2010-03-15: Shifting Paradigms


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Summary: As things change, the Watcher… Watches.

Date: March 15, 2010

Shifting Paradigms

Rating: PG

A man stands on the moon, looking at the earth. His head is large. He wears a white and blue robe. He speaks in a deep, imposing voice.

My name is Uatu. I am the Watcher. My purpose is to watch events as they take place on earth. I am not permitted to interfere, no matter what. So, I watch. I notice. I pay attention to the details.

Another late night, another round of worry-induced sleeplessness. At least there's enough homework on the docket, that Rashmi can at least act like she's doing something useful. Government class now, a five-page essay on the necessity of checks and balances nearly complete. Handwritten, no less, a habit that the redhead has been unwilling to break so far. As the last sentence is written, she leans back in her chair with a sigh, gaze dropping to the brochures spread out on the left-hand side of her desk.

College pamphlets, ones with good law programs circled in red, delivered with her parents' latest letter. Picking one up, she turns it over, eyes rising to the statue of Aragorn that Robyn made for her last month. Recalling all that's happened to those she's come to care about, and to love, the seed of doubt starts to take root in her heart. *Does* she really know what she wants to do with her life? Or would she be better served, here, among the Xes?

Everything is in a state of perpetual evolution. Personal. Private.

Groceries sit on the floor as Christopher holds up the box of dog biscuits. He’s gotten used to having Eddie around and Nova, the Siberian husky he got his son for his first Christmas. It’s a lot…quieter…around the house without Ricky, Eddie and the pup around. Less mouths to feed. Sure he’s enjoying the quiet time with Jeri and getting to know Kevin. Another son to spoil, but Eddie, it’s hard seeing your kids grow up and move away to college. It just reminds Christopher that everything changes in life. People grow up around you and things are different. He looks down at the box of dog biscuits and sighs as he puts them in the box of things that Eddie’s left behind. Maybe he’ll look into getting another pet, for Kevin and also for himself.

Expansive. World-wide.

They say everything changes, but Jonothon constantly has to wonder why everything stays the same. His life has always had a bad habit of that. Coming full circle and leaving him exactly where he was when it all started. As the man looks down at his hands, he knows he's at the end/beginning of a circle yet again. Back at the School he has a love and hate relationship with. The question this time is will be complete yet another cycle? Lonely amid all these people, with only his music for preferred company, Jono finds life fairly empty. The problem with this is that this is by his choice. He's making it empty. No one else. His auburn head lifts and eyes take on an inner glow. Fingers curl inwards as he decides. Something must change to break the cycle, and
it's going to be him.

Nothing stays the same. Everything varies.

After his last failure with Sinister, Daisuke was determined not to fail this time. He was given a mission to retrieve an old journal somewhere in Massachusetts. Finding the location, Daisuke stares at the old colonial home and doesn’t even bother knocking on the door as he enters. Ignoring the screams of the family inside he heads towards where Mr. Sinister told him it was hidden. He really wasn’t planning on hurting anyone, not much but someone had to player hero and have a gun. In short time Daisuke was the only living person in the old home, humans are so weak, so fragile. Not Daisuke, Not Howl. Now he’s better, stronger, Sinister’s made him realize his true potential. Grabbing the diary to his chest, he feels happy to be serving the man who made him, the man who changed in him into the superior power he is today.

They, the people of that planet, notice this in their own way.

Mike walked to class, dragging his feet, shoelace untied, slowly nursing an orange creamsicle. He waved to Professor Drake and Max as they built an igloo out of frozen blocks of radiant purple time. They laughed in synch and threw identical purple timeballs at him, but he dodged, slipping and falling into the tarpit. Tar all over his head and chest. Gross. He pulled off his shirt but the tar went all the way through.
He went to the lake to wash off. Rashmi was there wearing a lawyer's wig over a bishop's mitre. Before he could complain she said, "WASH THYSELF!" and there was a beautiful red Plymouth Firebird in mint condition, and she was pointing to it, "WASH THYSELF!" He woke up. The medbay was quiet, his robot body was still inert. "Subconscious," he muttered through the voicebox on his neck, "Please to stop being obscure."

