2009-02-27: Serious Cuddling


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Summary: Kaden and Drew continue to get closer, and bring Keith into the mix.

Date: February 27, 2009

Serious Cuddling

Rating: R (Serious snogging.)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

It's early morning and where Kaden usually sleeps in but the last few days he's woken up early. It's hard to get a good night sleep when you know you're trapped inside a city. The fire spirit is in the kitchen and looks a bit tired as he just stares at his bowl of cereal. It seems that good mood he was in a few days ago hasn't been as noticable since the announcement.

Drew, himself, hasn't been quite the same either. He's edgy, as he can't get to his water off the island. He's nervous… skittish… and all around just doesn't know what to do with himself. He comes in from outside, where he's been staying… watching. He doesn't say anything, just goes to the other spirit eating his cereal and sits beside him.

Kaden looks over at Drew as he sits next to him, he doesn't say anything and his cereal doesn't really looked touched, more as if Kaden's just been pushing the spoon around as it gets soggy. "Morning." He says and it's strange for him seeing Drew like this. "I really hate this."

"You're not the only one." Drew says, softly as he stares out at the sky outside. "I just… I WANT my bay." He grumbles, as he stares at it. "It's not right. I feel… like something's been taken away." He says, wondering if he could bash through the walls with a big wave before deciding against it. It might hurt people NOT on the island.

Kaden clenches his fists and is holding back just lashing out. "I don't like fucking be trapped here, there's gotta be away." And as much as it's bothering him being trapped here, it's actually bothering him more setting Drew like this. "What if we, tried going to the sewers, you think you could find away out, to one of the rivers, that way?"

"I don't know. At first, I couldn't. But two of them are gone." Drew points to one of the figures in the sky. "So maybe now… I just dunno." He says, moving over to the couch and grabbing a blanket to wrap up in. It's obviously not because he's cold, because he doesn't GET cold.

Kaden leaves his breakfast on the table and goes over to sit next to Drew and pulls him into a tight hug. "Drew…" He says quietly as he just wants him to be okay. "There's gotta be away, I don't want to sit here watching you be like this where there's gotta be something I can do for you." He says trying to think of something.

"It's just… I think it's the elemental connection. It makes me edgy. I've… I've never tried, but I want to bash the fields away with a tidal wave. I wanna… ARGH. I wanna tear it down with a Tsunami." The blue in his eyes brightens briefly as he shivers beneath Kaden's hug. He doesn't pull away, it's the irritation setting in, that's all.

Kaden places a kiss on Drew's head and just hugs him a bit tighter. He just wants to do something for his friend as Drew's done so much for him. "There has to be a way. Do we know what's doing this?" He doesn't like being trapped in the city but it's not as bad for him as it is for Drew. "FUCK!" He lets out in annoyance.

"No idea." Drew says with a shake of his head. "It's the being held in a spot. I want to splash over it." Drew says, leaning into Kaden heavily. It's not like him to not be the happy one, but hey, they all gotta have their moments. "We just need to find a way to get through it. Then maybe we can get rid of them."

"Then lets do it." Kaden says as he really wants to see Drew happy again. "Just sitting around here then won't help, you and I, lets go out into the city and see if we can find away off this fucking island or something. There's gotta be something that they missed, or with it being weakened." There's subway tunnels, bridges, sewers something has to be missed. "I wish I could melt through that fucking field."

"What about Keith, Xane, and Dmitri. I wouldn't want to leave them behind. And if we got out, they might see us and not let us back in to get them." Drew says, a little worried, but actually getting a bit of a smile from Kaden's suggestion.

"Even better, with the five of us there's /has/ to be a way out." Kaden says not letting go of Drew. "I still don't fully know what we are but with our connections to the elements we gotta protect this don't we? I don't know, I used to not give a shit but now….this just fucking sucks. That's /your/ water they're cutting you off from, Keith's air, Dmitri's earth, my fire and Xane's whatever Xane's is. It's not fucking right."

"I feel for Xane. His food's gotta be sucky right now." Drew says with a bit of a wince. "And yeah. But… what if there's another us out there?" He asks, tilting his head. "An us that's been using their stuff longer?"

