2012-11-15: Shooting Rashmi


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Summary: Mutant town gets hit by an EMP and a sniper takes a shot at Rashmi..

Date: November 15, 2012

Log Title: Shooting Rashmi

Rating: R

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.
Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory.

Things in mutant town have been pretty steady, the occasional fights and arguments but for the most part people have been banding together. Some of the restaurants are even trying to prepare what they can with the rations people bring them for a communal pot of food. A bowl of hot stew in exchange for some of the rations to put in it.

Travis has just gotten done with his shift at the Embassy working in the medical area. His healing powers have been put to use and he's been working twelve hour shifts, if he's lucky. Tonight though, he's just coming off of working an eighteen hour shift so his goal is to get something to eat and go to sleep. Travis stands on the steps of the embassy saying good night to one of the other volunteers before starting to make his way back towards the apartment.

Most of Hooligan's delivery, by this point, has already made its way into the EMbassy's hands, and the next isnt for a couple days yet. It's not much, but extra painkillers and antibiotics are always needed by the EMbassy staff, doubly so when considering the utter lack of anything like health care provided by their jailers. Thus, Rashmi has made a point of making her visits to the Embassy more frequent, mostly to check on Travis, but also to deliver what she can easily transport on foot.
The last of their care package, two pounds of ground beef, sits at the bottom of a canvas bag held in one arm to be put into the pot, and the redhead keeps one hand on Sophie's arm, as she guides the blond toward the Embassy steps. Upon seeing Travis, her worried face suffuses with relief, and her free hand is lifted to catch her boyfriend's attention. "There he is," she says to Sophie, sighing. "Anyway, we're almost at the Embassy now, just maybe half a block or so?

The blind girl bobs her head once at Rashmi's words. "Si," she replies. "It would be much easier for me to memorize the way with a cane, as it is I am just following you." She uses her own free hand to heft the backpack she's carrying, which has a few more supplies from Hooligan's last delivery. Sophie hasn't worked at the Embassy today, instead spending most of her time sunbathing, for lack of a better term, on the roof; the healthy glow coming from beneath her throat though would give away that her powers are all charged up once more, and she's ready to start a shift of her own.
"You seemed worried that he would not be," the blond mutant murmurs. "I am glad to hear that everything is alright." She pauses, and inhales deeply "Smells good," she observes, as they get closer to the makeshift kitchen. "I suppose this is what, in America, they call 'pot luck'?"

Travis spots Rashmi shortly after she spots him and he walks over in their direction, looking exhausted. "I've got eight hours before they need me again." He gives Rashmi a kiss on the cheek. "Actually Sophie, pot luck is everyone bring different dishes for a huge meal, this is more of a…community soup pot." He doesn't know how else to describe it. "So how are you two gals holding up today?"

"Looks like what they'd call in the Game of Thrones books a 'bowl of brown,'" Rashmi says with a tired grin, holding up her bag. "For which we brought our contribution. We figured they'd be able to make it stretch a lot farther than we could." Slipping her free hand around Travis' waist, she gives the six-armed man a squeeze. "We're doing okay… Keeping our heads down, making sure that whatever people find gets spread around the building as much as possible. Speaking of, I'm waiting to hear from Holly," she says, stressing the codename she'd decided upon for their hockey-masked benefactor. "It's almost time for her to make another fundraising round."

"A bowl of brown?" Sophie perks an eyebrow upwards. "I have never read those books, but that sounds wonderfully humble, and I am sure that means it is satisfying to the stomach and good for the body." She quirks her lips upwards in a light smile. "I have spent the day on the roof, recharging myself. I expect I will be here all night, and probably most of the morning, also." She hefts the bag once more, and draws her woolen coat tighter about herself. "You have been well today, Travis? How are things in the embassy?"

"I only watched the TV show." Travis isn't much of a reader but he doubts it means what Sophie thinks, he just doesn't want to say different. "Luckily there aren't as many injuries and such as when people first came here. It seems they're not really collecting mutants anymore, most of the people we get are now either ill, hurt from squabbles and the occasional person that those douchenuggets injured."

"That *is* good news," Rashmi murmurs quietly, "and I hope it'll last. But… I don't know. This doesn't seem like an *end,* really, just a means… Now that they've got us all in one place and unable to leave…" Trailing off, Rashmi wrinkles her nose. "…Sorry, Sophie… But Travis knows what I'm talking about. We've both kind of been trained to have nasty, suspicious minds, y'know?"

