2011-01-16: Shiny Red Buttons


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Summary: Envy decides to attack Giea to get Rashmi to deliver Ms. Walters, meanwhile Dashenka Bear Attacks Envy

Date: January 16, 2011

Log Title: Shiney Red Buttons

Rating: R

NYC - Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is the famous area of New York City where the tree is lit every Christmas. The famous statue of Atlas resides at Rockefeller center along with the ice skating rink, that the golden Prometheus stature over looks, during the colder months. Radio City Music Hall is located in Rockefeller Center where some of the biggest concerts are held.

It's a New York City tour, at least it is for Travis. He hasn't been around much of the city and Rashmi is a sort of tour guide for Travis and Dashenka. As they get to Rockefeller Center, Travis leans against the bar so he can look down on the ice skating rink. He's got a bit smile on his face as he's enjoying himself. "Too bad we missed the Christmas Tree but..we should go ice skating. I haven't done that in a while." He's dressed in a jacket that can hide his four extra arms so he doesn't stick out.

"Arianna?" Oh bother. Giea's got herself lost again. It's not her fault that she likes to keep her feet moving and that her nanny sometimes loses sight of her. She does what she always does in this situation. Just keep wandering. Sure, that just means she's going to end up more lost, but at least there's a chance she'll have an interesting time in the meantime. Her cane taps against the bar of the skating rink and she seems to lean over to 'peer' over the wall with a raised eyebrow. What's this here for?

"Actually I'm kind of horrible at skating," Rashmi says, flushing slightly. "Last time I tried I think I was nine, and I was *so positive* that I broke my butt for good, I just… never really wanted to try again. But if you two really want to, I don't mind hanging around and watching." Her grien moves from Travis to Dashenka, eyebrows rising. "So… How d'you like the City so far?"

"It is large," admits the large Russian girl with her thick accent. She gives her roommate a huge grin. "You must try again. All peoples fall on butts when on ice first time. It is natural."

Travis chuckles at Rashmi and looks over at the redhead. "Hey, I can always give you a hand, something to hold onto so you don't fall and break your butt." Though bruising your tailbone is extremely painful. He looks over at Giea and reaches a hand out to the blind girl so she doesn't lean over too far. "Careful, you don't want to fall over the railing and fall several feet down to the skating rink below."

"There's a skating rink down there?" says Giea, expression brightening as she leans back and turns towards this person. "I want to learn how to skate. Just glide along so smoothly, wouldn't that be nice? I wasn't going to fall, I don't think. Unless I looked like I was."

Rashmi chuckles, shaking her head. "Oh I probably will… but I don't think I could spare the time right now. Between the dance and everything else, I just don't think I co—" Trailing off, she blinks as Travis cautions the cane-bearing girl… either blind, performing, or putting on a show of protest against something or other, neither of which is terribly unheard of.

Dashenka looks between Rashmi and the blind girl, looking somewhat puzzled. "Is something wrong?

"Skating can be fun. You just have to be careful as when you fall, there is no soft landing. And sorry if I'm being to forward, just, I don't want to see you fall or something." Travis says to the blind girl before looking at Rashmi. "Oh really, you wouldn't have time tonight if I dragged you down there now, rented skates and got on the ice?" He teases.

"Oh, yeah, you're probably right. I don't have the best balance, either, and ice is slippery…" says Giea, frowning for just a moment before she perks back up, "Oh, do you have friends here?" She reaches for her watch to fiddle with it while she speaks, before she gives a general wave of greeting to these new people. It's non-specific but still enthused.

Rashmi blinks rapidly. "Huh? Oh! Nono…" Pitching her voice lower, Rashmi murmurs to Dashenka, "I'm just surprised, he usually a little more shy." Raising her voice, she wrinkles her nose at Travis. "I'd have time, but I'd also have a lot of bruises. Anyway! Hi," she says, sidling closer to the pair. "I'm Rashmi, this is Dashenka, and unless you've already met you're talking to Travis."

Dashenka blinks at Rashmi and gives her a knowing grin. "Aaah. Lyubov s pervogo vzglyada." She follows behind Rashmi, and nods when she's introduced. "Privet. A pleasure to meet you."

