2010-12-21: Shifter's Christmas

Players: Jordan Mayfair & Shifter

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Summary: Shifter's Christmas with Jordan Mayfair

Date: ecember 21, 2010

Log Title: Shifter's Christmas

Rating: PG

Westchester - Jordan Mayfair's House (Living Room)

A few hours after the incident at the mall, a bell is ringed at the door of the Mayfair Estate, Mr. Belvedere, the Mayfair manservant opens the door and screams, “Good lord! Sir, are you alright?” The manservant is greeted by the sight of Jordan Mayfair, wearing the remnants of the designer suit he was wearing at the time. He falls to his knees. His clothes are wet and also seem barely on as there are burns and scorch marks all over the suit. He is covered in dirt and looks up at the manservant, “Edward, is Axel alright?” The manservant rushes over and helps Jordan up and into the living room and helps him to the expensive leather couch, “Get me a drink. Rum and coke. Not a lot of ice.”

Shifter fell asleep in a chair waiting for Mayfair to get back from wherever that guy took him, the only reason he's not still awake is he was pretty drained from the rapid shifting and the hits he took, however he's straight on his feet when the manservant brings Mayfair into the room, 'Jordan!, what happened?, where is he?!'

Placing his hand on the back of his neck, Jordan looks up and then trying to get a semblance of where he is. He stands up, “Axel! Are you ok?” He reaches out for Shifter and looks him over and seeing that he is fine. He plops back down on the couch, “Sorry. I respond better when I have a stiff drink.” Mr. Belvedere comes back out with Mr. Mayfair’s drink. “Thank you, Edward. You can go now.” Edward bows, “Yes, sir.” He takes a sip, “Macabee has been dealt with. No need to worry.” He catches a glimpse of himself from a mirror on the wall, “Oh god, he ruined my suit and I look a mess.” There are a few cuts and bruises along his body where there are holes in his suit. “Dammit!”

Shifter nods, 'Yes I’m fine, I’m good at taking a hit, what did he do to you?', he's kinda confused about Jordan's worry about a suit maybe that’s how he deals with freaking out, 'Are you going to be ok?'

Jordan clears his throat as he looks at his suit and just shakes his head. He created a water bubble around us and rode the winds to an empty field. He wanted a fight. So I gave him one.” He shifts his neck and a crack can be heard, “Oh I’m getting old.” He takes another swig of the drink. “Well, let’s see I got blasted with water, earth. He burned my suit and tried burning me up. I dodged what I could and thankfully I know how to fight, so with each blast from him. I got a few punches and kicks and then I knocked him out. Left him, there and made my way here. Ugh! Well, at least, you are alright.” Jordan’s places his shoulder affectionately and then sits down.

'Why did he just attack like that?, he seemed willing to kill', Shifter has been attacked before, but never by a mutant out to kill him, 'Should we tell that Xavier place about this?, you said they help mutants?', he's glad that Mayfair made it back safely.

“No idea why he attacked and we won’t tell Xavier’s about it. I took it. The school is to help you, not me.” Jordan starts to chuckle, “Too late for me.” He sighs, “I can take care of myself, which reminds me. I appreciate the loyalty, but when someone of Macabee’s level of power, don’t try to save me. I could have taken care of myself when he blew me into the air. It’s one thing when it is stupid little Russian girl, it’s another when it’s someone who can wield the elements. Just take care of yourself and I’ll take care of you.” He pats the young mutant again.

Shifter nods, 'Ok in future I’ll keep myself safe and I’ll keep quiet about what happened earlier today', he doesn't like the idea of standing by and letting Mayfair get hurt, but he says he can look after himself and Shifter trusts him, 'At least we both made it back eh?'

“Yes we did.” Jordan ponders a moment, “Oh wow. We never did your Christmas shopping. Sorry.” He finishes the drink, “Is there anything you want?” He looks around, “I guess we can get a tree and decorate the place.” He hmmmns, “It’s been awhile since I’ve done that. I wonder what else we should get.”

Shifter grins, 'You've done more than enough for me already, i don't need Christmas stuff', he's not really sure what you do at Christmas, he was usually between homes during this time of year, 'I'm not sure what we need'.