Kaden brushes back Drew's hair trying to do his best to comfort the water-spirit but it's something he's not used to doing. "Well I'm glad Xane and I were able to put that shit behind us but…wait..other us? Well this isn't their domain, it's ours. That water might have been your oposites somewhere else but not here. And fuck, I never even fucking knew other versions of every one exsisted."

"I don't know if it's everyone. But I saw things last night when I went out." Drew says with a slight nod. "I know who a few people are. And I saw them. Fighting against our people. They showed some on the news, too." He considers things. "I wonder if they'd be like us, or if they'd… be different."

Kaden closes his eyes and shakes his head. "Why now?" He asks quietly to noone, he lets out a sigh before opening his eyes. "Drew, we gotta do something. I hate just seeing you like this and knowing that all hell is fucking breaking loose while we're in here." Kaden's actually learned to care.

"I'll be fine. Water will get past it. I just, I feel caged. That's all." Drew says, shaking his head softly. "We just need to get the others together with us and all go together." He says with a quick nod.

Kaden nods. "We're probably the strongest together." He does give Drew a faint smile as he says he'll get past it. "Well I'm here for you Drew, you know that." Kaden says leaning in to give him a quick kiss.

"I know." Drew says as he looks at Kaden and pulls the blanket off and around the both of them, moving into a position to lay down on the couch. He does feel a little better now that he's gotten some of his concern out.

Kaden goes to lie down on the couch with Drew, still keeping an arm around him to snuggle. "We'll get through this, we gotta." Kaden says as he doesn't want to lose the fact that he's just starting to be happy. "Also if you want to walk around naked, I won't complain." He'll still be a bit uncomfortable but anything to try to cheer up Drew a bit.

"Does that mean you actually don't MIND nudity?" Drew says, waggling his eyebrows a bit. "Or that you… might WANT to see it?" He snickers softly, teasing Kaden. How can he not, after all? Of course, he can't help but resist a quick kiss for the teasing.

Kaden does blush a bit as he says that. "I..I just want to make you happy, and if you ever were going to try that sonic gel shower with me I'd have to see it anyway." Kaden says as the blush goes from pink to red as he bites his lower lip in a bit of embarassment.

"You… want me to try it with you?" Drew says, tilting his head to the side softly. "Really?" Of course, the whole thought that Kaden actually wants to do things like that WITH Drew makes him forget what's going on outside. At least… for the moment.

Kaden shrugs and looks down. "Maybe…yes…I mean…if you want..umm.." He's flustered and continues to chew on his bottom lip after he talks. "I just…I like being near you Drew, I like doing things with you, I…I love you." He says as he cares more for the water-spirit than he ever thought possible to care about anyone.

Smiling happily, Drew nods. While to him, all types of love are the same, to some there are different levels. He simply holds tightly to Kaden at the moment. "Yay." He whispers, beaming happily to anyone who walked near. Not that anyone is.

Kaden can't help but chuckle and he smiles back, glad that Drew is beaming again. "So any time you're just feeling down all I have to do to cheer you up is drag you into the shower?" He says leaning in to give Drew a kiss on his lips. "I just care for you with all my heart Drew." He says softly.

"Or dance naked with me." Drew says with a snicker and nods softly. "I know you do. As long as it took for you to tell me, I know." He whispers, leaning in for a little bit better of a kiss. "It's one of those things. You can't hide it if you try. Not from me."

Kaden smiles at Drew and goes in for another kiss but stops right before. "But I don't dance." He says before leaning into to kiss him. "I don't think I've ever been able to hide anything from you Drew, even when we first met. As much as I've denied things, you've always known me."

"Water and Fire call to each other. Fire changes water. Water calms fire." Drew says, prophetically as he slips around, lying flat on his back and tugging Kaden atop him. "Opposites locked in a battle. Neither is potent without the other. And steam… well… we can make plenty of that." He winks before chuckling. "Not to mention, Steam will sometimes work where neither fire nor water will."

Kaden lies ontop of Drew, leaning on his arms a bit but smiling down at him. "Fire changes Water? So how have I changed you?" The fire spirit asks curiously and at the mention of steam, Kaden blushes yet again. It's not hard to make him do that since it's first time experiencing crushes and new love. "I…wouldn't mind…making a bit of…steam with you.." He admits.

