2009-06-20: Shamboom


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Summary: The Young Avengers face a new foe…an exploded bottle of shampoo.

Date: June 20, 2009

Log Title: Shamboom

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below. Only there is something odd about this place, as those boxes and rooms hold the property of the Young Avengers. Training ground and living quarters for the young team.


Not particularly nice noises but a pair or noises heard in the Young Avengers Secret HQ late this night. Anyone coming into the main area of the base will find Teddy Altman dressed in little more than sweatpants holding a mop. He seems to be cleaning up a shampoo bottle that popped after he accidentally stepped on it. "Guess that answers the question of where I dropped that," he mutters.

Elijah walks in, dressed in sweatpants and a plain black T-shirt. He spots Teddy and walks over to him. "Need a hand, bro?"

Teddy looks up and offers a smile. "Hey, Eli," he greets. "Yeah, thanks," he says, a little embarrassed. "Didn't see the bottle before it was too late."

Elijah nods with a grin before getting a few rags. He starts to clean up the shampoo and rinses the rags in the bucket. "It happens, dude. Just gotta clean it up and move on."

Teddy chuckles, continuing the mop-work. "Yeah. Gotta remember to pick up another bottle when I go out tomorrow," he says. "THe noise didn't wake ya up, did it?"

Elijah wrings out the last rag before shrugging and shaking his head. "Nope, just came out to see who's here and what's going on. Elijah takes the rags and bucket to the sink and dumps it into the sink before putting the rags in the hamper and the bucket in the closet with the mop. "All done."

Teddy grabs a towel to give everything one last dry off and then smiles again to Eli. "Thanks for the help, man," he says. "How's the night goin' for you?" he asks, picking up the popped bottle and crushing it into a tiny plastic ball.

Elijah shrugs again. "Nothing much, just catching up on some reading and a quick shower after a training session." He looks over with a grin. "You?"

Teddy shrugs as well. "Not much either. Was just headed to the locker room to grab my IdentiCard. Left it down there," he explains, fishing the device out of his pocket for a moment. "How'd the training session go?"

Elijah leans on the sofa. "All right. Got in some weights and a little cardio and the heavy bag. Nothing intense." Elijah sits on the sofa. "Any plans for the evening?" He stretches and looks around the room.

Teddy nods, picking a wall to lean against. "Sounds good," he remarks. "We should all head up to the Avengers Mansion again sometime soon. Get in some time in that holographic training room again," he suggests.

Elijah nods. "Such a good idea. I haven't seen the place in a while." He leans forward and rests his elbows on his knees. "I'd love to see how I would do against some of the villains they've got on file."

Teddy smiles. "Yeah. I was wondering about a couple of villains too. Like…how would we do against the Circus of Crime or the Master of Evil or the Grim Reaper…" he trails off.

Elijah looks up and grins. "I'd think we could hold our own. Circus of Crime might be kinda tough. They look silly and people underestimate them. Not a bad idea…"

Teddy laughs. "True enough, yeah. But how many times do the bad guys underestimate us?" he asks. "I think it could be an interesting match of who underestimates who more."

Elijah chuckles. "I guess. Something to look forward to…" He leans back. "I mean, none of us can juggle…"

Teddy looks up thoughtfully. "I dunno. I think Tommy might be able to. Kate and Jonas probably can too."

Elijah chuckles. "Well then, I think we've got a fighting chance then…" He looks over and grins. "I guess that's going to be our new training regimen!"

Teddy arches an eyebrow. "What? Learning how to juggle?" he asks in a joking tone.

Elijah makes a fist and shakes it, looking at the ceiling. "Indeed! With it, we shall triumph over our foes! THIS I SWEAR!" He looks over to Teddy and starts to chuckle. "Wow… I can't believe I did that with a straight face!" He laughs and shakes his head.

Teddy bursts out laughing, leaning on the wall to keep from falling over. "I can't believe you did it at all," he eventually manages to say.

Elijah keeps laughing as well. "I know! Oh man…" He smiles back at Teddy. "That felt good. It's nice to be a little weird sometimes and just laugh at something silly."

Teddy nods. "Yeah. Sometimes ya just gotta let the weird get out," he says. "Not good to keep it all bottled up," he concludes with a sagely nod.

Elijah nods as well. "Truly. You are wise beyond your years, my friend." He smirks. "Especially when you agree with me!"

Teddy just laughs, shaking his head. "And you too are quite wise, oh sage of the patriotic nature."

Elijah chuckles at that remark. "Thank you, my shapeshifting companion!" He bows slightly with a flourish of his hand. He pauses fro a moment. "Now what>"

Teddy blinks a few times, looking around. "I…" he begins. "have no idea."

Elijah nods. "Neither do I." He ponders a moment. "Hmmm…"

Teddy gives a slight chuckle before running a hand through his hair. "This happens a lot, doesn't it?"

Elijah nods. "Yes, it does. You'd think we'd know by now…" He shrugs. "Another one of life's weird little quirks, i guess…"

"Yeah," Teddy responds. The shapeshifter stretches and smiles. "Though, 'super brain power' isn't part of either of our power sets so I guess it's inevitable."

Elijah nods with a chuckle. "True enough. Neither is 'boredom fighting abilities for that matter."

Teddy chuckles quietly. "Think I might get to bed," he says. "And get up early for extra training."

Elijah nods and gets up, stretching and stifling a yawn. "You got a point there. Good night, Teddy." He walks over to give him a hug and friendly pat in the back. "See you in the morning."

Teddy returns the friendly gesture and nods. "Night. And yeah, see ya in the morning," he says. The shapeshifting alien hybrid waits for just a moment before turning and heading up to the room he shares with Billy for a good night's sleep.

Elijah heads into his room and closes the book he was reading, marked with a folded receipt from the bookstore. He turns off the lamp and rolls into bed, drifting into slumber.

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