2011-11-25: Sharks In The Living Room


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Summary: They grumpy hits everyone in the living room today.

Date: November 25, 2011

Log Title: Sharks In The Living Room

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

After getting utterly lost while walking around the mansion, Nicholas found the living room and decided to stay here for a bit. After all there's a comfortable couch and television. He's dressed in Xavier's issued sweatpants and t-shirt as he sits curled up on the couch, his arm that is currently in a sling holding a pillow against his chest and his face still looks awful from the broken nose. He sits there watching Avatar the Last Airbender as it seems Nickelodeon seems to be having a sort of marathon.

There's eventually a door opened, carefully, and then Quenton strides on in. At the sight of Nicholas, his form goes rigid. He's dressed in his usual fare, without the jacket or sunglasses. He's not steaming, though, at least. He moves over and drops onto the armchair, leaning back and placing his feet at the coffee table, legs crossed at the ankles. "Hey, shit stain. What's this crap you're watching?"

With his mother in town Cloud needed some time out of his apartment and as he doesn't have work today he figured he could kill some time at the Mansion, he can lose himself in the gyn later but for now he's just gonna hang out in the Living Room, he's dressed in red sneakers, jeans and a black shirt, he spots someone else going the room ahead of him and grabs the door and follows him in. Spotting something he vaguely reckognises as something his brother watches he hears the other boy 'greet' the viewer and raises an eyebrow.

Nicholas's jaw seems to clench a bit and his body tenses as Quenton speaks. He glances over before looking back at the television. "It's Avatar the Last Airbender and if you don't like it you can get the hell out of here." He says rudely as he shifts himself on the couch and presses the volume up button to hopefully irriate Quenton enough so he can leave.

"I have this weird habit of mine where I just do whatever the fuck I want," Quenton replies, giving Cloud a glance, and then flicking his eyes back towards Nicholas. He doesn't seem to mind the raised volume, however. "At least you're not wearing a dress anymore, though." He yawns a little, before interlacing his fingers behind his head. "How are you liking the Institute? We're full up on crazy now that you're here."

Cloud ahhs, "Thats what it's called, my brother Kaden watches that, he had a major moan at some movie they made of it", he doesn't comment on the way the two are talking to each other, he doesn't know how it started or who started it for that matter and he doesn't even go here.

"Well I take it you fill up three of those slots already." Nick responds in regards to the crazy but he doesn't deny that he isn't because recently he feels like he is. "I upgraded from the johnny coat to the sweats, I don't know which is worse." He before letting out a breath and shruging his good shoulder. "It's too big." He looks over at Cloud and just stares at him for a bit, sizing him up. "It sucked."

"You liked the dress better? Not surprised," Quenton replies, but now that the insult trading is over, he squints over at Nick a moment. "It's better than what you were wearing, at least. They had to make me clothes. Everything I wear is synthetic." He pulls at his long-sleeved t-shirt, which stretches. "See?" And then released, snapped back to its original shape. "And are you talking about that M. Night Shamaylan movie? I didn't know it had a cartoon show."

Cloud shrugs, "I wouldn't know, i never saw it", he walks over and sits down on the other couch, "Fun atmosphere", he turns his attention to the TV, not really his thing but his brother liked it so might be ok, this is still better than hanging out at home.

In from the lobby, Tara's voice can be heard as she approaches the living room. "Yes, Mom. I promise I'll be there for Christmas….. Yes, I'm sorry. I… look…. I said I'm sorry." She walks into the room with a rather exasperated look on her face. "No. The School is NOT a cult! I just couldn't make it this year. I… Look…. okay, whatever, bye."

"I dislike them both. At least this isn't as bad." Nick says as his eyes still stay fairly focused on the television except for when Quenton says 'see' but they quickly move back to the cartoon. "I don't own any clothes, they were all destroyed in the fire." He says bitterly. "Yeah it was a good cartoon first, I grew up watching this." He says but then as soon as Tara's voice and conversation can be heard, Nicholas' whole body tenses again and his face tightens up in annoyance.

"Huh. Why're you watching it then?" wonders Quenton, eyeing the television with disdain. He prefers the harder stuff, like Paranoia Agent. "And what fire destroyed your clothes? What about the clothes you were wearing during said fire? Or are you fireproof and were in the fire?" His red eyes slide towards Tara, and he at least flashes her a thumbs up she likely can't see, followed by a "Yo." Then turns his gaze onto Cloud. "Who're you?"

"If you don't like the show can i have the remote?, gotta be something better on", Cloud is tempted to ask about the fire too but he's very aware of his lack of tact so if he wants to ask it's probably better not to, he gives a 'hey' to Tara as she comes in. He looks over at Quenton, "Cloud, and you?"