Jordan hmmmmns, “Well, you never did a proper Christmas, then.” Jordan claps his hands together and Mr. Belvedere comes back into the room, “Edward, please get a large Christmas gift and decorate this place. I want this to be like a winter wonderland.” He looks over Shifter, “Ok you are 19, so you need clothes. I think 19 years old like video games. If we get you into Xavier’s you’ll need school supplies.” He looks to Edward, “Get him whatever the kids are into this day.” He leans back as Edward nods, “And for yourself, Master Mayfair.” Jordan ponders, “Oh wow. Um. I’m good, thank you, Edward. But for asking get yourself something nice too. A new broom or mop.” Edward scowls, “How generous of you.” Before he exits. “Christmas isn’t about what you need. It’s about what you want. Have you ever wanted anything really badly? I’m sure I can get it for you.”

Want and not need?, wow that’s a concept Shifter hadn't thought about in a while, then he hears Mayfair list off a bunch of things to get him, wow that’s a lot of stuff, 'I can't think of anything that you didn't just list, that’s amazing, you don't have to get all that though'.

Jordan shrugs, “Well, I may be too young to be your father, but consider me a big brother or uncle from this point on.” He ponders, “There has to be have been something you wanted. Maybe as a child or anything?” He thinks about it, “Sorry, if I am persistent. I haven’t had to get gifts for people for awhile. Well at least not for clients and it was always some crappy expensive piece of art or antique.”

Shifter thinks, when he was small all he'd ever wanted was a home, then when he got older he just wanted to be normal, he's made peace with these things now so is having trouble thinking of anything, when he was a kid he did want a bike but he can get around easily enough now, 'Everything i wanted as kid is pretty much redundant now but thanks', he's never had an uncle or big brother before.

Jordan hmmmmns and reads Shifter’s thoughts and sighs a bit as he gets the bit about home and being normal. He ponders, “Well, then I guess I will have to just surprise you.” He exhales and rubs his arm,
“Damn, Macabee did a number. I’m going to have train a bit harder.” He half-smiles, “You did some good quick shifts with your hands. That’s pretty good. I was impressed. If it had been a test you would have passed.”

'You managed to fend him off by yourself, you did brilliantly', Shifter grins at the complement, 'First test I’ve passed in years', though to be fair he hasn't been in school for five years, so you can't really hold it against him.

Jordan shrugs, “I suppose. For a quiet powers, I did well.” He exhales and claps again and another servant arrives with two wardrobe choices for Jordan to choose from, “I guess I should check on the driver. I’ll send some gifts over to his family.” He looks out a window at his brother’s house, “I should get something for my nephews too. Eddie and whoever the other one is.” He thinks, “Do you think I should get something for my brother and his husband?”

Shifter nods, 'You said you don't get on very well with your brother, so it might help to get him and his husband something to rebuild the broken bridge', he can't see why Jordan's brother doesn't get on with him, he's the nicest guy Shifter knows.

Jordan laughs as he catches that surface thought, “Well, if he gets you into the Xavier Institute then I guess I should.” He looks over, “I guess I should set up meeting with you with Jeri and Chris. Oh and Eddie should be home for the holidays. Eddie attended the school. He can tell you all about it. IT might be nice for you to meet the rest of the family.” He shakes his head at the idea of having to be nice to them.

Shifter nods, 'Anything i should know if i meet them, any kinda way i should act?, i don't want to embarrass you', he's never met someone in order to get into somewhere, when he was younger he got into homes cos he was cute, he's not so cute anymore.

Jordan shakes his head, “Don’t worry, Axel. There’s nothing you could do to embarrass me. But they will nasty things about me. How I am evil and what not, but hopefully my actions will get you to see otherwise. Jeri and I have a long history. I wouldn’t say we hate each other, but.” He doesn’t finish the sentence as he realizes he does hate his brother, “Well, they don’t like me. And I’ll be honest, I don’t like them, but for appearance’s sake we put on aires.” He pats the boy on his shoulder, “But they will love you. And they will welcome you into the family. I’m sure.”

Shifter grins, 'Then it's a good thing i can form my own opinions, also I’m very resistant to brainwashing', he may need the other Mayfair's help to get into Xavier’s but his loyalties lie firmly with Jordan.

Jordan smirks at that thought, “Perfect then.” He looks about as Edward, carrying a new vacuum, comes back in followed by two men carrying in a very large Christmas tree and a few other people carrying in bags. Jordan quirks his eyebrow as he ponders how much has been spent on his credit card account. He exhales, “Well, here comes Santa.” He pauses, “You know Santa Claus doesn’t exist, right?”