"Focus. Something I never really wanted or had." Drew says with a bit of a shrug. "I'm… pointing myself in directions and going, rather than just letting things flow." He whispers. At Kaden's mention, he grins. "Sometime. When we have more time to just… relax. I'll be glad to."

"So which direction is it that you want to go?" Kaden asks as he gently plays with Drew's hair. He's enjoyed actually taking the time to get to know the others more, so he's taking the time to actually ask questions about people. "You know you're also good looking Drew. I'm curious to see you when your hair's all blue."

Drew can't resist a chuckle. "Towards a bed. Yours or mine." He winks, but… almost purrs under the toying with his hair. That's one of the things that makes the hydrokinetic melt. "I… already had help getting rid of the rest of the body hair, so it would all be blue." He grins, bashfully as he holds up an arm. Sure enough, it only has short hairs all along it, all blue. Even under his arms if Kaden were to peek in the sleeve.

Kaden has to remember that, that Drew likes his hair played with, so for the moment he just continues. He smiles down at Drew. "Doesn't matter, both are comfortable." Kaden says still smiling. As Drew holds up his arm, Kaden turns to kiss it. "I've always had the red hair." Though it did get more vibrant over the years.

"It's… amazing how much has changed in the last little while." Drew says, softly. "Your turn from anger at everything to… actually playing with my hair." He says, still with an almost purr behind it. "Though you know, if we went into the rooms for privacy, Keith would kill us." He snickers.

"It's thanks to all of you, you, Keith and even Xane and Dmitri. I didn't want to let anyone get close to me but…thanks." Kaden says smiling. "I just…something about you Drew, you're..you've…just helped me so much." And then at the mention of Keith killing them Kaden looks confused. "Huh? Why would Keith kill us?"

"Because I think he wants to watch if we start… doing stuff." Drew grins, impishly. "You know how he is. Hornball." He laughs. "Not… that I'd turn it down, but ya know." He laughs. Currently, Drew is lying on the couch, with Kaden lying atop him. They're both covered in a blanket. Just one.

Kaden blushes a lot when Drew says that. "You mean…he'd…watch?!" The fire spirit would definately be embarassed by that. "He is a complete hornball." Kaden hasn't stoped playing with Drew's hair, just idley doing it now. "Not that you'd turn what down?" Kaden asks as he does lean in for another kiss.

Drew blushes a little. "The hornball." He shrugs, sliding his hands down Kaden's back and… yep. He goes in for a quick Grab. He can't resist it. "Hey, I love Keith, too. To me, Love and showing Love are synonymous." He admits.

Kaden jumps at the quick grab, but smiles and leans on Drew a bit more. "You're the first person I've ever loved." Kaden says softly and since he barely remembers his mother he doesn't remember ever 'loving' her, just that he hates her. "So does that mean you're like this with Keith too?" Kaden asks cause hey, he's still learning.

Drew ponders for a moment. "I have been, yeah." Drew admits. He won't lie. "Not with Xane, yet. Dmitri is snugglier than he looks though." There's a soft smile on his face. "But then, I'm not the normal with that, K. I'm… different from a lot of people. But I don't think there's anythign wrong with it."

Kaden rests his head against Drew and nods, trying to process it. He likes things the way they are with Drew and he's not going to let him drive him away no matter how easy of an excuse it could be. "Are we the normal for anything Drew? And…I think I can accept that but I don't think I could kiss Keith like I do you."

"You might find you like it better." Drew says with a bit of a pout and a wink. He hasn't moved his hands after the grab. Hey, he likes'em right where they are. "I bet he wouldn't mind trying, and no. I don't think we are normal for anything. But ya know what? I don't care. As long as we're happy."

"Aww, why not?" comes the voice of a certain air-spirit from up above. Keith flies down from the second floor in his boxers and grins at the spirits on the couch. He'd been watching them from the second floor but decided it was time to come down. "And normal's overrated."

"I…I.." Kaden's about to say when Keith comes in and he blushes again. "I..I don't know, okay? I've…just never thought..about it..you…like…" He's a bit flustered again but he doesn't sound annoyed. "And…I am happy, with all of you."

Drew still doesn't move his hands, but does give another squeeze. Hey, cheeks are fun! He looks up at Keith, "Hey!" He says, leaning slightly towards the air spirit, but not moving out from under the fire. "Wondered when you'd pop in."