"No we haven't met. Like Rashmi said, I'm Travis. And yes, these are my friends." It's just easier to say Dashenka's a friend rather than a school mate. "And you know you don't have to worry about bruises around me. And Dashenka, I have no clue what you said." He doesn't know any Russian. "I'm really glad the craft fair seemed to go well Rashmi. It was nice getting to just focus on my carpentry and make stuff. I hope it did well."

"Well, it's nice to meet you all. Travis. Rashmi. Dashenka. My name is Giea Parkin," says the young woman extending her hand out. She doesn't know if any of them made the same gesture, so just to be safe, she returns it. "And you guys had a craft fair? I'm guessing that's some kind of school event, then? I mean, if not, that's great too… But usually those are for school events."

Rashmi reaches out, gently taking the profferred hand and squeezing. "It's good to meet you, Giea. And yeah, we had a craft fair, which… as far as I can tell, did *really* good, and it's for a school dance. As far as I can tell, we raised more than enough money for everything we really *need,* so all that's left is to talk to some costume places around the City and see if they'll want extra business."

Dashenka grins and takes the hand as well, once Rashmi is done with it. "Da! The school dance! It is very American. I am wanting to go very muchly."

Travis is the last to take Giea's hand and nods. "Nice to meet you Giea. The craft fair was cool cause I actually got to make some things. Put my carpentry to use. And those hearing protectors you got me for Christmas work great Rash. Thanks again." Being able to listen to music while working helps him to focus a bit and gets him in 'the zone'. "I think it will be a blast Dashenka. I'm looking forward to going too."

"Wow, that sounds like a really great success! I don't really do much like that. I do some sculpting, but that's mostly to keep myself occupied. It's a fun hobby," says Giea, smiling slightly and holding her cane upright in front of her. "I hope that you all have fun at your school dance. It sounds like it must be very exciting."
"I hope so too," Rashmi says with a grin, "because I'd feel horrible if the committee did all this work and it flopped, you know?" Lifting her shoulder in a casual half-shrug, she tilts her head to one side. "D'you go to school in the City? Or just down for the weekend?"

Travis puts a hand on Rashmi's shoulder and gives her a reassuring smile. "I'm sure it will be a success Rashmi. If it isn't, it's going to be because of other reasons, not because of the committee and all your hard work. Though if you need anything built for it, let me know." Travis doesn't spread himself that thin so he has plenty of time. "Thanks Giea, I'm sure it'll be fun. And aren't hobbies supposed to be fun?" Though he doesn't comment on a blind girl and sculpting as he's not sure how much sight is needed for that.

"Oh, yeah. I go to school at NYU, in the city here," says Giea, tilting her head back slightly. "Where do you guys go to school? Are you also college students?" To Travis she gives a single emphatic nod and agrees, "Yep, hobbies are great for being relaxing and getting your mind off of other things."

"Well," Rashmi says, thoughts whirling for a suitable explanation that doesn't involve NYU by name, "I'm a pre-law student, and Travis and Dashenka go to high school near where I do. I know some people on the staff, so I was asked to help organize the dance since I'm not even a year out of high school." At the talk of hobbies, she grins, chuckling. "Well, that's sort of what stories are, for me… Well, and the Lord of the Rings movies, but that's mostly for the side benefits."

"I am… exchange student," explains Dashenka hesitantly. The Russian school system and the American don't really mesh well together. "I work on cars. I have found this… craig's list…. and plan to buy one that is not so working. And then make it working."

Travis looks at Rashmi and raises her eybrows at her. "I'm in College Rashmi, I graduated High School last year. I'm just doing general studies for the time till I figure some things out. I was gonna go to college on a baseball scholarship but that fell through." It is still something he is sore about but Travis tries not to show it. "I also like sports for relaxing…what do you call them again Rashmi? Sportsball games?"

"Oh, I like stories, too!" says Giea to Rashmi, "But I kind of fancy myself as something of a storyteller more than anything." She notes, "But you all seem to have pretty cool hobbies. I mean, carpentry, fixing up vehicles? Those are pretty neat, and useful." The young woman leans slightly on her cane, smiling at the others.

