2011-09-13: Selfishness And A Picnic


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Summary: David and Star meet at the lake and discuss the future over a picnic.

Date: September 13, 2011

Log Title: Selfishness and a Picnic

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Spuyten Duyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

It is dusk at the Xavier Institute, The sun is setting and the moon is rising. The sky looks beautiful, especially at the Spuyten Duyvil Cove. David has set up a blanket on the beach and some food. He is dressed in khaki shorts and a black and purple striped polo shirt with his yellow cybershades. Having returned to the Institute after spending some time with friends, he has hankered down and is working. Using the cybershades to create a holographic image of a keyboard and monitor, David types away as images related to the upcoming semester fly by. He sighs as he realizes the work he has put off and must now catch up on, but smiles as he remembers recent fun times. He laughs to himself and lets out another louder sigh.

Making her way down to the lake, Star has a small stack of papers she's supposed to proof read to help some students with an English assignment. It's a good thing that she did decently in English, herself, and was used to helping Cloud stay caught up with his own homework… She's dressed casually enough in a long denim sundress and sandals, a bottle of water in her free hand and her other arm full of file folder. She pauses when she spots a familiar form seated on a blanket and smiles softly, making her way over to stand at the edge of David's little corner of the world, "Hey. You look cozy." With his work projected on his glasses and food in easy reach.

While his eyes re hidden behind the cybershades, his smile reveals he is happy with this intruder in his periphery. Pressing a few buttons on the keyboard, David saves the work he was doing and then stands up as the holograms blink out of existence. "I look cozy and you look good. Join me?" He asks and without really waiting for an answer walks closer towards her reaching for the file folders to lighten her load and gives her a kiss on the cheek in greeting. "There's space on the blanket and the sky looks beautiful right now."

Star blushes a little at being told she looks good, a little bubble of pleasure filling the air around her as she surrenders her small stack of papers and smiles in response, "Thank you." She's not entirely clear about what she's saying thank you for, but it's a good reply for both, so he can take it how he wants. She glances up at the sky and reaches up to fingercomb her hair back behind her shoulders, "It really is a beautiful sky tonight…" She moves to drop down mildly gracefully to sit on the blanket, making sure there's room for him still, "You look happy. Not being to swamped with working, I take it?" Seems like she's barely staying afloat sometimes. Then again, being a teacher's aid for the school is her first real job…

Noting the atmosphere of joy around Star, David smiles and bows his head looking momentarily away in his own blushful bashful manner. "You're welcome." When Star moves to the blanket he is quick to follow as he plops down less gracefully as he just sinks in and reaches for the blanket, "I made some sandwiches, some salad, and there are two cans of soda and bottled waters." He kicks his feet up as he lies on his stomach on the blanket and looks to Star and stares a moment, "You know. I really like you. You have this…I don't know…/aura/ about you. I don't know if it's your empathy or whatnot, but I feels good to see you. It had been awhile after the date. Wasn't sure what you thought."

"You know… I wasn't really expecting to see anyone out here." So Star certainly wasn't expecting to get food! She stretches her legs out a little and reaches up to tuck her hair behind one ear, smiling a little, "Thank you. It looks really good." She blushes when he comments on her aura and shrugs one shoulder, "Well… I blame my powers for any 'aura' I might have." Pheromones and all that… She smiles, still, though, and nods, "It feels good to see you, too, though. I had a lot of fun when we went out." She'd like to have done it again, to tell the truth!

"Well, good then. I say we do it again." David speaks confidently as he speaks up, but then looks down, "I mean…that is if you would like to…" So much for confidence. Moving his eyes about, David reaches into the basket to grab a tuna sandwich. Peeling away the tin foil around it, he quickly takes a large bite out of it followed by a swig of water. Clearing his throat and hurriedly swallowing the bite of food still in his throat, "Um. So how're you like actually working here? For me it took a while to get used to going from student to staff, but I feel this year will be better, whatever happens, I'll have a better outlook."