Still don't know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild

Staring at the monitor, Pudge is looking at the recent weather patterns that are coming into the city. Not like he needs a monitor and equipment to tell him but he's gotta act like he's doing some work. This Saturday is the first day of spring, and the seasons changes are always interesting to the Weather Witch. The bleak death of winter leading to the awakening of life, he's always found it beautiful to watch. All the seasons are beautiful in their own way. Sitting there planning out his ten o'clock weather report and while thinking about upcoming spring a few thoughts dawn on Pudge, in Spring everything begins anew and it leads to thoughts of Stephen. He's attracted to him and they've been playing this cat and mouse game for a long time, and he figures he should try to see where things go. Bring a change to their relationship, bring some life into it, it is about to be spring after all.

A million dead-end streets and
Every time I thought I'd got it made

It's really starting to get better. Troy's beginning to accept his new life and enjoy it. The roommate is easy to get along with. He's finally getting a few kids to work with. It's really NOT bad. The hardest thing is this blasted power-suit. Picking up a glass, it slides out of his hand. "Damnit. I didn't say throw a slick field." He growls at it.

He'll deal, though. It's not THAT bad. He laughs at himself a bit, giving a grin to the glass itself. "Really not that bad."

It seemed the taste was not so sweet
So I turned myself to face me

“No. And I’m not interested in talking about it anymore.” James says looking over at the figure across from him on the bed. He waves his arms in front of him as it to add a bit of finality to the statement, “I don’t want, need, or desire help. I can deal with it on my own.”

“Suit yourself,” the voice says in a tone that causes the boy’s hackles to raise, “But, realize this: First time you slip, I’ll be right behind you. Watching. Waiting.” She smiles, lips pulling back to expose rows and rows of teeth, “Which shouldn’t be long considering you’re talking to yourself.”

But I've never caught a glimpse
of how the others must see the faker

Felix Cheshire sat in the back of the darkened theatre, human-shaped so he could enjoy the full colors of the vivid movie, and eating popcorn. Far below on the brilliant screen, a young woman talked to a cheshire cat, but it wasn't the same story at all. He stood up and vanished through the back wall into the projection room, then looked out at the other theatres. Ah, good. This one's showing the movie with the kid who was accused of stealing lightning! Everyone loves a heist pic. Changing theatres was a great idea! He sits down to watch, eating more popcorn.

I'm much too fast to take that test

Chloe leapt from the roof. The rush of air around her matched only by the rush of excitement she felt. As the ground moved towards her in a lazy blur she smiled. Not even landing will take the bliss away from her this time…

Turn and face the strange

He knows his goggles are some where in his closet but Sam just can't seem to find them. He's been going through his closet looking at all his old costumes, yes he's saved them all. From the black and yellow New Mutants costume, the first one he ever got, to the X-Force with the horrible purple boomer jacket to his first X-Men costume to the red and yellow costume when he was with X-Corps and the countless other costumes he's had. Each one symbolizes a different step in his life. He eventually finds his goggles and places them on the top of his head as he looks in the mirror. The black costume with the 'C' on the chest. His most recent costume, showing that he's an X-Man again. He's changed a lot since his first run with the X-Men, but this time old enough and mature enough to be one.

Don't want to be a richer man

As he looks at the old ones, Ben shakes his head. Simple and basic is the way to go now. Perhaps something that compliments his friends outfits. Or, perhaps the outfit of someone similar. He nods as he starts gathering the things he needs. Black material. A white star on the chest, trailing down. Close to his skin. Easy to move in.

Shatterstar is back, and glad to be. He may have more in his mind now than ever before, but he'll deal with that as it comes. He's still got his skill. That's what matters. now, it's time to look like it.

