2011-10-18: Self Defense Lesson


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Summary: Connor comes to Xavier's to teach Self Defense

Date: October 18, 2011

Log Title: Self Defense Lesson

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

It's Tuesday… which means that for those familiar with it, there's a BMW M5 in the driveway, and a former student in the gym. A group of about 20 kids ranging from twelve to fifteen are just exitting class, all of them dressed in comfortable gym clothes, and doing what kids usually do… laughing and pushing, but they all seem to be respectful about it in the student teacher's presence. Since it's not his only class for the day, Connor is checking over some equipment while pacing the room, counting his steps as he goes with his eyes closed, thumb running along stitches. One ear has a bud in it, and the tinny sound of hard-pounding drum n bass can he heard when he comes close.

Heather zips into the gymnasium, her shoes squeaking as she runs along the floor, and making a particular dreadful squeak when she notices Connor and stops running. "Oh, hello," she says, approaching and stopping to open her arms at him. She is also wearing comfortable gym clothes, but in bright and clashing purple and orange.

While Shane doesn't seem the type to do much in the way of exercising, each day finds her in the gym, if only briefly. Her large, clunky clubstompers make an odd constrast to her utilitarian school gym gear, as she does a set of pull-ups on one of the bars provided, her own headphones nicely cutting off what is probably loud and obnixious 'music.'

Why Sage is heading into the gym is anyones guess, even his own as he's not really sure what brought him down here. He's certainly not dressed for the gym as he's in a pair of jeans, barefoot and has a loose fitting green shirt with a belt around his waste. He slowly walks in and looks around with a sense of awe on his face. "What is this place?" He mutters to himself as he eyes the funny looking hoops with nets on them attached to boards hanging from the ceiling.

As the group of kids leave there is a startled maow and Evelyn in small and fuzzy form bolts in from the hallway as if someone had just stepped on her tail. Quite likely because someone /did/ just step on her tail. At a respectable speed for a slow-world creature she makes her way directly for a cat sized hiding place under one of the larger bits of gym equipment under which she settles in with unhappy feline noises.

As the hug is returns to Heather, Connor's eyes manage to track somewhat on the cat, and while they no longer glimmer with nascent power, they're still slightly odd to behold. Not many people have aquamarine blue eyes THAT vivid. But he comes back to Heather, "Hey… thought I'd see you today. I was just going to start up my second class. Miss Frost asked me to teach self-defense for some students who don't like all the violent stuff." Grinning as he lets go he looks towards Sage, and adds, "This is the gym… where you can work out with your powers or without. I'm glad you're here… Miss Frost wanted me to teach you a few things, and I promise they're nothing violent. But to help you deal with violence. If you're willing?" Though has he speaks, his gaze sweeps the Shane as well, eyebrow quirked in question.

Heather nods her head at Connor and says, "I look forward to it. I do not like to fight so competetively and violently, it is not really my style." She glances towards the feline that zips into the room, watching it go hide and then puts a finger up to indicate 'one second' and dashes to check on the feline's hiding place, giving a very brief wave in passing to both Sage and Shane.

The chin-up turn into a series of slightly stiff leg-lifts, and cradled with in the comfortable cacophany of her music, it's some time before she realizes her presence was noted, and attention called for. Sighing, she shifts her grip, letting go with one hand to pull her headphones down around her neck, accompanied by an audible blast of We been run down every hill! Chased up all the dead end streets! But if ya try to cut us out, you'll get a kick in the teeth~! before she can manage to hit the pause button on her iPod. Looking back up, she quirks an eyebrow Connor's way, dangling one-handed off the bar. "….Yeah?"

Sage looks at Connor and then at the door, at his words there's almost a look on his face like he wants to run. He gives Shane a quick, kind of stiff wave, before looking at Connor. "That is alright, I believe I shall pass on the offer, thank you though." He says as his hair seems to tighten around himself a bit, as if embracing him. "So, um, how are you all today?"

From inside her fortress of solitude (which is to say in the gap between three large gym mats in the corner) Evelyn peeks out and sniffs the air. Then head held high as if nothing was up she trots out, the tips of some really rather impressive claws for such a small cat click-clacking against the floor. "Mraow?" she inquires, tilting her head.

