2010-06-22: Shh It S A Library


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Summary: Daisuke meets Connor and Tara in the Library and they chat about Summer

Date: June 22, 2010

Log Title: Shh It S A Library

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Library

Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

Summer time… and where most of the kids have gone home to get some relatively normal family time, one of the few who has volunteered to stay behind is Connor. Currently sacked out in one of the more plush reading chairs in the Library, he's got a school book in his hands, one of the beginner's physics textbooks, reading over it carefully. His computer is open off to the side, with swirling images playing across a media player, while he has one earbud in, the other left bare in case anyone enters.

There's an open notebook infront of Daisuke as he stis at one of the tables and he keeps reciting the same thing about 'faces' to himself. He's got an open bottle of water and a pair of drum stucks sitting next to him as he took a break for a bit but is now back down here. "What the hell does this mean?" He says as he is just so lost in this puzzle that Chloe gave him that Heather gave Chloe. He then looks up at Connor and smiles. "Sorry, didn't mean to be making so much noise."

Connor titls his head up and then blinks a few times, "Oh hey…" Pausing the computer program, he takes out the earbud, and turns himself to face the older X-Forcer, laying his arms over the back of it, "No, it's cool… I'm just catching up. Class schedules are kinda loose when there's no real classes, just asked Doctor McCoy to tutor me on physics over the summer and authorize me some Danger Room time. It's been better lately. No stress or dream-ports in the last week. But… has anyone seen Cloud at all? He went off campus last week, and I haven't seen him at Danger Room sessions."

"Oh, physics are pretty cool though I haven't taken a physics class since I graduated, or any classes. Kinda miss it." After all Daisuke always loved school work and studying and he made sure to get good grades and stay ahead. "Dream-ports? And Cloud…no. I'm not too familar with who Cloud is. I'm Daisuke, Daisuke Sakuragi or just Dai for that matter. Nice to meet you." he says standing up and walking over there to offer Connor a hand. "I'm kinda a teachers aide here until I figure things out."

Connor winces a bit and rubs the back of his neck, "Oh sh-… sorry… I thought when I looked that you were Mister Gilpatrick… really, really sorry…" Accepting the hand though, he gives a firm shake and gives a nod, "Connor Blake.. Ju-… Senior Class, under Doctor McCoy's Excelsior's group."

Daisuke lets out a chuckle. "Yeah I know, all us Asian's look alike." He teases in a friendly manor as he goes to sit back down. "No, no I just don't really have anywhere else to go so I'm sticking around here to train with my powers and to be a teachers aide and tutor for anyone who needs it. I have been for the last two years. Though I might be moving out…I dunno yet." It's a big dicission for him. "So working with Doctor McCoy…that much be really cool. I was a Hellion."

Flushing even HARDER, Connor flounders a bit, "Oh… oh god, that wasn't what I meant, I meant to say… that is…" And then his head just hangs a moment, as he mutters out, "Fuck. Can we start back at the point I didn't have my boot down my throat?" Seeming to completely miss the second part of Dai's statement.

Daisuke gets up and walks over to Connor again with a smile. "Relax, I was teasing you but anyway. Hi, my names Daisuke Sakuragi but everyone calls me Dai. Nice to meet you." He says offering a hand with an amused smile like he's holding back laughing. "Don't worry there isn't a boot down your throat, really, if I'm gonna get upset with something like that…" He shakes his head as he finds a seat closer to Connor. "So what's this about physics?"

Connor flops back down in his chair, "Yeah… well… I'm a teleporter… Doctor McCoy says I'm actually more than that, and so to get an understanding of how my power works, I need to understand how the physics work. So… start with the basics and work up to understanding. He says it has something to do with quantum particle that generate gravity, and stuff about wormholes. I thought all that stuff was just the realm of Science fiction and television. Now I can go home for Friday Night dinners by sticking my hand through the air."

Daisuke nods and it makes complete sense to Daisuke what Connor says about understanding how his power works. "I'm a sonics user and I also have a knack for detecting weaknesses." He says as he listens to Connor and shakes his head. "Nah, we're living Science Fiction here, but generating gravity and wormholes? So do you teleport through a wormhole or something? Like that book, A Wrinkle in Time, creating Tesseracts?"