Turn and face the strange

Soft rock plays in his new room as Danny pours over some books, the whole thing is new to him. The classes, the homework, the living space. He looks over at the wall at the window he painted in his room. It’s not great but it gives the illusion of something outside. “How the hell did Ah let mahself become a teacher? History teacher by day, bartender by night, Ah’m a great role model for kids.” He says chuckling to himself. It’s another step in his life, another thing that’s changed, but he’s fine with it. Danny’s glad he has a future with Barnes Academy, and a paycheck as well.

Just gonna have to be a different man

He reads the letter again, and shakes his head. "No, I don't want this. I like it here." His things are packed, He's standing at the door to the mansion as he looks at it. "I want to stay." Nobody's here with him. He didn't tell anyone what was going on. Leighton was mostly a loner, but… he didn't want anyone to make him feel worse. Especially not Zack. And with Zack missing…

Leighton holds his head up high. "I'll be back." He says to the mansion itself. Opening the door, he sees them out there. Guardian. Vindicator. Sasquatch. Puck. Puck. Major Mapleleaf. Names he knows. "Alright, I'm coming." He says, grumpily. Of course, they'll try to cheer him up. But he's a Canadian Citizen. If his parents want him trained in Canada, he has to go there.

Time may change me
But I can't trace time

UGH! Jessica’s not a huge fan of children and that Barnes academy is crawling with them. And Nick wants her to help train them. How can she identify with a child, she doesn’t even remember being one herself. “Thank you very much Nick for helping me out…again.” She says but Jessica Drew has to remember if it wasn’t for Nick, there would be no Spider-Woman, or not the Spider-Woman people know today. She’s just gotta suck it up and accept her new job in SHIELD. “At least it’s better than pretending to be HYRDA.” She says trying to find the better in this change of jobs.

I watch the ripples change their size

Keld sat on a boulder in a garden. A japanese-style garden on the outer ring of a satellite. He had been called up to the Peak to carry some dispatches to the S.W.O.R.D. station, something that he could do without the noisy, blatant expenditure of fuel a shuttle would present. Just put on spacesuit, fly up, hand over, wait for responses. So he went to the garden to meditate.
Silent breathing, listening to the song that he has carried since before he fell to Earth. A steady, rhythmic, harmonious chord. And there's an echo in the distance, sounding … what? His eyes open.
That was … whatever it was, spoke. Something was given, loaned, it's needed back. They would come by the … cannot tell now. The alien frowned, puzzled.

But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence

Sometimes the things one hopes and dreams aren't quite meshing up to what they see in themselves. Andres looks in the mirror. He looks over what he's been doing, how he's been helping people with his halfway house. It… it makes him feel good. He doesn't understand it at all. It was for a purpose, but that purpose isn't working the way he wanted it to.

Stretching his wings, he moves to the roof and flies into the night to think. There has to be something he can do. He has to figure it all out. What's right and what's not. Who is he, now?

So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same

One month and five days. That’s how long Jeremy’s been clean, and it feels great. He no longer feels the need for that escape via heroin. The change is nice, he feels stronger as a person. Like if he can get over this, he can get over other obstacles. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can start climbing up again. While walking down the street he passes a music shop and sees a violin standing in the window. “Someday. You’ll see, I’ll have that job and I’ll come back and you’ll be mine. Just wait.” He says. Sometimes, Change is good.

And these children that you spit on

"No, no, move that to the right, maybe." Kalindi watches her servants haul around a large picture, trying to prepare it for a place on the wall and then throws up her arms in disgust. "I will put it up later, it's not important now," she says, walking over to her window and looking out into the street. Since being on the wrong end of a few curses lately, the demonic teen has been feeling a little bit out of sorts. She reforms the rings on her fingers into a small ball, molding the gold with her fingertips. Maybe it's about time to finish gathering information and take action, so that she and hers are no longer the pawns being manipulated. "Umbalificos, I will bend this world to your will."

