2011-10-01: Shoot Out In Mutant Town


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Summary: Franky protects the citizens of mutant town then agrees to help Kai with his problem.

Date: Saturday, October 01, 2011.

Log Title: Shoot Out In Mutant Town

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Evening in mutant town and people are scrambling for cover as gunshots ring out on the street, a pair of pickup trucks filled with men have screeched to a halt in the middle of the street and have opened fire on anyone in sight, a few of the men wearing armbands with the symbol of the FoH on them. As folks duck into alleys and dive into buildings the large form of Franky is seen walking out into the street, the men hoot and hollar as they unload on the homeless man only to pause as it becomes apparent that it doesn't seem to even phase the massive mutant.

Kai has come to mutant town tonight for a very specific goal, he wants answers. He's dressed in black jeans, a t-shirt patterned like a composition notebook, a black peaked beanie and dark grey converse, crossing the road he hears the sound of the gunshots. Slipping into an alley he keeps an eye on the road and watches as the men climb out of the pick-up and open-fire on the mutant he was looking for. He then recognises the FoH on the armbands and his hands clench into fists.

Franky stands there for a few moments as bullets clearly impact against his body and doesn't even flinch. He reachs down and rolls up the sleeve on his left arm. Raising it towards the closest truck his forearm shimmers seeming to turn into liquid metal as a pair of barrel-like protrusions rise out of it. The men in the truck seem to realize this is bad and bail out as there's an electric crackle and a rapid series of popping sounds as metal projectiles pepper the vehicle, shattering the windshield and causing steam to stream from under the hood as the truck is bombarded for about 30 seconds. A few of the men have started to run faced with the threat the mutant now poses.

Kai frowns watching the homeless mutant, it appears he has more than one trick up his sleeve, no pun intended. He crouches down and places a hand on the ground begining to freeze the street and the road, that should hopefully stop them running away.

The ice spread easily over the rain-slick road causing several of the men to fall and flail about trying to regain their footing. The men in the back of the second truck climb out as one slaps the roof and points to franky "Run that freak down!" The driver hoots and guns the engine a few times before hitting the gas and barreling towards Franky. As he watchs the oncoming truck both forearms turn to steel and increase to popeye-esque proportions, his fists each becoming 5 times their original size. Lifting his arms over his head he brings them crashing down on the hood of the vehicle with an earth-shaking *KA-THOOM!* stopping it dead in it's tracks and plowing the front of the truck into the asphalt, a spider-web crack radiating outwards for about 20ft in all directions. The driver recovers from the shock of the impact and bails out of the truck before Franky picks it up like a toy and hurls it at the other vehicle causing them to collide violently and rolls down the road a few times. The men are in full retreat now, those not caught on the icy road have tossed their guns and are running for all they're worth out of mutant town. Those on the ice are trying to crawl away on all fours, scrambling for a grip to get away from the monster gone mad.

Kai pulls the peak of his beanie down to obscure the view of his eyes before stepping out of the alley and picking up one of the abandoned guns. He first turns and fires a series of bullets towards the men running away before turning his attention to those crawling on the ice whom he also open fires on. He bullets are aimed at hips and legs, his aiming to disable rather than kill.

Several other residents have joined into the fight now as well, mutant powers going off from windows and alleyways as half of the dozen men are subdued or injuried to the point where they can't escape. Franky practically roars at the remainder of the fleeing men "An don't come beck!". He takes a few breaths as his arms return to normal and looks down at himself "Aww.. Zizter Liza is gonna kill me for this.. hy ruined another set uf clothez." As sirens blare in the distance he looks over as several people call out to him telling him to run and nods, picking up his shopping cart and sprinting down the road away from the scene as a few folks come out to survey the damage and deal with the cops.

Kai tucks the gun into his belt and frowns, too many got away from here for his liking, still no time to dwell on that, the police are arriving and it would be troublsome to explain his invovement to SHIELD. Starting to follow Franky he stops by a few of the downed men to search their pockets for wallets and takes one of their jackets before jogging to catch up with the mutant.

Franky ducks into an alleyway a few blocks from the scene and stowing his cart behind a dumpster takes off his overcoat and shakes it a few times, flattened bullets falling out of the folds, removing his shirt reveals he's covered in rad welts from the bullet impacts but even these are begining to fade alright. "Awww.. hy iz in zo much trouble…. an I have bullets in my undervear.."

