2011-08-30: Settling In


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Summary: Connor, Rashmi and Robyn get settled in with the new apartment.

Date: August 30, 2011

Log Title: Settling In

Rating: PG

NYC - Four Arms Apartments (Connor, Rashmi and Robyn's Apartment)

The living room is a work in progress

The door to Rashmi's room opens, the redhead slipping out to weave toward the couch, dropping into a sprawl with a gusty, tired sigh. "*Done,*" she proclaims, pointing both hands toward the heavens. "…Except for the bookcase out here, and the dishes, and the TV…. Ugh…"

The sound of an electric screwdriver finally stops and Robyn walks out of his room with the yellow and black electric tool in one hand and a level in the other. "I think I finally got all those shelves up. I'm glad my Dad showed me how to put them up before he left. I still have to unpack a ton of stuff though." He says looking around the apartment. "It still doesn't feel real."

It's been a long weekend for the boys, Robyn especially having to tolerate Connor's decorating scheme… refusing to bring ANYTHING up until his wallpaper had dried, including Robyn's things. If it wasn't for some other, more understanding natures, by now those little compulsive disorder quirks might have gotten the best of anyone. But finally all of the boxes are up, their rooms are set up, and there is Connor leaning against the wall, taking measurements of the space for the SIXTH TIME. Yes… and he's adjusted the monster oak table five times previous, "I promise not to go in your room without you there."

"Maybe not," Rashmi says to Robyn, a broad grin on her face, "but by the end of the week it'll be home. We're on our own now," she says, running a hand through her hair before hauling herself off the couch and heading for the kitchen. "I'm going to make some tea, anyone else want anything?"

"It's too hot for tea." For Robyn at least. "If we have a soda or some water that'd be great." He says looking at some of the boxes in the hallway that he still has to unpack and move into his room. He walks over to sit in one of the chairs as he looks around the apartment. "I guess we just have to figure out what else we need and figure out the various places to get food around here. Maybe a cook book."

A grunt, a shiver of the table, and then finally Connor seems to be satisfied with it as he steps back, and looks. Taking a deep breath, he just adds, "We need a water filter too… the pipes in this place are from before most of our teachers were born. I don't mean the building ones, the ones under those. All sorts of mineral build-up and junk." Almost muttering it before he shakes his head and looks up, "Sorry guys… you want pizza or something? I'll treat."

"No it's a good idea," Rashmi says, emerging from the kitchen with a bottle of water in each hand. "Should we get a pitcher, d'you think, or one of the faucet ones? Also pizza sounds good, but honestly I don't mind splitting the check. I *did* ask Mami to hold off on the packing up leftovers till the weekend, just so y'know… Also." One bottle is handed to Robyn, the other to Connor. "Just by way of sanity-checking for myself; if you want to get cookbooks? You're going to learn how you use them. If you *don't* want to get cookbooks, you're probably going to end up learning how to use them anyway," she says, wrinkling her nose. "We're not spending our grocery budget on ramen and pizza if i can help it, okay?"

Robyn cracks open the bottle of water and takes a drink. "Thanks Rashmi and if we want the space in the fridge maybe one of the faucet ones? That way we don't have to worry about refilling it?" Or having Connor make sure it's filled to an exact spot at all times. "I'm not really that good at cooking but I'm not that bad either. Well I don't know how to cook that much besides box stuf, I make an okay Hamburger Helper?" He says before nodding to Connor. "Pizza sounds good as long as it has meat on it and I can throw in some money for garlic bites."

Connor just sips at his for a few moments, and then sighs in relief as he seals it up and puts it on the back of his neck to cool down a bit more, "A faucet one would be better… so I'm not adjusting things all the time. just remember… even number cans please? If you take something out, replace it? I'm not kidding… I know I've got all these weird ticks, but just a couple rules, and I -PROMISE- to make it up to you both…" Looking almost pleadingly about such things, having become almost horribly sensitive about his condition since starting this. Taking out his new phone, he starts tapping away to find a pizza joint before adding, "I don't like cooking, too messy… too much can go wrong. Baking is cool though. Baking is just science for hungry people."

Rashmi lifts a finger at Connor, trotting back into her room for a moment. When she emerges, it's with a small whiteboard/bulletin board combo and a pair of magnetic strips. "I *thought* this would come in handy," she says, peeling the backing off the strips and attaching them to the back of the board, setting the works up on the fridge door. "There!" With a blue Sharpie, she scribbles Connor's requests in bullet-point form. "Now we have a reminder until we get used to it, Connor. ….Also I'm sorry, but the best thing I could find for a laundry-fund jar was an empty large-size Skippy thing Mami washed out and cleaned off. But it's on the counter next to the fridge." Tilting her head, she glances from Connor to Robyn, eyebrows rising. "Okay, so… Robyn, is there anything special *you'd* like us to keep in mind, since we're laying out house rules?"