A wild cat in the gym hardly seems to phase the former student, just getting an arched eyebrow as he says to Sage, "Allright, but the offer is going to stay open… I actually respect that you're a pacifist. That's one of the hardest roads in the world to take… there's so much out there about us that goes against it." Smiling once at the younger man he turns to look at Shane, "I was hoping you'd come over and join in the class. Miss Frost wanted me to work with some of the older students in a manner that seems less… ahhh… confrontational that the usual teachers." And fishing the earbud from his head, he turns off his phone, and moves over to start stretching again, "I wanted to show you how to break out of grips and holds. It's easy stuff, and useful… and doesn't need you dressing up in fancy clothes."

Heather reaches to give the feline a pet as it comes back out and then says to Connor, "Grips and holds? That's probably useful. I do not like to be held, it is quite awkward and seems terribly long." She stands back up and then looks towards Sage, "I am doing okay today I believe."

Shane looses a small breath from her nose, bad leg lifting up just before she drops off the bar, wincing slightly as her sore side makes contact with the ground. Raking a hand through her hair, she clumps forward, nodding to Sage in passing. "S'fine," she murmurs. "He's just talkin' about if people try to grab hold of your or something, how you can get away. Sort of stuff you'd find at women's self-defense classes. … …Only without the part about smaking someone with your purse." The cat earns a curious look and a raised eyebrow, but if no one else is going to comment, she certainly won't be the first.

Sage closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths before starting to speak. "I understand your concern and you're only trying to help but by learning some form of self defense means I will be getting myself into situations which I do not want to get myself into." Sage tries to explain. "I can't stand any sort of violence and by learning to protect myself against just means I will be getting involved in that. Why can people just not accept this is who I am?" He gives Shane a pleading look as she says what she does as if it's the last thing in the world he wants. "Good day Evelyn." He says to the cat without much enthusasim.

Evelyn sits down, then wiggles her front paws in a vague approximation of waving. Then with a few more sniffs she trots behind one of the larger bits of gym equipment to try shift back with a little privacy. Gaining over a hundred pounds in a few seconds and restructuring most of your body being a little off putting even to your average Xavier stuent. There is a slight popping and cracking and then a sigh. "When I find who stepped on me I am forcing them to go on a crash diet!"

"Actually, Sage… that kind of logic is flawed. Being prepared isn't looking for trouble… trust me, I know first hand. When my uncle started teaching me Systema, he did it because I didn't have any kind of focus, and my condition meant that I needed social stimulation and order to help cope with regular people." Connor replies, and Evelyn's little outburst just gives him an amused look. As Shane approaches, he holds out his hand to her, "Basics… the human hand can cover only so much area. I'm going to grab at your wrist now. What I want you to do is twist until the outside of your wrist is at the point where my fingers meet… and then I want you to jerk away." Remaining calm and pleasant about it all, he then, if allowed… takes Shane's wrist as he noted, and squeezes down just enough to be firm, and not painful.

Heather takes a few steps back as Evelyn becomes a person again, and then tilts her head lightly, "I see. I suppose that makes more sense than the alternative." She turns towards Connor and watches him talking to Shane, a bit curiously.

Whether or not Connor makes sense, watching him carefully and systematically step on Sage's logic seems to *annoy* the slight young mutant. "Dude, gym's mandatory. Self-defense ain't. Maybe you wanna give the guy a break already?" Even still, she turns her hand as instructed, jerking her wrist out of Connor's grasp. "I mean cripes even *Miyagi* had the decency to cover it all up in routine crap."

Heather blinks a few times and looks at her watch, "Oh! I'll be back, unless I'm not." She approaches to give Connor a kind of awkward looking hug once Shane's wrist is out of his grip and then zips out of the room.

"That's not what I said Connor. I didn't say I was looking for trouble." Sage tries to explain taking a deep breath. "I know I'm different from everyone here but it does not mean I have some sort of condition that needs to be worked on through defending myself." He tries to explain as best he can as his hair almost seems to cling even more defensivly to his front. He's not sure what to say so he just sits down for the time being and looks down at the floor. "I know I'm different and I seem strange to you all but it's who I am. Why do I have to learn self defense when I don't plan on being in a situation where it is required in the first place?"