"…Oh! Right." Caught in her mistake, Rashmi flushes, eyes wide. "…Sorry Travis, got you mixed up with one of the guys on the committee for a second there… Um. Anyway. Sportball," she corrects. "Because you have two sportball teams that sport at each other, and whoever wins the most points is the King of Sportball. …Or something. That makes more sense than when someone tried to explain basketball leagues to me, anyway. …Well, except for hockey, that's ice boxing, because they'll throw more punches than win points."

"Sportball," repeats Dashenka, shaking her head with amusement. "That is funny."

Standing around and looking down over the skating ring with Rashmi, Dashenka and Tara is Travis. His extra arms are hidden under his jacket to make sure he doesn't look suspicious to other pedestrians. "That's cause baseketball is more a sport to follow and watch when Football season ends and before baseball season begins." He jokes. "Though that ice boxing, I can't get into that much. But this summer, I still want to drag you to a baseball game." Watch the Rockies get killed by the Yankees. "I don't read that much for fun, unless it's a book on carpentry but my father was a carpenter so I'm just following in his footsteps." He says a bit proudly.

"I really don't get sportball at all. I mean, I guess there's probably intense flashing lights or something that keeps attention, but I've listened to it on the radio before and it seems silly," says Giea, shrugging. "I'm sure it'd be fun to play, though. I just can't listen to it for long."

A man in a black suit steps out of Radio City music hall and stops for a moment, turning and taking the hand of a lovely woman who was walking behind him. Envy steps out into the cold and smiles at the man. It would appear by the way that she is dressed that the two were at some sort of fancy event. She is wearing a slim green dress with black shoes and a black fur coat. Her hair is done up elaborately and she is adorned with expensive looking jewelry. The woman speaks with the man for a few minutes before he gets into a taxi and drives off, leaving her behind. After a few minutes Envy wanders toward the plaza, stopping occasionally as people bustle around and take pictures. The woman is moving in a slightly strange manner, it looks as though she may have had a few drinks. She manages to make her way over to the rail above the skating rink and stops, pulling out a cigarette on a stem and lighting it up.

"Well sure, Travis, I'd like to… um…" Her eyes slide over to Radio City, face losing a shade or two of color as Envy' face raises a bright red flag. "…Um… Yeah… how about we go find some dinner? Like, way over someplace else?"

"Da," says Dashenka agreeably enough. "I am getting hungry." Of course, knowing Dashenka this isn't entirely a surprise. She's always hungry. "Do you have place in mind?

"I can imagine that just listening to a baseball game without seeing how it works is silly." Travis says as he does enjoy his sports but he knows not everyone does. He notices Rashmi seem to pale a bit and nods. "Yeah sure, we'll find someplace to eat. And who knows Dashenka, I'm sure we'll find someone." He puts a hand on Rashmi's shoulder and asks her quietly. "Everything okay?" Before speaking to Giea. "I think we're about to go find some dinner, since it's about that time of night."

"You guys are going to get dinner? Well, have fun then! It was nice meeting you all. I should probably stay here, I think my nanny is probably looking for me and I should stay put," says Giea, quieting slightly as she makes the admission to still having a nanny at her age. She sniffs the air lightly and orients herself slightly towards Envy, as if making sure there's someone there.

The woman leans on the rail and looks down at the skating children below, a look of general contempt on her face. Envy really does look slightly out of place, even for New York City. She looks like she stepped out of some fancy opera or high class party. The woman turns as she is tapped on the shoulder, frownling at the guard who is apparently asking the woman to put out her cigarette. "Put out my? Look buddy." She reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out a small and shining stone, "How about you just take this and…Go away…" Something appears to have distracted her toward the end of her sentence. She waves a hand dismissively at the guard and walks past him to the group of younger individuals behind him. She almost shoves Travis out of the way to get a better look at Rashmi. The woman leans on a hip and half-crosses her arms, leaning in to examine the girl. "I know I've seen YOU somewhere before…Now why would someone like you stant out in my mind?"

"Oh no, it's okay, come with us! I have a phone, so you can call her and…. um…. …..*Shit.*" Her face grows another shade paler as Envy approaches, the redhead nudging Dashenka and nodding Giea's way… which is about all she can manage to do as Travis is elbowed aside and a notorious mutant criminal decides to get in her face. "I… um… don't…. know….? Maybe you, um… maybe you're thinking of someone else, ma'am?"

