2009-06-09: Shocking Purple


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Summary: Darrell meets Miguel while the Avenger explores New York City.

Date: June 9, 2009

Log Title: Shocking Purple

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is easily identified by the white Washington Square Arch. This park in Greenwich Village has a relaxing fountain in the middle, and benches all around for people to sit and people watch, read, or draw. It is common to find the occasional political protest in this park, as Greenwich Village is one of the more Liberal Area's of New York City.

Darrell is a slacker, thus why even with college classes over he still has to take a summer course to make sure he gets credit for his english class. It's not that he's dumb, it's that he's lazy. At the moment he's relaxing on one of the benches at the park after snacking on a dirty water hot dog. He hasn't bother covering his purple hair or purple slitted eyes, he thinks it's too cool to cover up. His eyes definately perk up and follow the path of some woman wearing a low cut and tightly fitting shirt as she walks by before taking out a cigarette to begin smoking.

Since he's settled in the mansion and since there doesn't appear to be much the Avengers can do at this very moment about the AIM problem, Miguel's ventured out into th city. He needs to learn the place he'll be living afterall. So, with the StarkPhone IdentiCard in his pocket, Miguel's in the park. In his civvies and with a rather strange looking device on an arm band peeking out from under his sleeve to keep him solid, he's managed to not get lost yet. The sight of some purple hair makes him pause, peering at Darrell from the path and trying to decide if the purple is natural or dye.

Darrell continues to watch the girl for a bit before shaking his head and focusing on his smoke. He's just enjoying the nice weather when he sees someone looking at him so he offers Miguel a smile and wave. He's not the shy type so he doesn't care who it is. "What's up dude?"

Miguel jumps when the purple-haired man speaks to him. "Uh," pause for the required moment of awkward silence. "Wellm I was wondering. Is that hair color natural?"

Darrell ponders how to answer it since it is natural. "I guess you can say it's temporarily natural." Darrell says with a wink and will let Miguel figure that out on his own. "I like it that's all I care about it. Makes me look unique." And he also likes the attention that the purple hair brings.

Miguel blinks a few times, wondering what that means. Eventually, he gives up and decides to ask. "I'm sorry, what?" he asks, a bit confused but still smiling.

"It's temporarily natural." Darrell says again giving Miguel a wink. "Take it how ever you want." He reaches out a hand and smiles at the Avenger. "I'm Darrell. So what brings you out to the park? Just checking out dudes with purple hair?"

Miguel smiles and shakes his head a the wink. Taking the hand and shaking it, he shrugs. "New to the city," he explains. Moving to sit down on the bench, he looks over at Darrell. "I'm Miguel."

"Nice to meet you Miguel. And I guess welcome to New York City." Darrell says relaxing back. "I've been here a few years myself, not orginally from this area but it's not bad." He says flicking some ash from his cigarette onto the pavement. "So did you just move here for school or are you a tourist?"

Miguel watches the ash go and then looks back to Darrell. "Oh? Where do you hail from?" he asks curiously. "Finished school before I came up here actually. Moved here for work."

Darrell raises his eyebrow at Miguel and smirks. "Hail from?" He can't help but chuckle. "I'm from Connecticut, about two or three hours away and definately not a city." He says shaking his head with a smile. "Ah, I'm still in school, I'd love college if it weren't for the classes."

Miguel shrugs. "I hung out with some people with some distinct speech patterns. Some of it rubbed off on me," he admits. He then laughs a bit. "Yeah, the classes are a pain. Glad I'm done with them."

"I've still got a few more years." Darrell says with a yawn as he tosses his cigarette away. "So where are you orginally from Miguel? And what kind of work is it that you do that brings you all the way out to New York City?"

Miguel chuckles. "Southern California," he says, letting in a bit of
the old So-cal accent for it. "And I'm an electrical engineer."

"No good electrical engineering jobs in Souther California?" Darrell says raising an eyebrow with a shurg. "I'm studying theatre, mainly set design. I'm bored of it already but my parents will kick my ass if I change my major again. Well they'll just stop paying my tuition."

Miguel shakes his head. "There could be but the people that helped pay my tuition did so with the agreement that I'd come work for 'em here when I did," he says. "Stark Industries," he chimes, going with the cover story worked out with Iron Man long ago. Even if he doesn't know it wasn't the real Iron Man at the time. "How many times have you changed it so far?"

"Third year at college, fourth time I've changed my major." Darrell says as he just gets bored with the same thing quickly. It's just who he is. "Stark Industries?" There's a whistle that comes from Darrell. "That's pretty impressive working for that billionaire Tony Stark. That man really does get the women doesn't he?"

Miguel nods. "What did you start out with?" he wonders. He then chuckles at the question. "I suppose he does. I wouldn't know. Never actually met the man face-to-face."

Darrell ponders that for a bit and shurgs. "It was either jewlery making or multimedia." Darrell says thinking about it. "I dunno, I'm one of those jack of all trades master of none types and it doesn't bother me. My roomates more the ambitious one, not me."

Miguel can't help but chuckle a litle. "Well, skills are good to have. And not having a singular focus could be useful," he muses. "What does your roommate do? If it's alright for me to ask that is."

"He's a designer, costumes." Darrell says as that can be a bit of a vague answer. "He likes doing that sort of thing. Me, I guess I'm just too caught up in my own thing. I like parties, that's what I like. If there was a major in parting, I'd be all set." He says with a laugh knowing that one of these day he'll have to grow up but he'll do it kicking and screaming.

Miguel nods a bit at the costume news, momentarily thinking about his own costume back at the mansion. The electric man glances down to check on the device on his arm keeping him solid at the moment and nods. "You'd be one of many in that major."

Darrell laughs. "I know, then the world would be a bunch of stoner slackers like me." Darrell at least is honest about who he is, he has no delusions, well maybe just in bed. "Like I said, I just get bored fast. I like to have fun and just live. What's the use of life if you're bored with it."

Miguel frowns slightly at the 'stoner' part but lets it pass. He then laughs a little. "Sounds like you'd be at home over in Cali."

Darrell chuckles. "Who knows man, who knows." He says but he knows he'd never be able to leave his best friend right now. He's just too comfortable around him. "Well it was night meeting ya Miguel, I gotta jet though. Places to be, people to do, you know, that sorta thing. Take care dude!" He says pushing himself up off the bench and wandering away with a wave.

"Nice meeting you too," Miguel offers with a wave. He makes no effort to hide the fact that he's checking Darrell out as the purple-haired man walks away. After some lingering on the bench, he wanders off to a secluded area. A few moments later and lightning streaks into the sky and away.

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