2009-12:18: Shadows Fire And Mind Tricks


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Summary: Dallas runs into Robyn again and meets John, they discuss powers.

Date: December 18, 2009

Log Title Shadows, Fire and Mind Control

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

On this quiet friday afternoon John is laying back on one of the couches, trying to catch up on the reading he forgot to do for Mutant Ethics. He is wearing light green shorts, a pale blue Go:Audio t-shirt and has a red star painted over his left eye. He has his earphones in and is singing along to a Go:Audio song.

There's a weird sort of sound coming into the rec room, that of something being dragged against the floor. The sound seems to keep starting up and stoping and keeps getting louder for those in the rec room. It's nothing terribly loud as it's just Robyn, trying to push a box, into the room. He can't really carry it too well as he needs all four apendages to walk. Robyn uses his head to try to push the small box into the room, eventually making some strained groans as he pushes.

Hearing the sound of the box being draged along the floor John stops singing, sits up and takes out his earphones. He walks over to the box and spots Robyn trying to move it "Robyn do you want some help with that?"

Robyn looks up at John and nods. "Yeah, and I'm gonna need help opening it. I really wanna be back to myself." He says lying down on the floor on his back, legs and arms streched out on the floor. "Let me just rest for a bit, I pushed it all the way from the door. I figured since I can't go outside and do Christmas shopping, I'll order online. At least I can still type." He does sound a bit out of breath as he talks.

John John picks up the box "Where do you want it?"

"Well it has Jordan's christmas present and my parents christmas presents in it, so just on the table for now is fine. I have to wrap them a bit later." Maybe Robyn will get John to help him carry it to his room later. He jumps up on the couch and falls against one of the pillows, sprawling a bit, legs dangling off the side. "So are you staying here for Christmas or going home for a bit?"

John puts the box on the table "Urrm im staying here, im not currently in enough control to go home yet" he sighs, "How about you?"

"I'm going to be going home to Brooklyn for a little bit. It's not too far so it's not bad." Robyn says as it's just a train ride followed by a subway ride away. "And it's not like we're too far into Brooklyn, just over the river into Williamsburg." He says saying that as if John might know not remember that he probably doesn't know much about New York, but then that is a New Yorkers frame of mind, everyone knows the city. "I'm sorry to hear that you'll be here, at least other people stay for the holidays too."

Dallas wanders into the Rec Room, looking a lot less disoriented than last time. He's wearing a set of sweats with the Xavier's school name written across the chest and down one leg and hauling a set of text books. Upon seeing Robyn he grins, setting down his books giving John a once-over and nod. "Hey." The greeting is meant for both of them.

John shrugs "Its better that i stay here atm, but i hope you have a good time at home", he scratches his head "Do your folks know about the frog situation?". As Dallas enters the room John responds to his hey with a wave.

"Not yet." Robyn says to John with a bit of nervousness to his voice. Then from his postion, sprawled out on his back, Robyn waves his hand at Dallas. "Hello Dallas." He says sounding tired. "I hope it won't shock my mother too much, she's still getting used to me being a mutant. She didn't like the idea of it at all at first."

Dallas blinks as he picks up on the tail end of the conversation. "I thought you said you've been, um, frogged …is that a verb? But for like a month or so? Isn't that kind of the thing you should tell your parents? Or at least put on your Facebook page?"

John laughs "Yea, cos getting frogged, that realy is something that'll make one hell of a facebook statement"

"I don't really do much with Facebook. I have a page but I haven't gone on it in a while. I don't have many friends back in Brooklyn that I keep in touch with. Just a few girls." Robyn says rubbing the top of his head with a longing to have hair again. "I can talk to them on the phone cause my voice hasn't changed, I just don't know how to bring it up. 'Hey Mom, I know you don't like super powered people cause of all the trouble they get into and you don't want me on that path in life, but I'm a frog.'"

Dallas grins at John and then looks back to Robyn. After a thoughtful moment, he points out, "Well, it might be a bit less of a shock than just showing up for the holidays as a refugee from a French cooking show." He grins a bit wider. "Sorry, I know I shouldn't poke fun but you know, it's either laugh at the strangeness or hide under my bed. And I don't think the last person who had my room ever cleaned under there."

John grins "If theres something under your bed i could always smoke it out" he says, eyes flaring red.

Robyn waves a hand at Dallas with a smile on his face. "No, please, joke around about it. It actually makes my situation seem funny rather then dwelling on it. I hate being down about stuff and feeling all grumpy about it. I imagine I'd be a French chef's dream, cause I've got more meat on my legs than the average small frog." He says holding up a leg. "And I agree with laugh at the strangeness, or just embrace it." Robyn's always liked strange.

Dallas gives John a double take and pauses a moment, obviously trying to form a polite and coherent reply. After that moment he says, "Ahhh, no thanks?" Another pause and then, "Is it rude to ask about powers? 'Cause I'm guessing yours aren't, um, ice-based?" He nods to Robyn and says, "Yea, that's kind of how I deal with it, too. Or at least so far. But hey, in the fairy tales these things always get solved sooner or later. You just need to find a princess to kiss. Or prince. Whatever works. I'm liberal." The last is said with the sort of blithe cluelessness that only a sheltered Mid-westerner can bring to the table.

John laughs his eyes returning to blue "na its not rude mate, im a pyro, whats your power?". he smirks and shakes his head at Dallas' 'liberal' statment.

Robyn shakes his head. "No it's not, it's kind of the getting to know you ritual here, asking about each other's powers. I don't think I told you what mine are even though I asked what yours were the other night." Robyn says. "I have all mental based powers, I can drain mental energy, go into an Astral Form, posses people and even though I don't know how to really yet, I know I can make psychic weapons." He says as he's still got a lot to learn with his powers. "John's roomate has the ice powers actually."

Dallas whistles softly. "Wow. Fire powers and a Jedi. Cool." He looks back at John and says, "I have a shadow form. Well, I call a shadow form. It kind of hulks me out. But without all the smashing, remedial classes and speaking in the third person." His expression is thoughtful and then, "If you have an ice guy as a roomie, I wonder if they pair us up with people who cancel out our powers if we get the, um, mutant version of bedwetting and blast the place in our sleep or something." The word 'mutant' catches just slightly, as though he's not used to using it. Especially in reference to himself.

John shrugs "Could be, especily with my tendecy to burst into flame"

Robyn laughs and shakes his head. "I'm not really like a Jedi. I can't make people think things, I can't lift things with my mind and I'm allowed to love." He says with a smile on his face. "That shadow form sounds really cool. It's kind of all, mysterious sounding. And I don't think they do, I know Jordan is with Jared, Jordan can grow in size and Jared can heal. My roomate is Antonio who…can shrink things."

Dallas doesn't actually step away from John but he gives the impression of wanting to and then suppressing the motion, a sort of lean and sway and then return to place as he tries not to be rude. "Oh." He looks back to Robyn and says, "Shrink things? Really? Wow. Great roommate. No clutter, ever! Well, nothing you couldn't fit in a shoebox."

John grins at seeing Dallas squerm "Nice to meet you Dallas, but i gotta go guys o wanna take a walk into NYC, but it was fun talking to you guys, bye" he waves.

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