Keith grins and laughs. "So, any room under there? It's a bit cold out here," he says, stretching. "We're happy with you too, K-man."
Kaden is still blushes but he is smiling. "If you want." He says as reaches up to play with Drew's hair a bit again. "I was just trying to cheer Drew up with everything going on." And it looks like it was working.

When Kaden goes back to playing with his hair, Drew looks like he's in heaven. Of course, when Keith lifts the blanket to get under with the other two, he'll see where Drew's hands are. Yup. Goosage. "You know there's always room with me. Course, the couch might not think so." He snickers, shrugging. "Though, knowing Keith, he has one of those couches that will slide out and get bigger, with all his money."

Keith snickers when he sees where the hands are but doesn't comment on it otherwise. Slipping under, he snuggles in close. "Good plan, K-man. We could also use a bit of cheering up about now," he says. "Err, no. This couch just has a pull out bed inside. The extending one's upstairs."

Once Keith's snuggled in, Kaden moves his hand that isn't playing with Drew's hair around Keith as he snuggles in back. He doesn't realize it but his body temperature starts to get a bit warm from being comfortable and happy, it's that warm fuzzy feeling actually getting warm. "Eh, who cares what the couch thinks, I'm comfortable."

Drew moves one hand out to place it on Keith. In the same place. He grins, "I think we all are now." He says with a nod. "Ooooh. So you DO have an extending couch. In your bedroom. Is that for when you… nevermind." He snickers.

Keith lets out a little mmmmm at the attention from the younger spirits, moving to pull them in closer. "Well, the couch can toss us off if it breaks enough but this thing can hold up about three more people. We're light," he chuckles. "And it is useful for that kinda fun, Drew. But I bought it cause it looked cool. Didn't know it extended till I flopped down on it one night and it started moving. Heh…haunted couch…"

"I didn't know couches could extend, out side of the ones with beds in them." Kaden says as he has an idea of what Drew's alluding to and turns a nice shade of red. The Fire-Spirit has been blushing /a lot/ lately. "I'm glad to see you back to your normal self Drew." Kaden says and he leans in to kiss the water spirit, not caring that Keith is right there.

Drew returns the kiss, even opening his mouth a little this time. He chuckles a bit afterwards. "Oh, I am right now. Because I don't have to think about it all." He nuzzles his nose against Kaden happily, before looking up at Keith with a grin.

Keith chuckles, watching the kiss with a grin. "I'm sure someone makes one that does both, K-man…but this one only does the one," he says, patting the couch. He leans down to kiss Drew when the water-spirit looks up at him.

Kaden grins at the nose nuzzle and rests against Drew so that he's still snuggled close with Keith. "Well, we'll do what we can to keep your mind off of it." Kaden says with a smile prefectly fine to keep Drew happy with snuggles and kisses.

Drew squeaks a little at the kiss, but just lays there happily between them both. "Be glad you're clothed right now Kaden. Otherwise, I'd probably be in the mood to ravish you." He admits, openly.

Keith bursts out laughing as Kaden and Drew speak. "Man!" he laughs some more. "Am I rubbing off on you two or what?"

Kaden looks at Drew and gives him a smile and leans in to whisper something quietly to Drew. Keith's right there so there's a good chance he'd probably here. "I never got you a birthday present, so why I don't I let you unwrap me?" Of course Kaden's bright red with embarassment as he actually says that to Drew and his body temperate heats up some more from it.

Drew gasps as he hears Kaden say that and can't help a giggle and a blush on his own. "I'd… love to, but I don't think that's something you're really ready for yet, are you?" He asks, nuzzling his nose against Kaden't cheek. "I mean, I don't wanna do anything you're not ready for."

Keith perks up as he overhears that little snippet, blinking a few times. He goes quiet and looks away, giving Kaden and Drew some small semblance of privacy.

"Honesly, I don't know, I just know that, I do know I love you and…" Kaden bites his lower lip as he smiles. "You mean a lot to me, you both do." He says kind of buring his face inbetween the two of them. He is a sixteen year old boy so he's not exactly not wanting to. "If it's you, I think I'll be okay."