As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations

Even with one child off to college, a new one has entered the household. This suits Jericho just fine. He likes having kids around. Even if one was adopted, one was his own, and one… well… nearly a genetic duplicate. He has no problems with his life, aside from the occasional mishap related to being a mutant.

As he works in the danger room, he presses the sensors in his personal program. "50 tons. Over twice as strong as I used to be. No gray. Kevin, son…" he mutters. "I think you put me back at my prime, and then some." He says, not talking to anyone, really.

They're quite aware of what they're going through

Looking over at his roommates bed, Dustin can’t help but feel a little weird right now. This is the first time he’s shared a room, with anyone, except for the occasional sleep over, and not only that but the shared room is smaller than his bed room at home. It’s just so weird for him here, he’s not used to everyone /not/ being a rich kid that he feels awkward about his family having money sometimes. This school is definitely an eye opener to him, and in a good way. Duntin’s never been in a ‘normal’ environment, around ‘normal’ kids, and it’s new and exciting. He’s not miserable at Xavier’s, quite the opposite actually, but some days, it’s just weird to him. He looks back down at his laptop and puts his hands in the year. Yes! His Auction Sold!

Turn and face the strange

It’s been quite some time since Robyn’s sat down in the Art Room to try to relax. At the moment he’s working intently on his latest sculpture and it’s been taking him a while. It’s the start of a skeleton that he’s working on as he’s got the legs done, but every so often he’s been stopping as his mind wanders. Looking out the window, at the dark sky, Robyn can’t help but think about his life. “Is what I want even possible anymore?” He whispers to no one as he thinks that he’ll never get away from this school, or be free of what he’s thinking is this ‘curse of being a mutant’. There’s one thing he does know though, every since he’s come to things have changed, for better or for worse? Robyn definitely thinks it’s a mix of both.

Don't tell them to grow up and out of it

With graduation upon him, Billy has to decide if he wants to finish the school year where he is, or move to the new school. It's only a few credits, and he could just go ahead and take the final exams. They'll understand the extenuating circumstances. That way, he can go to Barnes as a college student, and still retain his position as a Young Avenger.

He's talked it over with his parents and they've found it a good potential. So, he signs the papers and begins to head towards the door. Pulling out his identicard, he dials a number he hasn't had to use before. "Colonel Fury? Wiccan. I'm in."

Turn and face the stranger

Fingers twitch and a blank gaze stares out. A girl is frozen in a strange position, hands above her head and feet planted firmly on the floor of her room. This is all that Robin has been doing since Skyler's gone missing (and subsequently reappeared), ignoring her homework and her social life. She falls to her knees after having pushed herself to the limits, though, and the blue puppet reappears in the room. "Ugh," she says, rubbing her forehead lightly. "Do you think that's enough for the day?" she asks the featureless puppet, which does nothing in reply. She considers this for a moment, staring at Blank, and confides, "We're not doing anything, you know. I'm not a hero…"
She sighs sadly and hugs her knees for a few silent moments, watching the manifestation of her mutant abilities stand motionlessly in front of her. She struggles to get up to her feet and takes the puppetmaster position once more. "But maybe I can learn to be."

Where's your shame

Everything is different. His home is lonely and quiet. He's not used to that. He doesn't really know anyone outside of his coworkers and his teammates. Even though it's what it used to be, that's different for him. It's too quiet. And Aaron doesn't like it. Not one bit. As he sits alone on the edge of his bed, he rubs a hand over his face.

You've left us up to our necks in it
Time may change me
But you can't trace time

Looking at the test in his hands, Kaden can’t help but smile. A ‘B-’, he got a B minus on his last test. He feels so proud of himself right now, he put a lot of effort into that test but he’s never gotten anything above a ‘C’ before in his life. He can do this, he can pass the GED test come May. He knows he can. The normally gloomy teen is all smiles tonight as he jumps up to find Drew. “DREW! We gotta go do something tonight! I gotta B minus on my test!” He yells throughout the apartment as he goes to find the one who changed his life for the better.