The blind girl shakes her head slowly. "it is alright," she replies. "I have felt a… a pit of worry growing in my heart, for what will happen when they have finished locking us all away in this place. I know they mean to destroy us entirely, if they can." She purses her lips, and remains silent for a moment. "What will happen next?" she asks, at last. "They will not be content merely to confine us here, I am sure. What is next?"

"Who knows, it's anyone's guess Sophie. Right now, we gotta live for the moment." Travis says, two of his hands slipping around Rashmi, one around the waist and the other her shoulders. "The best we can do is stick together through all this and just make sure we have each other's backs. There are so many people here that if something happens and we turn on each other…well…that's my biggest fear."

"He's right," Rashmi says, leaning her head back against his chest and sighing quietly. "But with everyone in the apartment, Travis? I think even if something *does* go really wrong, we'll be okay. That's kind of the hardest work, I think, figuring out a way to just *live* with so many people, y'know? Yolanda's really nice, but sometimes I think she mostly leaves the house just because it's getting too cramped," she says of the middle-aged Hispanic woman sharing space in Connor's room.

"Well… I have been training with Professor Logan," Sophie muses quietly. "But I would prefer not to have to use anything he has taught me. …I am not particularly amazing yet, anyway." She shakes her head quickly, "Let us make sure it does not come to that, si? We keep doing what we can to keep people fed, and they are less likely to fight, si? That is right, isn't it?" She pauses, and bites her bottom lip. "I know of no other way to give hope, just now."

"Well that's pretty much exactly what Rashmi and I are saying Sophie." Travis says with a big yawn. "I pretty much just sleep in the apartment, I haven't been around as much as I like but then, I kind of like working the long hours at the embassy." He admits. "It gives me something to do and something to focus on. I don't know how I'd be able to manage if…" He looks around the streets at all the people milling about, the homes that have been built and shakes his head. "Doing nothing would drive me crazy."

"I know," Rashmi says, looking up at Travis with a gentle frown, "but I *just* talked Sophie into feeling okay for giving herself a day off now and again to recharge. So, maybe you could do the same tomorrow, mh? Besides, Amunet actually managed to forget your *name* already, and that's kind of a bad sign," she says with a chuckle. "But you're both right… I like the way a friend of mine said it, once; the best we can do is all we can do."

Sophie bobs her head. "Si, and this is why I have come." The blind girl brushes her fingertips through her hair, taming a few locks back behind her ear. "I asked the Mother Superior if there is anything she can do, by the way," she murmurs, tilting her head towards Rashmi once more. "She tells me she will try; and at the very least, she and the other sisters will pray." She pauses, and inhales deeply. "While we are talking, perhaps we should stand in line? I am sure I can hear both of your stomachs rumbling, as mine is."

"I could murder a bowl of browns right now." Travis says with a smile, brushing his hair off his forehead. "I actually forgot her name as well so you're right, it probably isn't that good of a sign. I'll let them know I'm taking Saturday off to rest up, okay?" He says to Rashmi, leaning down to kiss her on the cheek. "Ya know, I've been so busy with this, I forgot my birthday already passed. What a way to spend your twenty first birthday."

"We'll figure something out, sweetie," Rashmi says softly. "If nothing else, there's that vacation we were talking about, y'know?" Grinning, she takes her place at the end of the food line, tilting her head. "Hey Travis… I've been wondering. I know the EMbassy's doing emergency aid and stuff, but… D'you think that maybe there's materials enough lying around to give the tent-city people, I dunno… *something* besides canvas and cement?"

Sophie continues to cling to Rashmi's arm as the other girl moves to a spot in the lineup, putting her hand out in front of her to make sure she doesn't run into anything (or anyone, for that matter). "Stoves," Sophie murmurs. "The people in the tent cities will need stoves, I am thinking. And blankets. …Something with which to stay warm, when the winter cold comes, si?" She pauses, and scratches the back of her head. "And we in the apartments may need that, too, if they shut off the power."

Travis knows where the conversation is going and smiles. "I don't know Rashmi, if we can get some wood and carpentry supplies I might be able to build leanto type structures, but I don't know what we have. I know there are probably plenty of power tools but it's more the supplies like nails and wood that I'm not sure about." He looks over to Sophie, not sure if she knows. "Sophie, Carpentry is a hobby of mine, my Dad taught me a lot of it….I wonder how are folks are doing. I haven't really been away from my Mom this long since, well, Dad died."