Dashenka looks between Rashmi at the woman, and scowls. She knows that look that Rashmi has. She's seen it before in her homeland when people just realize that the person they're talking to is, well, part of the more shadowy and dangerous part of the government. "Bozhe, pomogi mne," she mutters under her breath. "Da," she says putting an arm around Rashmi and giving the other woman an apologetic smile. "We are exchange students. First time here in America. My English, not so good. Hers is very good. Please excuse us."

"Giea, I don't mind if yo-ooof." Travis lets out as he's run into by Envy but he steps right back next to Rashmi and puts an arm around her, like Dashenka, protectively. He can tell she's nervous in regards to this woman but he doesn't recognize her at the moment. "I'm sorry, something we can help you with?" He asks Envy. "I'm their guide to the Big Apple, and we're kind of busy so unless it's important, we're on a time restraint. "

Giea frowns slightly as the demeanor of the others shifts in Envy' presence. She swivels her head back and forth lightly, fiddling with her watch another time and letting her white cane lean on her shoulder. "Who are you?" she asks, just sounding genuinely confused for the time being. The offers that she come with the others seems to go unnoticed, her focus more on Envy.

Envy takes a drag of her cigarette and looks between the two on either side of Rashmi. The guard behind her looks a bit concerned with the fact that this woman just brushed him off, but after examining the diamond in his hand he decides to wander off in the other direction. Envy blows a breath of smoke at Travis and waves her hand dismissively at him. "She's not new here. I know I've seen her before somewhere…And it was summer at the time." She ponders for another moment, ashing her cigarette in Dashenka's general directon. "No you weren't with a Russian then…" She glances briefly at Giea when the girl speaks, but after making a distasteful face turns back to Rashmi. Envy's eyes light up suddenly, "Oh yes! You're that angry green woman's friend, aren't you?" She smirks, "I'd like to get in contact with her again. She and I have…Unfinished business."

The sound of Rashmi's terrified swallow, almost audible in the bubble of silence surrounding the late-teenagers and the older woman. "Travis," she says, quietly, slowly, her eyes never once leaving Envy', "I want you to take Giea and find someplace to eat, okay? Get ahold of her helper and have her meet you for dinner." Drawing in a deep breath, she almost visibly screws up her nerve. "Ma'am… I'm sure you know where Ms. Walters works, you can make an appointment with the desk clerk."

Travis lets out a cough from the cigarette smoke blown in his face as he waves his hand to disperse the fowl smoke. He looks down at Rashmi and has no clue what's going on but her words cause him to stop. "I can't just leave you here alone." He says quietly to her since he just doesn't want to leave her alone, scared, with that woman. "Shit..I'll get them away but I'm not letting you out of my sight and I'm going to be back." He says as he looks at Dashenka and Giea and motions with his head. "Come on, Rashmi's gonna meet up with us." He says trying to lead the two women away.

Giea says, "Umm, what's happening?" She reaches her hand out for guidance on where exactly she's supposed to be going, since her hearing aids aren't the best for locating people exactly.. She holds up her cane a bit defensively, sensing that there is likely danger in this situation.

Envy chuckles a bit and ignores the others as they shuffle around, seemingly only interested in Rashmi for the moment. "Well I'm afraid that some of Ms. Walter's…Um…Associates would be a bit too annoying for me to approach her myself." She says 'Ms. Walters' with a heavily sarcastic tone. "And until I'm done dealing with that other member of her…business, I'd prefer for her to come to me. Now how could I do that? Hmm?" She smirks at the girl, "Any ideas?"

"Nothing comes to mind that's the least bit appealing to me," Rashmi says immediately and with utter sincerity. "…You could give me a phone number to hand her? Because I will be *more* than happy to hand her a message when I go to work tomorrow. I can *promise* it will be delivered the moment I get to her office."

Dashenka doesn't budge from her spot, however. Rashmi is her roommate and she's not about to leave her alone to deal with whoever this is by herself. "We can have dinner later," she says, folding her arms across her chest.

