Portrayed By Himself
Gender Male
Date of Birth 4000+/- B.C.
Age Old enough!
Zodiac Signs Gemini, Rabbit
Aliases (Reed, Pot, Set, Pharaoh}|
Place of Birth De’Nile
Current Location In Ur Pyramid, Laffin at Ur Ded
Occupation God of Chaos, Plots, Guest Relations, Inappropriate Triangles
Known Relatives Half a pantheon
Significant Other Room for 1 more…or 12!
Identity Public
Known Abilities From bad to worse
First Appearance In a really old comic written on stone

I’m what made Egypt hot!


My mother was the goddess of the sky; my father, the earth. As such, I was born in-between and discovered the concept of gravity at an early age. After hitting my head very hard, I stumbled around in a daze for a few millennium, made a few friends and a lot of enemies, eventually passed out, and woke up to discover I had become the staffer of a game.

Since then, I’ve continually come up with new and inventive ways to maim the players, only to fail each time.

Here’s to my continued disappointment!


  • 4/12/2010 - The Gods decided there’s just not enough things being broken, so gave me a baseball bat and the keys to their China cabinet.
  • 8/7/2010 - Later, I waited until Tez and Hatter were sleeping and promoted myself to wizard. I then stole the keys to the game and set my sights on ruling the world as ineptly as possible!
  • 10/22/2010 - Afterwards, in a fit of Chaos, Set fired himself from his Wiz duties. He later successfully sued himself for job discrimination and was ordered (albeit reluctantly) to rehire himself under a different title at his former pay rate. He now admins the website and looks towards specifically, eventually, maybe, possibly, moving the grid to a MUX system.
  • 04/01/2014 - One house, marriage, and iRL'd later, Set makes his way back to the grid. Still hung over from the bachelor's party, Set accidentally creates an alternative universe based off not-GlowMuck code. Keep an eye out on the details below as MarvRev makes the move to a new home.


  • "Hey guys…watch this!”
  • "My father hung me on a hook once. Once!”
  • "I'm all ears. No, seriously…I am. Have you seen my hieroglyph?
  • “I once had my own private Idaho. But I mistook it for a potato and ate it…”


  • Can eat 4lbs on meat in a single sitting!
  • Collects movie props and cult films.
  • Left hand has no idea what the right hand is doinksdfk'as;dlkfa;ksjdf

Project: Marvel Revolution 2.0

As you are probably aware, MR is based on the GlowMuck code base. We are currently looking into building a new grid using the better supported, easier-to-use, and all-around-healthier MUX code. Keep an eye out on this spot as we post news of our success—and failures!

Questions? Concerns? Coder? See Set or one of your dedicated Wizards and Staff Members today!

• 05/07/10: Purchased space to build a testable grid based on TinyMux
• 06/20/10: Received email from host site stating creation of account was now in progress
• 10/22/10: Have given up on former host and will be searching out alternatives
— -- — -- — -- — -- — -- — -- — -- — -- — -- — -- ——
• 04/01/14: No Joke! New Grid's bones are in place. New code base is FuzzBall.
• 04/04/14: The new map is being discussed by staff.
• 04/08/14: I am in the process of collecting current room descriptions and layouts for carry over.
• 04/14/14: Skeleton is done. I am currently rechecking each room/exit/etc for proper linking/settings/etc.

Currently: Set is working on the main Xavier's areas.


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