"And also laundry mats only take quarters. We should find were the nearest one is." Robyn says as he looks at Connor and gives him a smile. "I lived with you for a while Connor, don't apologize for it. It's who you are." He says as he ponders Rashmi's question. "Not really, I mean…just..don't hesitate to tell me it's two in the morning and I have class in a few hours when I'm up late doing art stuff. I lose track of time, a lot. Also if I put a piece somewhere to dry, try not to move it cause I want to make sure it's dry before I do anything. But most my clays should be fired so that shouldn't be a huge issue."

Connor takes the sharpie and the peanut butter jar, and proceeds to write, 'LAUNDRY MONEY' over JIFFY in block letters, and then nods as he sets it down… adjusts it… adjusts it once more, then steps back, and does it a third time. Finally satisfying something, he then says as he comes back, "Found a place… oh… we need a second jar. Everyone puts something in on a payday… so we can do stuff together. Or for robbers to look at and take if they break in." The second part added somewhat depressedly as he dials up and begins ordering,

"Good idea," Rashmi says, bobbing her head… then glancing at Robyn once Connor starts to order, furrowing her eyebrows in silent question of Connor's behavior. "…But somehow I'm not worried about burglars. I mean besides Mutant Town, I'm planning on getting to know the people on our floor. The more friends we have in the building, the less likely anyone is to want to mess with *any* of us."

"We're on the second floor so it's not going to be as easy for burglars to get to us." Robyn says as he watches Connor. "I like that idea too and speaking of paychecks I have to look for a job this weekend. I kinda lost my whole summer so I didn't get a chance to. I just hope I can find something seeing as there is now a bunch of college kids doing the same. And I have freshmen orientation next week…I'm so not ready for this."

Connor orders up a meat pizza, garlic bites, and then hands his phone to Rashmi for her part as he walks over to the windows around the table, and opens the outer two, leaving the center one down, before coming back. No matter what he seems to do, there's this air of discomfort around him, his hands going into his pockets and back out again as once more he's adjusting something, like the boxes, restacking them by type and ownership. Eventually though, he sits down in the space that would normally be taken up by a coffee table… if there was space for one… and he fishes into his pocket for a small metal pill case, "Forgot to set my alarms… the old phone had all the alarms, and I forgot to set them. Sorry."

"Medium Hawaiian, please," Rashmi says into the phone, nodding unconsciously at the response. "Right. And lava cakes… oh, and a two-liter of Dr. Pepper. …Okay… All right, thank you *very* much!" The call is ended, and Rashmi looks up. "That'll be about forty dollars with the tip included, guys…" Business seen to, she moves toward Connor, lowering herself to her knees. The phone is handed out to the teen, her other arm resting around his shoulders. "Hey," she says gently, "you okay?"

"Connor, you don't need to apologize, okay?" Robyn says giving him a smile. He fishes fifteen dollars, mostly in ones, and hands it to Rashmi. "I know it feels weird, especially since we just moved in and you're not familar with the place yet. If there is anything you feel you need to do don't worry and don't apologize. I'll understand if you have to clean something over and over." He sas walking over to join his two friends on the floor.

Connor sips the pill down with some water, and then closes his eyes, "It's not right in here Rashmi… nothing where I know it's supposed to be. So I have to make it right…" Shaking his head once as he gets a monumentally frustrated look on his face, "I'm trying not to freak out, I really am. But I miss my family, I miss my room… I miss everything. I thought I'd be allright with the move, I really did. But then the whole thing with Upgrade happened… and then the fight. I just…" He then shakes his head, "I'll be okay, I promise. Just need to get… adjusted." Some calm over his face as at least taking the pill seems to stop the fidgeting and the handmotions.

"It's okay," Rashmi says, leaning over to give Connor a proper hug. "I understand. I do. I'd probably be freaking out a little too if I moved near you… I've never *left* New York for any length of time, y'know? But Robyn's right; we care about you, and we'll help however we can. Okay?"

"Why don't you go home for a bit, we can talk to the school maybe they can hook you up with a Blackbird right…actually didn't you learn to fly it?" Robyn asks not sure what Xavier's could do but maybe some comfort is what Connor needs. "Just keep making things right here until they're right for you, okay? I think it's gonna be weird for all of us at first but I know this isn't easy for you. At least you've got Rash and I here, right?"

Connor just mumbles out, "I don't wanna go home… I wanna be like you two." Sounding almost like a little kid as his hands ball up again, "I have to do this… I can't just curl up and go home every time it gets bad… I'll just keep running away from it." Digging into his pockets though, he pulls out a very neatly folded twenty, and holds it up, "I passed the sim course, but because of the Upgrade thing, I missed all the live test sessions. So I have to go back and start the course again if I'm going to be allowed." Finally looking up and at both of you, he returns the hug, "Sorry guys, really… it's the stress… some pizza, and some caffiene, and I should be back to normal. Promise."

"Aw…" Squeezing Connor tightly, the redhead places a kiss on the boy's cheek. "Well, don't be sorry, okay? We've all got our hangups, and honestly this is probably the best way to work them out. Just… it's okay to have problems. It's *more* okay to tell us. *That's* what friends are for, right Robyn?" One arm slips out from around Connor, draping over Robyn's shoulders for a gentle group hug. "Don't worry… the three of us? We can handle *anything.*"

"I'll drink a nice caffienated beverage and a eat a slice of pizza to that." Robyn says as he throws an arm around Rashmi and moves another arm to throw around Connor to form a circle hug. "Stop apologizing Connor, we love you for who you are. None of us are perfect, you guys are fine with me being the emotional idiot I can be at times too." He then smiles to Connor. "I'm sure you'll be allowed, after all it wasn't your fault. I just hope I find a job, fast."