Star blushes a little more and nods, "Yeah. Ok." She actually giggles a little, a vague hint of nervousness hanging in the air around her, "I'd like that." It's not like it's the taboo student/teacher (or teacher's aid) thing it would have been last year, after all. She twists the top off of her bottle of water and takes a little sip and nods at his question, "I like it. It's not that different from helping Cloud with his homework and I'm getting work experience before I go on to collage." She replaces the cap and toys with her bottle for a few minutes, "I've been thinking that I might want to go to school during the summer to get my teaching certificate." Then she wouldn't just be a teacher's aid. It'll take longer than if she were going to school full time, but still… At least it's a goal, right?

Her affirmative answer to a future date makes David smile and relax a bit more as his stance loosens up a bit. He goes back to lying on his stomach at the other end of the blanket, "Well, great. I'll pick a cool spot and I have to admit it is much nicer to be able to pursue something should we want to. Not that I am saying that there is anything or that we should or shouldn't or…" David makes a goofy expression, "I'll stop talking now." He shakes his head with a half-smile and reaches for a sandwich with one hand and salad with another and places them next to Star, "Have you eaten yet?"

Star just giggles softly again and nods, thinking calming thoughts to try to lend a calmness to the air and make him a little more comfortable with his rambling, "It's cool. You're not bothering me." Not really, at least. Then he's offering salad and sandwich and she shakes her head, "I hadn't, no." She reaches for the salad first, "I was gonna wait until I finished proof reading those papers before I found something to snack on before heading to bed." She's not quite so isistant that everything she eats be only organic anymore, but she still prefers it. She gives a small, almost bashful smile as she nibbles on the salad for a moment, "Thank you." She falls silent for a moment, just enjoying good company for the time being.

Feeling the sense of calm and serenity that Star is exuding, David exhales and inhales in a relaing manner, "And I think it is great you are going for teaching ceritificate, but I kinda wonder if all the teachers here have that. I mean, I don't know, but I don't see Gambit, Rogue, or Xorn having a certificate or anything." He starts to finish is sandwich, "But you never know. You could always make X-Men too and then become a teacher?" Ripping off a small piece of the sandwich, "I used to have that as a goal. Wanting to be an X-Man, but I've come to realize there's more to life. Other things to accomplish that can be just as satisfying, of course that doesn't mean I would turn down an invite, but I've recently met up with a few alumni and seriously there is life outside of Xaviers."

"I don't know… I really don't know if Gambit would have one, but surely the others do, don't they?" Star just shrugs and dismisses the thought, "Anyway. It'd be good to be able to teach at another school someday if I need to, right? And I'd have to have a degree to be able to do that." She blinks a couple of times at the thought of her becoming one of the X-Men, shock spiking around her, "Me? You think that I could make X-Men? I wasn't ever very good in the Danger Room. Especially not after I got back from spending those couple of months at home." She was just a little too jumpy after that. She relaxes down onto the blanket, reclining on one elbow while she picks at her salad slowly, "You could still be one of the X-Men, though. I think you'd be great at it." She smiles and takes another little sip of her water, "That's cool, though! It's good to know there's more than just school to live for."
She makes a face, "Cloud decided that he just had to go and get himself an apartment in Mutant Town… I don't really care that he's off living on his own, but I still worry about him." He's her baby brother. She's always going to worry about him.

"Well, maybe the others do. Heck, even Gambit may have one." David shrugs an then smiles when he is given the compliment of perhaps becoming a good X-Man. "Well, even with quiet powers like we have. I think anyone of us or any of the students have the potential to become an X-Man. I remember it was what everyone wanted when I was a student here. I am glad to see that others are checking out other options." Lying back down on the blanket but closer to Star, David nibbles on the sandwich before continuing, "Well, I am sure Cloud will do well. Is he still with that little kid that he and Xorn saved? Charles? I think that was his name." He then offers as some support to her worry, "Well, I believe Rashmi, Connor, and Robyn got an apartment together in Mutant Town too. So maybe if they have room, he could stay with them. Or maybe Magneto could hook him up with a room at the Embassy or actually…" He ponders, "I recently heard Vinny was going back to Australia, so his place should be open."