Despite the fact that the library is full of books she just can't read, sometimes Tara will come here because it's the one place (besides her dorm room) that she knows will be quiet. She pauses on her way to one of the plush leather chairs to wave at Connor and Dai. "Hey, guys," she says.

About to answer the two, Connor stops as he pulls his phone out, and sighs, "It's mom… I'll be right back… gotta take this…" And standing up, he gives Dai a 'what can you do' shrug, and passing by Tara, bumps his shoulder against hers before ending up close to the door and able to talk without disturbing the others.

Daisuke waves at Connor and nods. "It was nice meeting you Connor." He says before looking over at Tara. "Hey Tara, what brings you to the hall of books today?" He asks as he wondering what a blind girl is doing in the library but he's not a jerk to point that out. "I thought classes were supposed to be over."

"They are," says Tara, flopping down in the chair, sinking down in it so that her butt is nearly falling off of it. "It's quiet in here, and since it's the summer hardly anybody's gonna be here." She shrugs, "so I come here when I want a little peace and quiet."

Daisuke nods and goes back to where he was sitting. "It is quiet in here and yeah, not to many come in here. Shall I be quiet then if you want peace?" Daisuke says as he'll go back to his riddle if necessary. "So are you going home for the summer or staying here…sorry, I'll be quiet now."

Tara waves a hand at Dai, brushing away his apology. "Naw. I'm going to stay here this summer. Home is so boring. I might miss something exciting if I went there."

Daisuke nods and mutters something about faces. "Yeah, I'm gonna stay here too, right now I don't have anywhere else to go until I get an apartment somewhere." And he needs to talk to Skyler to see what he's gonna be doing now that he's graduated. "I can't say home is borning, this is my home." And there's an amused tone to his voice as he says it, like he's smiling.

Tara grins back at Daisuke. "I bet you've had /all/ sorts of interesting things happen while you were here." If only she knew the half of it.

Daisuke gets quiet at that and it's lucky for him she can't see his face as it's kind of grim. "Yeah…interesting. That's a good way of putting it. Let's just say the latest was when I was trying to kill you and your friends on the lawn." The Sinister insident when him and Brian were attacking them and Tara was driving the truck.

"Ohyeah," says Tara, scowling a bit. She clearly totally forgot that Dai was one of the people who had attacked the school. "Well… if you hadn't tried to kill us, then we wouldn't have been able to kick your butt and un-brainwash you when it was over."

After a bit, there's a groan from Connor, and he comes walking back to the pair, flopping down in his chair and looking at the two, before giving a sigh and scrubbing at his face for a moment, "Sorry about that… Mom's a little bit of a control freak… she's was telling me all about the dinner we're having friday, and everyone who'll be over… and was asking me to see if I'd bring a REAL new york cheesecake with me on the way back. SERIOUSLY… ugh…"

"Junior's." Daisuke says quietly to Connor. "They have the best Cheesecake and…" He just shakes his head cause when families are brougth up he always feels awkward about it. "Thanks Tara, for the vote of confidence. Next time I'm brainwashed, I'll count on you to kick my ass again, okay?"

Tara gives Daisuke a big thumbs up. "You can count on it," she says. "Hell, I can kick your ass when you're /not/ brainwashed, too."

Connor eyerolls a bit and looks at Tara, "Are we really getting into THIS conversation this early in the summer… c'mon…" But then he flicks his eyes to Dai, "Sorry… did I say something wrong?" Shaking his head some he sits back and goes to shut down and close up his laptop, curling up the earbud very neatly, and sliding them into a pocket in his pack. When they don't fit just right, he does it again… and again… until finally it seems to be to his satisfaction.

Daisuke stands up and shakes his head. "No, don't worry about it Connor. Just be happy you have a crazy Mom and remember, Juniors. Best place for Cheesecake." He says shaking his head at Tara. "You're crazy." He says as he starts to walk out of the room. "I'll gotta go find Chloe, I'll catch you guys later." He says picking up his stuff and heading off.

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