Evelyn leans over the bit of gym equipment and rubs her tail absentmindedly. "What're you guys upto?" she wonders. "Hi Sage by the way, how goes? As for everyone else… for some reason you smell familiar but I've no clue who you might be." She directs the comment about smell Shane's way and the no clue at Connor. "I don't like fighting either for the record. I've been working on the special self defense trick of running and hiding. Of course it's a trick which is much easier when you can turn into a Margay. I'm Evelyn by the way, pleased to meet you!"

A smile is returned to Evelyn, as Connor replies, "Hello then Evelyn." But Shane's words seem to sting a bit, and there's another nod from Connor as he says, "No… you're right, and I'm sorry Sage." Pausing for a moment as he's hugged, and then silently showing Shane how to draw away from a couple other wrist-holds, giving the young man more time to recover emotionally. After that he walks over and squats in front of Sage, saying softly, "I'm not a very good teacher… but I'm a friendler face than most of the instructors here. That's why I volunteered to come back. When I was told you were a pacifist, and was asked to reach out and try and help you learn how to avoid violence, I was reminded of Gandhi. Specifically a quote that I like to keep in mind… But I promise, you don't have to do anything. You can leave, you can watch… I won't force you."

Then Connor says as he stands up, "There is no half way between truth and non-violence on the one hand and untruth and violence on the other. We may never be strong enough to be entirely non-violent in thought, word and deed. But we must keep non-violence as our goal and make steady progress towards it. The attainment of freedom, whether for a man, a nation or the world, must be in exact proportion to the attainment of non-violence by each."

Shane maintains her glare, though she does as instructed. Once Connor breaks to kneel in front of Sage, the girl crosses her arms, watching the older teen as though waiting for him to make a single step 'out of line.' She doesn't offer opinions of her own at the moment, but, she does keep a careful watch to see how Sage reacts.

Sage looks up at Connor and offers him a small smile. "They way I grew up was vastly different than things are over here and I'm begining to suspect the same is with most places. It's not just violence but fighting in general. If my siblings or cousins or any of were angry or mad with eachother we were taught not to fight, even verbally, with eachother. That everything could always be worked out calmly and by talking. My Mum and Dad were right, it always worked." he tries to explain as he looks over at Shane and gives her a smile before answering Evelyn. "I'm doing well Evelyn, thank you for asking." He says before looking at Connor. "I appricate that you're concerned for me and would like to teach me but if I learn something like that, I'm admitting that I need to learn how to get into that confrontation in the first place which I don't believe is necessary."

"You really can't deny it," Evelyn declares. "But Sage saying that after hearing the stories they tell here requires /way/ more courage than most people will ever have. Erm not that I'm saying anyone /would/ deny it." She coughs. "Those are pretty awesome boot… uhm.. I don't actually know your name. Did you buy them here in New York or bring them from home?"

As Connor moves back over to stand in front of Shane, he replies by saying, "Then I envy you that… unfortunately, I'm the other side of the coin. As much as I don't like violence, I'm too good at it. I wish there were more people in the world like you, Sage…" There's a shrug and a chuckle as he looks at the other two girls, "The rest of the students for this part are going to be here in a bit, and you're all welcome to stay and learn more of what I'm showing Shane… or you can go back to whatever. Like she said, it's not mandatory. I was just asked to reach out and try. I've done that… mission acocmplished."

Shane tilts her head to one side as Connor returns, nodding once, curtly. Glancing back at Sage, the girl raises an eyebrow. "Stay 'n watch if y'like," she notes. "'F not, there's a little book-shaped box thing in front of the TV labeled 'My Neighbor Totoro.' Might like it."

Sage stands up and his hair uncurls from around him. He gets up and walks over to take a seat. "I'll…I'll watch." He says with some hesitation and it's actually a huge step for the pacifist. "I need to get used to things here and maybe by watching it will help with the Danger Room, getting used to it more since I cannot avoid going in there."

Evelyn shrugs. "I'm always up for a laugh and if there is anyone even as remotely clutsy as me in your class it should be entertaining," she decides. "I would join in but I just don't have the outfit for it." She motions to her somewhat revealing unstable molecule outfit. "Are you a former student then Connor? And have you been out in the wide world of no more school long?"