"That's sweet, K." Drew says with a nod as he snuggles against them both. "It's ok Keith. You don't have to look away." He leans against the other. "Imagine if Dmitri or Xane walked in now." He giggles.

Keith looks back and grins. "If they walked in right now I'd unfold out the bed then pull them over to join us," he says simply. "Ofcourse then I'd probably make sure everyone atleast stripped down to their underwear…"

Kaden bites his lip a bit embarassed but smiles anyway. A part of him still can't believe what's happening but he's happy. He looks at Keith and smiles reaching out to ruffle his hair like the older spirit's done so many times before. "I was embarassed at first but you know now and it doesn't really bother me. I love both of you so why should I care what you think that."

"But I'm not wearing underwear." Drew says with a blink. Shrugging. "But then, you know I don't care." He chuckles. "Exactly. Finally, Kaden starts to see reason and light!" He teases, wiggling a little as he shrugs and removes his shirt. Might as well.
Xane has connected.

Kaden decides to follow suit with Drew and remove his shirt as well. Fire likes to spread out and embrace what's surrounding it, and Kaden's kind of doing that with Drew and Keith right now. "Oh what, you want to celebrate or something?" Kaden says, teasing Keith before he smiles down at Drew remembering what he told him earlier before placing a light kiss on Drew's chest, his arm that's around Keith tightening it's hold a bit.

"My celebration would not be good for the young." Drew says with a nod as he chuckles. "Well, I would like a smoke, but I'll hold off. I'm relaxed enough right now." He says with a wink. He's trying to decide about getting more comfortable under the blanket with the other elementals… or whether to hold off. Oh decisions.

Keith glances back and forth, feeling a bit mischievious. "Sure, let;s do a bit a celebrating, K-man," he says, smirking to Drew. The air spirit then moves to lean down and pull Kaden up for a kiss on the lips.

"Hey, I'm not much younger than you!" Kaden says before being pulled into a kiss by Keith. Like with Drew, at first he's stunned but after a bit he relaxes and returns it as well, a bit surprised by himself. Yeah, he's red again, abit flushed, but he's smiling. "I..I..uh…oh..um.." He doesn't know what to say but he does seem happy.

"It was like that for our first, too." Drew says with a knowing nod, happy with his current status. At least nobody's tried to interrupt them from the stuff outside. Of course, soon, he knows he'll have to get back out into it. Ah well. Those thoughts can wait!

Keith pulls back and smirks. "Mm, nice," he remarks. Settling back onto the couch with a sigh of contentment, he looks towards the windows. He knows it'll be time to go back out there again soon too but still…time for enjoyment now.

Sometimes you have to do things that'll keep you relaxed and happy before going back to what's going on. Kaden's smiling though and happy and decides to slip off his pants as well so he's just in his boxers. He just nods to what both Keith and Drew said as he wraps his arms around both of them tightly. "Let's just stay here all day." He mutters.

"For the day, sure. But tonight, I'm going out there." Drew says with a nod. "But we'll talk about that later." Feeling what Kaden does, he chuckles. "I'd better not. No boxers." He grins impishly, shrugging. "But it is comfy in here."

Keith ruffles Drew. "You're not goin' out alone, Drew," he says firmly. Also feeling what Kaden does causes Keith to squirm a bit. He smirks and then reaches down to tug on Drew's pants a bit, free arm squeezing Kaden.

"I'm going with you tonight." Kaden says with a nod before grining and whispering to Drew. "I don't care." And as if to show that he doesn't, he goes to take off his as well, pausing to take a breath and just do it. Why not, right? Kaden has to learn to stop being so embarassed by his 'body'.

Drew feels beneath the blanket and gasps again. "Kaden! You've made some strides this week!" He says with a laugh, shrugging and sighing. Poor Drew. Peer pressure always gets him. AT least from reliable sources.

Keith laughs when he feels the other two spirits remove the last of their clothes then shrugs. "Well, guess I'll strip down too," he says, pulling off his boxers. He pulls them out from under the blanket then slingshots (with wind aid) them towards the laundry room.

Kaden smiles a bit sheepishly. "I…I have you as a teacher?" He says giving Drew a kiss that's more passionate that he usually gives. "I love both of you, so much." He says happily snuggled between the two. Kaden's fire, he's passionate, he what starts of as a spark can easily turn into an impressive blaze.

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