Travis turns to Giea and leans down to whisper to her. "I don't exactly know but this woman just showed up and Rashmi seems pretty scared of her. I don't want to leave her alone but, she asked me to get you guys away from her too so I'm honoring that." Though he doesn't get that far since Dashenka refuses to leave. "Dashenka…" Travis says giving her a stern look. "Come. On." He wants to stay too but he understands that it might be more dangerous if he decides to stick by her.

Giea plays with her watch when she's whispered to, and then nods at him, whispering in return, "It seems tense here. I can just walk, though. I'll walk somewhere in a straight line away from here, if you don't want to leave her alone." She readies her cane and for a moment seems disoriented, but when she manages to face a direction, it's just generally 'away from here'.

Envy laughs. "A phone number? Oh but I don't know about that. You know, all these charges the phone companies stick you with nowadays." Because clearly a woman who bribes a guard with a diamond needs to worry about a phone bill. "How about this idea? Your…" She looks at Dashenka, "Friend here can go to your office and tell Ms. Green that if she ever wants to see her office girl again, she needs to come out and meet me. Hmm? My walls have gotten a bit tougher. Betting it'll turn out a bit better for me this time." She smiles and turns to Dashenka again. "Hmm?" Envy holds up a hand and long crystal fingernails tear through the glove as they extend outward, "Think you can get her that message?"
Envy finally turns back to Travis and smirks. "Actually what's this?" She steps away from Rashmi and crosses in front of Giea's path. "Actually this one looks like maybe she'd be easier to take someplace private without having to worry about her ratting out where I live…" She ashes her cigarette again and tips her head at Rashmi, "Hmm? What do you think?" A few people in the crowd around the group seem to be paying a bit more attention now. When Envy extended her nails several people backed away a fair distance.

Any trace of subservient, nervous good humor vanishes from Rashmi's face as Envy steps in front of Giea. "I think," she says, her voice hard as steel, "you would have done better giving me a phone number. Now, I *promise* you will want to walk away from this, Envy. You don't know whose day you're ruining."

Dashenka leans over and asks of Rashmi, "Who is this Ms. Walters?" However, any expectation of an answer is cut short when Envy grows claws. Ah! Not secret government agent after all! American supervillain! "Nyet," she says, her eyes turning to a crystal blue. "Nobody will be going with you."

Travis takes Giea's hand and stands directly in front of her so he's between Envy and Giea. "Listen lady, I don't know who you are but I really don't care. I just care that you leave us alone so if you don't mind, you and her can finish your conversation and I'll be taking my friend here going. Thank you, good bye, and have a nice day." Travis says as he goes to turn around and start trying to lead Giea away. He says under his breath to her, hoping Giea doesn't hear "We'll meet up with them soon right now, we gotta get out of here."

Giea stops when her cane taps on Envy' ankle, and she adjusts the settings on her watch again to listen to the threat of kidnapping. "Um, I don't think I'm really of any value to you…" She steps back when Travis stands between them, raising her cane slightly in that defensive position again and following after Travis, saying back quietly, "Are they going to be okay?"

Envy shakes her head as the teens try to protect one another. "Oh you people. She'll come back unharmed if Greenhilda comes to see me." She glances back at Giea and shakes her head, "Well…As unharmed as a defective and genetically inferior creature like that can be I suppose." She slices the end of her cigarette off and puts the rest back into her pocket, sensing that now would probably be a good time to have both hands free. She notices the change in Dashenka's eyes and smirks, "Oh, but you're not inferior it seems. So just stay out of my way and everything'll be peachy." She turns back to Travis. "As for you…" She holds out her hand palm down, pointing her fingers at the boy. The crystal nails suddenly extend rapidly, growing forward toward the boy like five tiny spears of crystal.
A few people nearby scream suddenly. One of them yells out "Oh god! It's Envy! Get back!"

A half-dozen spheres of force fade into view around Rashmi and Dashenka, as Envy's hand reaches toward Travis, and real anger is growing on the peacable Hindi girl's face. One dips down and outward, aimed to slap the older woman's hand upward, and three more swing out to target Envy's knee, stomach, and face respectively. "Giea! Travis! RUN!!"