Tara returns Quenton's thumbs up with one of her one. "'Sup?" she asks as she makes her way towards one of the couches. There's a slight pause as she scans the new guy in the room before asking, "So who's the new guy?"

"It's the fucking clothes I hate, the sweats and the dress." Nick says sounding frustrated. "The show I like the movie was garbage. But if you all hate it so fucking much.." He says before tossing the remote onto the coffee table. "And I dont' know if I'm fire proof or not, I had the one set of clothes but I don't know what happened to them since I got here." They were probably just so torn up, dirty and gross they were thrown away. "I thought everyone here knew everything like that annoying guy with the glasses." He looks over at Cloud and Tara figures he'd chime in his name since she asked. "My names Nicholas, or Nick, I go by either."

"Okay, so what fire fucked shit up?" Quenton wonders. No lack of tact from that guy. His red eyes focus on the remote but he doesn't move to pick it up. "And no, I don't know everything, not like David, who's a pain in the ass sometimes." He yawns a little, watching Tara a moment before shrugging. "Just watching this crap with the new kid," he grunts, gesturing to the television. "And this dude. Cloud. Probably a hippie, like Sage." To Cloud, he shrugs. "I'm Quenton. Most people call me Q. I don't give a fuck about either."

Cloud picks up the remote and starts flicking though the channels looking for some sort of sports, from listening to Nick and Quenton talking he's automaticly reminded of two guys who used to go here, pretty much one guy with two bodies, he ignores the 'hippy' comment, "David is a nice guy, so back off him".

Tara, finding the couch she aimed towards empty proceeds to flop into it. "I'm Tara. Everybody just calls me Tara," she says introducing herself. Seeing as nobody seems to like what's currently on, and nobody's making a move to actually change the channels she takes the opportunity to take over the remote control. Using her TK, it zips over to her hands, and then she starts to channel surf without actually looking at the screen. "Cloud? Naw. He's not a hippie." she says dismissively.

Nicholas sighs and decides to answer Quenton's question. "I didn't set it, I don't care what the paper said. These guys who were calling themselves purifiers tried to kill me and my parents, some how my powers didn't let me burn. So there's the fire." He doesn't really want to go into to much detail as it's still fresh in his mind. "Wow, bitch move." He says as Tara grabs the remote from Cloud. "David? Well he might be nice to you but he just came off as creepy to me."

There's a sudden abrubt halt to the assholery coming from the red veined mutant, and he pauses, watching Nicholas, before pursing his lips and shrugging his shoulders, eyes flicking to the side towards the wall. He doesn't seem to mind Tara's theft of the remote. "Right. Well. Uh, sorry." That's about all the niceness Quenton can muster today, though, as he turns his eyes towards the television, to see what channel his zombie slaying buddy opts to change it to.

Cloud has just found a channel he likes when the remote flies out of his hand, "Hey!", he doesn't complain though, not like he still lives here, "He's just a fan of imformation is all, he's a really nice guy", hearing Nick's story reminds him big time that he had it a lot easier than other people in this place.

Tara sticks her tongue out at Cloud as she tries to find something… ahh… it's Shark Week on Animal Planet. Perfect. "Ugh. Purifiers? That's, what, the fourth or fifth anti-mutant hate group that I've heard of." She shakes her head, leaning up on the couch, "Did your parents make it out at least?"

Nicholas is quite for quite sometime before he answers. "No." It's very flat as he says that one word as if he's trying to hold in the emotion behind it. He shifts how he's sitting on the couch and turns his head so he's looking out the window. "Well you're friends tact and people skills suck."

Quenton is just awkwardly silent now, opting to instead comment on Tara's choice of television. "What the fuck is this crap? Shark week? Are you serious? I swear, they might as well say every other day is Shark Week, it comes on often enough."

If anything, Tara looks grateful for the distraction. "That's because Shark Week is just that awesome." counters the blind girl. "I mean it's an entire week dedicated to swimming homicidal manaics with huge teeth!" Then she goes to mime what she imagines a great white would look like while chewing on a hapless surfer would look like, complete with sound effects, "Nyom, nyom, nyom!"

Nicholas stands up and runs a hand through his hair. "I'm gonna go for a walk, see how my horse is doing. Enjoy your shark stuff." He says as he heads out of the living room. Anyone who knows where the door is to outside would know that Nick just turned in the opposite direction.

Quenton certainly isn't going to tell Nicholas, sympathy for the new kid or not. He still is, at the end of the day, the asshole that is Quenton. He just watches him head out, shrugging his shoulders and then turning his eyes towards Tara. "You're a little crazy," he decides.

