Abilities See Below
First Appearance New Mutants vol.1 #9

"I am once more free to walk the wide and wonderful earth, to hunt, and, in time, to rule."


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  • “I honor him as I do all I slay. As I shall you.”
  • “This metropolis has provided me great sport since my arrival.”
  • "Your raw power is no match for my eons of experience.”


  • When Selene speaks, she sounds like Gillian Anderson as "Moro" from Princess Mononoke
  • Is the original goth! When she dies, all the others will be cured!
  • Writer Kevin Grevioux stated that the Selene from the movie "Underworld" is loosely based on the Marvel Comics character

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