2009-03-29: Sharing News


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Summary: Daisuke and Eddie share the latest news in each other's lives.

Date: March 29, 2009

Log Title Sharing News

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Daisuke and Jared's Room

The room is fairly neat with both beds usually made. Jared's side of the room is practically spotless and everything has it's place though it doesn't look like he has much in regards of dcor except for a yoga mat by his bed and a Wonder Man poster on the wall. Daisuke's side is a bit more cluttered but still neat as he has a few drawing pads piled up on his desk along with his art supplies along with a few pictures taped on the wall. A drum pad sits folded up at the end of his bed. The room looks lived in but not overly cluttered.

Daisuke really needs to talk to Eddie, he should have yesterday but things kind of…happened. He also wants to ask him about what Jared told him. He's wearing a pair of jeans and a stripped t-shirt as he grabs a black hoodie that's only one arm as he's about to open the door and head out. He probably should have called Eddie first but he's too anxious.

Eddie has been a busy squeaky guy since finding out he's got -another- half-brother. But today, he's looking to talk with his best friend. Dressed in jeans and a 'New Mutants' (current line up with Cannonball included) t-shirt, he's right there as Dai opens the door. Of course, he's mid knock so he ends up bopping Dai on the chest lightly. "Dai! Oh man, I'm sorry!" he squeaks.

Daisuke can't help but laugh as Eddie knocks on his chest and he smiles brightly as he sees Eddie giving him a big hug. "Eddie, oh man, I heard about you having a half brother from Jared. I don't know if he should have told me but we were just chatting last night, and oh man, come on in." Daisuke says as he seems excited about something which is something unusualy for the quiet and timid teen.

Eddie squeaks and returns the hug. "Jared told you about Olly?" he asks, surprised. "It's okay…I don't mind him telling but he should probably ask Olly first before talking too much about him," he says as he enters the room. He pauses then looks over at Dai. "Hey…what's up? You're like…hyper charged? Hangin' out with Leo?"

Daisuke nods and goes over to sit down on the bed. "Yeah, I mean no, I wasn't hanging around Leo but, anyway. Yeah, I woke up and he was here…Jared..um..Eddie, I hope this isn't weird for you but I really like your half brother Jared, a lot and..in that more than just a friend way." He says nervously as he runs his hand through his hair. "I wanted tell you sooner but yesterday Jared and I were talking and we just started kissing and…" He turns bright red, and there, he got what he wanted off his chest. "So…yeah…tell me about Olly."

Eddie sits with Dai and listens curiously. He seems confused at first, tilting his head to the side. When Dai mentions the kissing, Eddie blinks a few times then blushes furiously. "Woah…" he trails off. There's a pause where he misses the question before he's suddenly grabbing Dai in a hug.

Daisuke is surprised by the hug but returns it with a smile. "I don't know Eddie, I just meet Jared and he's really nice and understanding and really cute and…I really wish I could have told you sooner but things kind of happened fast." He says before smiling at Eddie. "Okay, now tell me about this, half brother Olly? I heard you were grinning from ear to ear."

Eddie chuckles a bit, eyes a little teary for reasons he can't quite figure out. "I don't mind, Dai. I'm happy for the both of ya…surprised…but happy!" he grins. "Yeah…I was," he admits with a blush. "I dunno…I used to hate even the word family but finding out I have more just feels good…"

Daisuke looks at Eddie with worry. "Why are you getting all teary? And I'm glad you're happy and I hope you know that no matter what nothing can replace or push my love for you aside okay? You'll always be a brother to me." He says giving Eddie another hug. "You really do deserve a good family Eddie, and I hope things go well with this Olly guy. Is he going to be living with you?"

Eddie shrugs. "I dunno. My eyes just wanna do it," he laughs, wiping them. "Love you too, Dai," he says, squeezing the other mutant. "I don't know. I have to talk to my Dads about him…and then convince him to stay…"

"Is it a bad cry or a good cry?" Daisuke asks nervously. "I hope it's a good cry." He says leaning against Eddie. "I dunno Eddie, getting a crush on my best friend's brother, that's either a good thing or an awkward thing but anyway. I doubt your Dad's would just turn him away, they're not the type to turn their back on someone."

Eddie get a mischievious little smile. "Bad cry," he states. "I've had way better cries than this before," he jokes, squeezing Dai. "Happy tears, Dai. Stop worrying," he says. "I hope you're right…and that Olly agrees to stay…"

"You know me, I'm a natural worrier. And now I really want to meet this Olly." Daisuke says as he continues to lean against Eddie and put a hand around his shoulders. "I never thought that Jared would feel the same way Eddie and I promise I won't say too much in regards to us since…it might be weird hearing about what I do with Jared."

Eddie smiles, leaning on Dai and slipping an arm around him. "You'll have to come by my house then…I can barely get him to stay at the house. Gonna be awhile before he'll come to the school," he says. "I can tell when I look in his eyes…he's like you and me. He's been through a lot…" he trails off, frowning a moment. "Don't worry about it, Dai," he chuckles. "I'm not gonna be pushing for details but it's not like my ears will bleed if I hear it," he says. He'll blush and be embarrassed but he is Eddie.

"You'll probably be seeing me come by your house more often now Eddie." Daisuke says with a blush. "Well I hope I can meet him and if he's like us, maybe we can help him through it like we've helped eachother. And Jared, besides you, he's the first person I haven't been ashamed too see my body actually something weird I noticed. My scars…after we kind of…yeah…um…some of them have noticably faded Eddie. I think Jared's healing can actually heal scars."

Eddie blushes horribly before he speaks up. "Should we have my Dads sound proof Jared's room too?" he asks. At the news of scar healing, Eddie's eyes go wide. "He…he can? Can he do it without…umm…ya know?" he blushes furiously.

Daisuke blushes and bites his lip. "Well we didn't have sex Eddie and I try to keep as quiet as I can with my sonics…." He admits with a bit of embarassment. "And honesly Eddie, I don't know, I don't even think he knows he can do it but some are faded and some of the smaller ones are gone. I just still have to tell him about…my father."

Eddie blushes even deeper. "Oh…" he trails off. He nods and goes full-body blush at the mental image that pops to mind. "I'll ask him about scars later," he murmurs. When Dai mentions his father, Eddie squeezes him protectively.

Daisuke chuckles and puts his arm around Eddie and shrug. "I know, it's always weird for me to talk about but really he should know in case I ever…kind of…have a flash back or something." Daisuke says as he's not letting things get him down right now. "And I really want to meet Olly Eddie, I'm just curious."

Eddie nods. "I know…" he trails off. "Why not come but this weekend? Friday night, bring Jared…you, me, him, Ricky, and Olly. We can all hang out for the night."

Daisuke hugs Eddie tight and smiles. "Come on, lets go down stairs and grab something to eat. I'm starving." Dai says and Eddie would definately notice Dai is in so much better of a mood than usual. He stands up and takes Eddie's hand so he can drag his brother in arms with him to the cafeteria.

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