Strange fascination, fascinating me
Ah changes are taking the pace I'm going through

Everything's going so fast. Being in a new school surrounded by other people he's never met, each of whom are so different from the last. Cam's lying on his bed, thinking. His mind flashes between different people he knows before he realizes something. As he calls up each name in his mind, he can see them. Not only can he see them, but he can watch what's going on around them. It's as though he's actually there with them, feeling and hearing their place.

He gasps lightly, grinning from ear to ear. A new aspect of his ability that could provide amazing usefulness.

(Turn and face the strange)

Some say you need to see the light to be able to know what you're supposed to do with your life. Others say that you forge your own path to find out where you need to go. Kael's nearly seen the former, and he's been doing the latter since he got to this school. With his eyes to the sky, the boy only watches as the clouds roll across the sky. Thoughts flying around in his head. A plethora of what if questions… What if he can't protect his friends… His boyfriend…

The wind around him stops, though the wind in the distance roll flows by. "That isn't how it's going to be." Slowly, the winds around him start to swirl and gain speed with each passing second. "I may have been beaten down. But, the wind never stops." Looks like Gale's had a chance of plans.

Oh, look out you rock 'n rollers

“And then the man he steps right up to the microphone, And says at last just as the time bell rings, Thank you goodnight now it's time to go home' , and he makes it fast whith one more thing …..'We are the Sultans of Swing'” Kenta sings the Dire Straits song as lying down on the medbay. Anything to keep his mind off of Brian and the pain in his chest. What made Brian change so much, he wonders to himself, and Kenta can’t help but feel guilty for all those times Brian needed him and he wasn’t there. “We’ll get you back Brian, and you and I will jam like crazy.” He thinks to himself as he remembers fonder times when the two were roommates. “God Damnit! I want a cigarette!” He says slaming his hand down on the bed.

(Turn and face the strange)

"No, Ma, I ain't being locked up. You know I have long hours, you did the same thing when I started at the clinic. Just… Ma. Quit. Please. I'll be there Sunday, OK? You want someone to help you clean that basement, you call the service, same as Grandma used to. No Ma, they aren't a ripoff. They're bonded. Ma, I gotta go, I got … " Angelo sighs, covering the phone with one hand as an anxious voice jabbers from the phone, apologetic to the people he was about to eat lunch with. "Yeah, no matter how much I grow up she still thinks I'm her little boy. Mothers don't change."

Pretty soon now you're gonna get older

Coming home from working at the music store in The Village, Darrell immediately goes to the fridge and grabs out a can of cherry coke and a bottle of rum. He hates working, which is no surprise that this is the third job he’s had in less than a year. It’s only his first week at the new job and already he’s getting bored. Who would have guessed that working at a music store was so much….work. It’s not just standing around listening to music all day while smoking pot in the back room. Growing up sucks, and Darrell doesn’t like the changes that come with ‘being an adult’.

Time may change me
But I can't trace time//

Heather sits in front of the mirror in her bedroom. In her time at the Institute, she has had the chance to meet all kinds of new people, and now it feels like the world is telling her something. She considers her reflection, and knows that everyone here is just an illusion. Even so, she decides that it's been nice to reach out a little more in the first time for what seems like years. Maybe it's about time to start caring for herself again, too. She picks up her brush and begins struggling with the mad tangles of her hair.

But I can't trace time

Listening to the thoughts and dreams of those around himself, or… not quite around himself, Addison nods softly. He can feel everyone for miles… no not miles. He can feel everyone on the planet. It's too much. It's overwhelming. But, he's dealing with it.

Looking to his right, Addison chuckles to himself. "Is this what you spend your time doing? Watching, listening, and making… well, basically music videos of the people of earth?" He smiles.


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