Connor gives Evelyn a bit of an annoyed look as he replies, "That's a poor attitude to take about things. Excuses and evasions. At least Sage is honest enough with his intentions, and has a willingness to at least see what it's about." Shaking his head he turns back to Shane, and they go back to showing how to break holds on the wrist. After that, he then looks to her and says, "I am going to grab you from behind, and then show you how to get out of that grip, allright?" Not moving or making any gestures until the approval is given. The doors open, and a few other reclusive students enter, sitting on benches to watch as Connor continues on, "I graduated just recently… and I'm currently working for the Genoshan Embassy as a courier. It's fun… I get to drive a bike all over New York. Been to Stark Towers, the UN, Avenger's Mansion… even some SHIELD types that were dressed normal for a change."

Grabbed from behind… one can almost see the possibilities flickering across the front of Shane's mind, as she glares up at Connor. Finally, she shrugs, turning her back to him and letting her arms go limp at her sides. "Just so long's you remember I got my own way to get out of it. Yours just don't leave scorch marks." With Connor duly warned, she glances back at Evelyn, lifting a shoulder. "School gave'm to me. Kept me from blowin' up when I don't want to." Sage's declaration earns the boy a surprised look, then a slow nod. Evidently, the slight young mutant approves of the monumental courage the British teen displays.

Sage sits there and watches with his breath held for a bit. He can't help but jump and wince a bit as the moves are gone through. He eventually speaks up in a very quite and tiny voice, like it's a question he doesn't want to ask. "I've heard that because we're mutants we get attacked a lot, is it…um…is it true?"

Evelyn snaps her fingers. "Blow up…? Then that makes you Shane? As in the Shane who makes awesome costumes?" she exclaims. "You can sew right? Do you think maybe you could teach me? I have all my old clothes except I need to make tail holes. And it's rapidly getting cold enough that I'm going to freeze to death if I don't sort something suitable out." She shrugs at Connor. "If your goal is to get people to be interested in what you're teaching surely me staying for any reason is better than not caring at all?"

Connor shows Shane how to get out of a hold from behind by going limp, and by using her hands to swing down and break the hold… none of the moves designed to hurt anyone, just to get free of a grip that is unwelcome. While he coaches, he doesn't respond, but when he finally speaks, he says to Sage, "No. That's not entirely correct. Being mutant is like being gay, or an Arab, or something else where people can point at you and call you that. Because there are so many of you here in the school, or in mutant town, that draws people who want to hurt mutants to those places. The school has phenomenal protections… because the teachers want you all to learn and grow in a safe place." Pausing the lesson, he looks around, "My school year was rough, the one before it was a nightmare… but it's the exception to the rule. Other students can gossip and say what they want, but you're as safe here as any public school. Except the school bully here might fart fireballs or turn into a giant rock."
Connor's explanation seems to dredge up very, very unhappy thoughts for Shane, thoughts that remain unsaid, though her expression darkens visibly. Thus it's not in the best of attitudes that she replies to Evelyn's barrage of requests and details. "…You c'n find out online," she mutters after a moment's pause. "'S not that hard."

Sage pushes himself up and nods to Connor. "Thank you very much I shall see you later. Shane I will look into that box that you told me about. Evelyn have a good afternoon." He says as he goes to leave the gym. "Have a wonderful afternoon, cheers!" He says as he exits with a bit on his mind to think about.

Once more people filter in, Connor begins pairing everyone up, and starts them at the beginning of what he was showing Shane, including the two girls in the class if they choose to stay. But with so many people here, he sort of fades to the background of quiet explanations and assistance to a group here or there.

"I could also offer payment in photography work," Evelyn offers as a last ditch attempt. "I /did/ try online stuff but honestly teaching yourself to make holes in something on your butt is only going to end in embarrasment." Although if it's more or less than her current attire remains to be seen. "I have maybe a hundred dollars set aside if you change your mind. But anyway while it's been nice meeting people I think I'm going to stop in the medbay and see if I can get some painkillers. The tip of my tail hurts like you wouldn't believe!" And with that she waves to those members of the class who aren't too busy and ducks out.

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