Shifter's jaw drops when Mayfair's staff comes in carrying the Christmas decorations, wow this place is gonna look like a shopping mall, when Mayfair makes the Santa comment he makes a face of mock horror, 'What?, Santa's not real?', he smiles, 'A kid at school told me when i was a kid

Jordan blinks as he was not reading Shifter’s thoughts at that moment, “Oh wow.” He looks around as everyone just looks at Shifter, shocked. “Um, well, Axel. Um.” He envisions having to dress up as Santa and then laughs and dismisses that thought quickly, “I, um, You know what it is. Santa will reimburse us. With all the houses he has to go to and whatnot. For him to get passed the security system would be impossible. So instead of having a dead Santa, he reimburses me for what I buy.” He thinks that is a somewhat good excuse as any.

Shifter hmms, that is an excellent way to explain things, Mayfair is a great weaver of the white lies there, any future kids of his will be able to keep their innocence for ages, 'What about the elves?'

“Elves, huh?” Jordan gives an exasperated look, “Well, they exist, but they have this disease that they can only stay where it is cold. So they are forced to stay at the North Pole.” He scratches the back of his head, “And the flying reindeer are a race of ancient mutants. During the year, they live among us, but every Christmas they transform into deer and help Santa.”

Shifter grins, 'Reindeer are shapeshifting mutants?, maybe i can be a reindeer one year', all these explanations do make sense, he may have to remember that incase he ever has kids, 'I know all about the whole Santa issue, sorry for kidding you around'.

Jordan laughs out loud, “Thank, God. I was about to say. Dang, kid.” As the tree s propped up and various ornaments are brought out, “Um, not sure how to do this? Do you want to decorate the tree or something? I can have the servants do it.”

'I don't really know to decorate a tree, i don't think I’d do a very good job of it', Shifter could probably reach the top of that tree but he's not sure he'd survive the oxygen deprivation.

“Ok good. Edward.” Jordan beckons as the manservant arrives, “Have the staff decorate the tree and the entire house. Make it look spiffy, or you will be fired. Merry Christmas.” Jordan then looks over the wardrobe choices and then has the servants dress him as boxes are brought in that are wrapped and tagged with Axel’s name. Now dressed in a robe, Jordan lounges around and is given a cigarette to smoke and hmmmns, “Long day.”

Shifter has known Mayfair for a while now but he's still shocked at how quickly his staff move into action, he watches them decorate the tree as Mayfair gets changed, he can't help but grin at the understatement of "Long day".

Jordan nods, “Hey, do you have any experience fighting without your powers?” Jordan offers, “Since I am primarily a telepath, I have to rely on taking the fight to a physical level. So do you know any martial arts or have any experience with fighting?”

Shifter shakes his head, 'I never really had to fight before i got my powers, so sorry i have no training in fighting powerless, however i can take a hit powerless, i learn that as a kid'.

Jordan hmmmmns, “How did you learn that as a kid?” Jordan’s stands up and throws a swing in the air. “I know some martial arts techniques.” He shots up a pretty quick kick.

Jordan ponders a thought, “Do you happen to remember any of the names of the bullies?” Jordan takes another punch kick combo. “I learned traveling through Asia. I know a couple of different techniques. I was lucky and able to travel a lot when I was younger.” He does a small flip, landing almost perfectly. “It helps with agility too.”

Shifter shakes his head, 'Nope, i moved around a lot', he does a flip of his own, 'Guess I’m lucky, my agility is naturally better cos of my mutation', not to mention he's got a useful extra limb.

Jordan nods, “Very good.” He smiles, “Attack me. Try to hit me. You can even shift your hands into some sort of a weapon.” He stands taking a defensive stance. “And don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

Shifter isn't sure what to do, he's not sure how to attack without causing harm to Mayfair, 'Ummm ok i guess', he runs forwards, falls backwards onto his tail and aims a two footed kick at Mayfair's chest.

Seeing the attack in his mind before it happens, Jordan is already standing in a defensive stance and he leaps above Shifter to flip over him and then he lets out a backhand swing towards Shifter, “Nice move, but you seemed hesitant! Don’t be hesitating. You can’t hurt me, but please try!”

Shifter can't read mind so by the time he realizes the backhand is coming, the most he can do is harden his skin slightly, the will only slightly weaken the blow though, luckily getting winded isn't a problem with mind speak, 'If you're reading my mind, i won't be able to land a hit, that’s your advantage, your way round my agility'.

“Exactly, so you see. You won’t hurt me. So let loose!” Jordan mindspeaks as he backs away from Shifter and takes another defensive pose. “Come at me and don’t hold back!”

'Ok', Shifter smiles, '13, 26, 39, 52, 65, 78…', nope he hasn't gone insane, he's hoping that doing his thirteen times tables in his head will distract Mayfair from reading his attack plan, he goes towards him moves past him to the left and aims a punch at Mayfair’s back.

