Shelly Walker
Shelly Walker
Portrayed By Laura Robson
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 17
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases None Yet
Place of Birth Salt Lake City, Utah
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Student Mutant
Known Relatives
Significant Other None
Identity ??
Known Abilities Internal Energy Generation, Strength Bursts
First Appearance ???

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Shelly was born to a middle class family located in charming Salt Lake City, Utah. The city that was known far more for the lake than for the city itself, was an alright place to grow up. Her father was the high school’s football coach and shop teacher while her mother was the lunch lady. They had a pretty normal marriage, until Shelly was born. The child came out screaming and wailing, full of energy. So full, in fact, that the child didn’t ever want to nap or sleep. Ever. The doctors were at a loss at what to do, as the child was otherwise perfectly healthy. Her mother was a firm believer in natural remedies and refused to let the child be given any light sedatives. Once she was discharged, she took her child home, figuring she could find a way to make the little girl sleep. She never could, but every time she took the child in for a basic check-up, the girl was deemed to be fine, and she would tell the doctors that the girl was sleeping a full eight hours a night. Even then she knew that telling the doctors your child never slept would be crazy.

As Shelly seemed to be healthy, her parents were content to just be more vigilant of her, but the child proved to be a pretty happy baby who grew quickly, able to walk and talk more quickly than most children. This was due to the increased exposure to conversation since she was awake more and her constant energy giving her the ability to build up the strength to walk earlier. This happy baby would eventually grow into a happy small child. She was taught at an early age to always answer yes that she got eight hours of sleep and that people wouldn’t understand that Shelly didn’t need to sleep. She was the tallest girl in her class and quickly started picking up sports, even when she was at pre-school. When she was in first grade she got banned from playing dodgeball because she threw too hard and managed to knock a boy three years her old out with the rubber ball they were using. She got lectures from her parents about controlling her strength. She whined that the school sports were too easy and nobody was as good as her, so her father made her a deal that he’d train her or get her trained in whatever sport she wanted if she could control herself at school. The girl chose tennis, agreeing to this plan. Her father had suggested running, but even the young girl pointed out that running was boring when she never got tired.

She spent a lot of her time playing and practicing tennis, and while she wasn’t a prodigy in terms of skill, she had the physical capability and endurance to play at levels far beyond her age, according to the high school tennis coach who her father had asked to teach Shelly the sport. By the fifth grade, it was starting to become obvious to the family that Shelly, due to her ability to always be rested, was going to have to learn to not go all out when she competed in sports. This didn’t sit well with the competitor inside the girl, but she saw the logic and agreed to this. It was further driven home when she reached seventh grade and the girl started accidentally crushing the hands of people she gave handshakes too, particularly when nervous. She started taking non-contact martial arts to attempt to focus her mind more than to learn how to defend herself in the fifth grade, as her parents were confident that anybody they knew who tried to attack their daughter would be in for a rude surprise if they weren’t expecting it.

The girl had also been making ample use, since she was young, of the fact that she had eight hours extra in every day to do things. She primarily had been using this time to work out and do the other thing she had found a joy for, and that was mechanics, thanks to her father having a shop and mechanic love. She spent a lot of time in his workshop learning how the various tools worked, and had come up with a project of her own. Bicycles that they’d purchased for her tended to break quickly because they couldn’t stand up to her if she pushed herself a little bit. So, she had decided that she would build her own bicycle that could withstand her full speed. The plan was to use heavy duty parts that were meant more for heavy load work, along with tires made out of the same material as racecar tires.

This progressed in their version of “normal” until she became a freshman in high school. She was trying out for the varsity tennis team and the team’s had a new coach, due to her former trainer retiring. The coach saw Shelly’s natural talent, but didn’t think she was trying hard enough, and she started yelling at Shelly to put some effort into her serves or it didn’t matter how good she was. She wouldn’t be on the team with half effort. The rest of the upper classmen joined in, frustrating the teen, and it all finally burst out. She slammed a serve into the opposite corner of the court, which would have been a beautiful serve under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, neither the ball or court were made of adamantium, and the ball instead slammed into the court and kept going through, creating a 20 foot hole with a flattened tennis ball pasted to the bottom.

It happened that a certain professor was in the area walking by and witnessed this. This professor taught at Xavier’s Institute and had been in the city on business. He spoke with the girl and her family, telling them about Xavier’s, and they agreed it was the best place for the girl. The girl has just recently arrived at Xavier’s.


June 24, 2009 Shelly meets Jay and Daisuke. She learns a bit about how things are run at the mansion. Lunchtime Meetings
June 29, 2009 Shelly and some others help keep Slyde from robbing a bank. Slip And Slyde
June 30, 2009 Shelly meets one of the professors and another student briefly as school lets out.. Schools Out for Summer


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  • Shelly built her own bicycle! It's not the prettiest thing, but it's made out of industrial strength parts and is quite heavy for a bike.
  • Shelly is lefthanded.
  • Shelly often refers to time in the manner of hours and minutes as opposed to days and weeks.


Internal Energy Generation- Shelly's body takes oxygen and converts it directly into energy, negating the need for her to sleep. She doesn't get tired mentally or physically as a result of this as well, and is constantly able to maintain peak energy levels. This is also quite helpful when studying for a test!


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