"Heat's a good idea though… It's going to get *really* cold out there, and they could probably do with just someplace *warm* to go," Rashmi murmurs. "Like a dining house or something… Iunno. We'll have to ask around and see if there's anyone with powers that might be usable… just a little here and there, y'know?" Shrugging, she leans up to kiss the corner of Travis' mouth. "They're fine, honey… I'm sure your mom is having a great time in India with Mami and Papi. Remember, the Purifiers're only worried about stuff *inside* the borders, they could care less about *Canada* yet."

"I'm sure they will care about Canada eventually," Sophie murmurs. "But it is good that they are focused only on us for now, si?" The blind girl sniffs softly. "We must be getting near the front of the line," she murmurs, though of course she has absolutely no idea. "I think I can make a little heat," she adds. "But nobody will be able to see while I am at it." She allows a quiet giggle, and shrugs her shoulders. "When we get our food, do you mind if I say grace before we eat?"

Travis returns the kiss and nods, but it's obvious he is still worried about his Mom. "I'm sure she is too. Anyway, where I'm lucky is each one of my arms contains a different power, so that's something. I just don't like to use one of the powers." He says. "I can use this hand to heat up stuff, wield if need be…we can figure out something. Man, you're right Rashmi, I do need a break. All I want to do is eat this, lie down and sleep for days."

"Of course, Sophie, go ahead," Rashmi says, chuckling. "It was just a thought, and I'd have to look up on DIY projects that have what I'm thinking of. But just, someplace you can count on to be warm, I think, would really help morale."

"Fire." Travis says as if it's a simple explanation. "It's not going to be easy though, but if they do something to cut the power, then we're going to need a few good places to set up a few fires, have people contribute what fuel they can. I hate to say it, but even cabinet doors might have to be used. I really don't know how long it'd last though."

The blind girl smiles pleasantly, and bobs her head. "Thank you," she replies. "Fire is good, but only so long as we have wood, I think. …Or else people who's powers involve fire or heat in some fashion." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I can make light, but not much heat. …Could they really leave us without heat, in the winter? Really? There would not be an outcry?"

"THere *would,*" Rashmi says, shrugging slightly, "but the question is, would they *listen,* y'know? THat's… been sort of the problem this whole time." SHaking her head, Rashmi gives Travis' waist a squeeze. "As for 'could they,' well… they can do *this* already." Waving a hand in the general direction of the gates, she heaves a deep sigh. "I *really* don't want to believe it of them, though."

Travis nods in agreement with Rashmi in regards to the outcry, she got to what he was going to say first. "I really want to do what I can to help but sometimes, I don't know, are the three of us enough to try to plan out everything for everyone here? We need to get others, or some sort of leadership here going. Other wise…" Travis' words are cut off from a scream in the street. A voice cries out "They're launching grenades!" Screams and panic start in the street as people run from the metal devices that are being launced into mutant town. Right outside the restaurant they're standing in line in, a small oval grenade like device rolls to a stop. A rapid beep sounds before a pulse of energy seems to go off, but there is no concussive damage, but the purpose of the device is instantly known. The light bulbs in the restaurant all flicker and go out, some of them popping. Any electrical devices instantly go out as the EMP grenades go off all over mutant town, cutting away their power and anything electronic.

At the sound of someone crying about grenades, Sophie's eyes go wide behind her blindfold, and she shrieks in shock and surprise. Her grip around Rashmi's arm tightens reflesively, as all her muscles tense up. "Grenades?! Are they killing us?!" Her voice takes on a frightened edge, as she sucks in a deep breath and holds it. Then things start going off, and she can hear all sorts of damage going off around her from the destruction of various electronics; but thankfully, nobody seems to be hurt, at least not yet. "What is going on?"

"Oh *SHIT!*" Rashmi cries as the screams begin, grabbing Sophie and the mutant next to her, bodily hauling them toward the nearest alleyway, trusting Travis' grip on her to keep him following along. As the devices 'detonate,' and the lights start to go off, she blinks sharply, digging into her bookbag. "….THose weren't real grenades…. *dammit!* THey were EMPs!" Rashmi turns a deeply panicked look Travis' way, raising her dead PDA. "…THey *want* a riot…"

Travis turns his back on the two girls and anyone else he can put between him and the door. Ducking down he puts up his energy shield in the doorway and bends down behind it. When there's no explosion or shrapnel, he looks around. "Either they want a riot or they just don't care what happens here." He almost thinks the second one is worse. "Right now we gotta get out there and just keep people calm, let them know that what we've been assuming has come to pass."

