Portrayed By Marshall Allman
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age 19
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases ??
Place of Birth Chicago
Current Location New York
Occupation ???
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Shapeshifter
First Appearance ???

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My name is Shifter (Formerly Axel) and I am a Morlock.

I was born a seemingly normal child to a young couple in downtown Chicago, and they did try, but they were young and couldn’t afford to bring up a child, so they did the one thing they thought was best, they gave me to social services in the hopes I’d be given to a family who could give me the upbringing they couldn’t.

Growing up i took to the physical side of things pretty quickly, i was crawling and walking faster than expecting, but i didn’t speak my first words until i was five (even now, i don’t like talking more than is necessary), and though my teachers tried to teach me to read and write, i found it very hard to pick up, I’m good with numbers but have always struggled with words and I’ve never learnt why (I was diagnosed as Dyslectic and had to see a psychiatrist for my difficulty with speaking, people just didn’t listen when told I just don’t feel right using words). I never actually got adopted, you can’t really blame people, with my issues there was serious communication problems so when one family stopped being able to deal, I was sent to another, I didn’t mind, sure I missed people but I liked meeting the new families, and I made more friends than I would’ve living in one place all the time.

At the point where my story takes a turn, I was being fostered by a couple called Jace and Lil Williams, they were fostering because they couldn’t have children, which I always felt bad about because of how nice they were to me, so I made more of an effort to talk. They also didn’t talk to me really slowly like most people did and made an effort to find otherways to communicate when I didn’t talk. (I’ve heard that since I went missing, they’ve been looking for me).

My powers first showed themselves when i was fourteen years old, as with most teens i was going through a rebellion phase and decided I was gonna sneak out one night. I did something stupid, I mouthed off at some gang of guys a few years older than me. I remember running being chased by these guys with bats, i was terrified, i ran into a dead end, i don’t know what i was hoping to achieve but i jumped towards the wall… i jumped halfway up the building!, then gravity kicked in, i tried to grab at the wall to see if i could latch onto anything, my fingers shifted and latched into the wall (I’m better at this now, I can form small hooks on my palms to latch onto the wall with rather than the crude blades jutting out of my palms that night), terrified, and pumping with adrenaline i scaled the rest of the wall and ran as fast as i could. That night I changed in several ways my eyes became silver, I grew a tail, my ears became pointed, ridges appeared on my forehead, cheekbones and back of my neck and a forked tongue (I have learnt to hide some of these features while on the surface, but I only do if necessary, because I shouldn’t have to, none of us should). I spent the next week or so hiding from people and what I'd become before I was approached by one of the new Morlocks of the Chicago tunnels, and they took me in.

When I first joined the tunnels a female mutant called Tyda looked after me and helped me transition to life in the tunnels. She became my “mother” of sorts and tried to teach me not to hate all humans, (not much got though). I also met the Morlock Insente, he showed me the fun things to do in the tunnels and helped me learn more about my powers.

Since then I’ve been learning more about my powers, what i can do, what my limits are and what I’m willing to do. I am now working towards giving the Morlocks the lives they deserve, even if it means taking from those on the surface, they have it all, now we want it too. On a supply trip to New York i found a set of tunnels underground, seems New York has a new set of Morlocks, i may have to stay a while…


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  • Shifter cannot read and has difficultly using words.
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