#4ARMS "Shiro"
Portrayed By Mason O'Sullivan
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 10, 2080
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Shiro
Place of Birth An AIM Laboratory
Current Location NYC
Occupation None
Known Relatives #1ARMS, #2ARMS, #3ARMS, and #5ARMS
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Stealth Mutations, Enhanced Physical, Enhanced Senses
First Appearance ???

They call this a library? I could live forever in here…


#4ARMS was created and raised for one purpose only. He was a piece of the Advanced Recon and Military Specialist (ARMS) branch of AIM. The program was started during the Cold War in order to harness mutant powers for weapons of their own. Life was created, but the life was just life with no heart, no soul, no mind. Fortunately, telepaths could create the memories and instill emotional traits into the bodies. This was what #4 lived through, but it's not what he knows.

This is what he remembers:

#4 was part of a different camp than the others. While they were warriors born and bred, #4 was educated. Yes, he recieved training similar to the others, but he was also taught to think and to learn. The scientists he was kept with called him Shiro, though the overhead always called him Number Four.

He learned languages and speech patterns, doing his best to find out information about anything he could. His entire existence was based around informational gathering and assassination. It worked, too. He adored learning. He adored reading. Especially books about perfection. The book that they'd let him read when he did exceptionally well was 'Utopia'. What they never told him, though, was that there was more than one copy of most books. Very few things are singular. If they wanted him to do something, all they had to do was hold up the book.

He was trained on how to use a lot of weapons, primarily small, effective ones that were meant just for close range, or for throwing short-range. Tools great for sneaking, climbing, and hiding. Things to compliment his natural mutant abilities. Things to be used for getting in and out. Getting what they'd want. Or… stopping who they want.

Eventually, they placed him with the other ARMS to work together. When it began, Shiro was shocked at how well they synergized with each other, as if they were meant to be together. His powers were different from the others, but it did not make him any less useful to the group. His body alterations were on par with his sister's, but not with the other brothers. He was faster, but not as strong.

Eventually, AIM started hiring them out to do various jobs that they wanted done. Either for them, or for others.

Then, things fell apart. An alarm sounded in the Siberian basethey were in. Shiro heard the alarms and fell into step alongside the others, moving silently and swiftly to try to get away. They made it to the escape deck, where a soldier was going to teleport them to safety, but the teleportation was glitched. Thus, they did not all end up together. 2, 4, and 5 all ended up in New York with no memory of their history or much more thann who they are and what their abilities are. All Shiro knows is he's looking for others like himself. Shiro's memories are much more solid than Tes's, but even he… is unsure.


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February 13 Shiro and the siblings hear about Trey and a military school. Of Brothers and Barnes


Shiro's primary gift is the ability to blend in with his surroundings. While he cannot change the shape of his body, he can change it's texture and color to make it match what he's touching with any part of his body. For example, in a field of grass, if he bent over, hunched himself, and touched a rock, he could make his body FEEL like a rock, and look like a rock, but he would not be as hard as a rock. He would be firm, yes, but no firmer than tough natural skin. His body would gain crags and divots if it were a conglomerate stone, and match it. If he were to lean against a metal wall, he and his clothing would turn the color of the metal, and gain it's texture… smooth, cold… but he would not gain it's durability. The only true difference to his power is when he's in shadow. When in shadows, he can blend in with the darkness, making himself virtually invisible to all but powerful heightened senses like Wolverine's.


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