Sophie keeps very close to Rashmi while everything is going horribly wrong, and her muscles remain tense as she holds her breath. She listens carefully to what she and Travis have to say, as all thoughts of having food leave her mind entirely. "If we must keep people calm," seh murmurs, "Then… how may I help? Should we all split up?" She swallows noisily. "I can make light, I could probably get a lot of attention," she adds.

"Right," Rashmi says, half to herself, drawing in a breath, "calm…" Closing her eyes for a moment, she nods. "Light… light is good. Okay. All right then… Sophie? We're going to take two big steps out of this alley. When we do, I want you to make a big light, all right? Not *too* much, but definitely enough to see. Travis? I want you to wave all your arms when I start talking. Okay?" With another slow, fortifying breath, she takes hold of Travis' wrist and Sophie's shoulder, taking the described two large steps out of the alley and onto the sidewalk, filling her lungs. "EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY! STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW! COME OVER HERE, OKAY? EVERYONE, COME OVER HERE!"

Using one hand to take Sophie's in his, he walks out with Rashmi. "Light up that beacon of yours." He figures the bright light will help. When Rashmi starts yelling, he lets go of Sophie's hand. "We're right next to you, promise." The starts waving all six arms of his, hoping that it helps draw attention. He figures it's best to stay quite and not add to the confusion of the night.

Sophie nods her head once. "Si," she replies, fortifying her voice with confidence as she allows herself to be guided the prescribed steps forwards. Once she is where Rashmi said she would be, she lets go of both her and Travis. She takes a deep breath, and holds her hands at her sides as she leans her head back. She murmurs softly in Spanish for a couple of seconds; and then her skin erupts into radiance. She doesn't become so bright as to require anyone to squint to look at her, but the area surrounding her and her friends becomes thoroughly illuminated, as if the morning light had come early.

"EVERYBODY!" Between Travis' waving, and Sophie's solar impersonation, the attention of a good many people in the area is well grabbed, and they begin to approach. "OKAY!" Clearing her throat, Rashmi pulls her braid over her shoulder, wringing at the thick plait. "EVERYONE, I KNOW YOU'RE SCARED! I AM TOO, BUT LISTEN! THOSE WERE EMP GRENADES, OKAY? THAT MEANS WHOEVER SHOT THEM, TOOK ALL THE POWER OUT HERE! SO THERE'S GOING TO BE A *LOT* OF PANICKING, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP, OKAY? GATHER UP EVERYBODY YOU CAN, AND BRING THEM BACK HERE TO THE PARK, ALL RIGHT? WE HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW WE'RE GOING TO HANDLE THIS!"

The sound of a startled squeek comes not when Sophie does her impersonation of a nightlight. Or in seeing Travis trying to be sneaky. But when Rashmi starts to yell. Having quietly come to the edge of the park area and tucked herself behind one of the treees she whispers to herself, "Dex i wish you would have come with me." Biting on her bottom lip as she wraps herself more in the blanket she'd brought with her. Moving slowly along the tree line she bites down on her top lip seeming to worry at the lip before then finally moving carefully to the closest person she can find who's looking cold and scared. Thankfully geared up from neck to toe and covered up other than her face there's no skin showing. Holding out the worn blanket she'd had in her bag she says softly, "here… wrap this around you it'll help you warm up."

Travis keeps waving his hands as Rashmi talks, trying to draw attention the area. "All we need is a soapbox." He says trying to bring a bit of a humour to a situation that terrifies him. "Looks like we're all gonna have to sleep like a pile of naked mole rats to stay warm…not the naked bit though." He is also just trying to keep Sophie calm as well, knowing that with a lack of vision this is probably just a bit scarier.

Three blocks away on one of the rooftops one of the Purifiers has a sniper rifle set up and is currently setting the sites for his target. Once he's sure that everything is sighted, he starts to squeeze the trigger just enough for a right light to briefly show on the front of Rashmi. Once lined up, he takes a shot at his target, to assassinate the red-headed loud mouth. There is no sound as the gun is fired, the bullet aiming true at it's target.

"You're right," Rashmi murmurs, then turns back to the crowd. "HE'S RIGHT! HURRY, EVERYONE, GET AS MANY PEOPLE TOGETHER AS YOU CAN AND COME BACK, PLEASE! WE'RE GOING TO NEED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO STAY WARM, SO… HUR—" Her speech is cut off, as what feels like a fist impacts her gut, driving her back a step. Confused, she shifts her hair aside, staring in frank astonishment at the flower of blood blooming just to the left of her navel. "What…" Almost unnoticed, is the matching hole at her back, accompanied by a small red spatter on the brickwork behind her.

