Marvel Revolution takes place in the Marvel Universe is heavily based on the 616-Universe. Civil War and House of M have not happened in our game as we know aping Original Characters is popular and we feel that including these events would prove difficult for OC Mutants. You can app any character whether dead or alive, although if the FC you desire is dead, you must give a good reason in the app as to how they escaped their fatal status or even ending their background right before their death. If you are applying for an existing Marvel Character (FC, Featured Character) and their background involves an FC already on the game, please discuss with the player before applying for your idea. The game is not a Marvel Year One game, so when applying for an FC please include some of the character's canonical history.

To give a better idea of where we are in the timeline and what has been happening recently, as well as what character should/could know about, especially if they've lived in the city for a while:

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