There's a roar of bestial rage that comes from the large girl as she all but explodes out of her clothes, her form growing until she's eight feet of polar bear fury. Dashenka's bear form is larger than your average polar bear, and is more suited to walking upright than all fours. Pluse, she also has the advantage of having opposable thumbs. Moving with a speed that belies her size she takes a massive swipe at the villain, hoping to knock her senseless.

Instead of running, Travis turns to see why he's told to run when he sees the nails and instinctively puts up his right arm in front of him and an energy shield forms hoping to block the shot. "Run, just keep running Giea, I'll be right behind you." Travis says as he looks behind his shoulder at her so he can follow her while trying to keep himself and his shield between Envy and Giea. "Sorry crazy bitch, you're not touching her."

"Hey, I'm not defective!" protests Giea, having worked very hard to build her self-esteem as a differently abled person thank-you-very-much. She indeed runs, especially after hearing the bear sounds. Holy shit, a bear! Why is there a bear?! She's scared of /dogs/, so bears are /terrifying/. Her run is rather slow and clumsy, since she frequently stumbles over irregularities in the terrain that she doesn't have time to check over with her cane.

The crowd surges outward from where the woman is standing, now a couple of people are screaming about a bear. A few guards appear to be trying to move toward the disturbance, but upon seeing the bear they seem to hesitate.
The first of Rashmi's orbs collide with Envy's hand, causing her aim to go high. Her nails extend into a street lamp, causing sparks to cascade down onto the crowd below and dimming the area a bit. Envy rolls suddenly to the left, the nails simply shattering as she moves to avoid Rashmi's other spheres.
Envy hesitates for a moment, realizing that aparently the only non-mutant here is the one that is trying to run away. She decides to hinder that movement first, standing up and stomping a foot into the ground in Giea's general direction. There is a large cracking noise as a diamond wall erupts from the concrete in front of the fleeing girl. Given the girl's aparent lack of sight, Envy figures it will be enough to effectively slow the girl down. She turns back to face the others, realizing the bear is much closer than she had hoped. The woman manages to somehow dodge the swipe, but she is right in the polar bear's face now. She holds up her arm in defense, trying to shield herself from the animal's teeth.

"Walk away, Envy!" Rashmi calls, leaving three of her spheres set to orbit Dashenka and her opponent as she glances over her shoulder, falling back toward Travis and Giea. "Give me that phone number and you can have your deal, but walk away now and it doesn't have to get any worse for you! And since there is a bear *right in your face* that means a *lot more* than it normally would!"

Dashenka isn't quite the animal she's pretending to be, and would, honestly, rather have this encounter end bloodlessly, which is why she elects to roar furiously at the woman and make a rather impressive threatening display instead of just taking the woman's arm off.

"Giea!" Travis yells as the wall pops up. "To the right!" He warns her so that she doesn't run into it. He figures Rashmi and Dashenka have Envy down so he turns and runs towards Giea, reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder. "I'm right here with you so don't worry, okay?" He says a bit of nervousness coming out in his voice.

"Oof!" says Giea, as she hits the crystal wall, stumbling back a little ways. She approaches it to feel her way around it, before she sort of hears Travis' voice, and once again her hand goes down to the watch and she seems confused, "The right?" she repeats, trying to make sure she heard correctly, but she follows the directive moving towards the right until Travis makes his way over, "Okay… I'm scared, Travis. I don't know what's happening."

Envy flinches slightly at the bear's display and elects to atempt a backroll away from the creature. She unfortunately gets entangled in her coat and ends up landing on her stomach some feet away from the animal. She tears off her coat and materialises a crystal dagger in her hand which she uses to cut her dress short in an attempt to increase her maneuverability. She smirks at the bear and chucks the dagger at the animal before turning to her next opponent, Travis. For him she slams her hand against the ground, causing a large crystal spire to erupt out of the ground diagonally, heading directly for the boy's back. She spins quickly once more to face Rashmi, taking a defensive stance.

Defensive stances are all well and good, but half of Rashmi's telekinetic weaponry already had a very clear bead on Envy, their orbits set using the elder mutant as the axis. Thus, even as she turns to call a warning to Travis, one sphere darts inward on its orbit, seeking to pop Envy upside the head as one would a particularly dull learner.