When Rashmi's speech is cut off, the blind girl's attention piques. She waits for a moment, turning her head to face in the other girl's direction. "Rashmi," she murmurs, a worried edge entering her voice. "Rashmi, are you alright?" The light she is putting out intensifies, and she instinctively steps forwards, moving out in front of Rashmi and turning to face her, soon reaching the point where, at least from the side of her that faces away from the Hindi girl, she approaches the point of being painful to look at. "Rashmi," she repeats, her voice tight. "Rashmi, please, say something. Please?"

Stiffening only moments before. Amunet was looking around in the shadows around her, up in windows of b uildings beyond. Not able to see what it was she was feeling. Struggling to try and find a way to the trio as one gloved hand reached out, "Rashmi! Watch ou-!" her voice yelling loudly though cut off by Rashmi's own voice and then hearing the sudden stopping of words she looks through the crowd still trying to find a way through. "Let me through!"

All six of Travis' hands lower as the screams break out at seeing Rashmi get shot. No more shots are fired into the crowd but the panic is there. "Rashmi!" Travis shouts seconds after it happened. He falls to his knees so he's lying down next to her and grips her hand as his healing starts to go to work. "Sophie, I need your help, get down here and help me heal Rashmi!" He says in a panic. One of his other hands grabs Sophie's and guides her down to their level while a third hand gently strokes Rashmi's hair. "It's going to be alright Rashmi, you hear me?"

"What just… I'm bleeding," Rashmi says, still confused, more than anything else, even as she sags to the ground. Her eyes slowly move up, brow furrowing, to fix on Travis. "Travis… did I just… did I just get *shot?*" The immediate healing slows her bleeding, however, and she squirms as the energies slowly go to work, creating a nigh-intolerable itching deep in her guts. "I didn't *hear* a shot…"

The blind girl squeaks as she's fairly pulled down to Rashmi's side. She drops straight to her knees, heedless of the bruises she will doubtless have later. Finding Rashmi is easy; her hands take on a soothing white light, as she holds them in the air an inch or two above Rashmi's body. "It will be alright," she breathes, "Rashmi, stay with us, si? Mi Dios, please, in the name of the Saviour, protect your servant, Rashmi Franklin," she murmurs fervently. The healing energies she puts out swiftly go to work, inducing the wounded girl's body to heal itself while the blind girl prays.

Managing to finally work her way through enough to get to Travis, Sophi and Rashmi. Amunet is shaking by this point at the closeness of so many people. Gasping for breath as those eyes of hers widen in worry, "i'm so… so sorry. I.. i felt something coming I… I was too far away. is she gonna be ok?"

Travis doesn't use his own healing powers as much as Sophie starts to take over and he lets her do her thing. "Yeah sweetie, you were shot, at least I'm pretty sure you were." He looks fairly pale from fright but he keeps stroking Rashmi's hair lightly. "Sophie's doing her healing thing, you'll be okay. It doesn't sound or look like anyone else is getting shot but then, I didn't hear anything either." He looks up at Amunet and offers a forced smile. "Hey there, yeah, she's gonna be okay. Maybe you can help us get her to the apartment?" Though he's afraid Rashmi's gonna want to continue talking to everyone.

Rashmi squeezes her eyes shut, shivering despite the warmth of the healing energies. The open wounds on her skin, now, mostly closed, but there's still a great deal of internal damage that has to repair itself. "Could you look?" she asks, her voice straned, breathless, but not fading any further. "I'd get up, but… I don't want to tear anything, y'know? See if anyone else is hurt…? If someone's plinking around with a rifle… Ow… things could get really, really bad…" Opening her eyes, she looks to AMunet, smiling gently. "I'm going to be *fine,* Amunet… Between Travis and Sophie? Oh yeah. Don't worry… and don't be sorry, okay…? Sometimes… things just… y'know… happen."

"Si, Travis, have a look please," Sophie murmurs. She lets the light she is emiting drop off a bit, so that it will be possible to get a good look at the wound. "You should be good as new in a minute," the blind girl murmurs. "I learned with Professor Hildegarde, gunshot wounds do not take me long to sort out." She smiles as reassuringly as she can manage, as she moves her hands about a bit over Rashmi's form. "Amunet, she will be fine. But, stay with us now, si?"