Quiet is certainly one way to explain Star's powers. The only thing really impressive is that she always knows exactly where — or at least in what direction — Cloud is and what his emotional state is at any given moment, "He's got his own place, I think. We've always been surrounded by people, so he probably wants to be on his own for a while." She shrugs one shoulder at the question about the kid, "I don't know. Last time I saw him was in the med bay." She frowns a little, trying to remember if she knew anyone named Vinny and finally shrugs, "I don't really know that I'd be comfortable with Cloud living under Magneto's roof… He already wanted to come out to the whole world as a mutant."

"Well that it may be good that he goes on his own for a little bit. If you've always been around people. It may be good to get out on your own. But with help and whether it's Magneto or any of the others in Mutant Town, I am confident Cloud will be fine. And the city is only a hop skip and jump away." David laughs a bit, but reaches over to hold Star's hand, "It's actually really cool how you care about him. Being his older twin sister you do have to look out for him." David lies on his back though still holding onto Star's hand and looks up into the sky. "Pretty night out."

Star nods, "Yeah… We grew up with four older brothers, then came here, and it's, like… Well, it's kinda hard to find time to be by yourself." That is probably an understatement… Star nods, "I am glad that there are people that can look out for him when I can't be there, though." When he takes her hand in his, she blushes, her eyes focusing on their hands for a moment before she nods and looks up at the sky, too, "Yeah… It's a family thing, I guess. I had our older brothers looking out for me, and I looked out for him." Their brothers did, too, of course, but she always took the credit for keeping the youngest Rosen in line. A small, crooked smile pulls at one corner of her mouth and she nods, "Yeah… It really is nice." Pure contentment flows around her, her eyes a happy hazel-green at the moment.

As she discusses her family history and siblings, David listens and primarily looks up into the night sky with a few glances and smiles towards Star. Just enjoying the moment, he reclines and relaxes and sensing contentment and happiness. No words for now. Just peace and quiet he closes his eyes. And finally after a few moments, he breaks that silence, "You know recently, I've been shown that it is necessary to take risks and just go for what you want. Not just for fun and enjoyment, but also for a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment." He sits up eyes Star with a grin.

As soon as David starts to speak, Star's eyes shift over from the sky to his face, a faint hint of confusion darkening her expression, "Oh? What kind of risks are you thinking of right now?" A vague sense of amusement bubbles into the air as she sits up when he does, supporting herself with one hand while she curls her legs up so that she's seated just on one hip.

Inching closer to Star, David speaks confidently, "Well, first off, I am going to be more assertive. I'm going to speak my mind, whenever and wherever, I want to. Because I have valid opinions and thoughts. I'll welcome people disagreeing with me, but I won't put up with crap. Especially from students." David gets a grin, "I am also going to be selfish. I deserve to be after how this past year has been. And actually so do you." Now inches from Star's face, "And I am going to be confident and make a risky move if I feel the goal is worth it." Putting his hand on the one she is using to support herself, "And I want I want to do now is kiss you." David moves in to kiss the mutant empathy, if allowed.

Star nods, still vaguely amused, while she listens to his decision, "That sounds like a good thing." Being more assertive, that is. She doesn't pull away as he inches closer, instead tilting her face up a little to look at him easier, "And it's always good to be selfish every once in a while." Maybe not all the time, but she's usually very selfless. It's a big sacrifice tp putting her life on hold to make everyone else's run the way she wants them to, after all! Then he says that he wants to kiss her and she blushes a little, a small, bashful smile playing at the corners of her mouth as a small spike of nerves jumps around her before it settles again into happiness. Indeed, she actually leans into the kiss…

A small smile forms on his face when she welcomes the kiss and David tilting his head joins in. Pressing his lips against hers he moves his arm around her waist to draw her in closer and bring her down with him onto the blanket. Gentle, but passionate, David continues the liplock and after a moment, releases but follows with a small peck and then simply embraces her.

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