Cloud yawns and calls out to Nick, "Wrong way man", he then pulls out his phone and starts playing a game, sharks weird him out a little, he might be remembering wrong but people seemed nicer to each other when he went here, "Anyone know if Ms. Frost is in school today or not?"

Tara snickers at Quenton's assertion. "You're not the first one to tell me that," she says, sinking back down into the couch. "I dunno if she's here. Try her office?'

Quenton snorts, some, before shrugging his shoulders, leaning back against the wall and eyeing the TV with disdain, "I guess you're the one with the remote." Even if he could take it, he wouldn't be able to handle it, so he just goes with the flow. He does ask, "Did you check up on Shane after the Danger Room's version of Left 4 Dead?"

Tara somehow manages to sprawl even more all over the couch, even though one would be hard pressed to say exactly how somebody as small as her had managed to take up so much space. "Yeah. She'll be okay. Nobody's really prepared to fight a horde of undead in nothing but your panties."

Shifting uncomfortably at the mention of Shane in her panties, Quenton just clears her throat. "That's good. That's good. I'm glad." And then he runs a hand through his hair. "I haven't talked to her much since."

"You should," answers Tara, absently. "I mean even a blind person can see how much the two of you have the hots for each other."

"Wait, she has the hots for me?" wonders Quenton, clearing his throat, shifting now uncomfortably. "I mean, did he uh…" He trails off a moment. "Did she tell you?" he pipes up. "Not that, I'm like confirming that I have the hots for her."

"Didn't have to," Tara answers. "I mean, look at you. You're all usually Mr. Grumpypants around everybody but as soon as anybody mentions Shane you get all wobbly kneed." She waves a hand as she continues to speak, "As for her, did you notice that of all the people in the Danger Room of the Living Dead, you're the only one she really /cared/ if you saw her half naked?"

"Oh, please. I don't get fucking wobbly kneed," replies Quenton, grunting now, glancing towards the television. "Ridiculous. As for the Danger Room bit, I'm pretty sure she cared if any of us guys saw her naked." Which probably means that if what Tara says was true, he didn't notice.

Cloud has been listening to their conforsation and has finished with his game, "If it wasn't dangerous and for the fact i'd rather not, i could've just absorbed from you and seen if i get a random attraction to the girl, though you could just ask Ms. Frost to poke around your head", she's quick enough to figure out who he thinks is hot after all.

Tara opens her mouth as if to say something, but then sits up and does a good job at glaring at Cloud, even though she is blind. "That isn't helping," she growls at him.

"And for the fact I'd put you through a fucking window," shoots back Quenton, suddenly back on the offensive. "And I'm not gonna ask a former supervillain to poke around in my head. Everyone else in this school may trust her, but I don't trust as far as… fucking Evelyn can throw the Blob." Tara's outburst doesn't register with her super strong zombie throwing buddy.

"Tara, i was kidding i'm bored, even if that could help, i wouldn't want any part of him in my head, no matter how short a time", Cloud gets to his feet and stands infront of Quenton, "All of us here owe Ms. Frost and every other teacher in this place, i don't give a flying fuck what happened in the past, also no idea who Evelyn is".

"She's my roommate," answers Tara, scowling. "And how the hell do you joke like that? I mean a lot of people take their mental privacy very seriously."

"Point is, she can't even bench an iPod without struggling," Quenton murmurs, shrugging his shoulders, eyeing Cloud now, as if sizing him up. "And I don't owe that prissy fucking bitch a thing. It was Scott Summers who brought me here, and even he's a little bit of a prick. There's few teachers in this school I owe anything to me. None of them, save for, like, one, has helped me out."

"You're worried about the mental privacy thing?, again one, it was a joke, prehaps one of poor taste, and secondly you don't know how my power works do you?, i would never do that to someone unless i really had to i swear", Cloud looks back to Quenton, "I don't know what your problem is but this place is putting a roof over your head and teaching you to keep yourself safe, so show the teachers some fucking respect", he notes Quenton eyeing him up, "And no, you couldn't take me".

"Funny, you're the second guy who's said that to me this week," muses Quenton, idly. "And I probably couldn't take you, but I guarantee you by the time you're done with me, you'll wish I'll break as many fucking bones as I did. You don't know how my power works either, champ. The only two people who helped me with my powers in this school don't even work here, so you're wrong on that account. And I can go anywhere I fucking want to live, the only reason I'm staying is because it's so fun to deal with little piss ants like you1" Despite Cloud still standing, the tall red eyed mutant stays in his seat, interlacing his fingers behind his head once more. "If you got something to prove there, champ, go ahead."