Connor seems to settle down a bit under the constant reassurances, but there's still that overall edge of discomfort around him even as the hug breaks up, and he shakes his head, "You two are too good to me, you know that? And… I already got a job. Well, one anyways… two hours a day unloading trucks for a restaurant two blocks down. It's not much, but it's a start. I can find other work in the meantime." Looking back and forth between you both again, he sighs once, "My parents are still going to send some allowance, so I'm covered for that, but once I'm twenty one, it's over."

Rashmi bobs her head. "That's really nice of them… And I'll keep an eye out for any gallery jobs or something like, okay Robyn? I *think* there's a folk-art place a couple blocks over, but I don't know if they're hiring." She pauses, brow furrowing, and sits back. "Um, Connor? Y'know, the spot at Barnes is still open… I didn't want to say anything, because of everything that's happened, but… They haven't pulled their offer away. You could still go, if you wanted."

"Thanks Rashmi, I also want to apply at art stores. I wouldn't mind working a cash register at one of them." Robyn says since being surrounded by art supplies all day sounds awesome to him. "And Connor, we're good to you cause you're good to us." Then at Rashmi's words he grins at Connor. "Hey, it's a great school opportunity."

Connor doesn't say it, but his eyes and his posture say it well enough for anyone who notices. 'I'm not special anymore.'. When he does speak however, he says, "I'll… think about it, allright?" Looking down and away for a moment, and then exhaling hard before adding, "When's the pizza going to be here, I'm starving. I don't remember if I even had lunch."

Rashmi's eyes narrow slightly at Connor's unspoken declamation, mouth quirking in a modified Look of Infinite Patience that somehow manages to convey the utter silliness of an idea without a word. "Not long, they not fa—" And the buzzer sounds at street level, prompting the girl to squeeze Connor's shoulder, then jump to her feet and make tracks for the intercom. "Hi! C'mon in!"

"I'm hungry too, all I've eaten is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich since we haven't gone grocery shopping yet." Robyn says as the buzzer rings. "Perfect timing, at least I hope it's pizza I don't know what else it would be." He says giving a shrug. "Well you should give it a shot Connor. You'd have Rashmi there and her boyfriend, who I sill haven't gotten a chance to meet."

Connor murmurs to Robyn while Rashmi is off to get the intercom and the pizza, "I don't know… Robyn… you don't get it. My dad doesn't want me to have anything to do with Barnes. He didn't even sound mad… just… cold. If I go he'll cut me off… he won't speak to me, I know it." A far cry from the warm, kind of mousey man that Robyn met over Christmas, and the excuse comes off partly as it is. At the age Connor is at, saying no, especially from a continent away… still really isn't a no. Even has he talks, he can't meet Robyn's eyes, "I missed their test date anyways… so it's not like they'd take a late entry in the first place."

Rashmi disappears around the corner for a few minutes, the sound of the door opening and Rashmi's pleasant chatter drifting down the hall/living room for a moment. Then, the door closes, and she returns laden with cardboard boxes. "Okay! Someone want to get the plates and napkins and stuff? …Also. Connor? Dunno if you've had much New York pizza, it's something you need to practice at."

Robyn reaches over and takes Connor's hand. "Half of that is an excuse and you know it. Just the stuff about your Dad….I don't know what to say but that sucks. All I can say is that when I first got my powers my Mom wouldn't talk to me for weeks. It hurt, a lot. She eventually came around though and now she's over mothery about it all. I don't know, maybe your Father will be upset at first but he'll get over it? I really don't know but it's a tough decision." As Rashmi comes back over he drops the topic and stands up. "Sure, I'll go grab them. All we got is paper stuff right now." He says going to dig in a box in the kitchen for plates, napkins and cups.

Connor looks up at Rashmi without really looking up at her, and then moves out of the way so that things can be set on the table. He just stands there listlessly for a moment, and then turns and heads into his bedroom, coming back out after a few moments with a garbage bag, and just says, "For after."

Rashmi nods quietly, lips pursed as she looks Connor up and down. "Connor," she says, gently, opening the box of meat-pizza, then the Hawaiian. "…I still want to talk to your dad. More, now. I just…" She trails off, shaking her head and sighing. "I don't like seeing you bothered like this. Not if I can help it." Nudging the teen's shoulder, she all but ladles a slice of the ridiculously thin pizza onto her plate, folding the paper in half to get it shaped right. "C'mon… pizza and soda and movies?"

Robyn looks between the two and secretly hopes that Rashmi is able to help Connor, and also in regards to his father. "Yes, pizza, soda and movie sounds great." Robyn says as he puts down the plate before heading over to look through the movies so the three can enjoy their first night at their new apartment.

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