Moving a bit closer, Amunet of all things takes a stance behind Sophie as if trying to keep her baxk covered. Her gaze though around the shadows and into the treeline of the park. Her brow furrowing now and again while she glances to the others and then back again. "I… i… should I check… and see what I… I can do to help here once we get her back?" her voice starting to shake a bit as she struggles to keep on task.

Travis gives Rashmi a reassuring kiss on her forehead and smiles. He gets up and starts to look around and most of what he sees is a panic, people yelling that someone has been killed but other than that, he doesn't see anyone injured. "ATTENTION EVERYONE!" He yells like Rashmi was earlier. "PLEASE KEEP CALM AND DO NOT PANIC! RIGHT NOW WE ALL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER, FOR NOW PLEASE GO TO THE EMBASSY TO SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO OR GET THINGS YOU NEED!" He figures Rashmi might not be able to rally everyone at the moment and the Embassy is the best place for that. He watches the crowd for a white, standing protectively next to Rashmi. "Thanks, make sure I'm not missing anything…uh..Am..unet? Am I?"

"THat was good, sweetie," Rashmi murmurs, closing her eyes for a slightly longer interval. While her life may not be in danger, Sophie's regenerative powers are nothing if not heavily taxing on a person's energy reserves, and Rashmi looks more than ready for a good long nap. "That was really good… Tell them I'm okay, will you…? When you go to the Embassy, Travis? Let them know I'm fine…?"

For some reason, Amunet pipes up and takes a breath, "I… I have an idea on.. how we… we might be abler to get back, and be able to make sure we're not shot at again. Well… give us a little more in our favor for not being shot again?" Biting on her top lip a she flicks her gaze from Rashmi to Travis and then to Sophie. "if… If sophie can put out the light.. till we get therough the tree line? Then we… we. can take the same alleyways without lights we did with the supplies the other week?" Swollowing rather tightly as she says, "i… I just… … it's just… I … I don't know if I'll get enough warning if … if who ever did this tries again." Her gloved hands having started wringing in front of her again.

Sophie allows the glow from her hands to fade, and breathes a soft sigh. "Rashmi, I think you should be fine now," she murmurs. "I think we should take Amunet's advice." She pauses, and lets the intense glow she is generating fade. Her skin continues to seem faintly luminscent for a moment, and then all that is left is the glow from her chest, just below her throat. "I will stay with the crowd," she murmurs, "And go to the embassy. There may be more wounded, and my glow will give us away in any case. You two take Rashmi and get her to safety, si?"

"Can you walk or do you want me to carry you?" Travis asks Rashmi to which ever she answers, he'll either carry her or walk with his arms around her. "That sounds great Amunet. I can maybe heat up a pot of tea when we get back to the apartment with my powers and we can figure out what just happened." He looks to Sophie with both eyebrows raised in concern. "Are you sure Sophie, with all this chaos around tonight…will you be okay?" He's just afraid that she's going to get lost or something.

"No, Sophie," Rashmi says, blinking away the haze of tiredness and trying to sit up… but between her exhaustion and newly-healed muscles, she simply sags back down. "…Think I'm going to need you to carry me sweetie, sorry… Ow…" Shaking her head, she reaches her arms up toward the six-armed boy, smiling gently at Amunet. "Hey… It's okay, Amunet… If you get warning or not… it's okay. Just keep an eye out… and put the rest in God's hands, all right? And Sophie… come with us. Just… for now, all right? Travis can take you back to the Embassy with him, after I'm all settled…"

Glancing to Sophie with a hint of worry, Amunet stays quiet though. A soft snort coming from the young teen though at the mention of God. Apparently her own faith long since shaken, though she keeps her comments to herself. Just bringing a gloved hand up and nibbling on one of the fingertips the smallest bit while she waits. As the light goes down she frowns, her eyes blinking rapidly while trying to get her eyes to refocus in the dark. Pulling her collar up over her neck she shifts in close and gets ready to walk with Sophie.

Sophie pauses, and after a moment, bobs her head. "Alright," she murmurs. "Thank you for coming to us, Amunet, you are courageous, si? And I thank God for you." She ignores the snort, or perhaps didn't clue in what it was about. "I will have to cover my glow. Amunet, are you wearing full sleeves so I may hold your arm? You will have to guide me… I cannot move quikly on my own." She stands up, and brushes her hair back behind her head. "Let us be away, quickly, then."

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