"Little?, one i'm older than you, two i'm taller so where are you getting little from?", Cloud doesn't object to being called piss ant, he's been called worse, but he HATES being called little, blame his brothers for that one. "I've got nothing to prove, i made it though high school already and i respect this place too much to start a fight with one of it's students. Plus i filled my quota for doing stupid things here ages ago".

"Aww, did I hit a sore spot?" wonders Quenton, tilting his head to try to get a view of the television around Cloud. "Go back and save Aerith, will you? Sephiroth isn't here right now, just me, trying to watch this stupid show." He glance up at Cloud's face now. "And you're the one standing so close, pal. So if you don't want a fight, why don't you just get out of my fucking face and sit down."

Cloud raises an eyebrow, he's never paid any attention to people mocking his name and he was never one for video games so the Final Fantasy Seven referances are completely lost on him, "What the hell are you talking about?", he doesn't sit down, "I'll be in your face for as long as i feel like it".

"So you're a little fucking liar and are trying to start a fight," Quenton decides, chuckling slightly. And then he rises, doing so carefully, so as not to accidentally destroy the chair, rolling his shoulders and cracking his neck. "That's fine. This is gonna be fun," he remarks. "I love hypocrites. They're my favorites."

Tara gets to her feet suddenly as she feels that this has gone on long enough. "Hey! Woah! HOld on there!" she says to the two guys in the room. "Look, I like a fight as much as the next girl, but can you guys do it outside? I mean, I like the living room in it's prestine undestroyed state."

"Why am i a liar?", Cloud's fists tighten at the word 'little again, "I said i'm not going to fight him, calm down Tara, nothing is going to happen", still he slips his hand into his pocket just incase Quenton is thinking otherwise.

"Get the fuck out my face," Quenton repeats now, clenching his own hands into fists, though he doesn't put them away. Superhuman anger makes him a lot more easier to goad into a fight than any other person, and Cloud's attempts to do so are more than enough to work. Even if it isn't the other mutant's intention.

Tara purses her lips looking slightly worried. "I'm not worried about YOU starting a fight, Cloud," she says.

Cloud grins a little, glad he's not the one who is expected to do something stupid for a change and shakes his head at Quenton, "Nope".

For some mutants, perhaps making a teenager with uncontrollable rage isn't stupid. Either way, steam begins to rise from Quenton's skin, his eyes glowing as a hand lifts and clenches into a fist, the human part of him desperately trying to beat the Rage down, smashing it into his temple repeatedly. "Get." Smash. "The." Smash. "Fuck." Smash. "Out of my face." Smash after smash, the air around his head rippling.

"Right," Tara growls, walking over to Cloud and puting a hand on his shoulder. "Pissing match is over," she informs him. "Congratulations. You won. Now get out before you make things worse."

Cloud frowns at Quenton as he starts hitting himself in the head, he's about to say something when Tara stops him, "Ok, sure", he turns away from Quenton and drops himself back down on the couch pulling his phone out of his pocket and wondering what Quenton's deal is.

Quenton continues to smash his fist into his head, before he stops that, and instead turns, lifting the chair and beginning to smash it into peices on the ground, over and over, the poor chair being destroyed while the steam continues to rise from him. He begins to roar, an animalistic sound that rattles the windows, but then, seeing the destroyed chair, sweat pouring down his brow, the steam slowly dissipates and he adjuts his collar, exhaling sharply. "I'm fucking off."

Tara puts up a quick shield to keep flying bits of furniture from impaling themselves into her. When Quenton is done she looks more concerned than afraid. "Yeah, um, I'll catch up to you later. Don't worry about the chair. I'll take care of it."

Cloud huhs at Quenton going all Hulk on the chair but carries on with his game, "I can fix the chair, i need something to do anyways", is Cloud sorry?, nope, the guy has an attitude and he just gave it back, but he'll help with the clean up.

Moving towards the door, Quenton pauses mid-stride at Tara's words and glaces over his shoulder at her, rolling his tongue in his cheek. Then he just shrugs, muttering, "I'll pay you back," and heading off. He managed to put the Rage down before he hurt anyone, but it was still bubbling inside him, so he needed to head to someplace like the forest or a junkyard and just take his anger out there.

Tara has a few pieces of chair floating up in the air as Cloud offers to fix it. She lets them clatter to the floor, "Fine." She walks past Cloud as she makes her own way out. "You're such a dipshit," she tells him and then makes her way through the door.

Cloud stands up to go fix the chair, "He started it, don't quite see how that makes me a dipshit", either way he starts sorting though the pieces trying to decide how best to go about fixing the chair.

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