The dagger thunks into Dashenka's thick hide and has about the same effect that one would expect throwing daggers at a polar bear would have. That is to say, it really doesn't do anything save piss her off. With another roar, she lunges at the mutant, and takes another swipe at her.

"I don't know eith-" Travis starts to answer Giea but it's cut off as a chuck of crystal slams right into his back. He doesn't hear Rashmi's warning before it's too late. He's pitched forward from the nasty blow to the back and lands on the ground, rolling a bit before stoping. For the moment he doesn't move, lying there unconscious.

"No!" shouts Giea, shuffling back away from where the crystal knocks Travis over. "Travis? Travis?" she asks, and, not receiving an answer, she seems paralyzed for a moment. She's not sure where to go, and so she nervously puts the cane out in front of her and ambles back towards the ruckus. "Get out of here, you evil, evil woman! Leave me and these people alone!" She has nothing to back up the demand, but it's said forcefully.

Envy glances over her shoulder to check that she hit Travis with that last attack. She turns around again to notice the bear is ontop of her again and materializes another crystal blade. She swings the blade upward as though she intends to catch the animal in the throat, but at the pivital moment Rashmi's sphere strikes the woman in the side of her head and stuns her just long enough for the polar bear to strike the woman in the arm, causing Envy to topple sideways and land on the ground in a dazed state. After a few moments Envy seems to come to her senses again. She shakes her head and reaches over to touch her arm, gingerly feeling the gashes left by the bear's paw. Envy glares at the bear and stands once more, steping back a few feet and moving closer to Giea. The woman moves so that she is behind Giea and holds up her crystal blade once more, this time pointing it at the girl's back. "Alright, kiddos. I'm done playing around."

"TRAVIS!" Watching her friend roll to the ground, out for the count and possibly dying, spurs Rashmi to levels of fury she's simply never known, and as the blade is leveled at Giea's back, her spheres arc back around Envy' back from opposite sides; one aimed at the tip of the blade, the other at the delicate delicate bones of her fingers, both moving well over safe highway speeds. "What the *hell* is *wrong* with you, Envy?! Are you just *insane* or criminally *stupid?!"

Dashenka's massive head jerks back when the crystal knife is swung at it. She doesn't have the training or the innate tactical sense her roommate does. Rather, she has just plain feral instincts, which keeps her attacks simple and to the point. Maul!

"Ah!" says Giea, raising her cane as she feels the point at her back with a stunned expression on her face. She makes a squeaking sound before attempting to reason with the unreasonable, "Envy, please don't do this. Hurting me will only make things worse for you. People will hurt you badly in retaliation. Do you really want that?" While her voice is calm, she's trembling a little bit.

Envy presses her blade against the girl's back just a little harder, but not hard enough to break the skin. She sees the bear leaping for her again and atempts to shove the blind girl in the animal's path between herself and the animal. By the time she sees the spheres it is too late to do anything about them. They manage to strike their targets at the same time. One hits the blade and the other hits her wrist, the aim being slightly off because the woman was moving. Envy's arm makes a very strange clanking noise as the spheres strike, causing the woman to drop the sword and clutch her wrist. She glances at her arm in severe confusion and works her hand a few times before looking back up at Rashmi. "That's…Interesting." She looks back down at her wrist again and works her hand a few more times, her mouth twisting into a smile. "Very interesting."
There is a bit of yelling from one of the walkways leading to the street as several police officers storm into the plaza. It would appear that they arrived with their sirens off to keep the woman from running. She smirks at the officers and shakes her head at Rashmi. "Ok look, just tell your boss that YOU and YOUR friends aren't safe until I get my rematch, got it?" She snaps her fingers and the crystal constructs near her shatter. The woman begins backing up toward the other side of the plaza. "I'd stick around, but the people of this city get so upset when I kill the police."

Rashmi hurries forward, another sphere speeding around to gently press against Giea, moving her out of the way of Dashenka's landing zone. "It's okay now, Giea," she calls, shooting Envy a poisonous glare as the elder mutant retreats, but doing nothing more to pursue her. "Giea… it's okay," she repeats, hand resting against the upraised arm holding the cane. "Dashenka… um… you um… might not want to change back for a bit."