Kai leans against the wall at the end of the alley, "What trouble could you be in?, you incountered an obsitcle and removed it, thats how you servive in life, and i believe the underwear issue will be dealt with when you change clothing", he's smiling as he's been meaning to have a chat with the strange mutant for a while and this is the second time he's ran into FoH while looking for him, but he's completed the first half of his objective this time.

Franky turns as he hears Kai and nearly bolts again but sighs "Hy em not zuppozed to be fighting.. but hy could not let dem hurt anyvone. Hy em stronker then mozt pipple here zo hy should be the vone that protectz them, right?" He looks to Kai, seemingly seeking approval for what he's done.

Kai shrugs, "The hero thing isn't my game but those i know who make a living out of heroism would call you actions noble", he drops his smile, "Ask yourself this, did you act out of any form of anger or revenge?, or was it purely to protect others?, wiether what you just did was moraly right depends on your answer."

Franky nods "Hy iz not angry, just didn't vant them to hurt anyvone.." He sighs again and puts the jacket back on. "Haz been a vile sinze hy zeen hyu last, how have hyu been?" He certainly seems more intelligent than the last time they met. His english has gotten better and there's more life behind his eyes. From the earlier demonstration he's clearly got more control over his powers as well.

Kai nods, "Well you've got your answer then, don't you?", he pulls one of the stolen wallets out of his pocket and starts looking though it, "More or less fine, some of your playmates out there shot me a few weeks back but i'm still breathing so i clearly recovered", he straightens up, "From what i know of you, you are assentially homeless, so i have an offer, i have a few questions to ask you, i'll give you fifty dollars for agreeing to talk to me and another fifty if you're able to answer my questions, what do you say?"

Franky nods and turns to sit in the alley, his back to the wall as he looks to Kai "Hokay hy vill talk all hyu vant, vhat kind of quvestions do hyu have for me?" He'd talk to kai even without the money offer but he's not going to turn it down either.

Kai nods and walks over to Franky holding out the first fifty, "Also i will ask you not to tell the man i was with last time we met about this", he pushes the peak of his beanie out of his eyes, "You said that i don't look like a mutant, what exactly is it that you see when you look at me?"

Franky nods "Iz Hokay hy vill not say anything." He looks at Kai again, his eyes glaze over like they did the first time they met and then he snaps back to reality "Hmmm vhen hy see a Mutent hy see a green glow around them.. vhen hy look at hyu see many colorz.. green, blue, purple… hyu don't know vhat the odder colorz mean. Iz like vatching vone of thoze little statuez vhere the light changez colorz every few zeconds. Hyu iz part mutent.. but partz of zomthing elze too." He takes the fifty and pockets it.

Kai frowns and leans against the wall again, "And you've not seen anything else like that to compare it to?, anything at all?", dammit, he was really hoping that he'd get some clues to what he was from this guy.

Franky shakes his head "Hy em sorry but no.. have only really zeen mutentz zince hy have been here. Dunno vhat the other colorz mean yet. Mebbe vhen hy zee zomone who iz zomthing elze hy ken tell hyu vhat they mean." He looks over and sighs again "Mebbe hyu iz like me? Zomone did zomthing to hyu vhen hyu vere younger?"

Kai sighs, there were a lot of things done to him when he was younger, all to test how far his body and powers could be pushed before they reached their limit and how to break past those limits, but he can't remember anything that might have effected him on a molecular level, "Nothing that would clue me into what i am anyway, i've got another offer for you, i want you to use that gift of yours on different kinds of people across the city and to let me know when you find any kind of match, i'm willing to pay you for it".

Franky nods "Hy vill try and zee other pipple vhen hy ken, if hy learn anything new hy vill tell hyu next time hy zee hyu. Hy know that hy see nothing vhen hyu look at normal pipple.. zo other colorz must be other kindz of special pipple."

Kai nods and pulls out the other promised fifty and holds it out, "Thank you and remember not to tell Vance or anyone else who may come looking for me, it's very important", out of his pocket he pulls out a pre-paid, untraceable cell phone, "Use this to contact me".

Franky takes the other bill and the phone, looking at it and nods before sticking it in his coat. "Ih hy learn zomthing new hy vill tell hyu."

Kai smiles, "Good, now i suggest you move on soon, the police will be expanding their search for witnesses this way shortly, and neither of us need to be caught up in that".

Franky nods and stands, moving to get his shopping cart. "Hy should get back to tha Shelter. Need Zizter Liza to fix my coat now and mabye I got a room tonight. Hyu have a good night Kai. Mebbe hy learn zomthing zoon."

Kai nods, checks the gun is well secured and hidden before heading out of the alley, he has one stop before he has to head back to the base before curfew.

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