Grinning, Jordan smiles, “13 is such an unlucky number.” Jordan blocks the punch and lowers down with a sidekick attempting to knock over Shifter, “Axel, it’s not just reading your mind that allows me to see what you will do.”

Shifter gets knocked over but balances himself on his tail and kicks out again, before even giving himself time to thing he'll push off with his tail, flip over Mayfair crouch and aim a kick at his legs.

“Good move! And it came naturally to you as if you weren’t thinking about it.” After Shifter flips over him, Jordan leaps up avoiding the kick doing a split in the air avoiding the kick aimed at his legs. He lands in the split and then rolls over away from Shifter, shift your arms into a weapon that you use often and strike at me that way. “You still seem to be holding back.”

Shifter shifts his right hand into a hammer, pushes himself into a standing position and continues running towards Mayfair pulling his arm back for a punch, his tail meanwhile aiming to grab Mayfair's ankle.

Mayfair grins as the hammer is formed and makes no move to block or attack as the hammer comes his way, and lets the tail to grab his ankle, “That tail is very useful in battle. You use it like it is your hand or foot.”

Shifter stops the punch literally millimeters from Mayfair, 'That mean i win?', he keeps hold of his leg however incase this little sparing match isn't quite over.

“I guess that means you did win. Congratulations!” As his ankle is still held by the tail. “And a victory deserves a reward.” The bell at the front door rings and Edward, the manservant, goes to answer the door. Loud jolly laughing can be heard outside the door. Jordan looks over, “So Christmas is here.”

Shifter releases Mayfair's leg with a raised eyebrow at the sound of the laughing, what is that?, hmmm, he scratches his head with his tail.

Edward opens the door and in comes Santa Claus. Or a good resemblance of what people consider Santa Claus to look like. “I figured I’d let him past security so we didn’t kill him.” Santa comes in declaring, “HO HO HO!” He carries a large sack with various gifts. Going right to Shifter, “Well, so has little Axel been a good boy.” Jordan thinks a moment to himself maybe Shifter is a bit too old for this.

Shifter is suddenly VERY uncomfortable, he didn't think Mayfair was taking him that seriously, he really has no idea what to do in this situation, note to self, jokes are hard to get across when your pretty much mute.

All the gifts in the sack are addressed to Axel, including two different gaming systems and games and various other technology gifts, and various gift cards to different stores. Jordan just stands there and smiles, "Yes, Mr. Claus. He has been a good boy." Santa winks at Jordan who nods. He pulls out some clothes wrapped in two boxes, "Go ahead and try them on." Jordan smiles as Santa goes to give him the boxes. Jordan looks over to Edwards who hands him an envelope.

Shifter is so glad to get out of such an awkward situation that he practically runs off to get changed into the clothes given to him, 'whoa, never worn a suit before', when he returns to the room other than his unkempt hair, he looks pretty smart, 'Thanks Jordan'.

Mayfair also makes his way out and returns wearing the same exact suit that Shifter is wearing. When he enters the staff and Santa applaud. Jordan shoots them all a ‘look’ and they turn to Shifter and applaud. Jordan does the same, “It’s a good suit, so Santa brought me one too.” Santa smiles, “Ready to sit on my lap.” Jordan shakes his head and shouts, “Get out!” Santa looks scared and apologizes,

“Sorry.” Jordan repeats, “Get out!” Santa rushes out as if his life depended on it. Jordan goes to shakes his hand Shifter’s hand and passes him a holiday card, “Apparently, you have to give cards on this holiday.” The card has a picture of a Christmas tree with some sentimental message, but is signed, “Welcome to the family, Axel. Merry Christmas, Jordan Mayfair.”

Shifter breathes a sigh of relief when 'Santa' leaves, he takes the card and smiles, when he opens the card he honestly does his best to read what it says (which is evident in his thoughts if Mayfair is looking around in there), 'Sorry, but i can't read it'.

Nodding understandingly, “We’ll work on that soon enough.” Jordan takes the card and opens it and reads the sentimental message and then adds, “It read, ‘Welcome to the family, Axel. Merry Christmas, Jordan Mayfair.’ He pats Shifter on the back and hands him the card.

Shifter grins, "Thanks Jordan", it's things like this that is why he's so confused as to why people are so afraid of Mayfair or why his brother dislikes him, he must just be jealous.

Jordan smiles at that last thought, “You’re welcome.” Jordan then snaps his finger and Edward bows and opens a door into the dining room and lavish meal is set up, “Not quite like Thanksgiving, but we will probably be very full. And an extra food will be sent to the Morlocks.” With that they eat and enjoy the Christmas Holiday.

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