Dashenka lands on all four feet, missing her mark, and scooting a little bit to keep herself from squishing the blind girl. "Da," she says, her voice deep and gruff, watching the retreating Envy with steely blue eyes. "I know. I am naked." It doesn't seem to bother her much, though, since she /is/ all covered in fur. She stands up and notices that she still has a crystal dagger sticking out of her. "That will sting in morning."

Giea stumbles further as she's pressed by the sphere and just raises her arms in front of her face to protect herself, unsure of exactly what's happening. Her hands lower and she seems to be breathing quickly from fear, "Rashmi? Is she gone? Did that evil woman leave?" The young woman wraps her arms around Rashmi once she finishes speaking, whether or not it's welcome, if only because she needs some kind of comfort.

Envy continues to back away from the approaching police. They appear to be hesitating to get too close to that bear, one or two of them aiming guns at the animal and yelling for Rashmi and Giea to get away from it. Envy laughs and stops near the edge of the plaza, deciding to leave a final parting gift in the form of one of her signiature giant ruby ninja stars, which she sends sailing directly at Rashmi and Giea. At this distance there is a chance the weapon will miss, but there's always a chance it will hit someone else. With that the woman turns and runs away from the police. There is some shouting and gunfire coming from the direction Envy ran off followed by what sounds like the destruction of several vehicles. A voice will come over the radios of the police in the plaza confirming that the woman escaped capture tonight.

Rashmi doesn't seem to take issue with Giea's need for comfort, and returns the gentle hug. "Yeah, Giea… she's gone. Um… Dashenka, can you tell if Travis is okay? I'm not seeing any bleeding, bu—*eep!*" The ruby shuriken is difficult to miss for anyone with vision, and large and sharp that the whirring of its approach can be heard by anyone else. After her manicked squeak, long-hammered-in reflexes take over, and Rashmi hauls Giea toward the ground, turning to keep the pavement under her back, as a trio of spheres flick out to knock the ridiculously huge projectile aside, and slam into the wall of the skating rink a bare couple feet away.

Again, Dashenka moves faster than one would expect something weighing in at nearly a ton would do, quickly stepping in between Rashmi and the ninja star. Fortunately, for her, she doesn't get to test to see if her hide will protect her from the star, as Rashmi's spheres knock it off course. She stands there, protectively for a moment or two, with her hackles raised and her ears flat back until it's clear the danger is well and truly gone. "I do not like that person," she concludes, plucking the knife out of her hide.

Giea kicks her feet slightly as she's dragged down towards the ground, with an oof sound, and she lets go of Rashmi and rolls onto her back since this is no longer a productive comforting hug. "I… I don't like her either," she says to the bear (who she doesn't know is a bear). "She's an evil, wicked woman, and I hope that justice comes to her." She wraps her arms around herself almost defensively.

"Yeah," Rashmi sighs, "I don't like her either… but I just think she's entirely out of her mind. Um… Dashenka, think you could sheck on Travis now?" Shaking her head, she levers herself to her feet, stooping to press her fingertips to the back of Giea's hand. "Hey… Want a hand up?"

Dashenka nods and goes over to where Travis lays and does a cursory examination of him, instinctively sniffing at him. "He is alive," she says, easily picking up his unconscious body, which she handles as gently as she can. "But he may have.. what is word… bad hit to head. He will feel like he drank to much vodka in morning, yes?"

While Giea hesitates, because she kind of wants to just lie there and not move for a moment, she does the braver thing and take's Rashmi's hand. "Yes, please." Once she is back to standing with Rashmi's help, she tries to straighten her sunglasses and recompose herself. "Um, that was pretty scary…"

Rashmi does her best to brush off Giea's shoulders. "Yeah… I can never get used to it, either. Sorry you had to get sucked into it," she says with a lame smile, "but for what it's worth? You're quite possibly the bravest girl I've ever known, doing what you did." Turning, she glances worriedly at Travis, then up at Dashenka's muzzle, smiling and bobbing her head in thanks to her roommate.

Dashenka's muzzle isn't really built for grinning back, but it's obvious that she's trying. "Now," she says, coming back to the pair of women, Travis in arms. "About that dinner. Do you think there is a place around here that would serve a bear….?"

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